York Co. SC wills 1770-1812

York County, South Carolina Wills (1770-1812)
Micro-film #C1689 & C1695
Abstracted by Paulette Haynes, Anderson, IN, 1992

In some cases there was no probate date for these wills. These wills are probably arranged by case & file in the state archives which might include more information and the probate dates. The micro-films I have are not arranged that way, but rather by book and number.


ALLEN (Alein), ANDREW of York District, 3 Jul 1811
Wife:  Jenny, one third of plantation, one half household, etc, for use of the family.
Three oldest boys have already received their part, namely, James, Jno. and Thomas
Son:  Andrew Alein ?
Son:  William
Two youngest sons:  Wilson and Samuel
Four youngest sons:  Andrew, William, Wilson and Samuel
Executors:  wife, Jenny and son, Andrew
Witnesses:  Jas. Wilson, Alex. Faris
Codicil:  10 Oct 1811, nephew Andrew Allen and niece Betsy Allen
Presented:  30 Jun 1812

BAXTER, ANDREW of York County, 29 Dec 1798
To: Mother and Father
Brother: John Baxter
To: Miss Polly McCall
To: Uncle James Baxter
Executors: John Baxter, James Baxter
Witnesses: Samuel McCall, William Potts, John Potts, James Baxter
Inventory presented: 30 Jul 1799, Bk. A-151, p. 204

BAXTER, ELIZABETH  (estate) administrator is William Baxter, 22 Sep 1809. Bk. B-671

Mother: Jean Baxter
Brother: John Baxter
Sister: Janet Baxter
To: Jenny Baxter Turner
Executor: James Baxter
Witnesses: Jesse Hill, James Baxter
Proven: n.d.

BERRY (Barry), CATHERINE of York County, 10 Jan 1784
Daughters:  Violet Simril, Catherine Barron
Sons:  Hugh Berry, John Berry, Roger Berry, Andrew Berry, William Berry, Richard Berry.
Executors:  Sons, Hugh and William Berry
Witnesses:  Samuel Watson, Jean Berry, John Watson
Proven:  n.d.

BERRY, HUGH (estate) administrators Elizabeth Berry, Roger Berry, Col. Andrew Love, 1 Oct 1802.  Bk. B-159

BERRY (Barry), WILLIAM of York District, 9 Oct 1802
Wife:  Jane Barry
Oldest son:  John Henderson Barry, land on Wild Catt in the Indian Boundry, which I and my friend John ---illegible-- purchased from Samuel Creswell.
Oldest daughter:  Jane Barry
Daughter:  Catty Porter Barry
Daughter:  Peggy
Daughter: ---- illegible
Daughter:  Elizabeth Barry
Son:  James Hannah Barry
Son:  William A. Barry
Executors: John Barry, John B. Barry, and wife Jane Barry
Witnesses:  John Henderson, Jinney Barry, Catherine Barry
Proven:  n.d.

BOGGS, JOSEPH of York County, n.d.
Wife: Jean
Son: Aaron Boggs
Daughter: Jean ---- illegible
Children: James Boggs, Polly Boggs, Joseph Boggs, William Wallace Boggs, Agnes Boggs, Elizabeth Boggs, John Renicks Boggs, Thomas Gilleland Boggs.
Executors: ---illegible-- Boggs, David Neely, P---illegible-- Fleming
Witnesses: ---illegible, William Eakins, Mary Renit
Proven: n.d.

BRANDON SR., JOHN of York County, 20 Aug 1779
Daughter:  Elizabeth Mathews (present huband is John Mathews)
Son:  George Brandon (now in 7th year of age)
Daughter:  Sarah Hendricks (present huband is Anthony Hendricks)
Son:  John Brandon
Son:  James Brandon
Daughter:  Precillah
Daughter:  Patsy
Wife:  Mary
Land in Halifax County, Virginia north side of Dan River bequeath by wife's father, John Lawson Sr.
Six sons:  John, James, Irvine, Joseph, Francis, George
Executors:  Wife, Mary Brandon and sons, James and John Brandon, Robert Johnson, David Gordon
Witnesses:  Zadok Darby, Richard Hornby, John Darby, Thomas Brandon
Presented:  5 May 1800

BURRIS SR, WILLIAM of York District, 13 April 1811
Daughter: Ester Buris
Son: John
Wife: Mary
Property and Negros already given to all my children before the date of this my last will & testament, to be their property and their heirs.
Executor: Wife, Mary
Witnesses: Jas. Mitchell, John Wright, Andrew Wright
Proven: 3 Oct 1811

BYARS, DAVID of York County, 2 Jan 1794
Wife:  Sarah
Daughters:  Margaret, Jane Porter and Ann Harris
Sons:  Samuel Byars and William Byars
Step-son:  John Carson
Executors:  Son, Wm. Byars, John McCaw and Samuel Watson
Witnesses:  James Templeton, John Watson, Samuel Watson
Inventory presented 30 Oct 1794, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A-118, p. 128

BYERS, SARY of York County, 21 Aug 1806
Son:  John Carson
Second daughter:  Elizabeth Jordan
Third daughter: Grizzle Jordan
Fourth daughter:  Margaret Henry, forty silver dollars to be paid to her by her half brother, John Carson.
Executors:  Son, John Carson, John Jordan, Robert Jordan
Witnesses:  Jacob Peters, Robert Black, Williamson Byers
Proven:  6 Oct 1806

CARSON, WILLIAM of York County, 20 Jun 1801
Wife: Susannah
Old son: Samuel Carson
Son: William Carson
Daughter: Mary Carson, ten dollars to be paid by Francis.
Daughter: Jean Carson
Son: Rober- Carson
Daughter: Susanna Martin
Son: Francis Carson
Daughter: Marthew Carson
Executors: Wife and James Camble
Witnesses: Wm. Byers, Samuel Carson
Proven: n.d.

CHAMBERS, DAVID (estate) administrators are Martha Chambers and John Chambers, 11 Feb 1808. Bk. B-589.

CHAMBERS, JAMES of York District, 24 Jun 1803
Wife: Polly
Son: Edmond, one half of the estate sold and put to interest.
Raising and schooling of son, Edmond Chambers.
Executors: Wife, Polly and Edmond Chambers.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Chambers, Benjamin Chambers, Jno. Chambers.
Presented: 4 Jul 1803

DALE, WILLIAM of York County 26 May 1798
Wife: Ann Dale
Sons: George Dale and James Dale, 100 acres in the Black Jack grounds adjacent their present tracts.
Son: Robert Dale, 200 acres on the Shassy Fork of Fishing Creek bought of John Beard.
Daughter: Ann
Children: Elizabeth Henry, Mary Daniels, George Dale, James Dale, Frances Brown, Robert Dale.
Executors: Wife and Alexander Moore
Witnesses: John Bates, Mary Bates, John Bates, Jr.
Inventory presented: 25 Jun 1799, Bk. A-156, p. 207

DENNIS SR., JOHN (estate) administrators are Mary Ann Dennis and John Dennis, 9 Jan 1804.  Bk. B-405

DICKEY, JOHN 22 Mar 1801
Son:  John Dickey, land on east side of Rockey Creek.
Sons:  Mathew Dickey, David Dickey
Daughters:  Rebecka and Sarah
Son:  William Dickey
Remainder of estate divided between Martha, Rebecca, John, Mathew, Sarah and David.
Executors:  John and James Dickey
Witnesses:  S. Fowler, John King, David Leech Jr.
Presented:  6 Apr 1801

DICKY, JOHN of the New Acquisition, York County, 14 Jan 1784
Wife:  Martha
Sons:  David, George, John, Robert
Daughters:  Susannah, Jane, Mary, Martha, Elinor
Executors:  Sons and trusty friends, John Dickey and David Dickey.
Witnesses:  Robert Kennedy, William Dickey, James Dickey.
Presented:  n.d.

DUNN, JAMES of York District, 4 Mar 1810
Lands, goods, chattels to neace (niece?) Hannah Kilpatrick, after all debts are paid.
Executors:  Rbt. Kilpatrick, Jonathan Beatie
Witnesses:  Wm. Beaty, Rbt. Lusk
Presented:  20 Oct 1810

ENLOW, MARY of Craven County, 28 Aug 1774
Younger daughter:  Christen Enlow.
All my other children (not named)
Witnesses:  David Watson, ---- Enlow
Inventory presented, 1 Aug 1788, Bk. A-6; Administrator James McNair

FERGUSON, JAMES of York, 7 Jan 1793
Wife:  Annaritta ?
Sons:  Richard, Thomas, James, Hamblet
Daughter:  Margaret
To Rebecca Long, one cow
Executors:  Samuel Watson, and son-in-law John Smith
Witnesses:  James Ferguson, Hamblat Ferguson, Richard Ferguson
Recorded:  30 Apr 1793

FLEMMING, ELIJAH (estate) administrators are Mary Flemming and Robert Flemming, 8 Aug 1804. Bk. B-382

GAY, SAMUEL of York District, 24 Sep 1799
Daughter:  Mary Gay (unmarried)
Grandson:  William Gay
Two grandsons:  Samuel McConnel, James Hall Gay, the plantation where on I now live, joining Jane Brattons old place, Thomas Carson and Widow Dale.
Granddaughter:  Ester Hemphill
Two daughters:  Jane and Mary
Daughter:  Rebecca Walker
Two son-in-laws:  James Hemphill and John McConnell
Executors:  Daughter, Mary Gay and Col. William Bratton
Witnesses:  Robert Howe, Thomas Carson, Robert Murphey, George Dale
Inventory presented:  Book A #154, 23 Nov 1799

HAGGENS, MARY of York District, 9 Aug 1807
Grandson: William Cry
Granddaughter: Mary Cry
Grandson: William Haggins, son of Joseph
Granddaughter: Mary --- Haggins, daughter of Joseph
Grandson: William Haggins, son of William
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Haggins, daughter of William
Granddaughter: Sarah Baxter
Granddaughter:  Mary Baxter
All grandchildren receive $31 each.
Executor: John McClenchen, Sr.
Witnesses: James Hamilton, Hugh Whitesides
Proven: 15 Jan 1808

HAMILTON, DAVID of York County 24 Apr 1797
Wife: Jean
Sons: James Hamilton, David Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton
Daughter: Catherine Hamilton
Son: John Hamilton
Daughter: Elizabeth Bogs, wife of Aaron Bogs
To: Thomas Hamilton
Daughter: Jean
Son: William
Executors: Sons, John and William Hamilton
Witnesses: Samuel Davidson, John Burkhead, John McCullock
Proven: 10 Nov 1801

HILL, EDWARD (estate) inventory taken by order of York County Court, Pinckney District at the dwelling and laid forward by Adm. Mrs. Rachel Hill, 10 Mar 1794.  Appraisers, James Gill, Joseph Jamison, Robert Wilson.

HILL, WILLIAM of York County, 1 Jan 1799
Wife:  Elizabeth
Son:  William Hill
Daughter:  Agness
Daughter:  Kezia
Son:  Hugh
Daughter:  Elizabeth
Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth and trusty friend brother, Samuel Dinsmore, son William Hill
Witnesses:  John Swan, Joseph Swan, John Porter
Proven:  2 May 1800

HOWE, JOSEPH of York County, 7 Jul 1799
Wife:  Isabelle Howe
Sons:  William Howe, John Howe
Son:  Joseph Howe, land on Cowdens Creek known as Joshua Patricks old place.
Son:  Thomas Howe, place he now lives on running to Beaver Creek Dam.
Daughters:  Isabell Howe, Mary Dunlap Howe
Executors:  John Allison, John Howe, William Howe
Witnesses:  Jos. B. Fulton, Robert Patrick, Isaac Price
Inventory presented 17 Sep 1799, Bk. A #155

HOWE, JAMES administrators Mary Howe and William Howe, 11 Jan 1804.  Bk. B-351

HOWE, JOHN administrator Ann Howe, 7 Dec 1807.  Bk. B-581

LANEY, JOSEPH of York County, 18 Jul 1788
Wife:  Elizabeth
Daughter:  Elinor McCown (?McQuown)
Other children mentioned, but not named
Executors:  David Leech, Moses Leatham
Witnesses: Thomas Gillham, William Laney, William McQuown
Proven:  n.d.

MEEK, ADAM of York County, 23 Jan 1807
Wife:  Ann Meek, one sixth of lands lying on Bullocks Creek.
Daughter:  Margaret Meek
Son:  James Meek
Daughter:  Jean Meek
Son:  William Meek
Executors:  Eldest son, James Meek and Edward Byers
Witnesses:  Moses Meek, David Byers, Jos. Roberts
N.B. daughter Agnes Meek
Proven:  18 Feb 1807

MEEK, JANE of Bullock's Creek, York County, 2 May 1794
Sons:  James and Adam Meek
Daughters:  Rebecca Scott and Jane Hope
Granddaughter:  Jane Killpatrick
Grandson:  James Hope, son of Samuel Hope
Granddaughter:  Margaret Meek, daughter of Adam Meek
Executors:  Three sons, Moses, James & Adam
Witnesses:  John Henderson, John McNabb, William Smith
Proven:  n.d.

MISCELLY, FRANCIS a single woman of York County, 26 Aug 1786
Mother:  Jean Miscelly, what was bequeath to me by my father
Brothers:  James and William Miscelly
Sister:  Jean Garvins
Brother-in-law:  Thomas Garvin
Executors:  William Rainey, James ---illegible
Witnesses:  John Garvin, Benjamin Garvin, D. Gordan
Produced:  26 Nov 1803

MISKELLY, JAMES of York County, 5 Oct 1778
Wife:  Jean
My three children:  James, William, Frances
Seems to be incomplete or illegible from fading or tearing.

MISKELLY, JEAN a widow of York District, 31 Jul 1802
Young relation:  Jack Clark for his schooling.
Daughter:  Jean Garvin
Sons:  William Miskelly and James Miskelly
Executors:  Col. Andrew Love, David Gordan
Witnesses:  William Robertson, John Hill
Presented 18 Jul 1803

MONTGOMERY, REBECCA of York District, 8 Sep 1810
Daughter: Lucrissey ?
Son: Hillery
Son: Benjamin
Daughter: Ann Yarborough
What ever may be coming to me out of the John Carrentons estate for Samuel Carrenton's schooling, the rest divided between John Carrentons children.
Executors: John Watson, William Stewart
Witnesses: Benjamin Montgomery, James Tate
Proven: n.d.

MORRIS, JOHN of York District, 28 Nov 1807
Wife: Rebeccah
Granddaughter: ---- (illegible)
To: Catherine ---- (illegible)
Son: Ezekiel Morris
Executor: Wife, Rebeccah Morris
Witnesses: Joseph Kolb, Catherine Kolb
Probated: n.d.

NELSON, WILLIAM of York District, 3 Aug 1805
Wife: Margaret
Until oldest son, William comes of age.
Sons: Robert, Andrew
Daughter: Ann
Child my wife is perhaps pregnant with.
Executors: Wife and Charles ---- illegible
Witnesses: J. Rogers, Wm. Hamilton, John Good
Proven: 16 Aug 1810

REYNICKS, MARY (Renicks) a widow, York County, October 1801
Daughter, now Mary Fleming, present husband Elijah Fleming.
Daughter, now Elizabeth Ekin
Daughter: Jean Bogs (widow)
Granddaughters: Agnes Wisher, Mary Moore
Grandson: James Wisher
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Bogs
Son: James Renicks, now in Kentucky
Grandaughter: Mary B. Flemming
Grandson: John Renicks Bogs
Executors: Son-in-law, Elijah Fleming and daughter, Jean Bogs
Witnesses: Alexander Moore, James Moore
Proven: 6 Mar 1804

SMITH, JOHN of Bullock Creek, York County, 10 Feb 1794
Wife: Jane Smith
Nephew: Robert Hartness, my estate.
Executors: Wife, Jane Smith and nephew, Robert Hartness.
Witnesses: John Scott, David Scott and Robert Kennedy
Codicil: 17 February 1794, set to liberty a negro named Will.
Witnesses: William Scott, John Millen, Robert Kennedy.
Inventory: 25 October 1794, Bk. A-87

Wife:  Agness
Grandson:  John Steel, son of Joseph
Present surviving children:  John, William, James, Robert
Executors:  John and William Steel
Witnesses:  John Starr, James Young, Samuel Johnson
Proven:  4 Nov 1805

STEEL, JOSEPH, 24 Aug 1795
Wife:  Rebecca
Son:  John, a negro man, he taking possession of him at the decease of my father, Archibald Steel.
Sons:  William and Archibald
Daughter:  Jenny, when she comes of age.
Sons:  Samuel and Alexander
Executors:  Wife, Rebecca Steel, William Steel, Samuel Anderson
Witnesses:  Alex. Moore, Samuel Williamson, Arthur Starr
Inventory presented:  23 Nov 1795, Bk. A-101 (Captain Joseph Steel)

TICER, CLARK of York District, 26 Nov 1803
Son:  Henry Ticer
Daughter:  Mary
Son:  Hugh to be schooled.
Daughter:  Jean, three months schooling.
Son:  Samuel to be schooled.
Daughter: Sarah to be schooled.
Executor:  Robert Harris
Witnesses:  Spell. Kimble, Alexander Hynes, Richard Spears.
Presented:  2 Jan 1804

TICER, HUGH of York District
Wife:  Ann Ticer
Children, but not named
Executor:  Robert Harris
Witnesses:  Thomas Webb, John Jackson
Presented:  12 July 1805

WHERRY, DORCAS of York District, 17 Oct 1800
Daughter:  Peggy Strait, to her son Samuel and to her daughters, Dorcas, Mary and ---illegible.
Daughter:  Polly McClintock
Daughter:  Hannah
William Wherry and son, Samuel
Sons:  William, Andrew, Samuel, Thomas, John
Daughters:  Peggy and Polly
Executors:  Samuel Wherry, Andrew Wherry
Witnesses:  Leonard Strait, Peter Boyd, Peggy Boyd
Proven:  n.d.
Dorcas and William Wharey were administrators of the estate of Samuel Wharey 20 Mar 1792. Estate Records Bk. A #60

WILLSON, RICHARD of York County, 28 Nov 1794
Wife:  Mary Willson
Oldest son:  John Willson
Son:  William, if he lives
Others: Mathew Willson, Thomas Willson, Nancy Willson and Milly Willson to recieve at coming of age or marriage.
Others:  Rachel Mooney, John Willson and William Willson; a sum was already given, my desire that equal shares be made of all my children beginning at Rachel and downward.
Executors:  Mary Willson, John Willson, Jonathan Mooney
Witnesses:  Thomas Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, James Willson.
Inventory presented, 21 Oct 1795, Bk. A #118, page 171

WILSON, HUGH, 8 Jun 1802
Wife:  Martha Wilson
To Elizabeth Broadhill, her freedoms.
To John Lockhart, his freedoms.
Both of above when they come of age.
Brother:  James Wilson and his children.
Executors:  Wife, Martha and Samuel Robertson Sr.
Witnesses:  Thomas Woods, Mary Ann Dickey, John Dickey
Presented:  23 Nov 1802

WILSON, JOHN of York County 3 Jul 1792
Wife:  Sarah
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary
Sons:  Joseph, Elijah, Robert, Hezekiah
Executors:  Wife, Sarah, Joseph Steel, Elijah Watson
Witnesses:  Robert Patton, Arthur Starr, John Workman
Inventory presented 27 Jan 1792, Bk. A #57

WILSON, WILLIAM of York County, 2 Mar 1800
Grandchild:  William Kirkpatrick, all the estate except two dollars paid to Saley Seismore.
Executor:  Grandson, William Kirkpatrick
Witnesses:  Ralph Smith, John Ramsey, William Smith
Presented:  11 Apr 1800

YOUNG, JAMES of York District, 3 Aug 1809
Executors to sell 100 acres off the survey on upper end joining Capt. Ro. Hanna, myself and the Catawba Indian boundary to pay debts and funeral expenses.
Wife: Margaret
Wife in a pregnant situation and if babe does not live, that portion to sisters, Jinney Cooper and Mary Wallace.
Nephew: Young Flemming
Niece: Jean Flemming
Children of Elias Wallace and Robert Cooper.
Executors: Elias Wallace, Robert Cooper and wife, Margaret Young
Witnesses: John McConnel, John Starr, David Gordan.
Proven: 14 Aug 1809

YOUNG, JAMES of York County, 10 May 1793
Son: James
Daughters: Mary and Agnes
Debt due in Pennsylvania.
Granddaughter: Jane Stuart Flemming
Grandson: Elijah Flemming
Son-in-law: Elijah Flemming
Executors: Wife and son, James Flemming
Witnesses: Joseph Hamille ?, John Williamson
Inventory: Bk. A-93, n.d.


York County SC Wills 1770-1812