Battle of King's Mountain Roster
Battle of Kings Mountain Patriot Roster 
October 7, 1780
"... was the joyful annunciation of that turn of the tide of success which terminated the Revolutionary War with the seal of independence."    Thomas Jefferson
Battlefield is Located in South Carolina on the North Carolina border
"THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON" was the battle cry!
Click To read the prayer invocation preceding the battle.

The Man Who Shot Col. Ferguson at King's Mountain

First Shot Fired

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This is an Incomplete List of Soldiers that participated in the Battle of King's Mountain.
You can help me with this project by submitting names of persons you have come across in your research.
If you have an ancestor you know for certain fought at King's Mountain please contact,
Trish Carden G followed by dash, then ma, at sign, tcarden, dot, and finally com.  and I will add them to the list.
I have a total of 1,812  names as of April 17, 2001.
References and Sources
Rank listed is at time of battle.  Keys: (K)-killed, (W)--wounded, (?)--no proof  RED denotes my ancestors

Abernathy, Robert
Adair, John
Adams, John
Adams, William
Alexander, Daniel
Alexander, Elias
Alexander, James
Alexander, Jerimiah
Alexander, John
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, Oliver
Alexander, William
Allen, Moses
Allen, Richard
Allen, Richard, Captain (Stayed with foot soldiers)
Allen, Vincent
Allison, John (w)
Allison, Robert, Captain
Alston, William
Anderson, George, Major
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, John Jr. Lieutenant
Anderson, William
Andrews, John, Lieutenant
Anthony, Philip
Applegate, Thomas
Arbuckle, Mathew
Arbuckle, Thomas
Arbunkle, Mathew, Captain
Armstrong, Isaac
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Martin
Armstrong, Mathew
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, William
Arney, Elihu
Asbury, George
Avender, Andrew
Axer, Sam

Bacon, Michael
Baker, John
Bakly, Charles
Balch, Amos
Ballard, Devereau
Ballew, Richard
Banning, Benoni (w)
Barker, Charles
Barker, Edmond
Barker, Edward
Barker, Enoch
Barker, Henry
Barker, Hezehiah
Barker, Joel
Barnes, Alexander
Barnes, Alexander, Captain
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, Shadrack (?)
Barnett, Alexander
Barnett, Alexander, Captain
Barry, Andrew
Barry, Andrew, Captain
Bartlett, William
Bartlett, William, Lieutenant
Barton, Benjamin
Barton, Isaac
Barton, John
Barton, John, Captain
Barton, Joshua
Bates, William
Bean, George
Bean, Jesse
Bean, Jesse, Captain
Bean, John
Bean, Robert
Bean, William, Captain
Beard, Robert
Bearden, Jeremiah
Bearden, John
Beattie, David
Beattie, David, Captain
Beattie, Francis
Beattie, John (k)
Beattie, John, Lieutenant (k)
Beattie, Joseph
Beattie, William
Beattie, William, Captain
Beeler, Jacob
Beeler, Joseph
Bell, Samuel
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William
Benge, David
Benge, Obediah Martin
Benge, William
Bennedict, John
Bentley, John
Berry, Andrew
Berry, Bradley
Berry, James
Berry, Robert
Berry, Thomas
Besall, John
Beverly, John, Captain
Bickley, Charles
Bickley, Summers
Bickley, William
Bicknell, James
Bicknell, Thomas (k)
Biffle, Jacob
Billings, Jasper
Bingham, Benjamin
Bishop, Levi
Bishop, Levi, Lieutenant
Black, Joseph
Black, Joseph, Lieutenant
Blackburn, Arthur
Blackburn, George
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, Robert
Blackburn, William (k)
Blackburn, William, Lieutenant (k)
Blackmore, John
Blackmore, William
Blackmore, William, Lieutenant
Blackwell, David
Blackwell, John
Blacock, Samuel G., Major
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blalock, Samuel
Blankenbeckler, Zachariah
Blassingham, John
Blevin, Daniel
Blevin, Henry
Blyth, Thomas
Bolick, Casper
Bolling, Jerry
Boran, Baile, Lieutenant
Boran, Bazi
Boren, John
Bowen, Arthur, Captain
Bowen, Charles
Bowen, Henry
Bowen, John
Bowen, Reese, Lieutenant (k)
Bowen, William, Captain
Bowers, Leonard
Bowles, Benjamin
Bowman, Esaius
Bowman, Sparkling
Box, Samuel
Boyce, John
Boyd, John (k)
Boyd, John, Lieutenant
Boyd, William
Boyer, Thomas (k)
Bradley, Richard
Bradley, William (w)
Bradshear, Robert, Captain
Bradshear, Samuel, Captain
Brakshears, Mattis
Brandon, John, Captain
Brandon, Mathew
Brandon, Thomas, Colonel
Brazleton, William
Breckenridge, Alexander
Breckenridge, Alexander, Captain
Breckenridge, George
Breckenridge, John
Breckenridge, Robert, Captain
Breden, John
Brewer, Ambrose
Briggs, John
Brigham, James
Brimer, William
Britt, Obediah
Brooks, David
Brooks, George
Brooks, John
Brooks, Littleton
Brooks, Moses
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, William
Broom, W. M.
Brotherton, Thomas
Brown Jacob, Captain
Brown,  George
Brown,  Isaiah
Brown, Andrew, Captain
Brown, James
Brown, John (k)
Brown, John S. C.
Brown, John, Captain
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Low
Brown, Michael
Brown, Peter
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Thomas
Browning, Enos
Brush, Enoch
Bruster, E. (?)
Bryan, John, Captain
Bryan, Robert
Buchanan, Alexander
Buchanan, Ezekiel
Buchanan, Robert
Buchanan, Samuel
Buchanan, William, Captain
Buckner, Joshua, Lieutenant
Budvine, Francis
Builen, Isaac
Bullard,  Joseph, Captain
Bullen, Luke
Bullen, William (w)
Burney, Simon
Burney, William
Burns, David
Burns, John
Burns, Laird
Burns, William
Burus, David

Caldwell, Samuel
Caldwell, Samuel, Captain
Caldwell, Thomas, Captain
Caldwell, William
Callahan, Joel
Callahan, Joel, Lieutenant
Callahan, John
Callahan, John, Captain
Callaway, Elijah
Callaway, Joseph
Callaway, Richard
Callaway, William
Camp, Benjamin
Camp, Edmund
Camp, John
Camp, Nathan
Camp, Thomas
Camp, Thomas
Campbell, David
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh, Lieutenant
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jeremiah
Campbell, John, C4ptain
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Patrick
Campbell, Patrick, Lieutenant
Campbell, Robert (w)
Campbell, Robert Lieutenant
Campbell, William Jr.
CampbeR, William, Colonel (Commander in Chief)
Candler, Henry
Candler, William, Major
Cantrell, Stephen
Carathurs, James
Cardwell, Perrin
Carmack, Cornelius
Carmack, John
Carmichal, John
Carnes, John, Captain
Carpenter, John
Carr, Paddy, Captain
Carr, Patrick
Carr, William
Carrol, William
Carson, Andrew
Carson, David
Carson, John
Carson, John, Captain
Carson, William
Carswell, John
Carter, Charles
Carter, Landon, Lieutenant
Cartwright, Joseph
Caruthers, Andrew, Lieutenant
Carwell, Alexander
Carwile, Zachariah
Casewell, Zadrack
Casey, Benjamin
Casey, Levi
Casey, Randolph
Casey, William
Cash, David
Castillo, John
Cathcart, Joseph
Caunice, Nicholas
Cavett, Moses, Captain
Cavett, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chandler, Bailey
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, John
Chapman, Joseph
Cheney, Thomas
Childers, John (w)
Childress, John
Childress, Mitchel
Childress, Mitchell
Childress, Thomas
Childress, William
Chisholm, John
Chisolm, Elijah, Captain
Chittim, John (w)
Chitwood, James
Christian, George
Christian, Gilbert, Major
Christie, Colonel
Chronicle, William, Major (k)
Church, Amos
Clark, George
Clark, James
Clark, John, Captain
Clark, Michael
Clark, William
Clay, William
Clayborn, John
Clem, William
Clements, Cornelius
Cleveland, Benjamin, Colonel
Cleveland, Ezekiel
Cleveland, John, Lieutenant
Cleveland, Larkin, Lieutenant (Wounded en route to King's Mt.)
Cleveland, Robert
Cline, Michael
Cloa, Willis
Clon, William
Cloud, Joseph, Captain
Clowney, Samuel
Cobb, Arthur
Cobb, Jerry
Cobb, Pharoh
Cobb, William Jr.
Cobb, William Sr.
Cockrell, John (?)
Cole, Jobe
Cole, Joseph
Cole, Thomas
Cole, William
Coleman, Spense
Colley, Daniel
Colley, Thomas
Collins, James
Collins, Samuel
Collinworth, John
Colvill, Joseph
Colville, Andrew, Captain
Colville, Samuel (w)
Compton, Jeremiah
Condley, John, Captain
Condry, William
Cook, Charles
Cook, Edward
Cook, Elisha
Cook, Robert
Cook, William
Coop, Horatia
Cooper, James (k)
Cope, John
Copeland, Zacheus
Corry, James (k)
Corry, James, Lieutenant (k)
Cosby, James
Costner, Thomas
Coulter, John, Captain
Coulter, Martin
Coultrie, Robert
Covey, Samuel
Cowan, Andrew
Cowan, Andrew, Captain
Cowan, David
Cowan, James
Cowan, Nathaniel
Cowan, Samuel
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, William
Cowan, William, Captain
Cox, Charles
Cox, Curd
Cox, James
Cox, William (w)
Cox, William, Captain
Crabtree, James, Captain
Craig, David
Craig, David, Captain
Craig, James
Craig, John
Craig, Robert
Craig, Robert, Captain
Crawford, Charles
Crawford, John
Crawford, John
Crenshaw, John
Creswell, Andrew
Crock, William
Crockett, John
Crockett, Joseph, Captain
Crockett, Samuel
Crockett, Walter, Major
Crockett, William
Crockett, William, Lieutenant
Crockttt, Joseph, Captain
Cross, Abraham
Cross, Elijah
Cross, Joseph
Cross, William
Cross, Zachariah (?)
Crow, James
Crow, John
Crow, John, Captain
Crumbless, Thomas
Crunk, William
Culbertson, Josiah
Culbertson, Robert
Cummings, Andrew
Cunningham, Jonathan
Curry, James
Cusick, George
Cusick, John
Cutbirth, Andrew

Dalton, John
Dameron, George
Darnell Lawrence
Darnell, Cornelius
Darnell, David (w)
Daugherty, George, Captain
Dave, Thomas
Davenport, William, Colonel
David, Azariah
Davidson Daniel
Davidson, Benjamin
Davidson, Samuel
Davidson,. William
Davis , Robert
Davis, Andrew, Lieutenant
Davis, Joel
Davis, John
Davis, John, Captain
Davis, Nathan
Davis, Nathaniel
Davis, Robert
Davis, Samuel
Davis, William
Davison, Daniel, Lieutenant
Davison, William, Lieutenant
Dawson, Elias
Deatheridge, John
Delaney, William
Denman, John
Dennison, Robert
Depew, Isaac
Desha, Robert
Detgaoorett, John
Dickenson, Isham
Dickey, Andrew
Dickey, David
Dickey, John, Captain
Dickinson, Henry
Dickson, Joseph, Major
Dillard, Benjamin
Dillard, James
Dillard, James, Captain
Dixon, Joel
Dixon, John
Dixon, Joseph
Doaling, Robert
Dobkins, Jacob
Dobson, John
Dobson, Joseph
Dobson, Robert
Dodd, William
Doherty, George Sr.
Dolberry, Lytton
Donald, James
Donelson, John, Capt.
Doran, Alexander
Doran, James
Doran, Terence
Dorton, Moses
Dorton, William Jr.
Douglas, Edward
Douglas, James
Douglas, Johnathan (w)
Douglas, Robert
Dryden, Nathaniel, Lieutenant, (k)
Dryden, James
Dryden, Nathaniel, (k)
Dryden, William
Duck, Samuel
Duckworth, John
Duff, David (k)
Duff, Samuel
Duff, William, Captain
Duncan, Jesse
Duncan, John
Duncan, Joseph
Duncan, Thomas
Dunlop ., James
Dunn, Samuel
Dunn, William
Dunsmore, James
Dysart, James, Captain (w)
Dysart, John

Eaken, William
Earnest, Earnest
Earnest, Rev.  Felix
Eddleman, Peter
Edgman, William
Edmiston, John
Edmiston, Robert
Edmiston, Samuel
Edmiston, Thomas
Edmiston, William
Edmondson, Andrew, Captain, (k)
Edmondson, Robert Jr., Lieutenant, (w)
Edmondson, Robert Sr., Captain (k)
Edmondson, William, Captain (k)
Edmondson, William, Major
Elder, Robert
Elliot, James, Captain
Elmore, William
Ely, William
England, John
England, Joseph
Enlow, Patter
Espey, Samuel, Captain (w)
Estill, Benjamin
Evans, Andrew
Evans, Ardin
Evans, David
Evans, Evan
Evans, Nathaniel
Evans, Phillip
Evans, Samuel
Everett, William
Ewart, James
Ewart, Robert
Ewin, Hugh
Ewing, Alexander, Captain
Ewing, George

Fagan, John, (w)
Fain, John, Captain
Fain, Nicholas
Fain, Samuel
Fapolson, Andrew, Captain
Farewell, James
Farewell, John
Faris, Isaac
Faris, John
Faris, Larkin
Faris, Martin
Faris, Richard
Faris, Thomas
Farrow, John
Farrow, Landon
Farrow, Samuel
Farrow, Thomas
Fear, Edmond
Fear, Edmond, Captain
Fear, Thomas
Feimster, William
Ferguson, Joseph
Ferguson, Samuel
Findley, George
Findley, John
Fisher, Frederick, (w)
Fitch, John
Fleenor, Charles
Fleenor, Joel
Fleenor, Michael
Flemming, John
Fletcher, Thomas
Flower, William (w)
Floyd, Andrew
Floyd, John
Folson, Andrew
Ford, John
Fork, Peter
Fork, William
Forney, Abraham
Forney, Peter, Captain
Forrister, Robert
Foster, Anthony
Fowler, James
Fowler, John
Fowler, William (k)
Fox, John
Foy, James Sr. Lieutenant & then Captain, Wilmington Brigade in the N .C. Line
Francis, Thomas
Franklin, Jesse, Captain
Franklin, John, Captain
Franklin, Stephen
Frazer, Daniel
Frazer, David
Frazer, John
Frazier, Samuel
Freeland, James
Freeman, William
Frierson, James
Frierson, John
Frierson, Robert,
Frierson, Thomas
Frierson, William
Frigge, J. C.
Frigge, John
Frigge, Robert
Frost, Micajah
Fry, Phillip
Fulkerson, James
Fulkerson, James, Captain
Fulkerson, John
Fulkerson, Richard
Fulkner, David
Furgason, James

Gabriel, James,
Gaines, Ambrose
Gaines, James
Gaines, James Sr.
Galbreath, Arthur
Galbreath, John (?)
Galbreath, Robert
Galliher, Joel
Galliher, John
Galloway, Alexander
Gamble, Choat
Gamble, Josiah
Gamble, Robert
Gambrel, Captain
Gammon, Harris
Gann, Nathan
Gann, Thomas
Garner, John
Gaspenson, John
Gass, John
Gaston, William
Geren, Solomon
Gervis, James
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gilbreath, Alexander
Gibson, James, Captain
Gibson, John
Gibson, Thomas
Giles, William (w)
Gilleland, John (w)
Gillespie, George, Colonel
Gillespie, George
Gillespie, Jacob
Gillespie, James
Gillespie, Thomas
Gilliam, Devereux
Gilliespie, Thomas, Captain
Gilliespie, William, Captain
Gillilland, James, Lieutenant
Gilmer, Enoch
Gilmer, William (w)
Gilreath, William, Captain
Gist, Benjamin, Captain
Gist, Joseph
Gist, Joshua
Gist, Nathaniel, (k)
Gist, Richard
Gist, Thomas
Given, James
Given, John
Glenn, John
Godwin, Joseph
Godwin, Robinson
Godwin, Samuel
Goff, Andrew
Goff, Andrew, Lieutenant
Goff, William
Goforth, Preston, (k)
Goodlett, William
Goodman, Henry
Gordan, Charles, Major
Gordon, Chapman
Gordon, Charles (w)
Gordon, George
Gorsage, John
Gourley, Thomas
Graham, James
Graham, William
Grantham, Richard
Graves, Boston
Gray, James
Gray, Jessee
Gray, William, Lieutenant
Green, Jesse
Greenlee, James
Greer, Alexander
Greer, Andrew
Greer, Andrew Jr.
Greer, Joseph
Greer, William
Greever, Phillip
Gregory, John
Gregory, William
Grider/Gryder, Jacob
Grier, James
Grier, John
Griffith, Joseph
Grimes, George
Grimes, James
Guest, Moses
Gwaltney, Nathan

Haas, John
Haas, Simon
Hackett, John
Hadden, George
Hadley, Joshua, Captain
Hager, Simon
Hahn, Benedict
Hahn, Joshua
Haile, John
Hale, Lewis
Hale, William
Hall, David
Hall, Jesse
Hall, John
Hall, Thomas
Hambright, Frederick, Lieut.  Colonel
Hambright, John Hardin
Hambright, John, Lieutenant
Hamby, William
Hamer, James
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Joshua
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Thomas
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Samuel, Major
Hammons, Benjamin
Hammons, John
Hampton, Andrew
Hampton, Andrew, Colonel
Hampton, Edward
Hampton, Joel
Hampton, John
Hampton, Jonathan
Hancock, Joseph
Hancock, Stephen
Handley, Samuel, Captain
Handly, Robert
Handly, Samuel
Handy, Thomas
Hank, Michael
Hankins, Abraham
Hanna, Andrew
Hanna, Robert
Hannah, Robin, Captain
Hanslev, Robert
Hardeman, Thomas
Hardin, Abraham
Hardin, John
Hardin, Joseph, Jr.
Hardmark, Charles
Harkleroad, Henry
Harlison, Herndon
Harmison, John
Harper, Richard
Harrell, John (?)
Harrell, Joseph (?)
Harrell, Kidder
Harrell, Reuben
Harris, James
Harris, William
Harrison, Gideon
Harrison, Michael, Captain
Harrison, Nathaniel
Hart, Leonard
Harvey, John, Captain
Harwood, William
Hawthorne, James, Lieut. - Colonel
Hayes, Joseph, Colonel (Succeeded to Gen. Williams command)
Hays, Samuel
Hayter, Israel (w)
Hedrick, William
Helm, Meredith
Helms, John
Helton, Abraham
Hemphill, Charles
Hemphill, Thomas, Captain
Henderson, Daniel
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, Joseph
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, William
Hendrick, David
Hendrick, Moses
Hendrick, Solomon
Henegai-, John
Henegar, Henry (k)
Henegar, Jacob
Henery, Moses (k)
Henniger, Conrad
Hegira, Henniger or Henegar, Henry
Henry, David
Henry, Henn
Henry, Henry
Henry, Hugh
Henry, James
Henry, Johm (k)
Henry, Joseph
Henry, Robert (w)
Henry, Samuel
Henry, William
Hensley, Samuel
Hereden, Edward
Hereden, James
Herndon, Benjamin, Lieut. - Colonel
Herndon, Joseph, Major (Remained with foot soldiers)
Hickman, James
Hickman, James Captain
Hickman, Joel
Hickman, Thomas
Hicks, William, Captain
Higgenbottom, Robert
Higgins, Johm
Hill, James
Hill, William, Colonel (in command of Sumpter's force)
Hillian, James
Hillian, John
Hobbs Thomas
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman, John
Hofner, Nicholas
Holdway, Timothy
Holland, Charles
Holland, Isaac Jr.
Hollingsworth, Benjamin
Hollis, John, Captain
Holloway, Benjamin
Holloway, Charles
Holloway, John
Holmes, James
Hood, John
Hortenstine, Abraham
Horton, Daniel (?)
Horton, Henry
Horton, John
Horton, Joshua ( ?)
Horton, Zephaniah
Hoskins, Ninnam, Captain
Hotchkiss, Jared
Houghton, Thomas
Housley, Robert
Houston, James
Houston, James, Ensign
Houston, John
Houston, John, Ensign
Houston, William
Howard, William
Hubbard, James
Hudson, John
Hufacre, George
Hughes, David
Hughes, Francis
Hughes, Joseph, Lieutenant
Hughes, Peter
Hughes, Thomas
Humphries, William Sr.
Hundley, Samuel
Hunt, Abraham
Hunt, John
Hunter, Thomas
Hutson, George
Hyce, Leonard (w)
Hyden, William
Hyder, Michael

Ingle, John
Inglis, Michael
Ingram, Jeremiah
Inman, Abednego (w)
Ireland, Hans
Isaac, Samuel
Isbell, Francis*
Isbell, Godfrey, Captain
Isbell, Henry ( ? )
Isbell, James*
Isbell, Livingston*
Isbell, Pendleton, Captain
Isbell, Thomas, Captain*
Isbell, William Thompkins*
Isbell, Zachery, Lieutenant
Isbell, Zackary
(*All said to have fought as King's Mt. Ref: White: KMM, p. 192 found in Rev. War Soldiers who are buried in TN page 90)
Ivy, Henry

Jack, James
Jack, James, Captain
Jack, Jerimiah
Jack, Patrick (?)
Jackson, Churchwell
Jackson, William, Captain
James, John
James, Marlin
James, Rolling
Jamison, John
Jamison, John, Lieutenant
Jamison, Robert
Jamison, Samuel
Jamison, Thomas
Jarnigan, George
Jefferies, Jean
Jefferies, John
Jefferies, Nathan
Jefferies, Nathaniel
Jefferies, Phillip
Jenkins, Jacob
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, William
Jennings, David
Jernigan, George, Lieutenant
Jernigan, Thomas
Jernigan, William
Johnson, Barnett
Johnson, George Sr.
Johnson, James S.
Johnson, James, Captain
Johnson, James, Major
Johnson, John
Johnson, John, Captain
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Samuel, Captain
Johnson, Samuel (w)
Johnson, Samuel, Lieutenant (w)
Johnson, William
Johnston, William, Captain
Jones, Daniel
Jones, David
Jones, Darling (credited with shooting Col. Ferguson?)
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joshua (w)
Judd, John
Judd, Rowland

Karr, Mathew
Karr, Robert
Keele, Richard S.
Keeps, James
Keeton, Hezekiah
Kelley, William
Kelly, John
Kendred, Thomas
Kendrick, Benjamin
Kendrick, John
Kendrick, Samuel
Kendricks, Solomon
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennedy, Moses
Kennedy, Robert
Kennedy, Robert, Captain
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, John
Kerby, Henry
Kerr, Adam
Kerr, Joseph
Keys, James
Keys, John, Captain
Keys, Mathew
Kidd, John
Kilgore, Charles (w)
Kilgore, Hiram
Kilgore, James
Kilgore, Robert (w)
Kilgore, William
Kincannon, Andrew
Kincannon, James
Kincannon, Mathew
Kindle, William
King, Andrew
King, James
King, John
King, Robert
King, Thomas
King, William
Kinkead, John
Kitchen, John
Knox, Benjamin
Knox, James
Knox, Robert
Knox, Samuel
Kuykendall, Benjamin
Kuykendall, Joseph
Kuykendall, Mathew
Kuykendall, Simon
Kyle, Robert, Captain

Lacey, Edward, Colonel (Commanded the Sumpter force during battle)
Laird, David
Laird, James, (k)
Laird, John, (k)
Landrum, James
Landrum, Thomas
Lane, Aquilla
Lane, Charles
Lane, Isaac
Lane, Isaac, Lieutenant
Lane, James
Lane, Jesse
Lane, John
Lane, Richard
Lane, Samuel
Lane, Tidence
Lane, William
Langston, John
Langston, Robert
Lankford, Benjamin
Lankford, John
Lannim, Joseph
Large, Joseph
Larrimore, Hugh
Lathan, John
Latman, Joseph
Law, David
Lawson, John
Lawson, William
Lay, Thomas
Ledbetter, George, Captain
Lee, James
Leeper, Mathew
Leeper, James
Leeper, James, Lieutenant
Leeper, Samuel
Leffy, Shadrack
Lengley, William
Lenoir, William
Lenoir, William, Captain (w)
Leonard, Frederick
Leonard, George
Leonard, Henry
Leonard, Robert
Lesley, Thomas
Lewallen, Michael
Lewis, Aron
Lewis, Aron, Captain
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, James
Lewis, James Martin, Lieutenant (w)
Lewis, Joel, Captain (w)
Lewis, Joel, Lieutenant (w)
Lewis, John
Lewis, Micajah, Major (w)
Lewis, William Terrill
Lienniger, Conrad
Liles, David
Limonton, Robert
Lindsay, James
Lindsay, John
Linn, Andrew
Linn, Daniel
Linn, William
Litton, Catel
Litton, John
Litton, Solomon, Lieutenant
Liture, Harmon
Livingston, David
Logan, Joseph
Logan, William
Logan, James
Long, John
Long, Nicholas
Long, Richard
Long, Robert
Long, William
Looney, David, Captain
Looney, Moses, Lieutenant
Looney, Robert
Looney, John
Love, Andrew, Colonel
Love, Hezekiah
Love, John
Love, Robert
Love, William, Lieutenant
Lowery, John
Lowery, John, Lieutenant
Lowery, William
Loyd, -John
Ltyle., William
Lucas, Isaac, Captain
Lucas, Joseph, Captain
Lucas, Robert, Captain
Lusk, Hugh
Lusk, Joseph
Lusk, Joseph, Captain
Lusk, Samuel
Lusk, William, (k)
Lutz, Jacob
Lyle, Henry
Lyle, Samuel
Lyman, Jacob
Lynn, Adam
Lynn, David
Lyon, Huberson, Lieutenant (k)
Lyon, Humberson
Lyon, William
Lytle, Archibald
Lytle, Micajah
Lytte, Thomas, Captain

Madonough, Andrew
Mahannas, Taploy
Mahoney, Nichael (k)
Main, Henry
Main, Tobias
Malaby, John
Mall, Peter, Captain
Manley, Amos
Manor, Josiah
Manor, Thomas
Maples, Marmaduke
Marney, Amos
Marshall, Marcum
Martin, George, Lieutenant
Martin, John
Martin, Mathew
Martin, Robert
Martin, Salathiel
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Samuel, Captain
Martin, William
Mason, Edward
Mason, James
Mason, Patrick
Mason, Thomas
Mason, William
Massingale, Henry
Massingale, James
Massingale, Michael
Mathews, James
Mattox, Charles
Mattox, Charles, Lieutenant
Mattox, John, Captain (k)
Maxwell, George, Captain
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, Jessie
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, Thomas
May, Cassimore
May, Humphrey
May, John
Mayes, Samuel
Mayes, William
McAden, William
McAdoo, John
McBee, Israel
McBee, Silas
McCallister, William
McCallon, James
McCampbell, Solomon
McCarthy, William
McClelland, Abraham
McClelland, John
McClough, James
McClure, John
McConnell, Abram
McCorkle, Francis
McCormick, Joseph
McCormick, Robert
McCormick, Thomas
McCormick, William Captain
McCoy, Robert
McCroskey, John
McCroy, Mathew
McCulloch, John
McCulloch, Robert (w)
McCulloch, Thomas (k)
McCullock, Thomas, Lieutenant (k)
McCutchan, Samuel, Captain
McCutcheon, John
McCutcheon, Samuel
McCutcheon, William
McDaniel, Henry
McDonald, Magnus
McDowell, Charles, Colonel
McDowell, Joseph, Captain, (cousin)
McDowell, Joseph, Major (Commanded his brother Charles' force during battle)
McElwee, James
McElwee, John
McElwee, William
McFarland, Robert
McFarland, Robert, Lieutenant
McFerrin, John
McFerrin, John, Ensign
McFerrin, Martin
McGaughey, Samuel
McGill, John
McGrill, James
McHenry, John
McJucken, Joseph (brother of Daniel McJunkin)
McJunkin, Daniel (brother of Joseph McJucken)
McKamey, James
McKee, James
McKisnick, Thomas
McKissick, David, Captain
McLain, Alexander
McLain, Thomas
McLemore, John
McMaster, William
McMillan, Alexander
McMillan, Joseph
McMillan, William
McNabb, David, Captain
McNabb, John, Captain
McNabb, John
McNelly, John
McNutt, Alexander
McNutt, George
McPeters, Joseph
McQueen, James
McShaney, William
McSpadden, William
McWheeler, Andrew
Meaden, Andrew
Meaden,, John
Meek, Adam
Meek, Adam, Lieutenant
Meek, James
Meek, John
Meek, Moses
Mendenhall, Nathan
Meredith, William, Captain
Metcalf, William
Miliken, James
Millen, John
Miller, James, Captain
Miller, John
Miller, John H.
Miller, Martin
Miller, Robert (w)
Millon, Anthony
Mitchel, David
Mitchel, Edward
Mitchel, Elijah
Mitchel, James
Moffett, John
Moffett, John, Captain
Monroe, William
Montgomery, Alexander
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, James, Captain
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Richard
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Thomas
Mooney, Martin
Mooney, Richard
Moore, Alexander
Moore, Alexander
Moore, James
Moore, John
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Thomas
Moore, William
Moore, William (w)
Moorehead, John
Morgan, Benjamin
Morgan, Charles, Captain
Morgan, Isaac
Morrison, Peter
Morrison, William
Moser, Abraham
Mosier, Francis
Mullins, John
Munday, Jeremiah
Murdoch, John
Murphee, Henry
Murphee, John
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Patrick (w)
Murphy, William
Musick, Lewis

Nave, Abraham
Nave, Conrad
Nave, Henry
Nave, Teeler (other spellings include Teeter and Dieter) (Swiss descent)
Neal, John
Neal, William, Captain (Stayed with foot soldiers)
Neal, Zephaniah
Neally, B.
Neally, William
Neeley, Joseph (w)
Nelson, John
Nelson, Sutney
Nelson, Willam
Newell, Samuel Jr.
Newell, Samuel, Lieutenant (w)
Newell, Samuel, Sr.
Newland Isaac
Newland, Abram
Newland, Lewis
Newman, Isaac
Newman, Jacob
Newman, John
Newton, Benjamin
Nicholas, Flayl
Nicholas, James
Nixon, John, Captain
Norman, William
Norton, Alexander
Nuanly, Henry

O'Brien, William
Oglesby, Elisha
Oglesby, William, Captain
O'Gullion, Barney
O'Gullion, Hugh
Oliphant, John
Oliver, Dionysius
Outlaw, Alexander
Overton, Eli
Owen, John
Owen, Robert

Palmer, John
Palmer, Peter
Palmer, Thomas
Panter Adam
Parke, Ezekial
Parke, George
Parke, George
Parke, Henry
Parker, Humphrey
Parks, John
Parry, John
Patterson, Arthur (k)
Patterson, Arthur, Jr.
Patterson, John
Patterson, Robert
Patterson, Thomas
Patterson, William
Patterson, William (k)
Patton, Jacob
Patton, Robert
Pearce, Joshua
Peck, Adam
Peden, John
Peeber, Silas
Peek, Able
Peek, Adam
Pemberton, John
Pemberton, John, Captain
Pendergast, Garrett
Pendergrass, Alexander
Penland, Robert
Pepper, Elisha (k)
Perkins, Elisha
Perrin, Joseph
Perry, Jesse
Perry, Richard
Perry, Solomon
Perryman, Harmon
Pertle, George
Peters, William
Phillips, James
Phillips, James, Lieutenant (k)
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Samuel
Pierce, Joseph
Pilcher, Robert
Piper, James
Pippin, Robert
Pittman, William
Pittman, William, Lieutenant
Pitts, Louis
Plunk, Jacob
Polk, Ezekial
Pollard, Chattam
Polson, Andrew
Porter, James, Major
Porter, John
Porter, Mitchell
Porter, William
Portwood, Page
Poston, Richard
Potter, William
Powell, William
Prather, Charles
Prather, Thomas
Preston, Robert
Preston, Thomas, Captain
Preston, Walter
Price, James
Price, John
Price, Jonathan
Price, Samuel
Price, Thomas
Proffit, Pleasant
Pruitt, Martin
Pryor, Mathew
Purviance, James
Purviance, Richard
Purvriance, William

Quarles, Francis
Quarles, John

Rabb, William (k)
Rabb, William, Lieutenant
Rains, John, Captain
Rankin, David
Rankin, William
Rawlings, Asahl (?)
Reagan, Jeremiah (?)
Reamy, Daniel
Reazer, Peter
Reed, Abraham
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, David
Reed, James
Reed, John
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Lovett
Reed, Samuel
Reed, Thomas
Reed, William
Reep, Adam
Reep, Michael (?)
Reese, David
Reese, James
Reeves, Asher
Reeves, William
Regan, Charles
Remfeldt, Henry
Reynolds, Asher
Reynolds, Elisha
Reynolds, Elisha, Lieutenant
Reynolds, Henry
Reynolds, Nathaniel
Rhea, John
Rhea, Joseph
Rice, John
Richardson, Amos
Richardson, James
Ridley, George, Captain
Riggins, James
Riggs, Bethial
Riggs, Reuben
Riggs, Samuel
Ritchie, Alexander
Ritchie, Samuel
Ritchie, William
Roberts, David
Roberts, Edward
Roberts, James
Roberts, Joshua
Robertson, Elijah
Robertson, John
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Thomas
Robertson, William
Robertson, William (w)
Robinson, John, Lieutenant
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William
Robinson, William, Lieutenant
Roddy, James
Roddye, James, Captain
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, William
Roler, James
Roler, Martin
Roper, Drury
Roper, Roger
Rose, Sterling
Roseborough, William, Captain
Ross, Isaac
Ross, John
Rudd, Burlington
Rumfield, Henry
Russell, Andrew, Captain
Russell, George, Lieutenant
Russell, Moses
Russell, Robert
Russell, William, Lieutenant
Rutherford, Absolm
Rutherford, William

Sample, Samuel
Sample, Samuel, Captain
Sarrett, Allen
Sawyers, John
Sawyers, John, Captain
Schultz, Martin
Scott, Alexander
Scott, Arthur
Scott, James
Scott, John
Scott, Joseph
Scott, Joseph, Jr.
Scott, Joseph, Sr., Lieutenant
Scott, Robert
Scott, Samuel
Scott, Samuel Sr.
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Walter
Scott, William
Scurlock, James
Self, Thomas
Sellers, James
Selman, Jeremiah
Setzer, John
Sevier, Abraham
Sevier, James
Sevier, John, Colonel
Sevier, Joseph
Sevier, Joseph II
Sevier, Robert, Captain (Mortally Wounded)
Sevier, Valentine, Captain
Sevier, Valentine, Major
Shannon, Robert, Captain
Shannon, Thomas
Sharp, Benjamin
Sharp, Edward
Sharp, James
Sharp, John
Sharp, Richard
Sharp, Robert
Sharp, Samuel
Sharp, Thomas, E
Sharp, Thomas, Lieutenant
Sharp, William
Shaver, Frederick
Shaver, Michael
Shaver, Paul
Shelby, David
Shelby, Evan Jr., Major
Shelby, Isaac, Colonel
Shelby, James, Captain
Shelby, John
Shelby, John, Captain
Shelby, Moses (w)
Shelby, Moses, Captain
Shelby, Thomas
Shell, Michael
Sherrill, Adam
Sherrill, George
Sherrill, Samuel Jr.
Sherrill, Samuel Sr.
Sherrill, Uriah
Sherrill, William, Captain
Shipp, Richard
Shipp, Thomas
Shirley, John
Shook, Greenbury
Shote, Thomas
Shrum, Nicholas
Sigmon, John, Captain
Sigmon, Palsor
Simmerlin, William or ? Summerlin, William
Simms, James
Simms, John
Simms, Littlelpage
Simpson, William
Singleton, Andrew, Captain
Singleton, Richard
Singleton, Richard, Major
Siske, Bartlett
Siske, Daniel (k)
Skaggs, Henry
Skaggs, John (w)
Sloan, Alexander
Sloan, John
Sloan, William
Smallwood, William
Smart, John (k)
Smith, Daniel, Captain
Smith, David
Smith, Eaton
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edward
Smith, Ezekial, Captain
Smith, George
Smith, Harnett
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry, Captain
Smith, Henry, Captain
Smith, J. M., Lieutenant
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Jones
Smith, Leighton
Smith, Miner, Captain (w)
Smith, Obediah
Smith, Phillip
Smith, Ransom
Smith, William
Smith, William.  Captain
Smithers, Gabriel
Smool, James
Snoddy, John
Snoddy, John, Captain
Snodgrass, James
Snodgrass, William
Somers, John
Sorter, William
Sparks, John
Speltz, John
Spicer, William
Starnes, Nicholas
Starnes, Peter
Stamey, John
Stamper, Joel
Steed, Thomas
Steele, John
Steele, John, Lieutenant
Steele, Joseph
Steele, Samuel
Steele, William (k)
Steen, James (k)
Steen, James, Colonel
Stellars, James
Stencipher, Joseph
Stephens, Jacob
Stephens, Mashack
Sterling, Robert
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, John
Stewart, James
Stewart, Thomas, Major
Stewart, William
Stinson, James, Captain
Stockton, George
Stockton, John
Stockton, William
Stone, Conway
Stone, Ezekial
Stone, Solomon
Stone, William
Stovall, Bartholemew
Street, Anthony Waddy
Stribling, James Clayton
Sturgill,  Frances,  Pvt.
Sufferet, John
Sulcer, William
Summerlin, William or ? Simmerlin, William
Sutherland, David
Swadley, Mark
Swanson, John
Sweeney, Moses
Sweet, Benjamin
Sword, Michael
Syles, James, Captain

Tabor, William
Taff, George
Talbert, Charles
Talbot, James
Talbot, Mathew Jr.
Talbot, Thomas (?)
Tate, David
Tate, James
Tate, John
Tate, Robert
Tate, Samuel
Tate, Samuel, Major
Tatum,  James
Tatum, Andrew
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Andrew Jr.
Taylor, Christopher, Captain
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, James
Taylor, James
Taylor, Leroy
Taylor, Parmenus
Temple, Major
Templeton, John
Terrell, Micajah
Terrell, Richmond
Terrell, William
Thatcher, Benjamin
Thomas, John
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, James, Captain
Thompson, John
Thompson, John, Captain
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, William
Thrasher, Isaac H.  (see last living survivor 1860 Commissioner of Pensions)
Thurman, Phillip
Tillman, Phillip
Tinsley, Golden
Tippong, Conrad
Tipton, Jonathan, Major
Tipton, William, Lieutenant
Todd, James
Toliver, Jesse
Toliver, Moses
Topp, Roger Captain
Topp, Tom
Topp, William
Trail, James
Treadway, Robert
Trice, James
Trimble, Robert, Captain
Trimble, William, Captain
Trimmier, Obadiah
Tubb, John (w)
Tucker, John
Turbyfill, John
Turney, Peter (?)
Turnley, Peter
Turnley, George
Twitty, Anthony
Twitty, William

Utley, William

Vance, David, Captain
Vance, James
Vance, John, Lieutenant
Vance, Samuel
Vance, John
Vanhook, Samuel, Lieutenant
Veatch, Nathan I.
Vicker, Elijah

Waddell, John
Waddell, Martin
Waldrin, Peter
Walker, Felix, Lieut. - Colonel
Walker, John
Walker, William
Wall, Jacob
Wallace, Andrew, Captain
Wallace, John
Wallace, Thomas
Walling, William
Walton, Jesse, Major
Walton, Martin
Walton, William
Ward, David
Ward, William
Warren, Captain
Wash, Benjamin
Waters, Moses
Watkins, George
Watson Patrick, Major (Stayed with foot soldiers)
Watson, David
Watson, Samuel
Watson, William (k)
Weakly, Robert
Wear, John
Weaver, Frederick
Weaver, John
Weaver, Samuel
Webb, David, Captain
Webb, George
Weir, John
Weir, John, Captain
Weir, Samuel, Captain
Welch, James
Welchel, David
Welchel, Francis
Welchel, John
Welchel, John
Welchel, William
Wells, John
Wells, Joseph
Wells, Joseph
Wheeler, Benjamin (?)
Whit, Charles
Whitaker, John
White, Benjamin
White, Gordon
White, Isaac
White, Isaac, Captain
White, Joseph, Captain
White, Richard, Lieutenant
White, Solomon
White, Thomas, Lieutenant
White, William
Whitener, Abraham
Whitener, Daniel
Whitener, Henry, Captain
Whiteside, Davis (K)
Whitesides, John
Whitten, Solomon
Wilburn, John
Wiley, Alexander, Lieutenant
Wilfong, George, Major
Wilfong, John (w)
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Charles
Williams, Daniel
Williams, James
Williams, James, Colonel (k)
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph, Captain
Williams, Mathew
Williams, Phillip
Williams, Robert
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Samuel, Captain
Williams, Shadrack
Williamson, John
Williford, Jacob
Willis, Smith
Willoughby, Mathew
Willoughby, William
Willoughby, William, Lieutenant
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Joseph Captain
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Zacheus, Captain
Winstead, Francis
Withers, Elisha
Withers, John
Witherspoon, David, Lieutenant
Witherspoon, John
Withrow, James
Withrow, James, Captain
Womach, Jacob, Captain
Wood, Obediah
Wood, Samuel, Captain
Woods, John
Woods, Jonathan
Woods, Michael
Woolsey, Thomas
Word, Charles (k)
Word, Cuthbert
Word, John
Word, Peter
Word, Thomas
Wyley, Alexander
Wyley, James
Wyley, John
Wynn, William

Yancey, Ambrose
Yates, Samuel
Yeary, Henry
Yoder, Conrad
Yontz, George
Young, Isham (?)
Young, James
Young, Robert
Young, Samuel
Young, Thomas
Young, William

The Man Who Shot Col. Ferguson at King's Mountain

Youngs in Lee Co History by James Talmadge Young page 647 there is an article on "The earliest record which we have goes back to Israel Young ---He raised a large family but we only have a record of two. One ws David Young and the other was Robert Young. They were both in the battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War, when Col Ferguson the British commander, was killed.

The colonel commanding the American troops to shoot Ferguson, this man failed when his gun jammed and he then commanded Robert Young to shoot him. Robert, replied, " I will try what "sweet lips"will do meaning his flintlock gun. He fired and killed him. (Summers History of Southwest Va. gives this.)

Robert Young is accepted by the DAR as the man who shot Col. Ferguson at King's Mountain. Yes, there is controversy among historians, saying many shot him, but the DAR accepts that it was Robert who was the first who shot and brought him down off his horse. He caught one foot in a stirrup and the horse kept going around and around in a big circle, dragging Col Ferguson's body. The others fired as the horse dragged him.

Robert Young was with another soldier in the battle whose gun had jammed and he said to Robert... "There's Ferguson. Shoot him!"  Robert drew a bead on Ferguson and said..."I'll see what Sweet Lips can do."  He called his rifle Sweet Lips, which was the same thing he called his wife.

There is a DAR plaque on this Robert Young's cabin which still stands on the grounds of the Veteran's Administration in Kingsport, TN. A very nice book was written on this Robert's family by Fred and Dessie Simmons called Robert Young Sr., Patriot and Pioneer.

First Shot Fired
From: Barry Greever
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001
Subject: no mistake-just tidbit of info...

I am a decendent of Phillip Greever (on your "Kings Mtn"roster site).
I believe that,according to the book "The History of Tazewell County" ,there is supposed to be an affidivate indicating Phillip Greever fired the first shot and gave help to a wounded british solder after the battle- The soldier said it was the first shot of the battle that got him.
      I have not confirmed this (other than reading the book) and it certainly is not very news worthy- just one of those "tidbits" of information that makes History interesting! Please let me know if you have any other info on this....
                                                   With much appreciation for your site...
                                                            Barry Greever

References and Sources

The Overmountain Men by Pat Alderman 1970

King's Mountain and Its Heros: History of the Battle of King's Mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the Events Which Led to It, by Lyman C. Draper, LL. D., copyright 1881.

And all correspondence from vistors to this website who have sent documentation of their ancestor's participation in the Battle of  King's Mountain. Thank you!

I have not used  a book by Bobby G. Moss called King's Mountain, The Patriots at, pub. 1990 and available from Southern Historical Press.  I hear it is a very good source.   You should be able to buy a copy from Kings Mt. Park.
    This book on the American Revolution in South Carolina contains a complete
roster in alphabetical order of each man who served in the Battle of King's
Mountain together with a short bibliography of each man.  This work is based on:
1) those who put in their application for a federal pension and stated they were
in the battle (or an application put forward by their wife, children),
2) those who filed for state pensions or pay and listed the battle in their service
3) applications of others who applied for a state or federal pension,
4) those who Draper accepted as participants and included in his definite study
of the battle,
5) those who appeared as participants in Heitman's list of Continental officers, and
6) those who appeared on the existing muster rolls, attested to by the signature of an office.

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