Revolutionary War Pensions

Revolutionary War Pension Applications
That were Rejected or Suspended

Logan, William - York, SC, Records of North Carolina must be examined for proof of service.

Moore, James - York SC,  For a new declaration and proof by comrades-the SC records.

Shaw, William - York SC, For period, length, grade and names of officers and stations, and proof by witnesses.

Childers, Jacob - York, SC Desertion.

McClain, John (dec'd, heirs of )- York, SC, Died before the passage of the act.

Wallis, John - York SC, He did not serve six months.

Forbes, Rebecca, widow of John Forbes - York, SC, Proof that the marriage occurred prior to the service ending in 1782.

Burns, Mary, widow of Samuel Burns - York SC, For proof from the records of the Comptroller General of SC, and the date of the marriage by the usual mode of proof.

Leach, Martha, widow of Joseph  Leach - York SC, For further proof.

Pratt, Amelia, widow of William Pratt - York SC,  For proof of service and of marriage.

Sadler,Eliza, deceased, widow of John Sadler - York SC, Proof of idenity deficient that her husband was the same person by whom were issued several indents as an officer and soldier to the Comptroller General of South Carolina.

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