Old Unity Cemetery, Fort Mill, S.C.

From The Quarterly, March 1991

-Susan B. Elliott and her child. Died June 21, 1819--25th year of her age.

-Samuel Elliott--Died Sep 3, 1823 in the 36th year of his age.

-Mary Elliott--Died Nov. 25, 1807 aged 50 years.

-William Elliott--Died Dec 3, 1803 aged 58 years.

-William B. Elliott--Died July 1, 1814--37th year of his age.

-Elizabeth Elliott--Died Dec 31st aged 17 years and she was therefore born AD 1788.

-Martha Wallis--Wife of James Wallis, & widow of Capt Joseph White, who departed this life Oct 23, 1819, aged 44 years.

-Sarah--wife of Capt. E. M. Faires--died April 27, 1847, aged 41 years.

-Jesse J. Farris--Son of Jesse and Margaret A. Faires, born May 8, 1836--Died Oct 9th aged 5 mo.

-Margaret A. Faires--Consort of Jesse Faires--Died June 2, 1836, aged 42 years.

-Jesse Faires--Died April 21, 1845, aged 58 years.

-Alexander Faires--Died June 6, 1834, aged 84 years. Also his consort, Jennet Faires--Died Feb. 6, 1837, aged 80 years.

-James M. Faires--Died July 19, 1845, 29th years of his life.

-William Faires--Died Aug 21, 1835 in the 56th year of his life.

-Martha J. Faris--Daughter of Josiah and Sarah Faris, who died Sep 20, 1850, aged 8 mo and 20 days.

-Margaret L. Faris--Daughter of Josiah and Sarah Faris. Died Oct 1, 1849, aged 3 years and 1 day.

-Mary L. Faires--Died Aug 4, 1843 in the 22nd year of her life. Consort of Josiah Faires.

-Margaret A. Garrison--Daughter of J. M. and Ann S. Garrison. Died March 18, 1843, aged 8 months and 12 days.

-William S. Garrison--Son of James M. and Ann S. Garrison. Died Oct. 24, 1840 in his 11th year.

-Richard Ross--Died Oct. 16, 1825 in the 64th year of his age.

-Ann Ross--Died Aug 11, 1813 in the 51st year of her age.

-Jonathon Chillson--of Bellingham, Mass., who died in this vicinity Sep 4, 1849, aged 40 years.

-William Montgomery--Infant son of William C. & R. M. Montgomery. Died Feb. 3, 1851, aged 2 months and 15 days.

-Theodorick Webb--Died March 19, 1801, aged 48 years.

-George Foster--Died March 19, 1802, aged 30 years.

-James Davies--Died Sep 1, in his 64th year.

-Prudence Davies--Died Jan 17, 1834, aged 55 years. Wife of James Davies.

-William James Webb--Born Mar 3, 1832. Died Sep. 23, 1837.

-Thomas Webb--Born Aug 27, 1792. Died Oct. 11, 1834.

-Janie Webb--Died Sept 26, 1832. (NOTE: This stone is broken into several pieces, some missing.)

-William Baxter--Died Nov 28, 1821, aged 34 years, 8 months, 22 days.

-John Baxter--Died Sep 27, 1796, aged 47 years.

-Eleanor Baxter--Born Jan 20, 1789. Died Feb. 19, 1799.

-Elizabeth Baxter--Died Aug 27, 1800, aged 29 years.

Eleanor Webb--Born May 14, 1790. Died March 1, 1855.

-Ann Robb--Died April 7, 1799, aged 3 years, 7 months, 18 days.

-{?} H. Webb--Died Jan 8, 1807. (NOTE: Tombstone broken, parts missing.)

-Sarah Webb--Died Jan 31, 1801, aged 37 years. Also 2 children, one 9 days old, the other 2.

-James Webb--Died Dec. 8, 1813, aged 52 years, 9 months.

-J. W. 1832 (NOTE: Very small stones, probably children or infants.)

-P. D. 1834 Not broken., etc.

-Stephen Webb--Born March 14, 1784. Died May 7, 1827.

-James Webb--Son of W. and N. M. Poag. Born July 22, ----. Died Oct 13, 1852.

-James Stewart--Died June 22, 1854, aged 57 years, 7 months, 11 days.

-Nancy Stewart--57 years, 11 months. (NOTE: Tombstone broken into several pieces, parts missing.)

-William T.--Son of J. and N. Stewart. Died April 10, 1857, aged 24 years, 8 months.

-Mary M.--Daughter of J. and N. Stewart. Died Dec. 2, 1857, aged 15 years, 5 mo., 1 day.

-Samuel Dunsmore--Died Feb. 14, 1802, aged 48 years.

-James Crow--Died Oct. 16, 1801, aged 28 years.

-J. J. Watson--Died Aug 29, 1820, aged 58 years, 7 months, 13 days.

-George Cathey--Died Sep 8, 1842, aged 35 years.

-Anne E. Cathey--Died Aug 8, 1845, aged 57 years, 7 months, 12 days.

-Robert Irwin Herron--Died Nov. 3, 1798, aged 1 year.

-(?)arah White--Died June 1, 1800, aged 84 years. (NOTE: Tombstone broken, parts missing. First name probably "Sarah.")

-M. S. Died July 1804, aged 2 years, 1 month. (NOTE: Tombstone broken, parts missing.)

-Ann White--Died Nov 14, 1800, aged 39 years.

-John White--"Died May 22, 1822, in the 62nd year of his age, and 43rd year of American Independence, when freedom was at stake, he took sword and shield, us free to make."

-William White--Died Jan 31, 1816, aged 41 years.

-Mrs. Margaret White--Born Aug 7, 1771. Died Jan 10, 1831. (NOTE: Lengthy inscription: Was married to Robert Harper and John White. She was daughter of James Blair, native of Ireland.)

-Sara L. --daughter of J. J. and F. A. White. Died Sep 9, 1840, aged 13 months.

-Francis A.--Wife of John J. White. Died Jan 9, 1844, aged 39 years.

-Mrs. Dorcas S. White--Consort of W. White. Died Aug 4, 1853, aged 56 years, 9 months, 15 days.

-Capt. Joseph White--Died July 3, 1804, aged 41 and 1/2 years. "He in the late American War, did take an active part when freedom was at stake. With powder and ball, he made the air to smoke, and helped to free us all from Britain's yoke."

-Mary Ann Merritt--Consort of Robert Merritt. Died Jan 21, 1870, aged 28 years, 10 days.

-F. H. Harris--Died Aug 29, 1862, aged 52 years, 10 months.

-Brownlee Harris--Died Jan 10, 1841, aged 43 years.

-Margaret Harris--Died Dec 19, 1831. (NOTE: Balance worn smooth, not legible.)

-Persilla Jane Harris--Died Sep 22, 1833, aged 4 years, 8 months, and 14 days.

-Infant daughter of Brownlee and Margaret Harris, who was born and died July 30, 1832.

-Robert Harris--Died Sep 28, 1841, aged 85 years.

-Jane Harris--Wife of Robert Harris. Died Jan 24, 1816, aged 58 years.

-Thomas Clark Harris--Died Nov 19, 1798, aged 11 years.

-Col. James M. Harris--Born Sep 15, 1783. Died Feb 18, 1857.

-Francis Harris--Consort of James M. Harris. Died Nov. 14, 1850, aged 64 years.

-James Wallace Harris--Died July 20, 1838, aged 23 years.

-Alfred Leroy Harris--Died March 9, 1830, aged 18 years.

-Robert Saville--Died Nov 18, 1843, aged 70 years.

-Mary Saville--Wife of Robert Saville. Died July 1853, aged 70 years.

-James McKee, Esqr--Died Jan 18, 1851, aged 68 years.

-Eleanor McKee--Wife of James McKee, Esqr. Died May 12. 1850. aged 69 years.

-John B. McKee--Died June 28, 1839, aged 17 years.

-William C. McKee--Died July 17, 1838, aged 28 years.

-Robert Harris McKee--2nd son of James and Eleanor McKee. Died April 1, 1827, aged 18 years, 3 months.

-Isaac Chauncy McKee--Died April 5, 1820, aged 1 year, 8 months.

-Richard .Springs--Died Dec 22, 1833, aged 80 years.

-Jane Springs--Wife of Richard Springs. Died May 27, 1804, aged 44 years.

-Harriett B. Moore--Wife of William Moore & daughter of Richard and Jane Springs. Born Dec 27, 1802. Died Nov 30, 1832.

-Richard Springs--Died June 13, 1801, aged 13 years, 5 months, 3 days.

-Mary Springs--2nd wife of Richard Springs. Died March 6, 1808, aged 31 years.

-Mary Springs--Wife of Andrew Springs & 3rd daughter of Alexander Moore. Died Sep 28, 1810, aged 20 years.

-James Caruth--Died June 17, 1799, aged 22 years. (NOTE: Tombstone broken, parts missing. May not be full name. Part of last name may be missing.)

-Mary Springs--Wife of John Springs. Died Jan 5, 1834, aged 55 years, 9 months.

-Sergeant Jasper Springs--4th son of John and Mary Springs. Died Jan 20, 1825, aged 7 years, 4 months, 26 days.

-John Lawrence Springs--3rd son of John and Mary Springs. Died July 17, 1818, aged 2 years, 10 months, 23 days.

-Jane Louisa Springs--2nd daughter of John and Mary Springs. Died Sep 20, 1817, aged 7 years, 22 days.

-J. H. Hood (NOTE: Apparently carved by unskilled hands. Only the name appears on the stone.) [NOTE: This may be John Harrison Hood, 1780-1840, who is known to have been buried in Old Unity with his wife, Socelia E. Black, 1785-1830. John Harrison Hood served in the War of 1812 and was the son of Capt. Tunis Hood, Jr. and Eleanor Harrison.]

-Cynthia H. --Daughter of John & Elizabeth Burns. Died Sep 19, 1853, aged 1 year.

-Elizabeth Burns--Died Sep 6, 1846, aged 80 years.

-John Burns--Died Feb 25, 1847, aged 75 years.

The above was copied by Cynthia C. Faris, Columbia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, and appeared in the "Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, December 1963, pp. 960-1, along with the following introduction:

"Old Unity cemetery is less than 1 mile from the present Unity Presbyterian Church, Fort Mill, county of York, S.C. The old graveyard is bordered by a 3-foot-high rock wall. It is approximately 150 feet in length and in width. Old timers claim the wall was built by slaves, who carried the rocks from the banks of the Catawba River, several miles distant. The stones are large, and no mortar was used to make the wall. An ancient iron gate stands open at the entrance. Nearby is a granite monument with the following inscription on the bronze plaque:

"'This marks the site of Unity Presbyterian Church and graveyard 1788. Erected by Kanawha Chapter, DAR, 1932."

The area is heavily wooded with hickory, oak and dogwood. In the spring, the dogwood blossoms form a canopy of white over the graves. A dirt road borders the front wall. It ends several hundred feet beyond the gate. There is evidence that trees are being cleared to extend the road, for a new residential section of modern homes is closing around the old wall. The nearest home is under construction just across the road.

Many patriots of the American Revolution are buried in this cemetery. Some of the gravestones bear inscriptions proving their active participation.  Many of the stones are broken, and pieces are missing. Some are so worn that the lettering cannot be deciphered. Dozens of graves are marked with unlettered slabs of crude granite. Grave markers are scarce in the rear sections. It cannot be known for certain, who, or how many persons are buried in unmarked graves, for there is no known written record of those interred.

Unity Presbyterian Church has a long history in the area. The first building was erected before 1788 in York County near the Lancaster County line, between Steele and Sugar Creeks.  The second edifice was built in 1804 near the old cemetery, about 1 mile west of the first location. It was made of logs and had 12 corners.

In 1839, the third building was erected on Tom Hall Street in Fort Mill. The name was changed to Fort Mill in 1876, but changed back to Unity around the turn of the century.  The present Unity Presbyterian Church in Fort Mill was built in 1881, of handmade brick. In the rear of the building is the 'new' Unity graveyard.

In transcribing the tombstones at Old Unity cemetery, exact terminology was sacrificed for brevity, except where reference is made to Revolutionary service. All names are spelled as shown on the gravestones.

A footnote to the article reads: "NOTE: Miss Faris writes: To my knowledge, there is no written record of the graves in Old Unity Cemetery, Fort Mill, S.C. With the help of an adult nephew, I copied pertinent information from every stone. We marked each stone with chalk to insure our copying all of them. My reference for the history of the church was an article from the March 5, 1956, issue of The Springs Bulletin. I have a typed copy sent to me by Mr. William H. Ellis, Springs Cotton Mills, Lancaster, S. C., with a letter dated April 10, 1963."

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