York County, SC Will Abstracts 1770-1812

York County, South Carolina Wills (1770-1812)
Micro-film #C1689 & C1695
Abstracted by Paulette Haynes, Anderson, IN, 1992

In some cases there was no probate date for these wills. These wills are probably arranged by case & file in the state archives which will include more information and the probate dates. The micro-films I have are not arranged that way, but rather by book and number.


ADAMS, ROBERT of York County, 14 Apr 1795
Wife: Elizabeth Adams
To: All daughters married, 5 lbs sterling each
Son: Robert Adams
To: Unmarried daughters, Sarah, Anna, Martha
To: Bethel Congregation, 10 lbs sterling
Executors: Adam Beard, Arthur Armstrong
Witnesses: Arthur Faries, James Campbell
Proved: Inventory Estate, 25 Feb 1796, Bk. A-149

ADAMS, ROBERT of York District, 27 May 1800
Bay mare, saddle & bridle delivered to Robert Patrick Jr., Captain William Patrick's son.
Other saddle to Adam Beard Jr., son of Adam Beard
Clothing divided between male children of Adam Beard, William Patrick, Christopher McCarter and John Berry.
Rest of estate divided amongst seven sisters: Mary, Sarah, Ann, Isabella, Martha, Elizabeth and Hanna.
Executors: my brother-in-laws, William Patrick and Adam Beard
Witnesses: Arthur Faris, Hanna Faris, Robert Faris
Proven: 8 Apr 1801

ADAMS, WILLIAM of York County, 1 Mar 1799
Wife: Margaret Adams
Daughter: Catherine Carrigan
To: Jesse Campbell
Sons: Robert Adams, James Adams
Daughter: Rachel Barrett
Daughter: Margaret Watson
Sons: Joseph and William
Daughter: Elizabeth Adams
Executors: Son, Robert Adams and James Hill
Witnesses: James Ramsey, Hugh Gordan
Proven: 5 May 1800, Bk.A-14; settlement the year 1801, Robert Adams produced receipts for paying the following:  James Adams legatee, Wm. Carigan legatee, Jean Campbell legatee, Alxr. Barrett legatee, David Watson legatee and himself.

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH minister of York District, 10 Jul 1809
To:  Baldwin & Joseph Byers, the succeeding issue of my daughter, Martha.
Daughter:  Sarah Barnett.
Son:  Samuel Davis Alexander, lands on which he nows lives according to a survey made by William Gaston, Esq.
Daughter:  Edith Walkers ?
Daughter:  Esther, her youngest child, Joseph Alexander King.
Son:  George Baldwin Alexander
Daughters:  Judith Bankhead, Ann Garrison, Margaret McJunkin.
Executors:  Joseph McJunkins, Col. Joseph Hughes
Witnesses:  John Black, Jacob Black, John B. Black
Proven:  10 August 1809, Bk. A-219

ASH, JOHN of Camden District, 14 Feb 1785
Wife:  Isbel
Sons:  Robert and William
Daughters:  Isbel Patterson, her oldest son John; Mary, a bond due by Wm. Burris; Elizabeth
Executors:  Son, William Ash and wife, Isbel
Witnesses:  Samuel Carson, Andrew Carson, D. Gordan
Inventory presented:  26 October 1787

BARNET SR., JOHN of York District, 5 Oct 1807
Son: John, the plantation he now lives on purchased of Wm. Arnold.
Daughter: Polly Carter
Daughter: Fanny
Wife: Elizabeth
Equal shares to all children except John.
Executors: Wife and son John, friend Charles Robertson
Witnesses: ----Will, John Brumfield, James Faris
Proven: illegible, Bk.A-197

BEARD, DAVID of York District, 26 Jun 1802
Children of Mary Adair of near Antrim in the County of Antrim, Ireland.
To:  --- Martin, son of James Martin of Bullocks Creek
Niece::  Jane Hartness
To:  Rev. McWhorter, the present minister in Bethesada Congregation.
Niece:  Catherine Martin, wife of James Martin.
To the aforesaid daughter of Mary Adair, one half plantation, the other half to David Beard Martin.
Executors:  Capt. James Mitchell, James Martin
Witnesses:  Jonathan --- illegible, John Graham, Mary Graham
Presented:  11 Mar 1803
County Antrim-David Beard who left the County Antrim in Ireland and settled in the District of York deceased there on 4 Mar 1803.  By his will bequeath unto his children David Beard and Jane Beard begotten on the body of Mary Adair of --- Ireland.  (The son) David Beard removed to Scotland nine years since and not returned nor heard of since.  Jane Beard, daughter of David Beard is now about forty years old of a florid complexion, dark brown hair, dark grey eyes, speaks slow in a broad scottish dialect and is of middle size.  Sworn, 10 October 1804, Co. Antrim, Thos. Benj. Adair, Signed, Mary Adair

BEARD, JAMES of Fishing Creek, York County, 21 Sep 1788
Wife:  Mary
Son:  John
Daughters:  Jane Beard and Catherine Beard
Executors:  Robert Howie, John Murphey, Sr. and wife, Mary
Witnesses:  John Murphey, Robert Howie, Mary Beard
Recorded:  17 Jun 1789, Bk. A-24

BEARD, JOHN (estate) administrator is Martha Beard, December 1801.  Bk. B-118

BIGGER, JAMES of York County, 24 Mar 1800
Wife: Eddy
Oldest sons: Moses and Mathew
To: James & William McKee
Son: Mathew (under age)
Aunt Ann Bigger
Executors: William McKee and Robert Johnston
Witnesses: Jos. McKinzie, Jas. Ramsey, Wm. Davis
Proven: n.d. Bk.A-32

BIGGER, JOSEPH of York County, 22 Jul 1786
Wife: Sarah
Daughters: Margaret, Agnes, Sarah, Elinor (unmarried)
Sons: Robert (a minor) and Joseph
Executors: Wife, Sarah and James Ramsey
Witnesses: John Howe, Joseph McKenzie, John Kincaid
Inventory presented: 11 Jul 1788, Bk. A-11

BIGGER, MATTHEW of York County, 5 Dec 1788
Wife: Ann
To: Ann Drennan, if she continues to live with her Aunt Ann.
Brothers: Moses son James Bigger; James son Mathew Bigger
Friend: John Drennan
Executors: Wm. McKee, John Drennan, Esq.
Witnesses: Thomas Drennan, William Kerr, Jno. Drennan
Proven: n.d.
? Inventory 30 Sep 1805, Bk. B-449

BIGGER, MOSES (estate) administrator Mathew Bigger, 18 Jan 1804. Bk. B-352

BLACK, ALEXANDER of York County, 2 Jan 1794
Son: Joseph Black
Son: Alexander Black, the plantation on waters of Cataba River and Moores Branch in York County.
Daughter: Ann Black
Executors: Sons, Joseph and Alexander Black
Witnesses: Joseph Johnston, Hugh Rogers, Alexander Johnston
Proven: n.d.
An inventory of the personal property of Alexander Black deceased, appraised by Capt. Henry Creswell, Wm. Stuart & Joseph Johnston, 6 Nov 1800

BLACK, ALEXANDER of York District, 26 Feb 1812
Wife: Isabel
Son: William
Daughter: Mary
Daughter: Elizabeth
Daughter: Jane
Son: Templeton, one third plantation whereon I live at the end next to Wm. McCorkle running in the other side of Watsons Branch.
Daughter: Sarah Ann
Daughter: Isabel, underage
Son: James
Son: Joseph, the part of that plantation where on my brother Joseph and sister Anne Black now live.
Son: Hamilton Wilson, one third of this plantation where on the house now is and next to Mathew Amberson.
Wife: Isabel, two notes on Wm. Chambers, also that plantation in York District whereon my father Alex. Black formerly lived on the waters of Moore Branch, to settle my just debts, also her legacy left by her father.
Executors: Wife, Isabel and son, William
Witnesses: Rbt. Miller, Joseph Black, Mathew Amberson
Proven: 12 May 1812

BLACK SR., ROBERT of the New Acquisition, Camdem District, 9 Oct 1779
Wife: Sarah
The remainder of the orphan's Sarah's time.
Sons: George, Robert, John, Jacob
Daughters: Elizabeth and Agnes
Executors: Wife, Sarah and George and James Blankhead
Witnesses: Thomas Woods, Edith Woods, Andrew Woods
Proven: n.d.

BLACK, ROBERT of York District, 24 Oct 1807
Wife: Elizabeth
Raising and schooling of my children.
Sons: Joseph & John
Sons: William & Samuel, the tract of land lying on Packlot River in Spartanburgh District. Also a piece of land lying on Long Creek in Lincoln County in the state of North Carolina.
Two daughters: Martha & Mary
Executors: Wife, and friend Samuel Carrel, William Love, Sr.
Witnesses: Nathaniel Givens, Agnes Givens, Samuel Carrel.
Proven: 2 Nov 1807

BLACK, THOMAS of York District, 14 Jun 1811
Wife: Mary Black
Daughter: Muibak ? Black
Son: Thomas Black
Daughter: Jane Neely
Land in partnership with Reverend M. McCall to be sold and equally divided among my now living children.
Executors: Sons, John and James Black
Witnesses: Jno. Thompson, J. Miller, Richard Sadler.
Proven: n.d.

BURNS, LAUGHLIN of York District, 10 Jul 1804
Son: Henry, forty lbs. paid out of Reuban Hill's note.
Wife: Peggy
Daughter: Patsy Fennell (?Fewell)
Sons: James, Robert, Daniel, Luke
Executors: Wife, Peggy and William Hall
Witnesses: David Flanagen, Luke Burns, John Flynn
Codicil: 10 Jul 1804, son, Maliche? if he should come to this country as expected.
Probated: 1 Oct 1804

CAMPBELL, JAMES of York District, 20 Aug 1810
Wife: Ann Campbell
Two youngest daughters (not named).
Son: Robert Campbell (single)
Daughter: Ann Campbell
Daughter: Rachel J. Campbell
Son: William
Grandson: James D. Campbell
Daughters: Margaret and Sarah
Executors:  Sons, Robert and William Campbell
Witnesses: Thomas Davis, Samuel Walker
Proved: n.d.

COOPER, ISLER made in Halifax County, 5 Feb 1813
Wife: Nancy
Brother-in-law: Thomas Willey
Residue to all my surviving children (not named)
Executors: wife, Nancy and brother-in-law Thomas Willey
Witnesses: --
Probated 21 May 1813

COOPER, JOHN of York County, 17 Sep 1812
Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: Robert, John, William
Mentions legacy from father in York County, Pennsylvania.
Daughter: Margaret
Daughters: Elizabeth Davidson and Mary Wallace
Executors: illegible
Witnesses: illegible
Probated: n.d.

CRAIG, HENRY of York Co., 12 Dec 1805
Wife:  Mary
Son:  John Craig
Son:  Robert
Daughter:  Martha Glenn
Son:  James Craig
Daughters:  Jean Nesbit, Polly Duff, Elizabeth Brison, Margaret Anderson
Executors:  James Craig, friend, James Glenn
Witnesses:  James Ramsey Sr., James Ramsey Jr., James McCully
Presented:  14 Mar 1807

CRAIG, JAMES of Camden District, 3 Sep 1778
Wife:  Hannah
Children an equal share except my son John whom I gave one mare and my rifle gun over & above his equal share, and my son Robert, whom I gave a filly over & above his equal share.
Land to sons, John and Robert.
Daughters:  Martha and Jean
Sons:  James McCoy? and William
Executors:  Wife, Hannah and son, John Craig, trusted friend, Thomas Neel.
Witnesses:  Samuel Craig, David Howe, Andrew Meek
Inventory presented:  19 May 1782, Bk. A-20

CRAIG, WILLIAM, 24 Feb 1801
Wife:  Mary
Children,underage (but not named)
Executors: --
Witnesses:  James Redmond, John Hart, Agness Hutchison
Presented:  7 Mar 1801

CRAWFORD, WALTER (William?) of York District, 16 Aug 1813
Wife:  Mary
Son:  James
Daughters:  Agnes, Mary, Isabella, Margaret
Sons:  William
Executor:  son, William
Witnesses:  Jno. Wilson, A.B. Wilson, Robert Wilson
Presented: n.d.

CRAWFORD, WILLIAM on the Waters of Clarks Fork, York District, 11 Apr 1806
Brothers: James Crawford, William Crawford
Sister: Letty Crawford, all wordly property
Nephew: Walter Grier
Brother: James Grier ?
Executors: James Grier, Letty Crawford
Witnesses: Wm. Dixon, James Montgomery, George Knox
Proven: n.d.

CRESWELL, THOMAS (estate) administrator is Ann Creswell, 17 Aug 1802. Bk. B-143

EAKIN JR., ALEXANDER of York District, 6 Sep 1804
Wife: Jean Eakin
Four daughters: Nancy, Elvey, Peggy, Elizabeth
Notes to be collected: Samuel Craft, Thomas Carol, my father's Alex. Eakin, David Strain, Daniel Jones, Wm. Eakins and the sum together with one hundred forty dollars in cash I request to be laid out in land in the State of Tenasee except what of it may be necessary to lay out for the support of my family and to move them to said state.
Son: William Eakin
Rifle gun to be sold for the support of my family.
Executors: Jean Eakin, John Arnold, Charles Robertson
Witnesses: Jas. Fulton, Wm. Eakin, Thomas Eakin
Proven: 5 Nov 1804

Wife:  Nancy
Son:  Joseph, my plantation I live on both ---illegible-- and Indian claim.
Grandson:  Hiram Howe (under eighteen years)
Grandchildren:  The children of Alexander Ekin, deceased, five in all, William, Nancy, Elphy, Peggy, Betsy.
Sons:  Thomas & William
Daughter:  Esther Lackey
Grandchildren:  Eakin, Alexander, Ephriam Lackey.
Aforesaid the wife and children of Alexander Lackey.
Granddaughter:  Jemimey Wilson, daughter of Jean Wilson.
Executors:  Wife, Nancy, William Barren and son, Joseph Eakin.
Witnesses:  William Hall, John B. Hall, James Wilson.
Probated:  5 Aug 1805

HALL, JOHN from Ireland, of York County, 30 Oct 1796
Son:  William Hall (underage)
Daughters:  Betsy, Nancy, Ann (my three youngest children)
Other daughters:  Martha, Sarah, Margaret, Jean
Legacy from my dead father in Ireland divided between four children; William, Betsy, Nancy, Ann.
Executors:  John Poag, Samuel Poag of York County
Witnesses:  David Gordan, Thomas ------, Henry Grier
Proven:  June 1806

HARBISON, JAMES of Clarks Fork, 30 Jan 1806
Daughter:  Esther, the plantation to be rented until she come of age or marries.
The place on Moores Creek to be sold.
Uncle James Harbison.
Allow her (Esther) to live at either John Brown's or Wm. Loven's.
If she (Esther) dies before of age or marriage, then all to go to my brother James Harbison in Ireland if he comes after it in five years, if not, them divided equally between Patrick Spenc's children living in Chester.
Executors:  Jno. Brown of Clarks Fork, Wm. Loven of Bullock Creek.
Witnesses:  John Brown, James McRea
Proven:  2 Jun 1806

IRWIN, NATHANIEL of York County, 13 Dec 1793
Wife: Leah
Son-in-law and daughter, Abraham and Ann Roach
Daughter: Abigail Irwin.
Daughters: Susanna, Sofia
Sons: Alexander, William, Nathaniel, James
Executors: Wife, Leah and brother-in-law, Jacob Julan
Witnesses: William Kerr, William Elliot, John F. Garrison, Mary Garrison, Isaac Garrison.
Inventory, 18 Feb 1794 Bk. A-80

JACKSON, WILLIAM of York District, 28 Mar 1811
Wife, (but not named)
Son (s?): Lewis Elbert
Daughter (s?): Beck Maria
Wife: Elizabeth, now pregnant
Executors: Zebulon Jackson, William Pettus
Witnesses: William Patton, Mathew West, John Smith
Proven: 3 May 1811

JOHNSTON, DAVID of York County, 14 Oct 1794
Wife: Sarah Johnston
Children: Jean, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah
Son: David
Executors: Robert Leeper, Robert Johnston
Witnesses: Mathew Harper, Mary Johnston
Inventory: Bk. A-191,  inventory in hands of executors, 3 Oct 1795

JOHNSTON SR., ROBERT (estate) inventory of good & chattels of Robert John Sr., dec. in hands of Robert Johnston, Jr. Adm. taken and appraised 27 Oct 1794.

KERR, JANE of York District, 10 Apr 1810
Cousin: Robert Kerr, son of Uncle Andrew Kerr, one half of tract of land on headwaters of Alison Creek.
Cousin: William Kerr, son of said Uncle, other half.
Two half sisters: Peggy and Polly Finly (each under eighteen years of age)
Four cousins: Andrew, James, Zenas, Joseph, sons of Uncle Andrew Kerr.
Cousin: John Kerr, son of Uncle Andrew Kerr.
Cousin: Polly Kerr, daughter of said Uncle.
Three cousins: Isabella, Margaret, Mary daughters of said Uncle
Executors: Uncle Andrew Kerr, George Davis
Witnesses: J. Hemphill, James Glass, Mary Glass
Probated: 6 Aug 1810

KERR, WILLIAM of York District, 25 Mar 1805
To: Mary Jean Whiteside, one third of my estate.
To: Dor--- Whiteside, daughter of Mary Jean Whiteside, the two parts of my estate to be given to her by the discretion of Mary Jean Whiteside.
Executor: John Harris
Witnesses: James Stewart, Wm. McKinney, James Harris
Probated: 6 Apr 1805

KUYKENDAL, JAMES (estate) 5 Jul 1800, subscribers met at the dwelling of Jonathan and Sarah Kuykendal to appraise the property of James Kuykendal, desceased. An appraisment was made of the property shown by Jonathan Kuykendal and Mary Carol, the administrator and administratrix. 27 Aug 1800, ordered personal property of James Kuykendal be sold.

KUYKENDAL, SAMUEL of York District, 16 Nov 1810
Wife: Susannah Kuykendall
Oldest son: Jonathan (under twenty one years)
Second son: James
Sons: John Coburn Kuykendal, Jesse Kuykendal
Youngest son: Samuel
Executors: Wife, Susannah and oldest son, Jonathan
Witnesses: Jonathan Kuykendal, Jacob Davison, Elizabeth Davison, John Hartgrove.
Proven: 24 Nov 1810

KUYKENDAL, SARAH of York District, 8 Feb 1806
Eldest son: Samuel and his second son, James
Second son: Jonathan
Eldest daughter: Elizabeth Armstrong
Second daughter: Mary Carrol
Executors: Sons, Samuel and Jonathan
Witnesses: Esther Haris, Jenny Haris
Proven: 3 Aug 1807

LEATHAM, ANDREW of York County, 6 May 1779
Wife: Jean
At wife's deceased, to be equally divided to my sons, Moses, Andrew and Robert Leatham and to grandson Purdy Leatham.
Daughter: Sarah
Executors: Moses Leatham, Charles Gillmore
Witnesses: James Fowler, Samuel Scott, Andrew Leatham
Proven: n.d. (?13 Jul 1791)

LEATHAM, RICHARD a planter of York County, 20 Jan 1778
Wife: Catherine
Estate to wife during widowhood, then sold at Public Vendue, divided five equal parts, three to be given to Sarah & Ruth, the other two parts to Ann and Purdey, also my lands I bequeath to Purdey, my son.
Executors: Wife, Catherine and Robert Leatham
Witnesses: Thomas Gillham, Moses Leatham, Isaac Gillham
Proven: n.d.
Inventory: Bk. A-9

LEECH, WILLIAM late of Pennsylvania, now of York County, 31 Aug 1791
Wife: Margaret Leech
Children mentioned, but not named.
Executors: Wife, and Richard Sadler Sr., my brother-in-law
Witnesses: David Leech Sr., Rebecca Morris
Inventory: Bk. A-64, 15 Oct 1791

McADORRY, THOMAS of York County, 14 Nov 1789
Wife: Ann
Daughters: Elisabeth, Martha, Mary, Ann
Sons: James, Robert, Thomas
Executors: Wife, Ann and James Mitchell, Robert Howie, James Williamson of Chester.
Witnesses: Samuel Williamson, Robert Bozel, James Gibson
Inventory: 28 Jan 1790, Bk.A-40

McCORD, JAMES of York County, 31 Jul 1793
Wife: Jane
Sons: John and William
Witnesses: William Laughlin, David Watson, Mary Watson
Inventory: 22 Nov 1793, Bk. A-76

McCORKLE, ABRAHAM of York County, n.d (1796?)
Wife: Margaret
Son: Joseph (under age)
Daughters: Mary and Elizabeth
Son: James, the land NW side of Saluda Road
Son: Abraham (under age)
Son: Stephen
Daughter: Betsy
Executors: John Baxter and son, James
Witnesses: John Hart, Frederick Reeves, Andrew Baxter
Inventory presented: 22 Feb 1797, Bk. A-125

McKEE, SAMUEL of York County, 9 Jan 1805
Body to the grave adjoining that of my late wife and that a marble tombstone with an appropriate inscription be procured from Charleston and be placed on a foundation of stone over the graves of myself and my late wife.
To:  Arthur Stafford and Samuel McKee Stafford, sons of James Stafford, Jr. fifty dollars each.
Nephew:  James McKee
Brother:  William McKee
Executors:  Brother, William McKee and nephew, James McKee.
Witnesses:  Wm. Ed. Hyne, ---- Wood, Robert Patrick
Proven:  5 Aug 1805

McPHILIMEY, JAMES, 19 Nov 1804
Mother, five shillings
Brother John, five shillings
Land divided among my three Aunts; Agnes Caldwell, Margaret Wallace, Eleanor Caldwell.
Executors:  James Wallace, William Caldwell
Witnesses:  Robert Wallace, Gilbreath Caldwell, Margaret Caldwell
Proven:  5 Aug 1805

McSWAIN, JOHN of York County, 19 May 1807
Wife: Sarah
Children: Thomas?, Catherine, Elizabeth, John. The youngest children under age.
Executors: Wife, Sarah and Wm. McSwain.
Witnesses: Moses Leatham, Edward Graham
Probated: 3 Aug 1807

MILLER, JAMES (estate)  inventory of appraisemnet of the estate of James Miller, deceased in hands of Mary Miller, administratrix taken 12 May 1795.

MILLER, JOHN 31 Jan 1802
Son: James Miller
Daughter: Ester McPeke ?
Sons: John Miller, Henry Miller
Rest of daughters, married and unmarried.
Daughters: Jean Hope, Mary Lowry, Susannah Hutton, Elizabeth Miller, Margaret Drennen.
Wife: Elizabeth Miller
Executors: Wife, Elizabeth and sons, John and Henry Miller
Witnesses: Bennet Highfill, Thomas Barnett, John Farris
Proven: 3 May 1802

MILLER, STEPHEN of York County, 8 May 1789
Wife: Hannah Miller, the plantation on the Catawba Indian land.
Several children (not named) under age twenty one
Daughter: Jane, wife of Moses Steel
Daughter: Ann
Daughter: Elizabeth, a tract of 300 acres in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina near or on the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek.
Son: James, a tract of 400 acres in Anson County on Lick Creek of Brown Creek, after death of mother, the leased plantation I now live on.
Daughter: Mary, half of tract on Jones Creek in Anson County.
Child, my wife is now pregnant with, the other half of tract on Jones Creek.
Executors; Wife, Hannah Miller, Theodrick Webb, Jesse Miller.
Witnesses: Priscilla Miller, Turner Sharp, Priscilla Webb
Codicil: to clarify terms of will, June 1789
Witnesses: Charles Miller, James Webb, William Webb
Inventory: 8 Dec 1789, Bk. A-29

MILLER, ROBERT of York County, 31 Oct 1800
To my landlady, a small compensation for kindness.
To Mrs. Woods.
To Robert Harris, his wife, Hannah.
Father, mother, sisters (not named)
Regarding goods at Dunkins Creek; Captain Lathimore acted as my clerk keeping books regular and straight.
Witnesses: George Crawford, Uriah Gilbert
Proven: 5 Oct 1801

MILLER, WILLIAM of York District, 14 nov 1812
Three children: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah
Elizabeth is under age.
Executor: John Currence
Witnesses: John Currence, Isaac Campbell, Wm. Love
Proven: 4 Jan 1813

PATTON, JOHN (estate) administrators are John and David Patton, September 1789.  Estate Records Bk. A #33

PATTON, ROBERT of York District, 26 May 1807
Wife:  Sarah Patton, plantation I now live on purchased from James Baxter.
Son:  Thomas
Son  James' oldest son
Son  John's son, Robert
Daughter;  Elizabeth Bratton, her daughter Mary.
Son:  Joseph
Son:  David
Executors:  John McClenchan, John Hutchison
Witnesses:  Jno. Hutchison, James McCorkle
Presented:  9 Jan 1808

PATTON, WILLIAM (blacksmith) of York County, 13 May 1795
Wife:  Elizabeth
Land I live on from lower end of survey up to where the Indian paths intersects my path and from thence to a place known by the name of the Rocky Ford and so on to Forrester's line.
Provisions for schooling of my children.
Rents that may come due to the Indians.
Sons:  John and William.  Thomas, to have the old plantation on Neeley's Creek joining Alexander Campbell.
Daughters:  Margaret and Jane (both under eighteen years of age), Elizabeth
Executors:  Elizabeth Patton, James Patton
Witnesses:  James Whiteside, Thomas Whiteside, Margaret Whiteside.
Codicil:  11 Jun 1795
Inventory presented:  4 Nov 1795, Bk. A-103

PORTER, SAMUEL of Camden District, 28 Jul 1774
Wife: Sara
Oldest son: Mathew Porter
Sons: David, James, Nathaniel
Daughters: Agness, Violet, Ann, Ruth
Granddaughter: Rebecca, daughter of Ruth
Executors: William Byers Sr., David Porter
Witnesses: William Williamson, William Byers
Proven: n.d.

PORTER SR, DAVID of York District, n.d.
Wife:  Isabel, land whereon I now live, west side of the road leading from John Wilsons to the Reverend George G. McWhorters.
Sons:  James, William, John
Daughter:  Peggy
Sons:  David, Francis
Executors:  Son, William Porter, Col. Andrew Love, John Wilie
Witnesses:  Frances Curry, Samuel Curry, William Hambleton
Proven:  6 Jul 1801

POWELL, JAMES of York County, 17 Mar 1800
Wife:  Sarah
Son:  James, 300 acre tract on Cherokee Creek, Spartanburg County.
Son: ---- illegible
Daughters:  Patsey, Jennett, Betsy, Sarah
Son:  Vothomorows ?
Executors:  William Love, Major Adam Meek, Edward Biars, wife Sarah Powell.
Witnesses:  Joseph Kerr, Alexander Thompson, Nancy Akins.
Recorded:  n.d.

POWELL, JAMES of York District, 28 Jun 1803
Wife (but not named)
Daughter:  Sarah, my part of the unbequeathed part of my father's estate, my part of a tract of land on Cherokee Creek, Spartanburg District, also my part of brother Thomas Powell's estate.
Executors:  Wife and her father, John Smith.
Witnesess:  Joseph Kerr, Alexander Thompson, Nancy Akins
Produced:  1 Aug 1803

PURSLEY, JAMES of York, 14 Aug 1788
Wife:  Jane
Eldest son:  John, land and plantation on Ellison's Creek.
Second son:  James
Son:  Robert
Son:  Ephriam Pursley
Youngest son:  David
Eldest daughter:  Jean Ridley
Second daughter:  Margaret Nickells
Third daughter:  Agnes Fitchett ?
Daughter:  Mary Hemphill
Youngest daughter:  Elizabeth Stevenson
Grandson:  Daniel Nickells
Executors:  Wife, Jean and son, Robert Pursley
Witnesses:  Robert Faries, James Nickel, David Pursley
Codicil:  14 Aug 1788
Inventory presented:  12 Mar 1789, Bk.A-18

ROBINSON, JAMES of York County, 4 Jun 1794
Wife: Lucy
Livestock to Jephus Arnold, Charles Robinson, John Cook, Thomas Torn, Sarah Robinson, Catherine.
Sons: William and Washington Robinson.
Rest of estate to wife and the five unmarried children, to wit: John, Catherine, Sarah, William and Washington.
Executors: Wife, Lucy Robinson and son, John Robinson.
Witnesses: John Robinson, Charles Robinson
Inventory, Bk. A-92 n.d.

ROBINSON, PATRICK of York County, 12 May 1793
Wife: Sarah
To Elizabeth Gillham, the land west side Broad River between Gilkeys Creek and Ebets Creek.
Daughters: Elizabeth Gillham, Cetura, Sarah, Agness, Jane.
Executors: Wife and Samuel Robinson
Witnesses: Jos. Robinson, Samuel Nesbitt, Isaac Laney
Proven: 7 Jan 1794

SCOTT, DAVID of Bullocks Creek, York District, 8 Mar 1800
Brother:  James Scott
Wife:  Margaret
Daughter:  Mary
Child my wife now pregnant with
Executors:  Brother, James Scott, Samuel Scott and wife Margaret C. Scott.
Witnesses:  William Kennedy, John Seahor ?, Robert Kennedy
Proven:  n.d.

SPRATT, ANDREW of York County, 26 Dec 1803
Wife: Elizabeth
Five children: Polly Spratt, James Spratt, Susannah Spratt, David Spratt, Charity Spratt (all under age)
Schooling of the children
Executors: John Gillon, Alexander Scott
Witnesses: Jeremiah Alderson, William Weathers
Proven: 6 Jan 1804

SPRATT, THOMAS of York District, 3 Jul 1807
Son-in-law: Hugh White, his oldest son, Thomas Spratt White.
Son-in-law: Isaac Garrison, his second son, Thomas Spratt Garrison.
Son-in-law: Arthur Ervin, his oldest son, Thomas Spratt Ervin and his youngest daughter, Elizabeth Ervin.
Son: James Spratt and his son, Thomas Spratt.
Granddaughter: Patsy McNeel
To: Mrs. Nelson, six bushels corn
Daughter: Susannah to take what will do her for spinning
Executor: David Hutchison
Witnesses: Eli Wiggins, Martha White
Codicil: 11 Jul 1807, daughter Elizabeth White negro Milly; Arthur Erwin negro Harry
Probated: 5 Aug 1807 Bk. A-253

STARR, ARTHUR of York County, 28 Mar 1797
Wife:  Hannah Starr, the plantation until Pamela Williams Starr becomes of age, then equally divided.  If Pamela Williams Starr does not live to age sixteen, her share is appointed to Doctor William Morrison's eldest daughter, Hannah.
Executors:  Alexander Moore, William Morrison, Alexander Morrison
Witnesses:  William McKee, David Houston, James Morrison
Inventory:  23 Aug 1797, Bk. A-134

STEWARD, MARGARET of Camdem District, York County, 1790
To James Young's children.
To Alexander McWhorter's children.
Son-in-law: James Young
Son: Alexander McWhorter
Daughter: Mary
Executor: son, Alexander McWhorter
Witnesses: Moses Ferguson, John Young
Proven: 6 Jul 1791

STEWART, MICHAEL of York District, n.d.
Wife: Rosanna Stewart for benefit, keeping and schooling of children.
Daughter: Sarah
Son: Alexander, the plantation I now live on (under twenty-one years)
Executors: James Steward, Frances Adams and wife.
Proven: 14 Sep 1808

WALLACE JR., OLIVER of York, 17 Jul 1789
Wife: Judith
My three daughters (not named)
Son: Oliver Berry Wallace (under age)
Executors: friend Thomas Wallace, Andrew Love.
Witnesses: Jas. Mitchell, Jas. Wallace, Wm. Davison
Recorded: 28 Dec 1789, inventory Bk. A-30


York County, SC Wills 1770-1812