Catawba Native Americans


1913 Corn Exposition  -  Includes story of the expositon & Photo.

Catawba Cultural Preservation Project - History, photos, pottery and tons of info.

Catawba Native American History - Contains information on Names, Language, Culture, History etc...

Catawba's at the Carlisle Pennsylvania School - photo of Lottie Harris is in their records.

Catawba's role in the French and Indian Wars

Catawba Native American & the Early Settlers - Excellent account of thier relationship with the early settlers.

George Washington's Speech to Catawba Indians December 1756 - From the Library of Congress

Catawba 1847 Census - From Paul Surratt Jr.

Catawba 1854 Census - From Paul Surratt Jr.

1930 Catawba Census

Catawba Native Americans in the Civil War -

Memorial to Catawba Native Americans - Photos of the memorial listing the Catawba's, erected 1895 in Fort Mill.

Catawba Indian Cemetery - Cemetery roster.

Red Cloud Obituary  &  the history behind the man

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