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1. - DUKE - Searching for the parents and siblings of Thomas Duke b. 1786, Williamsburg Co.,  S. C., married Mary Hamilton McClary (dau. of John McClary). His mother was Margaret Blackwell (dau.of Samuel) who was married 1st to ___?___ Duke, 2nd to Samuel Adair, 3rd to John McClary.  Richard Duke

2. - McCANTS / FRIERSON - Searching for information on Susan Annie McCants b. 1866, married Washington L. Frierson b. 1851. They had at least 4 children: Belle, Lois, Clenestine & Robert. Susan Annie's parents were Robert S. McCants b. 1832, married Eliza J. Barrineau b. 1839. Robert S. McCants' father was probably Alexander McCants b. 1798. Cynthia Kirkland

3. - FRIERSON / GREGG - David Frierson Gregg married Frances Selma Gilbert. There children are: 1)Selma Frances Gregg married Charles Ringnald Thompson, 2)Mary Sue Gregg married Robert P. Chinnis, 3)Dave Frierson Gregg, 4)Gilbert Gregg. Any information would be appreciated. Craig Smith

4. - GOURDIN - Historical and genealogical research of the Gourdin and Gourdine families from the counties of Berkeley, Charleston, Georgetown and Williamsburg. Raymond Gourdin

5. - HARLLEE / SINGLETON - Seeking information on lines that may descend from former slaves of Harllee and Singleton plantations in the Pee Dee. Have evidence my ancestor, Maria Singleton (ca. 1840-1914), lived in Kingstree. Willing to share research with others. Renee Brown-Bryant

6. - TISDALE - Looking for information which would prove that John Tisdale, 1730-1813, of Sumter District and James Tisdale, 1732-1816, of Williamsburg District were brothers and that their father was John Tisdale, 1698-1790, who came to SC from VA. LV Hayes

7. - DIAL / DOYLE - Looking for any information on the Thomas Dyall (or Dial or Doyle) who reportedly moved from NC to Williamsburg District around 1720. I would like to know specifically if the Keziah or Hezekiah Dial who married James Ashworth was a daughter or granddaughter of Thomas. LV Hayes

8. - FRIERSON - Looking for information about Captain James Frierson, who apparently migrated to South Carolina in the 1760's. Possibly obtained his rank in the British Army. Father of Lieutenant John Frierson of the Continental Army (later Captain and Major) and the lineage of the Friersons of Stateburg. John T. Frierson

9. - DUKE - Benjamine Duke married to Mary, had a son, William, born Sep. 27, 1745. (From the Register Book, Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw). Who were the parents, siblings, and children of Benjamine? Richard Duke

10. - McCUTCHEN / McCUTCHEON - Searching for descendants of Hugh McCutchen and Isabella Cooper. George McCutchen (1754-1826) married Mary Scott; son, Thomas (1783-1822) married Agnes "Nancy" McCottry; son, Joseph White McCutchen, Sr. married Mary Ervin McCutchen (1st cousins); son, Joseph White McCutchen, Jr. (1856-1929) married Harriet Minnie Raymond. We have information & would be happy to share.  Joanne Montgomery

11. - RIDGEWAY - I am interested in any information on Ridgeways in Williamsburg county. The earliest Ridgeway that I have found reference to was William Ridgeway who was in Williamsburg County in 1751. His son may have been William Ridgeway who called himself William Jr. in his Sumter District (Clarendon Co.) will. Some of this William Jr. grandsons may have moved back to Williamsburg during the 1800s because they can be found on census records or maybe the county lines changed over the years. Any information would be appreciated. I am willing to share anything that I know about the Ridgeways of Clarendon County, S.C. I can trace my line back to them in 12 ways so far. Cynthia Ridgeway Parker

12. - COCKFIELD / GRAHAM - Searching for information on Washington J. Cockfield b. 1797, d. _?_, married to Jennet M. Graham b. 1803, d. 1849?. These are the parents of Susannah Mary Jane Cockfield, the mother of my Great Grandfather, Washington LaFayette Frierson. (I have purchased the Frierson Book and will happy to do lookups for anyone who asks.) Cynthia Kirkland

13. - LEE - My G-Grandfather was a Simon Lee from Williamsburg County and his father may have also been Simon Lee. Date of birth may have been about 1830 for the former..unsure of the latter. Simon was married to Ann Lee and according to sources served in the war. I would like to hear from anyone who may know of my Simon or Simons.. birth/death/burial location/children. Some of his children/grandchildren's names William Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Robert E. Lewis.. Kay Goff

14. - GOIN / GOINS - My name is Jim in Anchorage, Alaska and I am looking for any information on my Great, Great Grandfather, Madry Goin, or James Goins of Greeleyville, S. C. If you know of any Goins Families in you area, an address would be sincerely appreciated. Mom says the original family came from Sammy Swamp (Clarendon County). Jim Edens

15. - GRAHAM / KNIGHT - Looking for parents and siblings of Margaret M. Graham. Thought to have been born December 25, 1825 in Williamsburg County. Married James Marshall Knight and lived in the Lake City area during the 1800's. Other surname links in the same area and time frame....Nettles, Chandler, Knight. Kim McCall

16. - NETTLES / CHANDLER - Searching for information on Wyatt J. Nettles born 1816/17, died around 1897. Any names (parents, wife, brothers or sisters), dates, or other information would be greatly appreciated. Children were S. J., John R., Margaret Susannah, Mary Jane, Martha Elizabeth, Emila Vermelle, Joseph W., Middleton D., Wyatt Elija, Samuel Moran. I have traced my family back to this point and have been unable to go any further with any certainty. Wife's name was possibly Emilia Chandler. Nettles family lived in the Lake City area. Kim McCall

17. - HANNA / BARR - Searching for information on Hugh Orsames Hanna, born June 1800, Kingstree, S. C. married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Barr, born Feb 6, 1807, birthplace unknown.      P.J. Cowling

18. - BAXLEY - I am searching for an Edmund Baxley who was, from about 1750 to 1800, in Bladen Co. NC, then in Robeson Co. NC, then moved to Williamsburg Co. South Carolina and was seen in the 1810 census there. He was associated with a lot of deeds recorded in Robeson Co. and there are hints that his father was a Thomas Baxley but we do not know for sure. I would appreciate any help anyone might be able to give. Any hints are appreciated. Eugene Baxley

19. - McCANTS / GOTEA - I am having trouble identifying various John Goteas in references from Williamsburg Co. Can anyone help me sort this out? (Names in CAPs fit my family tree.) 1. John James Gotea married Elizabeth McConnell. They were the parents of sisters Elizabeth and Margery who married brothers Nathaniel (m. 1766) and Alexander McCants respectively. [This is mentioned in B. Theron McCants book - also that Elizabeth McConnell was the child of James and Mary McConnell.] 2. Gotea Cemetery Record (Three Rivers Hist. Soc.): John Gotea died 1826, aged 44 years; Elizabeth Gotea died 1851, aged 61 years; Mary Baxter, wife of James McConnell, died 1823, aged 61 years. [These names match ref. #1 beautifully but the dates don't jell.] 3. John Gotea Sr. 15 in 13 Will. Mentions eldest daughter Elinor Gotea, now Elinor Douglas. Dated 1818. 4. John Gotea Jr. 5 in 11. Mentions his widow Eleanor who intermarried with John Douglass, Thomas, George and Jane who intermarried with with Thomas McCants. No date. [Are Elinor Gotea Douglas and Eleanor Gotea Douglass the same person? If so, is John Jr. of this ref. son to a different John Gotea than ref. #3?] 5. The John Gotea mentioned in John Gibson's will (3 in 11) who was Elender Gibson's first husband. The will cites children of John Gotea, deceased: James Gotea, John Gotea and Jane McKnight, formerly Gotea. Dated 1808. [The elder Gotea would therefore have died before 1807. His son John was one of the exor's of Gibson's estate.] Thomas and Jane (ref. # 4) had two children: John G. and Sarah Ann Gordon McCants (she was born 1850, died 1897 - married William Capers Tuttle). W.C. and S.A. are my great-grandparents. Roger Buttermore

20. - MILES - William Miles, Jr. b. ca. 1775 married Nancy _______ . Children: Benjamin Miles, b. 1818, m. Rebecca Parker, dau. of Willoughby Parker and Mary _____. Elizabeth Miles, Nancy Miles, Josiah Miles, Sarah A. Miles, Leonard Miles, Anna Miles, Wright Miles, Mason Miles. I would like to share infomation. Betty James Smith

21. - OGLETHORP(E) - Looking for info on John Newman Oglethorp(e), who was a Doctor in King's Tree, SC in 1753. Can anyone help? Marjorie J. Biondo

22. - MEDLIN - Seek descendants of Joel Medlin (Jr.) born around 1770 in Cumberland (later Moore) County, NC who migrated by 1800 to Darlington County, SC, to Marion County by 1810, and to Williamsburg County, SC by 1830 where Joel (Jr.) was last listed in the census between age 60 to 70. His son Joel Medlin (III) was listed in Richland County, SC in the 1830 census residing near his brothers Turner Medlin and Robert Medlin. Claude Medlin , 1409 LeAnne Court, Raleigh, NC 27606-4142, 919/851-8538

23. - MONTGOMERY - Searching for information on the wife (name & marriage date) of Henry Montgomery, son of Henry Montgomery (d. Apr. 1768) and Sarah McCalla. Anthony Johnson

24. - SABB - Major Morgan Sabb b. ca 1767, d. 1842 buried in Rehobeth Cemetary, Clarendon County, SC had a Plantation in Williamsburg County. What were the names of his slaves? Is there any way to find out? Any information out there, please contact me, Virginia Sabb write to P.O. Box 72 Manning, SC 29102. Many, Many Thanks! Virginia Brock

25. - NETTLES - Seeking information on Isham Nettles m. Anna Simmons Nettles, and dau., Nancy Nettles m. John McCollister 1807 MS. Siblings of Nancy may have been: Elizabeth, Mary, William, Isham Jr., Robert, Jesse, Patsy (James) and possibly a Martha, all born in SC. In SC located at Sandy Bluff, Williamsburg, Bethel Black River Church, and Second Church on Lynches Creek. Need birthdates, places, of Nancy and siblings. Also, for Isham and Anna and any ancestor information available. Thanks, JoAnn M. Pape JoAnn M. Pape

26. - GIST / PROSSER / RICHBURG / STONE / CREASY / MILLER - I am interested in any information on the Gist, Prosser, Richburg, Stone, Creasy, and Miller families in Williamsburg County. The earliest date that I have is the birth of my grandfather, Julius Marion Gist, on 5/20/1879 outside of Greeleyville. his father was George White Gist; mother was Nora Richburg. George W. Gist was son of John White Gist. Nora Richburg was Daughter of John W. Richburg and Sarah Ann Creasey. Tom Keefe

27. - LOGAN - I am seeking information concerning the Logans of Williamsburg, Sumter, and Clarendon Counties of South Carolina. Four brothers moved to Kingstree from Sumter/ Clarendon after 1850, and they were Richard Columbus Logan, D. Washington Logan, Texas B. Logan, and Calhoun M. Logan. All were involved in the newspaper business, politics, and legal affairs of Kingstree before and after the Civil War. All four served the Confederacy with three becoming Officers. Richard established the first newspaper of Kingstree. He was married to Susannah Theresa Scott daughter of Joseph Scott. Susannah and Richard's children were Mrs. P. B. Thorn, Walter B. Logan, George P. Logan, and Ms Maude Logan. The four brothers were the children of Maria E. Boykin Logan, daughter of Stephen H. Boykin and Dorcus Rogers of Sumter Co., SC. I believe that Washington's first name was David, and his brother Texas moved to Tennessee after 1865 where he changed his name to Thomas Boykin Logan and was a member of the Tennessee Senate for one term. Any information, contacts, or stories relating to any person mentioned in this query would be appreciated. Donald N. Logan

28. - DENNIS - I'm looking for any information on the Dennis family in Sumter Township, Williamsburg, Co. I found my great-great-great grandfather Lyttleton J. Dennis living in Williamsburg, Co from 1850-1880, I think his father was Sherod Dennis if you have any information about this family I would be greatful! Jennifer Dennis

29. - HASELDEN / SNIPES - Searching for information on Lizzie Haselden of Williamsburg County, b. about 1879, m. William Snipes of Marion county; they had two children, Bessie Louisa and Chesley. Would like dates and parents of Lizzie or any other information. Thanks. Bill Snipes

30. - SALTER - Searching for information on William I/J Salter, born 1818 in SC (possibly Williamsburg County). Any help appreciated. Mary Lou Lisenbe

31. - McCREE / NESSMITH / GRAHAM - I would like to correspond with anyone researching the following Williamsburg families: McCree, Nessmith (many diverse spellings), Graham. James A. Rollins

32. - BROCKINGTON - Searching for info on my GGGGGrandfather, Daniel Brockinton, the son of William Brockinton and Sarah Griffin. Daniel was born in the Brockinton's home in the Black Mingo area, and died in Charleston S.C. The info I am looking for is the names of Daniel's wife and children. The children's names that I have are Daniel, Jr., James and John who would have been @ 8 year old at the time of his fathers death. Thanks for your help. Colleen B. Salls

33. - KEMP - Looking for information on William & Elizabeth Kemp who owned land on Black Mingo Creek and who had children were b: 1736-1741 Prince Frederick Winyaw records. They also owned land in Anson Co. NC.   William Kemp's 1750 Anson Co NC will lists wife Elizabeth, sons John, William, Thomas, Joseph, Stephen and dau. Sarah Kemp. See the Kemp Family web site for more details. Thanks!  Pauline Brandy

34 - CRAWFORD -I am looking for information on Thomas Crawford, who is known to have been in Prince Frederick Parish in 1748. Thomas Crawford is believed to have gone to Effingham County, Georgia, about 1770, and had sons named James, John, and William. Who was Thomas' father? Who was he married to ? Dale M. Crawford

36. - GOINS / WINKLE - Interested in the marriage of Frances Goins from Greeleyville to Henry Winkle. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Primarily interested in a possible adoption of one of their sons, Freeny W. Winkle. Freeny was born in 1882. If the adoption is accurate, he would have had a sister not adopted by the Winkle family. Freeny would have been approximately ten years old when adopted. His name could have been Hewlett. I would also like to know the burial sites of Frances and Henry Winkle. Mike Winkle

37. - McILVEEN - Searching for information on Henry McIlveen (in Williamsburg County 1807) and son James H. McIlveen, II, born Oct. 3, 1807. Milton McIlveen

38. - THOMPSON - Searching for the descendants of William Thompson d. 1774 married to Margaret Nesmith Thompson, daughter of John Nesmith who founded Nesmith, SC in 1750. Children were Samuel Thompson, Sarah Thompson White, Margaret Thompson Potts, Mary Thompson Fulton Johnston, Rebecca Thopmson Handlen Campbell, Jean Thompson Barton, Martha Thompson, William Thompson b. 1739. Later descendants were Alexander Thompson, Thomas Scott Thompson b. 1786, John David Thompson b. 1832, Drewsilla Thompson b. 1860, William Thompson b.1862, Cornelia Thompson b. 1864, Cataura Thompson b. 1866, Martha Thompson b. 1868, and John Melvin Thompson b. 1872 - d. 1946. Ronnie Thompson

39. - SCOTT - Searching for parents of William Scott, who returned from the Natchez District of Mississippi to the Williamsburg District about 1793 to settle his unidentified father's estate. On his return trip to Natchez, accompanied by John and James Pettigrew of Williamsburg District, Scott and the Pettigrews were killed by the Cherokee at Muscles Shoals, AL. Scott was an uncle of an Alexander Scott of the WIlliamsburg District. Any information appreciated. Doug Blanke

40. - CAMLIN / AVANT / MOORE / BLAKE - I am researching my father's family. He was a Camlin, his mother was an Avant, her mother was a Moore and then back to Blake. Would love to hear from anyone with information. Ann Caldwell

41. - SCURRY / THOMAS - I am interested in corresponding with anyone working on the ancestry of Giddeon Scurry (1786 - after 1850 in Williamsburg Dist.) His wife was Ruth. I need her parents. I have some ideas on the parentage of Giddeon if anyone is interested. I also need the parents and spouses of William H. Thomas (1813 - 1870) in Williamsburg/Clarendon area. He owned land in both counties. His father appears to be Henry B. Thomas. William H. Thomas married Doris Brand and apparently later a woman named Gadsey. I need info on both these ladies. I will gladly share what I have. Rett Floyd

42. - AUSTIN / MAY - I seek information on Lydia Austin. She married Julius May whose family had moved from near St. George to York after the Civil War. Lydia is supposed to have been from Williamsburg County. They lived at Salters where he ran a terpentine still and farmed. They later lived in Kingstree. Julius was born about 1844 and died August 14, 1894 in Prescott, AZ. Their children were Arthur Austin May and Etta (Ettie) May. I have 14 of my 16 GG Grandparents. Need the parents of Lydia. Would appreciate any information on the May or Austin families. Thank you Anne May Watson

43. - WHEELER / McGILL - Looking for missing links in Wheeler info. I have Charles Edward Wheeler's father as a Cauthern Wheeler. CEW m. Jhodie Fowler McGill, dau of Dr. Samuel Davis McGill. Charlotte Huntington

44. - BARNETT - Looking for info. on Elihue Barnett b. around 1800 married Emila A. 1841. They had 7 children. Looking for his death date, and want to further this line. Thanks. Valued Customer

45. - WALL - I am interested in information on the following individuals, their families, and these surnames in this area. Alexander Glenn Wall of Black Mingo in Williamsburg County (1864-1944) who married Frances Elizabeth Chandler (1863-1936) of Bethel-Olanta in 1888. I do not know Alexander's parents or family. Fannie was the daughter of Mallory Chandler and Emma Buddin. I would like to find their parents and families. Emma is said to have married a Byrd after Mallory's death which is believed to have been at Petersburg (1864). I am also researching Keels, Thompson, Goodman, McElveen, Kennedy, Cole, and Truluck in this area. Any help would be appreciated and information shared. Fran Richardson

46. - ARD - I am searching for the names of the mother and father of Lawrence Malcolm Ard. He was born in 1859, died in 1916, and is buried at Eaddy-Ford cemetery. His wife was Margaret Elizabeth Gurganus Ard. He was the father of my late grandfather, Edward Lewington Ard, of North Myrtle Beach (married to Eva Eden Evans Ard). Carolyn Ard Williams

47. - EADDY / BURKETT - I am looking for any information I can find on Andrew Jackson Eaddy, who married Victoria Burkett and had a daughter named Andrew Theodosia Eaddy Andrew J. died in 1871, any information would be appreciated. Peggy Randall

48 - DURANT - I am looking for information on Daniel Durant who was married to Mary Emma (last name unknown). Daniel was born 2/27/1837 and died 9/17/192 at the age of 83. He had a son, Edgar Whitman Durant who married Corrinne Sarah Brown. Patti Thompson

49 - NORTON / MARLER - Searching for parents of Lydia Norton. Born abt 1775-1780 in North or South Carolina. There is a James Norton in Kingston Co. South Carolina listed in the 1800 Census also a William Norton Sr. Both of these names are use all in my line. Lydia married Ithamer Marler in abt 1802. They had a child named James Norton Marler, and their first son's name is William. One of their sons, Allen Marler had a son named William Norton Sr. and William had a son named William Norton Jr. Ithamer and Lydia are in the 1800 Census in Williamsburg, South Carolina. They also bought and sold land twice in South Carolina between 1803 and 1807. Thanks ! Ithamer Marler's GGGG-Grandson: Shan Marler Any help with Ithamer's parents would also be appreciated.

50 - My ggf, Nathaniel's son, David Scott McCants, migrated to E. Feliciana Parish. La. I am searching for the following families. All original settlers of Kings Tree or Black Mingo abt 1730-1800. McCANTS, John, Capt. m. to Commander. HODGES, John and Rebecca - children and all data, suspect family of John Hodges b 1755, m. Ann Standderd lived in Greenville, SC. GOTEA - John James, Elizabeth McConnell - GOTEA, Elizabeth m. to Nathaniel McCants - SCOTT - FRIERSON - m. to Commander's daughters. LINDSAY, Elizabeth or Agnes, dau of James & Elizabeth McCants m. a Martin, believed to be Rev War Sgt Robert Martin. Believe DAR record ay be wrong. LINDSAY, PATRICK - 1744 Kings Tree. DeHAY - have seen nothing on this family that Patrick Lindsay's children married into. Would solve a lot of Lindsay questions. Josephine Bass

51 - TISDALE / TEASDALE - I am looking for any information on the Tisdale/Teasdale families of South Carolina. The one imparticular at this point are: William Joseph Tisdale - Williamsburg County, P. 161 - 1850 and all of the Census information prior to that. He married Susanna Carr in 1806 in South Carolina. Any information you may have about him would be most greatful ! Thanks for your help ! Camille Greenway

52 - MORRIS / MAURICE / MORRISS - Need information on the Morris, Maurice, Morriss, family of Williamsburg and perhaps Berkeley. I have definite names thru Harvey M. Morris, and need to know if his mother was Sarah Marshall. His father might have been James Morris, g-father Eliazer. Harvey's first wife might have been Mary Lillian Poston. Need any information anyone has on these names with sources. Please respond [email protected]

53 - BERRY - Looking for ancestors of Henry Berry who was a sharecropper in Dillion, SC during the 1930's and 1940's. Henry was married to Sue? and they had two daughters (one of whom was named Ruth), and possibly a son. Henry Berry's sister was named Mollie Henry Berry b. 1871, d. 1943 in Richmond, VA. Mollie Henry married Thomas Crawford Waters. There was also a relative by the name of Major Berry (this was his name, not his military rank) who was born in the 1920's. Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.

54 - WATERS - Looking for information concerning the family of Willis Waters b. 1813 and Mary Jane Tart b. 1818. Willis and Mary Jane were born in Williamsburg County, died in Florence County, but were married and lived in Marion County. Their children were Nancy Ann (m. Dickerson), Thomas Crawford (m. Mary Dickson and Mollie Henry Berry), Sarah Jane (m. Joseph Baker), Rhoda (m. Furman Brown), Eligah (m. Angie Cain), Margaret Cathrine (m. Gideon White), William C. (m. Susan Hays and Nanny Hays), Elizabeth Ann, James Gibson (m. Lelah Ellen Barrineau), Lou D. (m. George Ham), and John R. (m. Laura Ellen Pierce). Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.

55 - MIMS - Seeking information on Daniel Mims, b. 12 Mar 1848, Williamsburg Co., SC. d. 19 Dec 1911, Clarendon Co. Married to Ann Jane Thomas. Am looking for any information on his marriage and ancestors. Lyle Briggs

56 - POSTON - Poston, Mary Lillian - need verification that she was wife of Harvey Marshall Morris. She was born c. 1835-1840. Need her parents if she was his wife. Please respond to [email protected]

57 - MARSHALL - Marshall, Sarah, Trying to verify that she was wife of James Morris of either Williamsburg or Berkeley, SC. Was born probably early 1800's. Please respond to [email protected]

58 - MORRIS- Seeking information and linage of R. J. Morris, father of John, James, Charles W. and Robert Richard Morris. Some of the family is buried in Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery and they lived near lanes. Any information will be appreciated. Robert Richard was born December 1886.  Carl Rehling

59 - ROSE / NETTLES - My gg grandfather James Gamble McIntosh married Mrs. Ann (Rose) Mills. From an aging family Bible, I read that Ann's father was Thomas Rose. Thomas Rose was married several times but I believe that Ann's mother was Martha Nettles. Does anyone have any information on Ann Rose (her first husband was named Mills), her father Thomas, or a Martha Nettles who married Thomas Rose. All of these folks lived in the early to mid 1800s. William McIntosh

60 - CARRAWAY / McELVEEN - Searching for information on Andrew Carraway, Private in Co I, 26th SC Infantry (1862-1864) Also Adam Thomas McElveen, Private Co I, 26th SC. Any additional information on Carraway/McElveens in the 26th SC or elsewhere would be greatly appreciated. Bill Carraway

61 - CHRISTMAS - Trying to trace the descendants of Jonathan Christmas and his four children: John, William, Samuel & Margaret. Jonathan was one of the earliest (1731) land grant holders in SC. Most of the SC Christmas/Christmus families (Sumter, Lee, Kershaw, Williamsburg, Marion & other middle/eastern counties) descend from Jonathan. Other descendants moved to the Houston/Dooly Co. GA area, Hamilton/Jackson Co., FL area, Rutherford Co., NC and other areas. Please visit our Christmas Web Page Thanks Herbert Turner

62 - GREENE - I am looking for a Robert Hardin Greene who was married to a Lou Anzy Patterson. They lived in the Williamsburg district around the early 1800's Their son Thomas J. Greene moved to Crawfordville. Florida around 1840. Edythe

63 - BRADLEY / GORDON / MITCHELL / WITHERSPOON - Seeking information on the Bradley's, Gordon's , Mitchell's & Witherspoon's in Williamburg prior to 1800. Don & Gloria Rigali

64 - SPEIGHTS - Am seeking information on Evander Speights who lived in Williamsburg County, SC in 1830 and died in 1840. He had married Elizabeth Graham (dates unknown). I have not had much success getting information on this line and would greatly appreciate any information anyone can provide. Dick Jamison

65 - LACEY - I am looking for my great-great grandfather James Lacey, born 1800 in SC. He migrated from SC to Wilcox County, GA about 1842. He was married to Ruth Hicks and had seven children. James Lacey also had an older sister Elizabeth and younger brother Jonathan. Elizabeth was married to James Gordon. Any help in finding any of these names would be greatly appreciated. Rod Lacey

66 - TURNER - Looking for information on Robert Ellison Turner b. 1845 in Marion Co., SC. Married Emily Munn b. 3-19-1857 in Effingham, Marion, SC. Some records show that Robert was William Elliston b. 1838. I would like to verify and trace. His father shows as William Pleasant b. 1804 in Williamsburg. Married to Mary (Polly) Carter b. 1809 and so on. Thanks, Brandi

67 - CALDER - I am seeking information on the the Calder family. Daniel Calder, J. C. W. Calder and John W. Calder. All lived in Williamsburg County in the 1850's to 1880's. The father of John Calder, R.A.B. Calder, James Edward Calder and James Delware Calder. Any informattion would be helpfull. [email protected]

68 - McCLARY - Samuel McClary, wife Mary children. 1- John born abt 1760 (married #1 Mary Raphield abt 1783 died 5 May 1833, Williamsburg Co.). 2- George born abt 1762. 3- Samuel born abt 1764. 4- David born abt 1766 (married Mary D. McGill died 8 May 1828). 5- Jane born abt 1768. When did they come to SC from Ireland? What Ship? Have info on descendents. Terrie Dalrymple

69 - LACEY - William, James, Jonathan - Searching for information on Lacey (Lacy) family in Williamsburg County, SC census 1810 thru 1840: William is in 1810 census with 3 sons less than 10 years of age and daughter 10-16 years of age. These children may be James, Jonathan, (3rd is unknown male), and Elizabeth. James is in 1830 census with 1 male under 5 yrs. of age, 1 female under 5 yrs. of age, 2 females 5-10 yrs. of age, and 1 female 30-40 yrs. of age. These should be James' children John, Spininnah, Sarah Ann, and Mary Elizabeth; and his wife Ruth Hicks Lacey. Jonathan is in 1840 census with 1 female less than 5 yrs. of age and 1 female 20-30 yrs. of age. These should be his daughter Mary Elizabeth and his wife Susieannah. James Lacey, his wife Ruth Hicks Lacey, and their seven children migrated from SC to Pulaski/Wilcox County, GA approx 1842. Jonathan Lacey also migrated to GA with his family but they returned to SC in 1850. Elizabeth Lacey married James Gordon and they also migrated to GA. Later, they also returned to SC(or possibly NC, this is not clear). Any information on any part of this family would be greatly appreciated! Rod Lacey

70 - McKENZIE / HEAD / McLEOD - Looking for Morgan McCloud McKenzie son of Asa Mckenzie, son of James McKenzie, son of Samuel McKenzie, son of Daniel & Rebecca McKenzie. Morgan McCloud McKenzie was married to Olive Vincent Head, daughter of Asa William Head, son of William Henry Harrison Head, son of Absolom Head. All were from Florence and Marion counties S. C. Would like to find a record showing Morgan McCloud Mckenzie as the son of Asa McKenzie as the son of James McKenzie. They came to Texas and settled in the Walker County area of Texas and Williamson County, Texas. The McLeods married into both the McKenzie and Head families. I will be happy to share any information that I have on these lines. Sharon McKenzie Perdue

71 - WEIR - Seeking information on Mary Withrow Weir (1836-1911), daughter of Swancy Weir (dates unknown) and Rebecca Scott (dates unknown). Am related to Rosa Speights, daughter of Mary Withrow Weir and William Thomas Speights. I am very interested in the ancestry of these people. Dick Jamison

72 - WITHERSPOON - Looking for book by Robert S. Witherspoon, The Witherspoon Family Chronicle and Later Notes on Related Families, 1780. Anyone having information as to where I may obtain a copy of this book, I would like to hear from you. Michael Witherspoon

73 - I am researching the following early settlers and their families in Williamsburg County: John CHANDLER (father of Joseph, Samuel, George), John KEELS, William PLAYER (father of Sarah Player who married John Keels), John FRIERSON, William BROCKINGTON, Samuel COMMANDER, Rev. William and Rev. Elisha SCREVEN, Samuel NESMITH, Nathanial DREW, Robert FOWLER, and George BARR. I am interested in locating good sources such as family books, histories, and other documents as well as exchanging information on my line. I have information from William Boddie's book, A History of Williamsburg County, and I would like to include more such stories and narratives in my family history. Also researching BUDDINS, COLES, TRULUCKS, KENNEDYS, McELVEENS, MC INTOSH, REARDON, THOMPSONS, and WALLS in the Three Rivers area. Fran Richardson

74 - SCOTT / FORD / McGILL - I am an Afro-American researching my SC roots that begins (so far) in Andrews, SC. My grandfather Henry Scott left Andrews and joined the Army in 1931. He was born May 16, 1898 to Henry Scott and Allene (or Ellen) Ford Scott (later McGill), possibly of Andrews. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tamu M. Scott

75 - GAMBLE - Seeking information on the Gamble family of Williamsburg County, especially earliest generations. Clayton Rhodes , Savannah, Ga.

76 - CONYERS / ARNETT - Straughan Conyers died in Williamsburg Dist. in 1799. A different Straughan Conyers d. in Camden ca.1836. My ancestor of Williamsburg was married and had at least two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. Elizabeth was married to John Arnett who died in 1816. Who were the parents and grandparents of John Arnett ? Straughan Conyers spent several years in North Carolina, while his daughters were in Williamsburg County. Searching for the names of his parents, wife, and other children. Thanks. Betty Clay

77 - RODGERS - Researching John Rodgers/Rogers who died in Williamsburg Dist., SC in 1858 and his son, John F. Rodgers. Glenda McWhirter Todd

78 - VENTERS / SNIPES - Seaching for information on Polly Venters, b. abt 1805 in Williamsburg County, m. William Snipes b. abt 1785 in Marion County. Any researcher with information on this family or these individuals please contact me. Bill Snipes

79 - MOORE - ISO information about John James Moore b. 2-4-1821 and d. 5-1-1865. John married Magah Wilson b. 12-10-1825 and d. 2-18-1888. They had 4 children, Mary Ann Caroline, William Abraham, Sarah Adaline and Louis Alexander. Not sure of place of birth or death but do know that the children were in the Williamsburg CO area of SC. Mary Ann Caroline is buried in Andrews, SC and Louis Alexander's children were all born in that area. Angela Phipps

80 - PROSSER / POWELL - Need information on William Moode Prosser (2 Jun 1872 - 17 Sep 1941) m. Ora Elizabeth Powell (27 Jun 1890 - 19 Sep 1977). Their children were Cullen, Virgil, Dorothy and Lucille. They lived in Johnsonville, S. C. Mary Morris

81 - MORRIS - Need information on Robert Lee Morris, SR., (16 Jun 1874 - 12 Jun 1954), his father Samuel Witherspoon Morris (16 Apr 1844 - 23 Dec 1928) and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Maiden name unknown). Samuel's parents were William J. Morris b. 1807 and his wife, Amelia (Maiden name unknown) born 1814. Their children were Margaret, Thomas, Andrew J., Alexander, Rebecca, Harvey, Eliza, Samuel, Robert and may be others. Mary Morris

82 - PAISLEY (PASLAY) / ANDERSON / CROCKER - My ancestor, Robert Paisley later changed to Paslay was listed in the 1790 census of Williamsburg county. His father Robert Paisley was also listed. He had a brother John. Both John and Robert fought in the Revolution under Francis Marion. I would like to know where the elder Robert is buried (and also his wife) and who the parents of his son Robert's first wife, Sarah Anderson were and also the parents of his second wife, Elizabeth Crocker. The younger Robert moved to Laurens District and built a house there. His first wife Sarah died in Laurens Co., burial place unknown. He and his second wife are buried on the grounds of his plantation in Laurens Co. Robert had 16 children, Any info would be appreciated about the ancestors and Robert's siblings. Martha Brown

83 - MATTHEWS / SMITH - I am seeking any info on the family of Alexander Matthews, b. 1773 NC, d. SC. Wife's name was Elizabeth ? They had a son Daniel Matthews, b. 1825 Williamsburg County, SC. Wife's name was Sarah ?. They had a son, Adam Matthews, b. 9-14-1856 Williamsburg County, SC. Wife's name was Julia Smith. They moved to Thomas County, GA. Any help will be appreciated! Mark Migura

84 - BARRINEAU / HANNA - I would like information on Jeddie Duncan Barrineau husband of Mary Viola Hanna. Not sure of the years of birth or the year of death - about 1940 for Jeddie. They lived in the Beulah or Inglenook community of Williamsburg Co. Thanks JBaker

85 - HAMILTON / FLEMING / McCLARY - Was Robert HAMILTON married twice? If so what was the name of his first wife, mother of Robert, John and Agnes? Was Margaret Durant Fleming, the widow of James Fleming, his second wife and mother of Mary Margaret Henrietta and Elizabeth Mary Martha Hamilton who married Samuel Blackwood McClary? Does anyone know the location of the 18th century farmhouse once owned by Samuel Blackwood McClary? In about 1975 it was restored and may have been owned by Gordon B. Jenkinson of Jenkinson and Jenkinson Law offices in Kingstree.  Terrie Dalrymple

86 - FULTON / WITHERSPOON / PENDERGRASS - Seek information on Samuel Ervin Fulton, 1785 - 1832, son of Capt. John Fulton & Elizabeth Ervin Fulton. Samuel married 1) Sarah Ann Witherspoon and 2) Virtue Tyson Pendergrass. [email protected]

87 - CONYERS / PLOWDEN / PENDERGRASS - Seek information on the family of John Conyers, died 1815, son of James & Susannah Nelson Conyers. John married 1) Jean Nelson Plowden and 2) Margaret Reily/Riley Pendergrass. [email protected]

88 - JAYROE - ISO information about Peter Columbus Jayroe born sometime between 1800 and 1830. Peter and his brother (possibly A. B. Jayroe) ran away from home and moved to the Williamsburg CO area of SC. Peter was married 3 times and had 9 children. His third wife was Sally Jane Alford. They had the following children, James Smart, Annie and Josephine. The names of his first two wives in unknown but he had the following children by them Peter, Gabriel, Liza, Mary, Nancy and Maggie. Angela Phipps

89 - DAVIS - John Davis b. ca 1820, married Jane Dorcas Smith b.ca 1826. Both are listed 1850 & 1860 SC Williamsburg Co. census. Lived on the Black River between Andrews & Kingstree,SC. Between 1845 & 1863 they had seven (7) daughters. John was a private in the CSA, and was killed in action at Swifts Creek, Va. on May 9, 1864. I have located three (3) of the daughters. Am seeking any information on this family. Date of marriage, etc. Think some of this family could have lived on Bull Island at one time. What happened to the remaining four(4) daughters? Were they adopted? What happened to the mother, Jane? Any information on this family would be most welcome. Imogene

90 - McKNIGHT - Searching for the parents and siblings of Robert James McKnight. Listed in 1850 cencus of Williamsburg County with wife and children. If anyone knows of a McKnight family genealogy from Williamsburg County, please let me know, willing to purchase. James C. McKnight

91 - WARD - I am looking for information on David H. Ward and his ancestors. David was born in Williamsburg county in 1908 or 1909. Sidney H. Ward

92 - RITCHIE - Anthony Ritchie gets land grant in Williamsburg in 1792 and James Ritchie gets land grant also in 1792. In 1821 James sells his land and also that of Anthony Ritchie. Jame's wife, Ann, releases her dower rights. James is found with his will in Wilcox Co. Al. in 1826. Have found a James and an Anthony Ritchie on deed records in Duplin Co. N.C. 1760's -1780's. Would like to work with some one on these Ritchies. Martha Ritchie Ballard

93 - COOPER / EADY - Looking for the families of Henry Cooper and Elizabeth Eady in Kingstree, SC. They were married the 2nd year of freedom? according to one of their children. They later migrated to Southeast GA. Their children were: Henry, Robert, Willie, Louisa, Delia, Roxie, and Etta Mae. Trying to find out who Henry and Elizabeth parents were; if they had any siblings; if had sibling would like to locate them. [email protected]

94 - BELLFLOWERS - I am seeking and researching any/all information about the family name line--Bellflowers--. Seek info on the ancestors and descendents of Herman and Jessie William Bellflowers, from Johnsonville, S.C. I will return all info I find to any other interested party. Please reach me at (910) 423-2160 or E-Mail: [email protected] Thank You. Jessie Lee Bellflowers

95 - BRASINGTON / LAFRAGE - I am researching J. W. Brasington and his wife, Eta Ann Lefrage. They were in Williamsburg prior to 1860 and after 1870. The following are those I have found: 1. Male William J. Lafrage, Birth: abt 1815 SC. 2. Female Margaret Lafrage, Birth: abt 1817 SC, Occupation: 1870 Farmer. 3. Male James Lafrage, Birth: abt 1821 SC, Occupation: 1870 Farmer. 4. Female Eta (Anna) Lafrage, Birth: abt 1829 Williamsburg District, SC Spouse: J W. Brasington (m 24 Mar 1859) Census: 1870 Williamsburg District, SC. 5. Male Sam Lafrage, Birth: abt 1829 SC. 6. Male Cyrus Lafrage, Birth: abt 1839 SC. 7. Female Becky Lafrage, Birth: abt 1842 SC. 8. Female Hester Lafrage, Birth: abt 1842 SC Any information about this family would be appreciated. Bil Brasington

96 - CARTER - I am trying to find a John Berough Carter. He lived in South Carolina until 1877. I believe he lived in Williamsburg county. Thanks, Mike

97 - PRESSLEY / COOPER / BROWN / FRAZIER - My parents, grandparents and greatgrand parents are all from Hemmingway, SC. Some of the were most likely slaves and of Indian descent, perhaps Cherokee and Blackfoot. My maternal grandfather's name was King David Pressley and his wife's name was Sarah Dee and her maiden name was Cooper. My grandfather was a farmer and railroad laborer. My paternal grandfather's name was Oscar Brown and his wife's name was Hester and her maiden name was Frazier. They were farmers. Could you give me any information about their ancestry. My granparents were probably born in the late 1880's. Sarah Breland

98 - BROWDER / RHODUS - I am interested in getting information on the Browder and Rhodus families in the Greeleyville area of Williamsburg County. I am searching for the maiden name of Lucilla Rhodus, wife of William Edward Rhodus. She died while giving birth to Addie Lorena Rhodus in April of 1875. I am also interested in finding the maiden name of Annie Laurie Browder, wife of George W. Browder, who was born sometime around 1834. Thanks, Michelle Schohn

99 - PARKER - I am the grandson of William Martin Parker of Williamsburg, Co. I'm just starting my tree and I know very little. Here is what I know: William died about 1962, he had sons Carl Woodrow, Garland, David McKeaver, William Earl, and a daughter Daisy Mae (Parker) Tisdale. It's not much so how about a cousin or family friend help me out? I heard we are married into ELVINGTON, TISDALE, McKNIGHT, FRY(E)/(ER?), and BURROUGHS lines. David Parker

100 - MONTGOMERY - Searching for predecesors of Samuel Spry Montgomery b. May 16, 1848, d. Jan 26, 1929 in Kingstree. Married Mary Anna Rhodes of Manning, b. Aug 11, 1854, d. Aug 12, 1945 in Kingtree. They had a son named Chalmers Mason Montgomery who married Mary Elizabeth Avinger of Vance in 1907 and then moved to Elloree where he died. San Mitchum

101 - GORDON / REYNOLDS - I am searching for David Gordon (1776-1825) m. Mary Reynolds (1776-1835). Both are identified as SC natives. The 1800 Census of Williamsburg Co. identifies a David Gordon (16-26) who was living with two females (16-26) and had 24 slaves. Can anybody help me with this family. Mark McCall

102 - DRIGGERS / ARMSTRONG / STANFORD - William listed in Williamsburg County 1820 census. I am researching for my ggrandfather, William David Driggers, b 1813 in SC, parents names unknown. He came to TX in 1839, settled in Red River County. He married a Susy Stanford and Sophia Malinda Armstrong. Sarah Ann Driggers, b c1804, SC, was in Carroll Co. TN in 1840. She had 3 boys and 1 daughter. She married David Willson 1845. They moved to Grayson Co. TX. She is listed on the 1850 TX census with her daughter Sarah Ann Driggers, 15, B in SC and Jno Driggers, 21 B in SC. Any information on Driggers will be appreciated. Lee Driggers

103 - LOVE - I am looking for information on the Love family of Kingstree, S.C. I believe the first names are Robert E. Lee Love and Erazmus Joseph Love. They were brothers. Erazmus' wife's maiden name was Jarrett (Jarrad?), their daughter was Anna Floyd Love who married a Fletcher and lived in Marshall, Texas. Thanks. Leslie

104 - BURROWS - I am trying to find out who the parents of John Burrows was. John married Elizabeth Scott in Charleston on Jan. 24, 1769. They lived in Wmsburg. Co.and had their children there, but I can't connect him to any of the other Burrows in the area at that time. Also does anyone have info on an Arthur Burrows and his connection to Wmsburg? If you are on Family Tree will gladly share with you. Thanks,  Joyce Payne

105 - MAGILL - Looking for information on the families of Hugh Magill and John Magill from the 1700's. Hugh Magill, I believe, originally settled in Williamsburg County and there may be descendents of these men still living in the area. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Barry Speth

106 - GAUSE - I am trying to compile my family history with very little information to go on. All I know is my father is Thomas Gause b. 1950, Kingstree, SC. He was the son of Clyde Gause and Josephine (maiden ?? Carraway). He would have been born abt. 1901-1909. Gwen

107 - LEE - Searching for information on the Lees of Williamsburg District. Brothers Needham and Sherwood (Sherrard) operated a mill on Lynches Creek. Does anyone know anything about Lee's Mill Bay, located somewhere on Lynches Creek? Any help appreciated. Debbie Hanson

108 - SHAW - Anyone who has info on the Shaw Family of Kingstree, SC please send what you have. I have written to some of you that are on my extended family list. My Great, Great Grandfather was Henry D. Shaw. It looks like he married three times: 1) Mrs. Agnes Strong Tisdale. 2) Mrs. Susannah Taylor McGill. 3) Jane Cooper. Anyone with any info, I would appreciate it.  Margaret Shaw Peletier

109 - COX - I am looking for information on Andrew James Cox born a. 1880. He married Dosi Creel a.1903. They had five children from this union. I would love to get actual birth/death dates as well as names of father and mother. Andrew and Dosi are my husbands great-grandparents. Thanks for any help you can offer! Whitney Harken

110 - BURGESS / BELL - Am looking for info on an Elizabeth Amelia Burgess born in Williamsburg Co., SC on 1-3-1837 married an Elisha Bell from Wayne County Ky. Both dies in Blevins, Ark. She in march 1855. Date of marriage is unknown. If U can, please help.Thanks. Robert Bell

111 - LEE / MURRAY - I'm seeking information on Timothy Lee who married Elizabeth Murray ca. 1817 in Williamsburg District. Does anyone know the parents of Timothy and Elizabeth Murray Lee? Have many descendants of Timothy and Elizabeth. Happy to share. Family lore is that Timothy died in Macon County, GA, and Elizabeth is buried in Jasper County, TX. George Simmons

112 - MORRIS / DILLON / LEGGETT - Interested in family of William Morris who married a Leggett and said to be from Williamsburg. Children were Benjamin b. 1761 md. Sarah Bolton, Salathiel md. Mary Dillon, Hezekiah, and 3 preachers, Joe, William Joseph, and Nathan. Nathan Morris was a delegate to the SC Baptist Convention & from the Welsh Neck area. Have Pike and other MS descendants of Benjamin and Salathiel and need children of others. Has been published that Benjamin died in SC but I believe he died in MS. There were several Dillon-Morris marriages. Mona Ray

113 - TAYLOR / BAYLOR / MURRAY - Seeking information on the listed names that might have had ties in Berkeley, Williamsburg and possibly Georgetown Counties between 1850 and the early 1900's. The families that you might be connected to is Joseph Frederick and Catherine Baylor-Taylor of St Johns Berkeley Parish, Wainwright and Lavenia Ray-Baylor, Arnold and Barbary Murray, James W and Sarah Annie Murray of St Johns Berkeley and possibly the Orangeburg District. If you think there is a connection contact me and we will compare notes. Murray Taylor. Murray Taylor

114 - BYRD - Searching for information on John Byrd who migrated to Wayne Co., MS, in 1820. He lived "80 miles north of Charleston, SC." Contact: Kay Byrd

115 - FLAGLER / MATHEWS - Seeking information on the children of Alonzo Willian Flagler and Susannah Ella Mathews who lived in Cades, S.C. from about 1870 to 1920. Robert Saint-Amand

116 - HAIR / McCONNELL / THOMPSON - Searching for info on the family of Mattie Hair Thompson 1892-1928 of Williamsburg County, her father was Solon D. Hair he died in Williamsburg County in the 1920's and his family took him back to NC for burial we have no other info on him, her mother Josephine McConnell Hair was from Williamsburg County and her family owned a farm between Kingstee and Andrews. Please contact  Lisa Gardner

117 - GASKINS / COX - Looking for any information on the Gaskins & Cox Family, particularly Carlos A. Gaskins (1841 - 1906) who was married to Rowena Cox. Carlos was the son of Ezekial Gaskins, Jr. and Rebecca D. Eaddy. Possible connection to the Turner family in the same area. Patti Hanna-Thompson

118 - MATTHEWS (MATHIS) / CAMERON - Seeking information on the parents and siblings of the following: Randal Harvey Matthews married Melissa Cameron and had the following children: (son) N.C. Matthews b. abt June 1870; Penelope Matthews.  N. C. Matthews married Minnie Graham (daughter of John Calhoun Graham and Mary Gaskins). Any Matthews/Cameron information is greatly appreciated. Donna Witt

119 - THOMPSON / HAIR - Searching for information on Mattie Hair Thompson (1892-1928), daughter of S.D. Hair and Josephine McConnell Hair. Also John Benjamin Thompson (1848-1931) and wife, Celeste C. Feagin (1859-1931), as well as the parents John Porter Thompson and Hester Ann Brown Thompson. Contact Elaine T. Strong.

120 - McKNIGHT / KENNEDY / HANNA / MARSH - Searching for data on McKnight, Kennedy, Hanna, Marsh families in this area. Would appreciate any info. As soon as we have data on Family Tree Maker will gladly send Gedcom files to any one interested. Robert A. McKnight

121 - CREEL / COX - I am looking for information on Dosi Creel b.1883 and her husband Andrew James Cox b. 1880. Specifically, I am looking for their parents' names. Thanks Whitney

122 - BLACKWELL - Looking for information on Samuel Blackwell born about 1735 believed in Georgetown, SC. He lived on a plantation near Cedar Swamp & Black Mingo Creek near Kingstree, SC in Williamburg County. Believe that Samuel is the father of my 4th great grandfather, Thomas Blackwell, born about 1765 and died 2/11/1801. His residence at death was near the Black River. Dena Marshall

123 - PARKER - I am the son of John Parker, the grandson of Marshell Parker. I'm sure there are still relitives of theirs in Williamsburg Co. and some of Marshells children are living in Charleston and the surrounding area. Anyone with information about Marshell Parker's history please contact me. Thanks. Edward Parker

124 - FLOYD / COKER / HUDSON / FLOWERS / CARAWAY / MILES / McKENZIE / GAUSE / ODOM / FITCH / FLUERE DE LA PLAINE - Doing research on many names. Searching for maiden names of several women in the tree. Have lots to share. in particular, looking for last name of Delila, wife of John C. Floyd, son of Nathaniel Floyd of Williamsburg/Sumter. Whe was born abt 1825. Lived next door to McKenzies and Lavenders. Irene Miles Thomas

125 - COOPER / McCUTCHEON - Looking for information on Isabella Cooper; b. bef. 1730. She came to SC with her mother and 5 brothers. We have also heard of a child, but not sure on that one. Isabella married Hugh McCutcheon and lived in the Williamsburg area. We would like info on Isabella. What were her mother and brothers names? Who did they marry? Does anyone have more info on her? We would greatly appreciate any help/info and of course will share what info we have. Thank you in advance. Heather Cameron

126 - McALLISTER - According to records, Charles and Samuel McAllister left Williamsburg County in 1826 and moved to Georgia (Telfair, Washington and Pulaski counties). Samuel married Sara McRae and settled in Washington county, GA. Catherine Gaskins McAllister, his mother moved to his residence and is buried near the McAllister cemetary. Charles moved to Pulaski County, GA. and there is little information on him and his children in GA. Any info. on this family would be appreciated. Larry McAllister

127 - GRAHAM - I am looking for infomation on Hugh L. Fate Graham, Commandora "Dora" Sim Graham and English Norman Graham. [email protected]

128 - CHARLES FULWOOD (FULLWOOD) - I'm told lived in Williamsburg County for a short time in 1780. Looking for any information on any Fulwoods from this area. Thanks Susie

129 - CLINTON - Looking for any Clintons who might have migrated from Pennsylvania in the late 1700s to the Williamsburg County area and then on to Western Kentucky. Jim Clinton

130 - CAMERON - We are looking for the parents of Bryant Cameron: b.1778 in NC (according to 1850 Williamsburg SC census). He married Sara McCutcheon. We would also like the same info on Cecelia Cameron: b. 1790 in NC (according to same census). She married George Cooper McCutcheon and they all lived in the Kingstree area. We suspect that Bryant and Cecelia are siblings, but haven't found verification yet. There is also the question of Isaac Cameron who lived in the same area at the same time and had land next to the McCallisters, Grahams and the Godwins, all in-laws or relatives of both the Camerons and McCutcheons. Is Isaac Cameron a sibling of Bryant and/or Cecelia? We would greatly appreciate any help, info, or clues, and as always we are willing to share info. Thank you in advance, Heather Cameron

131 - THOMAS - Looking for information on Jacob and Rosetta Thomas, parents of Tom Thomas, who was born on Dec. 20, 1865 in Williamsburg, S.C. He married Willie McDowell in Camden, AL. on March 24, 1909. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Kenneth Anderson

132 - JORDAN / LYNCH - Seeking any info on parents of James Dennis Jordan born June 1887 in Lake City, SC. On death certificate Pete and Della Lynch Jordan are listed. I found a Dennis Jordan on the 1900 census living with the Hannah K. Lynch family and listed as "cousin" to her children. Any info would be appreciated and willing to share any info I have. Sherry McLemore

133 - HASELDEN, SAMUEL and/or WILLIAM MICAJAH HASELDEN - I am interested in any information regarding four Haselden brothers who emigrated from England to PA before the Revolutionary War. One unknown brother remained in PA, the other three settled in SC, Williamsburg County. Samuel had a son, Samuel Wyatt Haselden, (married a Martha Flowers). His son, William Bennett Haselden, (1844 - 1930), is my ancestor. I would appreciate any information that someone can share - I will do the same. Lynn Haseldon Wobbe

134 - MONTGOMERY / McQUEEN - I am searching for information on these two lines from my paternal grandmother, Margaret Berwick Montgomery Wiggins. She grew up in the Kingstree area on farms named Mulberry and Tumuli. I would like to know the location of these two farms. Margaret B. Montgomery married John L. Wiggins and moved to Holly Hill, SC. Any information is appreciated. Anne Wiggins Wallace

135 - BRADLEY / WILSON - I am seeking the children of James Bradley, Jr. b. Dec. 4, 1752 in Kingstree, SC and died Jan. 3, 1816 in Kingstree. He married Mary Wilson, b. Dec. 1, 1759 in Williamsburg and died Sept. 23, 1819 in Kingstree. They married in Dec. 3, 1777. The only child I have is Dr. James Bradley who married Cecelia Warburton Pendergrass. Joy Coker

136 - MARTIN / SNIPES - Seeking information on siblings and spouses of Samuel A. Martin living with sister Mary E. Snipes, b. 1879, and her spouse, Willie M. Snipes in the 1900 Williamsburg census. Bill Snipes

137 - CAIN - We seek ancestors of James Cain, Sr. born (Sept/Oct) 1752, Upper Pee Dee, SC. Gene Cain

138 - BODIFORD - I am looking for info on my ggf James W. Bodiford - he married Susan E. Bradham, daughter of William and Elizabeth Bradham - they had 5 sons and 1 daughter. Would like to find out his parents and what happened to their daughter? Cheri

139 - WARD - I am looking for information on W.W. Ward (William Warren Wells Ward). He is listed on the 1860 Williamsburg County Census and his wife is Heneoeten (maiden name is Vernor of Georgetown, S. C.). He is listed on the census as being born in N.C. On the 1870 Census he is listed with his wife being Ella M. and there is also a Luke Ward, age 84. Any information about this W.W. Ward's parents, birthplace and any other information before 1860 would be greatly appreciated. I am a great grand daughter of William Warren Wells Ward. Frances P. Spalti

140 - TAYLOR - My GG Grandfather was Lemuel Taylor from South Carolina, (born abt 1820) according to censuses. Found Lamuel Taylor in the 1800 census in Williamsburg Co. S.C., wondering if there is a connection. Is anyone researching this family? I would appreciate any info you might have on any Taylor family. Thanks. Brenda Kissick

141 - DUKES - I am researching my family tree. I'm trying to locate a bill of sale on a slave named Rock Dukes. I'm told that he was sold a man man by the name of (Clevie, Cleveland or Cleve) Dukes. Do you know of anything that can help me with my research. [email protected]

142 - GRAHAM / MICHEAU(MICHEAUX, MICHAW, MICHAU) / POWELL My husband's great grandfather was Harvey Franklin Graham. He was born in Williamsburg Co, SC on 12 or 17 Jul 1881 or 1884. His parents were both born in South Carolina. He married about 1909 to Lillian Gertrude Micheau, born 10 Feb 1887 or 1891 or 1894 in Williamsburg Co, SC to Samuel Micheau and Mary Powell. Samuel and Mary were both born in SC. Lillian had a brother, Watson. Harvey and Lillian had the following children: Lona Estelle, Ira Franklin, Hessie G., Robert Nelson, William Denver, Idell, Janice Marie, and Wayman W. In a book about the history of Williamsburg County, I found among a list of settlers in the county in 1737, an Abraham and Lydia Michaux. Their male children were Peter, Daniel, Paul, and William. Paul had one son, Alexander. I found no more on this family. If anyone has any information on these families, please contact me. Kathryn Billinsky

143 - COUNCIL - seeking information on the name origin of Council Road in Salters, SC near Highway 521. Also would like information on Private Andrew J. Council, Co. E 10th Regiment, who marched from Williamsburg Co. to Atlanta in 1861 and is listed on the Confederate Roll of Honor for the Battle of Chickamauga. [email protected]

144 - POWELL - I am searching for information on the family of William R. Powell, living in Anderson Town per the 1880 census, wife (Eaner, Emer, Enes, or Emily - undecipherable). Am trying to find the maiden name of his wife and something about her family. Barbara Bostian

145 - WALLACE - I am looking for a James G. Wallace, born in Williamsburg approx. 1820-1830. His wife was Martha and his father was George. He became a gunsmith under Pheosolos Bell and later moved to eastern Tennesse. Any information will be helpful. Thanks, Danny

146 - LYERLY - Is anyone researching Thomas Lyerly who died in Williamsburg and came there from N.C. probably Roan Co. He married Caroline c. 1837. Had children Mary, Jane, Margaret, Henry, John, Pensus, Henrietta, Robert, and Martin. Rosemary Henderson

147 - CANTEY - Searching for information on a Sabb Cantey, possibly born or lived in Williamsburg County. Date of birth 1820-1835? Sabb's father was William Cantey...no information. The son of Sabb Cantey is Jasper Newton Cantey, born 1851. Any information on the above or any Cantey will be welcome. Please email [email protected]

148 - CANTEY - Looking for information on a William Cantey born in Williamsburg Co. who had a son named Sabb Cantey who also had a son named Jasper Newton Cantey who had Arthur Vincent Cantey who had Reuben Emmanuel Cantey. Jasper Newton Cantey born abt. 1852, Sabb Cantey born abt. 1830, no idea on William's birthdate. Any information will be welcome. Thanks. [email protected]

149 - LEGER - I am researching my ancestors Legers in Williamsburg County in the late 1700s & early 1800s. Would any one have information on John Leger or James Leger? They owned land in Williamsburg County around 1796. Did they have children and what were their names? Was John a cousin of James Leger? Was William Leger in Williamsburg? I will be happy to share Leger information. Thank you. Mary Leger Littlejohn

150 - COX - J. Lee Cox son of John Cox and Lousia Cox was joined in Williamsburg Dist. Pvt.at age 17. CO. G what Reg.in SC Inf or what? Was injured days later and died, buried in Charlottesville, Va. What does anyone know of CO. G. [email protected]

151 - Company G - ,Williamburg Dist. Company G, Joined between 1861-1864 what regiment was it and was it the infantry or Calvary? Where could I find this information? Mary A. Cox

152 - LESESNE / MacDONALD - I am looking for any information on my great great grandmother, Effie Lesesne, born about 1876 in Williamsburg County. Her parents were William Lesesne and Laura MacDonald, from Williamsburg County. The Lesesnes were French. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Elizabeth Hanna

153 - RUSSEL - Searching for ancestors of John Russell, born In Williamsburg County about 1755, and died after 1805. War Department records indicate he was a member of a company of Dragoons, organized in Prince William Parish 10-20-1775. John Russell

154 - DAVIS / SMITH - See query # 89. The John Davis / Jane Dorcas Smith family were farmers on the Black River between Kingstree & Andrews,SC. ( 1850-1860 Williamsburg Co. census). Can anyone give me the name of any churches in that area? I beleive this family were Methodist. I am looking for marriage records. Imogene

155 - HARMON - I would like to share information with anyone researching the Harmon line in Williamsburg. I have a Frances Harmon born 18 Oct 1846. She married Fredrick Miller from Germany abt 1866 and the had one child born in Berkeley County SC, Mary Cephy L Miller born Jun 1871. Family history says that Frances was full blooded Indian as that is what my grandmother and the great granddaughter of Frances recalls. I would very like to hear from anyone that maybe able to help. Laurie Ray

156 - THOMPSON / EADDY / CARTER / COX- I am looking for information on the following family members. Robert Autley Thompson, DOB / 1871, died 4/27/1954. Isadore Viola Eaddy, DOB 6/20.1875, died 11/15/1958. William Fenrick Carter. Virginia Lutisha Cox, DOB 12/25/1869, died 1958. Any Info on Parents, marriages anything else would be welcomed. Autley M. Thompson

157 - THOMPSON - I am looking for information on Sidney Thompson that migrated from Ireland in the earl to middle 1800. He was married to a lady by the name of Patty. They were the parents of my grandfather Robert Autley Thompson DOB 5/14/1871, died 4/27/1954. He was married to Isadore Viola Eaddy, DOB 5/20/1875 died 11/15/58. Autley M. Thompson

158 - CARTER / STONE / COX / GASKINS - My Great Great grandfather was Dr. Morganham Carter. He married Verline Stone. My Grandfather William Fenrick Carter was a result of this union. John Richard Cox married Amanda Gaskins and my Grandmother Virginia Lutisha Carter was the result of this union. My Mother is Willow Snow Carter Thompson. I was no. 7 of 9 children. Autley M. Thompson

159 - FLUITT / DUKE / McCLARY / GAMBLE - Did William Nelson Fluitt (1828-?) the son of John Stent Fluitt, marry Mary Helen Duke(1844-?) daughter of David McClary Duke and Adelaid Gamble after the death of his first wife Margaret Durant McClary (1831-1866). Were William N. and Mary Helen the parents of Mary Helen Fluitt (1872-?) Does anyone know any other children of William Nelson Fluitt? Terrie Dalrymple

160 - GORDON / MONTGOMERY / MCKNIGHT / BENNETT - Searching for information on the following line of Williamsburg County families. Roger Gordon, 1688-1750, came from Scotland & Ireland in about 1732. His wife's name, Mary? John Gordon, son of Roger, not sure of dates. His wife's name - Janet Montgomery, possibly daughter of George Montgomery. David Gordon, son of John, b. probably around 1780, died in 1810. His wife's name was Mary Esther Mcknight, possibly daughter of Alexander McKnight. James David Gordon, son of David, 1804 -1829. His wife was Charlotte Louise Bennett, daughter of Samuel Bennett & Ann Sutton. Someone please help! SDavis

161 - PARKER - I'm trying to connect the Parker lines from Williamsburg, I'm back to three brothers Willoughby, Isaac and Patrick Parker. The three men moved from NC to the Williamsburg area abt 1815. Patricks line stayed in the Kingstree area the others moved on. So far it looks like most of the Williamsburg families have married into the Parker line at some point, I will be glad to share what I have with anyone. My last post was number 99, I have a new e-mail address and much more information to share. David McKeaver Parker Jr.

162 - McKENZIE / CARRAWAY / MOORE - Searching for siblings and decendants of William Pharoah McKenzie/McKinsey. William Pharoah McKenzie was the son of Samuel McKenzie. His siblings were James, Eliza, Matthews, Amzady, Shadrack, Sarah and Noah. He married first Sarah Elizer Cook and after her death he married Martha Caraway, daughter of Isaac Caraway. A daughter of William Pharoah, Sarah Elizer McKenzie married Burgess Warren Moore. William Pharoah moved with all of his family, except of Sarah Elizer McKenzie Moore, to Florida in the early 1880's, before 1885. I would like very much to be in touch with descendants of Sarah Elizer and Burgess Warren Moore. J. Hadland

163 - DURANT - Looking for data on parents and children of Ephriam Durant. Married Hattie Bell Keels. 1920 US  South Carolina, Williamsburg County. Hope township Census list him as 36 yrs old and Hattie as 34. There are seven children listed on this census. My  father, Willie Durant is listed as 4 yrs, 2 months.  Earl Durant    Colorado Springs, CO 80920

164 - MARSH / GREENWOOD - Searching for the parents of Samuel Marsh (born 1830-1840) and the parents/maiden name of his wife Mary (born 1830-1840).  Based on census records (1870 Williamsburg & 1880 Marion) they are the parents of Adelia Marsh Greenwood (wife of John Travis Greenwood of Marion/Florence counties).  Angela & Stephen Greenwood

165 - DAUGHTRY - I am looking for a James Daughtry, m. Elizabeth Boynton according to marriage certificate of son. Also had a daughter Elizabeth. m. ? Edwards.  Search engines reference
McCullough and Flowers family histories, but I am unable to make the connection. Bob Daughtry

166 - COX / HANNA - I am looking for information on Julia Louise (Pet) Cox, born 1-11-1853, died 12-30-1925 - married Tyler Birtle Hanna.  I would like any info regarding her parents, etc.  Linda Arsenault

167 - FRIERSON - Searching for any information on John Frierson and his wife Susannah M.J. (Frierson) They were in Williamsburg County in 1863.  James C McKnight

168 - MORRIS / McKNIGHT - Would like to find information on Elizabeth H. Morris  (Oct. 1839) AKA "Betty" married to William Edward McKnight.  1860 living in Effingham, Florence County. William McKnight, also known as "Peniel Bill" and his wife Betty lived in Peniel, Florence County. Information on either of these people will be appreciated. James C. McKnight

169 - HAMM -  I am looking for any information on Henry Bird Hamm and his descendants. We
believe he or his family was in the Georgetown / Williamburg area . He was on the census of 1849 in Georgetown but lived in the Black River Township. I would appreciate any information on the Hamm/Ham families from this area. This is information I have. Henry B Hamm married to Francis ?
children are as follows: Dan, Mary, Robert Haylock, Elizabeth, Joe, Henry, Don, Will, infant born 1900.  Henry Hamm would have been my husbands great grand father and Robert Haylock Hamm was his grandfather. If anyone has information of this family  line I would appreciate hearing from you.  Liz Gilbert

170 - FREEMAN / TAYLOR - Looking for any information on the Freeman and Taylor families.  Ginger

171 - STORY - I am looking for the parents of Hester Story, who married James Witherspoon in Williamsburg Co., SC, then moved to the Mississippi Terr. ca. 1807.  I don't know her birthdate, but she died in Amite Co., MS in 1835.  Can anyone give me a clue?  Thanks.  Sharon Shaw

172 - LANE -  Looking for any information on Edward, James, or George Lane who were
loyalists during the Revolution and went to Saint John, N.B., Canada. Linda Kiederer

173 - SWANN - I am looking for information about the lineage of Robert Swann who operated a tavern in Williamsburg County and served in the Revolutionary War from Williamsburg County, South Carolina. I believe it is likely that he is closely connected to Samuel and John Swann of North Carolina. Rick Gann

174 - BLAKELY / BLAKENEY - Searching for information related to William Blakely who arrived in Charleston, SC with wife (Elizabeth) and family from Ireland in 1767. Know that two sons, David and Chambers removed to Nova Scotia, but want to learn about the rest of the family. Am a direct descendant of Chambers. Debbie Cox

175 - LAMB - My Husband's family lived in Andrews, S.C. in the 1920 -1950s. His fathers name was Henry Vannie Lamb and he died there maybe Feb. or March of 1956. His mother's name was Althere West Lamb. She died there in June or July of 1955. We are trying to find out anything at all about these two people. My husband does not know a lot about his family so we are just getting started on this project. We would be grateful for any information at all. Mrs. Charles S. Lamb

176 - SCARBOROUGH - Looking for children of Walter Scarborough. He was living in Lane abt. 1940 - 1945. Their mother may have been named Ruby. Walter Scarborough was from Florida. Anyone having information on these African Americans, please contact Ida Cummings, your family is looking for you. May be reached by email; [email protected] or by mail; 209 61st Street, NE # 101, Washington, DC 20019.

177 - CLEMONS - I am looking for any information on Julia Elois Brasington Clemons, wife of Samuel Patrick Clemons. She was born 4 Apr 1863 and died 16 July 1953. She is buried in New Market Cemetery, Williamsburg County. I am looking for the names of her parents and/or that of any children. At her age, I assume the paper would have run an obit which may supply same. Would appreciate a lookup if anyone has ready access. Bil Brasington

178 - ARD - Looking for imformation on William Ard and Martha Daniel married abt 1852. Probably in Williamsburg, had a son Henry McDonald Ard B.1862 that married Martha Horton abt 1881. [email protected]

179 - BUCKELS / TODD - Richard A. Buckels b. 11/10/1831 married Thuracey (Thuzzy)
Todd b. 3/25/1835.  Richard A. Buckels served in at least 4 SC units during the Civil War.  They moved to Hamilton Co. FL.  I am assuming this was after the Civil War. I am interested in any information on either of these families.  Mike & Tammy

180 - YOUNG - I am searching for information on Isaac Young b. c 1814 in SC, lived in Williamsburg Co., d c 1870 and wife Margaret who had these children: George, Mary, William, James, Sarah, Martha, Addleton, and Henry. James faught in the Civil War. Isaac Young has only been located in the 1840 through 1860 census so far. Any related information would be appreciated. Melanie

181 - LEGER - I am searching for information on John Leger in the Williamburg County around late 1700's and early 1800's. Also need information on his cousin William Leger. If you have information on John or William Leger, please email me. William Leger was from Craven County. Mary Leger Littlejohn

182 - BRADLEY - I am interested in any information you can supply regarding the Bradley family.. I know there are several family members buried there. The family moved from S. C. to Arkansas and then on to Big Sandy, Texas. Brenda Holmes

183 - OWEN - Susanna Louisa married John Cox. Would like any information on who Susanna Louisa Owens parents were or any information about the Owens line? Any help would be appreciated. M. A. Cox

184 - WILLIAMS - Looking for anyone who knows, or are related to the following Williams's in Williamsburg County, Trio, Hemingway, Andrews, Kingstree. Henry F. 1790, James R. 1849 1920, Andrew Williams , Andrew Pinkney Williams, A. A. Williams. Bill D Williams

185 - HASELDEN - Samuel or William Micajah - In search of information regarding four brothers who emigrated to the Colonies before the Revolutionary War from England to PA and SC.  Believe they were Samuel, William Micajah, Thomas and Richard.   Lynn Haselden Boccia

186 - WHEELER - Searching for information on John H, Wheeler. He is buried at Harmony Church, Earles, S.C. His son was John Stonewall Wheeler.  Tommy Mercer

187 -  SHAW - Seeking info  Richard, William, or Thomas Shaw of  Brittons Neck in the area of the confluence of the Little Peedee and Great Peedee around 1760-1800.  Any info would be gratefully received and have much to exchange if a "hit" is made with the Shaws whom migrated to Liberty Co., Ga c. 1800.  Julian & Carol

188 - GRAHAM / JONES -  I am looking for information on Jeff Graham born about 1864. Don't know where his birth place or parents names are.  He married Ellen Jones.  In 1900 Jeff Graham was 36 years old.  Would like to find out more information on him and his family.  If possible the name of his parents and whether or not they were slaves and what plantation.  Vera M. Alford

189 - FLUITT - I am looking for any information that is available for John Stent Fluitt who came to La. from around the Kings Tree, South Carolina area.  Gary Keenan

190 - BRADSHAW - Looking for any information on the Bradshaw family from Turkey Creek Township prior to 1919.  Also would like to confirm the Samuel Bradshaw of 1800 as father of Enoch Bradshaw of 1840.  Any know photos of early Bradshaws out there?   Tim Bradshaw

191 - MONTGOMERY - I am searching for information on the James Montgomery living in
Williamsburg Co. SC. in the 1830 census. Any info would be appreciated. [email protected]

192 - BENNETT / FAIREY - Looking for family of Charles Washington Bennett, born around 1870s, married Belle Fairey. Any info appreciated. Kathy Miley

193 - HASELDON / GEORGE - Interested in ancestors of my grandmother Albertine Haseldon McKnight (1891-1954) Had three other siblings: Lloyd, Brantley, and Hinnie (Ellen). Children of John Haseldon and Madella George. Kathy Miley

194 - McKNIGHT / HATCHELL / McCUTCEON - Interesed in McKnights, Williamsburg Co: Peter McKnight (1848-1918) m. Amanda Hatchell (or Hatcher) (b. 1859); his father Alexander James McKnight (b. 1812) married Nancy (b. 1817); his father's father Cpt. Alexander McKnight (1774-1826) married Jane McCutcheon (d.1848)  Kathy Miley

195 - BRADHAM / ELLIS / GODWIN - Leonard Strozier Bradham b. 1844-45 SC, was in Co. I 23rd Reg., SCV, Hatch's Regiment Coast Rangers aka: Sprott's Guards. He ended up in Florida. I found him in the 1880 Pasco Co., Florida Census. His wife was Mary Jane Ellis b.1848 FL (her mother was a Godwin). These surnames are on the same page, living near him: Boyett; Godwin; Ellis; Cooke; Wedin; Shirley; OBerry; Albritton and Smith. Does anyone know of a Bradham family that moved to Florida? Debra Cochran

196 - CANTEY - Looking for information on Sabb Cantey. He had a son named Jasper Newton Cantey. We are trying to link Jasper Newton to Sabb. Leah Cantry Walsh

197 - HAYWARD - Looking for any information on Buff and Mary Hayward. Some spell Heyward instead of Hayward, Both are related. Some family say they originated out of Charleston, S.C., Then spread their wings and roots around the Carolinas. If you have any information, please contact me. [email protected]

198 - HARMON / MILLER - I am looking for information on Francis O. HARMON. According to her daughters death certificate Francis was born in Williamsburg County 18 Oct 1846. She married Fredrick MILLER from Germany. I believe that they may have been married in Charleston in 1866. She died in Berkley SC, I'm not sure of when though. Does anyone have information on her parents ? Laurie

199 - JARRETT - I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother, Aanna Margaret Jarrett of Kingstree, S.C. Leslie

200 - WARREN / WILSON / GAMBLE / McKNIGHT / REYNOLDS / DUKE - I'm searching for historical information on the Warren, Wilson, Gamble, Mcknight, Reynolds, and Duke family. [email protected]

201 - REID / PARROTT - Seeking info on Mary Reid b. Apr.1848, S.C. Parents- George (1823-1863) & Annis Reed/Reid (b.1827). Mary's daughter Minnie Ozella Reid (1875-1957) married Andrew Edward Parrott (1871-1944). Mary's daughter, Rebecca b.1881. Elsie Swilley

202 - LOVE - Am looking for James C. Love and his sons Erasmus Joseph Love and Robert E. Lee Love from Kingstree, S.C., Probably 1800's, early 1900'S. Erasmus was my Great Grandfather. Leslie

203 - SIKES - Looking for information that would prove that Thomas Alton Sikes , dob 25 Nov 1831, was born in Kingstree.  I know that he had a least 5 sons, one of which was Shorter Sikes, my great-grandfather.  I will be glad to have ANY info on any Sikes in Williamsburg County. Betsy S. Powell

204 - CLEMONS - Need any information on Patrick Clemons. He was born about March 1809 and died June 9, 1861. He lived in Williamsburg District, SC. I believe Greeleyville, SC. He was married to Dorothy Sutton Clemons. If anyone has any information concerning his parents, grandparent etc. please contact me.  [email protected]

205 - McALISTER / COOPER - I am seeking info on my greatgrandparents, William Watson McAlister (1861 -10-20-40) marrried Catherine Amelia Cooper (1863- 12-30-1941). Her parents were Silas and Hannah Cooper. He had a sister named Essie and one named Alma (married to W.T. Altman). He also had a step brother named Otis Deleon McAlister (?). any info on any of these people would be greatly appreciated. My great parents had a son named Charlie Woodrow and Silas William McAlister.  Rhonda McAllister Broom

206 - BROWDER / SMITH / McDANIEL / MITCHUM - My grandmother's father was Alexander Smith and his wife's name was Minnie Vermell McDaniel.  I also know that Minnie Vermell McDaniel was born about 1866.  This is as far as I have been able to trace from my family.  My grandmother's name was Lydia "Lottie" Belle Smith and she married Ralph Hogan Browder.  His parents were Daniel Browder and Eva Mitchum.   [email protected]

207 - MORRIS - Searching for info about William James Morris - mid to late 1800's. Was married to Sally Smith Morris, had several sons and daughters. Among them: John Marion Morris, Walker Davis (Jug) Morris, William James Morris (Jr. ?).
This group of the Morris clan settled around the Warsaw and Bloomingvale communities between Andrews and Kingstree. William James Morris was my Great Grandfather - I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.  Larry Altman

208 - CALCUTT - I am looking for any information anyone might have on the Calcutts in or around Williamsburg County.  My grandparents were Kemper and Lillie Calcutt of Hemingway and my great-grandfathers name was Boyd Calcutt.  That is about all the information that I have.  Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.  Blake Calcutt

209 - BREWINGTON / BRYANT - I am looking for any information of the Brewington or Bryant family in Williamsburg.  My great grandfather name was Brewington Bryant or Briant Brewington.  He moved to Sampit in Georgetown County probably around the late 1800 or early 1900. Effson

210 - SMITH - Would like any information on James Roderick Smith from Alcolu, SC.  He was married to Susie Cantey White. They had six children, James Smith, Earl Smith, Judd Smith, Emma Smith, Mae Smith and Sue Smith. I have some
information on his wife's family but nothing on James Roderick Smith. He is my gggrandfather.  MMmac217

211 - CLEMONS - Need any information on Patrick Clemons. He was born about March 1809 and died June 9, 1861. He lived in Williamsburg District, SC. I believe Greeleyville, SC. He was married to Dorothy Sutton Clemons. If anyone has any
information concerning his parents, grandparent etc. please contact me.  [email protected]

212 - SMITH / ALLEN - Searching for information on John Allen or John Allen Smith, who was born around 1784.  He lived in N. Williamsburg, on a large estate, and  may have died sometime in 1864, at approximately 80 years of age.  John had a granddaughter named "Sally" or "Marianne." PC Jordan

213 - HASELDON / POWELL / FRIERSON / DUKES - Looking for information on the descendants and ancestors of John James Haselden (b. May 1841/45  d. 1930 b. Williamsburg Presbyterian Church Cemetery) married Idelia Powell (b. Oct 1856/57  d. 1921) buried with her husband.  Children of this family include: Mary E. Haselden b. Oct 1878; Sarah J. Haselden b. Aug 1880  d. 1963  m. A.F. Stone; Joseph Haselden b. Jan 1883; Clinnie L. Haselden b. 1885 d. 1966 m. John Samuel Frierson; Edward Haselden b. Jun 1888; James M. Haselden b. Sep 1890; Melvin Haselden b. 1892; Hattie Haselden b. 1894; and Mattie Haselden b. 1899 m.  ?? Dukes. [email protected]

214 - CARRAWAY / FEAGIN  - Looking for parents and family of David J. Carraway (born about 1806), husband of Rebecca FEAGIN (born about 1815).  He appears on the 1850 census for Williamsburg County with his wife and the following children:  John (born about 1836), Susan E. (born about 1838), Norman Lewis (born 7 Aug 1840), Francis M. (born about 1843), Rebecca A. (born about 1844), William D. (born about 1847) and Mary E. (born about 1849).  He moved to Clarendon County and married a second time to Mary Lamb. (I am a descendant of Norman Lewis Carraway).
Jay McLeod

215 - McCANTS / COOK - I am looking for info on Ulysses McCants, b.13 Oct 1899, d. 4 Feb 1973, who married Ruth Cook, b. 15 July 1905, d. 29 Dec 1964. Trying to find the names of their children and the names of their parents and all relating family members  Any help at all will be greately appreciated. Many thanks in advance for any help.  [email protected]

216 - FRIERSON / HASELDON / POWELL / KIRBY - Looking for information on John Samuel Frierson (b. 5 Oct 1880, d. 29 Dec 1963) married Clinnie Haselden (b. 8 Sep 1885,  d. 18 Feb 1966).  Both are buried at Mt. Vernon.  Parents of John Samuel Frierson are: John Taylor Frierson and Harriett Kirby.  Parents of Clinnie Haselden are John James Haselden and Idelia Powell.  I believe John James and Idelia may be buried at Kingstree Cemetery.  Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,   Lauren E. Stokes

217 - BOYLE - Searching for info on Cunningham Boyle who operated a general store/saw mill in Pudding Swamp, near Middleton Depot in Williamsburg County in 1848-1862. He was partnered with R.H. Fullwood. Info on other Boyles in area appreciated.  James Boyle

218 -  SMITH / EPPS - I am looking for information on the family of Henry John SMITH ( 16 April 1807- 30 Dec. 1849) who married (1) Nancy Ann EPPS and (2) Martha Julia EPPS. They lived in the Pudding Swamp area. I am a decendant of Henry and Martha. Any information would be appreciated. [email protected]

219 - JOY / JOYE / PLAYER - Francis, his name appears in the 1840 census of Williamsburg County.  His wife's name was Mary whose name appears in the 1850 census in the Kershaw Dist. He had a son Francis E. Joye who served in Company E 6th Regimental South Carolina.  F. E. Joy(e) was married to Dora Player. Looking for any information that might point to Francis Joy(e) and his point of entry to the US.  Ken Joye

220 - PROSSER / STONE / MILLER - I am searching for information concerning my great grandfather, the Rev. C. Pulaski Prosser.  According to the 1880 census, he was born in 1844.  He married Sarah Stone (b. 1859/1860).  I believe C. P. to be the son of Nathan Prosser (CSA - 10th Infantry, Co. I, died 1865) and Martha Ann "Unknown" (1820-6/10/1918). C. P. and Sarah lived in or near Lake City while he was pastor of the Little Star Freewill Baptist Church at Johnsonville.  They are buried in the Prosser Cemetery at Johnsonville.  C. P. was living in the Hope TWP of Williamsburg Co. in the 1900 census. I would like to know Martha Ann's maiden name (my mother thought she was a Miller) and her parents.  I would also like the parents of Sarah Stone.  Any information concerning these families will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Tom Keefe

221 - MOORE / McGEE - Samuel Moore (1802-1880) and his wife, Judith (Hicks) Moore (1802/7-1881) had seven children.  Their daughter, Sarah (1838-?), married a McGee.  I believe he was John C. McGee, the son of John and Zilphia Catherine (?) McGee. I would appreciate any help with this family.   Kathie Webber

222 - McGEE - John McGee (1812-bef. 1880)and his wife, Zilphia Catherine (?) McGee (1822-aft. 1900) had the following children:  Pleasant, John C., Martha, Robert, William, Elijah, Lewis, Job, Zilphia, Hannah, Abigail, Isaac, Joshua and Charley.  Pleasant (1836-1915) married Mary J. (?); Lewis (1848-1923) married Elizabeth J. (?); Jobe (1853-1933) married Tressa
Ann Caroline (?); Isaac (1859-1927) married Frances (?); and Joshua (1862-1939) married Martha S. (?).  ALSO, I believe John C. McGee married Sarah Caroline Moore - and they are my great, great grandparents.  Any information would be appreciated.   Kathie Webber

223 - HEDLESTON / McCLARY / McGILL - I am seeking information on William Hedleston, born about 1760 in Kingstree.  He was married to Isabella Orr on May 8,1781.  A son, James Hedleston, was born Oct. 8, 1788 in Williamsburg Dist. and died May 20, 1842 in Alabama.  James was married to Mary Elizabeth McClary in 1814.  Mary McClary was born about 1784 in Kingstree.  Her parents were David Sidney McClary b.1766 and d.1828, and Mary D.McGill.   Nita Hedleston Koop

224- SWAILS /  BARWICK / VOSS - I am looking for any information regarding the Swails' or the Barwick or the Voss' families from Williamsburg, SC.  My father's father, Taylor McDonald Swails, b. March 24, 1882, was raised in Williamsburg, SC by his father, William Taylor Swails, b. 1844. Taylor McDonald married Sudie Etta Barwick whose father was Williams (Billy) Alexander Barwick, b.  May,1859, who also lived in Williamsburg, SC.  William Taylor was married to Mary M. Voss. William Taylor also had several siblings -- James P. Swails, Hannah Swails, John Swails, Elias Morgan Swails, Richard W. Swails. If other information I have received is accurate then William Taylor's father was James John Swails but I do not know the name of his wife. James' father was Morgan Swails who was married to Mary Josephine Frierson. Morgan's father was Joseph Swails and he was married to Elizabeth Boothe. And Joseph's father was John Swails and he was married to Margaret Gouldsberry. If you have any information concerning the Swails/ Barwick/ Voss families of Williamsburg, please contact me at  [email protected] . Thanks.

225 - JORDAN / McKENZIE - Would appreciate any data on Elizabeth Jordan, m. Peter McKenzie, 1794-1857.
Who were her parents, other kin? Thanks  Bob McKnight

226 - WARD / CARRAWAY / NORWOOD - I'm looking for the parents of William Thomas Ward, born Nov. 24, 1861 and died May 31, 1924. He was born in Williamsburg Co., is buried in Matthew's Cemetery, Coward, SC. and was married to Margaret "Maggie" Carraway, born Apr 27, 1865. Also looking for any information on Eli Norwood, born Nov. 5, 1882 and died Sep 5, 1964. He was supposedly born in Williamsburg Co.  I have him listed in the 1900 Census as an 18 year old, living in the Harley Lee household. No other Norwood's listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Donna

227 - CREASY - I am searching my genealogy and looking for anyone related to, or having any information of the name Creasy in the Carolinas.  My grandfather's name was Alonzo Creasy.  He lived in Lynchburg, VA.   Thank you,  Becky Creasy Rice

228 - DUKES / REED - I am searching for information on a relative -- Rock Reed or Rock Dukes or Dock Dukes.  A man by the name of Cleve or Clevie or Cleveland Dukes bought him.  I do not know the exact time but it was somewhere between 1850 -- 1870 (I think).  Rock Reed first wife was named Harriott, but after he was sold he married a woman on the plantation by the name of Orriana.  [email protected]

229 - HICKSON / ALLEN / BAKER / BYRD / COLE - Seeking information on the family of Reuben HICKSON who moved from Williamsburg District 1820 to Sumter District.  First was Mary her last name possibly Allen.  Second wife Ester.  Reuben died 1830 in Sumter District. Children include Jennet B. wife of John COLE, Jr. of Sumter District, Martha wife of Richard ALLEN and R. F. HICKSON.  I believe that William HICKSON husband of Harriet COLE, Thomas J. HICKSON wife Elizabeth, and Reuben HICKSON are his children. Ester married John BAKER who raised R. F. HICKSON.  She and John had a daughter Martha S. BAKER wife of Andrew Jackson BYRD brother of S. D. M. BYRD.  Deborah Byrd

230 - LYERLY - Researching Thomas Lyerly b. 1816 probably in Rowan Co, N.C. wife Caroline. He was a Wheelright.  [email protected]

231 - NESMITH / CHANDLER - I am searching for information about my in-laws for my family history. My mother-in law madien name was Naomi Nesmith, born Dec 22, 1932 to Eddie and Caldonia Nesmith. She was one of four children. She married Edward Chandler one of 13 children born to Sara Chandler.  SANDRA CHANDLER

232 - LAMB - I am searching for any information concerning a Dr. Lamb (first name unknown) who is believed to have lived in the Williamsburg County/Charleston South Carolina area during the period of January - April, 1865.  The Dr. Lamb in question is believed to have served as the Secretary of State for South Carolina at some time. Thank you in advance ... Elmer Schaefer

233 - BARRINEAU / JOHNSON - Am looking for information on James Barrineau whose daughter Caroline Agnes married Richard Green Johnson in 1866.  Can you help me?  EP Corrigan Jr

234 - DENNIS / JORDAN -  I am interested in the dates of death of Benjamin William Dennis, b: June 17,1856 and Henrietta Jordan, b: November 13,1856, Williamsburg, SC. Their children were: Melissa, Malvina, Maggie, Mildred, Angie, Iva & Edward.   [email protected]

235 - ARD - I am looking for info on Colin Ard - B.1860 and D.1922. His father was listed as John Ard (I need any info on him)  and mother was Patsy Ard, on his death certificate.  I'm looking for any siblings of Colin's and any info on his father John Ard (who we think was killed in the Civil War, but there are 3 John Ard's killed in the Civil War and we need to know which one was Colin's father) Please help me. Thanks! [email protected]

236 - COX - Looking for any information on the ancestors or descendants of William James Cox, b. abt. 1838, d. 1921.  Married to Sarah Jane Stone, b. 1850, d. 1924. Confederate soldier, Co. G, 15th SC Infantry.  Enlisted at Williamsburg
District, SC - Sept. 16,1861..  [email protected]

237 - DENNIS / JOYCE -  I am searching for information on my Greatgrandmother. Her name was Myrtle Dennis (Joyce). b. 9-29-1897d. 7-1989. She married a Joyce. Trying to find information about him too . She lived most of her life in Cades near Crossroads. Children Ruth Joyce and Richard Joyce. Richard was my Grandfather. b.7-24-1921 d.9-1979. Any information would be a help.  Robert Branham

238 - SESSIONS - Seeking information on parents or family of Edward Sessions, born Georgetown District abt. 1790, later moved to Williamsburg Co.  First wife, Sara or Mary; children, John James (1808); Mary A. (1811); Edward (1814).  Second
wife, Elizabeth Norton; children, Jacob Norton (1823); Daniel Absolom Joshua (1826).  Family migrated to Lee Co., GA abt. 1828.  Any help greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

239 - McCAULEY / PLOWDEN / NELSON - My query is one that concerns Rachel Montgomery Plowden McCauley. She was born 12 July 1792; m. 1st , Edward Ransom Plowden, son of Edward Ransom Plowden and Susannah Nelson, 26 Apr 1810 in SC. After Edward Ransom Plowden died, Rachel married 2nd, George J. McCauley, 6 Jun 1822 in SC. In 1867 the estate of George McCauley paid $80.00 tax on $4000.00 in real estate in Charleston Co., SC. I would like to complete this family by finding the death date of Rachel and her burial place if possible.  I am interested in many families of Williamsburg Co., SC...Lesesne, Montgomery, Plowden, Nelson, Cantey, Connor, McDonald and Spry. I have a chapter on each of these families in the book that I published in 1997  Our Southern Heritage . Thanks  Lee & Mary Jean Pierson

240 - SPIVEY / BAXLEY / HUMPHRIES / STONE - Hunting for the ancestors and decendants of: James Graier Spivey m. Julia Lahart Baxley and of their son James Ernest Spivey b.9 Oct 1901 in Hemingway, SC. married 6 Jun 1923 in Kingstree,SC to Thelma Alberta Humphries b.27 May 1905 in Leo SC.  Also believe that the Mother of Julia Baxley  maiden names was Stone. Robert Corrigan

241 - BLAKELY / WITHERSPOON / DICKEY - Looking for the parents of James Blakely.  He was born abt 1753.  Md Janet Witherspoon in Williamsburg area abt 1772.  Janet Witherspoon was born 1753, in Williamsburg, SC.  Her father was Robert Witherspoon, a son of John and Janet Witherspoon.  A book on "History of Williamsburg" states all the group that came from Ireland were Scotch-Irish except the Blakelys who were basically English.  My 2gg was a son of James and Janet.  His name was also James, born Williamsburg 1775.  Md Sarah Gordon Dickey 1799, in Williamsburg.  James and Sarah went to Maury Co., TN in 1805.  Also would like to know name of Sarah's parents. Hila Blakeley Van Horn

242 - GREENS CHURCH - Trying to find location of Greens Church. "Kingstree, November 15, 1853.  To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives we the undersigned citizens of Williamsburg District... of the upper portion of our District who vote at Grahams Cross Roads... to divide the poll known as Grahams Cross Roads and establish a poll at Greens Church."  James C McKnight

243 - PARKER / FRYE - I am interested in swapping information on the Parker and Frye families of Williamsburg, mainly the pudding swamp area.  It seems there were a couple of marriages between these families.  Willa Kenna Frye, abt 1915 was my grandmother, she died when my father was a boy.  We know almost nothing about our Frye cousins, so any help would go a long way.  Thank you.  David Parker

244 - FREEMAN / TAYLOR - I am looking for  Freemans and Taylors of the Williamsburg County areas. Any and all information will greatly be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.  Ginger Goude

245 - FULWOOD / FULLWOOD - I would like anyone with information on the early FULWOOD / FULLWOOD 's that lived in Williamsburg Co.,SC.to please get in contact with me. In tracing our Family Tree we have some info, a Will of Rev. William Fullwood dated 2/3/1849 that died in Burke Co. NC  in 1855 that was born at the mouth of Black River, Williamsburg, SC in 1763 as William Fulwood/Fullwood II.  Becky Austin - (See more  Fullwood information )

246 -BAULS / MALONE - I'am looking for any information on the name Corabelle Bauls/Malone born Aug.26 1873 died Nov.26 1943.  Mike Osterhout

247 - TAYLOR -  Seeking information on Frederick Taylor and the unit he served in during the Civil War. Co. D, 4th SC Cav and what is/was the tie with "The Williamsburg Light Dragoons".  [email protected]

248 - HICKMAM / MILLIKEN - I am seeking info on Samuel Hickman that was said to have married Margaret Milliken in 1763. He was living in the St. Davids Parish at the time. I beleive that he was related to Isaac and Joshau Hickman that were in the area in 1750's.  Lillian Martin

249 - GRAHAM / FRIERSON - I am looking for more information on Aaron Frierson Graham (1799-1890). His father was William Graham and his mother was Susannah Frierson.  I would like to know Aaron's wife's name and the names of his children.  I know one of his children was Robert Graham because he is my ggrandfather.  Janet Graham Hale

250 -CONYERS -  I am trying to locate information on Ila Mae or Ila Mable Conyers. She was living in Williamsburg county in Oct. l940.   Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Deloris

251 - STORY - I would like to kinow from what county Mary Story came .She was married to David Witherspoon who served in the American Revolution. She is the only Story or Storey  listed in "The History of Williamsburg County" (Bodie).  There were a number of Storys listed as beinlg in the Charleston area from 1683 until? Would appreciate information. [email protected]

252 - ROUNDTREE - Seeking information on John J. Rountree, listed on 1840 Knox county Kentucky census as being born in Cooper. Approx birth 1819-1821. Would appreciate any info on previous relatives and sib.'s? Bill Stout

253 - LONG / HUGHES - I am looking for information on Charley Long born march 12, 1872 married Doshia Hughes long born August 18th, 1970. Charley believed to have come from NC with his family both are buried in Andrews, SC.  [email protected]

254 -  WEST / MARTIN - Joe West married Lula Martin.  Parents of both & dates.  [email protected]

255 - EADDY FAMILY  - Family Web Site  James Eaddy of SC by  Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.

256 - JAMES - I am looking for information on A Samuel Winter James. I found him on the 1790 Census at least 16 and unmarried, 1 slave. On the 1800 census there are children and wife. Need marriage record and names of children. I believe he was a member of Indiantown Church. Would like to find church records. I have found where he had 158 acres in Williamsburg also. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Rhonda

257 -  GUESS - My mother's maiden name is Mary Evelyn Guess.  Her father was James Newcombe Guess and her mother was Victoria.  My mother has a living brother in Lane, SC, James Newcombe Guess, Jr. My great grandfather was Benjamin Harley Guess. Any information would be appreciated. Ronald W. Rose

258 - HICKSON - Hickson family in Williamsburg, SC.  [email protected]

259 - LEE - Have been trying to find the parents of ELIJAH LEE, born 1777 in Williamsburg Co. SC.....He moved to Ga and was recorded on the 1820 census for Putnam Co Ga.; married Malinda Phillips from Greene Co. Ga in 1821 and moved to Chambers Co AL in 1830 and died there in 1860. Jodie Lee Shepard

260 - LONG - I am looking for information on Charley Long born march 12, 1872 married Doshia Hughes Long born august 18th, 1970. Charley believed to have come from NC with his family both are buried in Andrews SC.  [email protected]

261 - JAMES -  Samuel Winter, appears on the 1810 Williamsburg Census.  Would like more information on him.  Parents, sibblings or even his wife and childrens names, would be most appreciated.  He would have been between 26-45, at time of this census.   Leeann James Smith

262 - CANTLEY - Looking for Father And Mother Of William Gordon Cantley. Listed in 1850 Williamsburg Co. Census.All replies appreciated. Shane Cantley

263 - COOPER - Seeking any information on the Coopers who lived in Williamsburg County around 1800.  Link is to Levi Cooper who lived in Jeffery's Creek, Marion District (now Florence County) and is listed on 1860 Marion District Census
as age 67 which would mean date of birth was about 1793.  Believe he had family in Williamsburg area and may have been born there. He is listed as having four sons: Levi, Jr., Thomas, Simmon, Edwin, and a daugher.  Any information will be appreciated.   [email protected]

264 - NELSON - Frank Augustine.  Am looking for any information on F.A .Nelson.  Married my great grandmother in Charleston.  Mother was Elizabeth. She died in Williamsburg County on August 4, 1909.  At the time of his death he was
married to my ggrandmother, Fannie Victoria Johnson.  Had 4 children and was a postman in the city of Charleston.  Any info would be appreciated. [email protected]

265 - ARD - I am looking for any information on my great grandfather (Julius Ard).  He was married to Olivia Prosser.  He is lived in Greeleyville, SC and is buried there.  Kevin Ard

266 - MARTIN - seeking information on James Lucius Martin (of Kingtree, SC). Born approximately 1905. Married to Ella Mae Williams (Eastman, GA).  Had son James Lucius Jr, born in Winterhaven Fla in 1938. May have served in Navy, or other service, around 1941.  Tracy Martin

267 - BLACKWELL - I am looking for information on a Rebecca Blackwell, born about 1775 in SC and died before 1814. She was the wife of my oldest known ancestor in the Dillbeck line.  John D. Dillbeck

268 - HENRY - Does anyone know the namesake or origin of the Henry community in Williamsburg County, South Carolina? I am researching John Francis HENRY, who came to South Carolina about 1740. Is there any connection?   Kathy Sterne

269 - JEFFERSON - I'm looking for information on my gggfather, William JEFFERSON and his son, Samuel JEFFERSON.  I've been told they were from Wiliamsburg County, or maybe Lane, SC.  Samuel worked in the turpentine industry as did his son, Clarence, and maybe his father did also. [email protected]

270 - ARD / POWELL - I am searching for anything  I can find on William B(Berny)Ard  married to Lelon Ola Ard
from Johnsonville, SC.  [email protected]

271 - BATES / BYRD - I am searching for any information on Mary Bates Byrd. She was my grandmother.  She was married to James Oliie Byrd and lived in Kingstree, SC.  She passed away suddenly in June of 1948.  She passed away before I was born at home on a Thurday and was immediately buried the next day. Does anyone have any information about her or her death? I would greatly appretiate any information on her or my grandfather who married Ruth Hagood after her death.  Thank you .  Mickie Gregory

272 - PLOWDEN / ADAIR / RAPHIELD - Looking for information concerning the Plowdens, Adairs, and Raphields of
Williamsburg, SC.   Sarah Raphield (1760-1815)  married 1st Samuel Adair and 2nd John McClary.  She was the third wife of John.   His first wife was her sister Mary Raphield (1757-1792).   Sarah was the daughter of James Raphield and a Plowden.  I am looking for that Plowden.  I thought it might be one of the daughters of Edward Plowden.  Information that others have furnished on the descendants of Edward does not include these descendants.  Anyone working on Raphield or Plowden that can help me?  Louise S. Rourke

273 - HAM / SMITH - I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Florence Ham, born 1885 in Williamsburg County.  I believe her father's  name was Peter Ham, possibly from Sampit SC, and her mother's first name was Virginia (don't know maiden name).  Florence was married to William Lucien Smith, also born in Williamsburg CountyIN 1878.  William's father was Ivan Kinsey Smith and his mother was Margaret Irene Wall.  Any information on the Smith's and/or Ham's would be most appreciated. Tonia Quarterman

274 - NELSON - Looking for any information on Frank Augustus Nelson, married Fannie Victoria Johnson and lived in Charleston.  I have one legal paper filed in the County of Williamsburg dated Dec. 29, 1910 showing Frank's mother,
Elizabeth A. Nelson has died and her property is being divided among her children and grandchildren.  Frank died of an apparent brain tumor and left 4 children, Frank Jr., Marian Edith, George P., and Beulah E.  He was supposedly the best looking man my great grandmother had ever seen.  He was a postman.  Any help appreciated.  Legal paper was filed by John T. Nelson and Beulah V. Nelson.  I don't know if these are her other surviving children.  You may reply to me at  Jean Faulk

275 - TAYLOR / WILSON / WITHERSPOON / CONGDON -  [email protected]

276 - ALTMAN - Looking for information on my great-grandmother, Sarah Francis ( Jacobs ) Altman, born April 04 1859, died July 23,1908 . Sarah was married to Samuel Leonard Altman, born July 11,1852, died January 06,1911. Her daughter, Ethel Lavohn Altman, born August 13,1892,died April 03,1920,  was my grandmother. Ethel married Presley B. Thompson and their son Samuel David Thompson was my father. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Ben Thompson

277 - COLE / NEWMAN -  I am researching John Cole, born April 18, 1774, married Achsha Newman, abt. 1790.  John died abt. 1834 in Sumter Co. SC.   Was Williamsburg ever a part of Camden Dist. or was Sumter included with Williamsburg.  I have reason to believe they lived in Williamsburg at one time.  Will exchange info.  Thank you Mary Ann Million

278 - BUCKELS - I am looking for the parents of Richard Buckels, b. Nov., 1831 in Williamsburg Co., S.C., d. 1888 in Hamilton Co., Fla.  He was m. to Thuzzy Rebecca Todd.  Any information on the Buckels family from S.C. would be helpful.  Paula Jones

279 - FERDON - Jean (James) Ferdon (a Huguenot) crossed the river Santee sometime between 1720- 1735 and settled in Williamsburg County.  I am searching for any information pertaining to him and his descendants.  (one, I know, fought in the French and Indian war.)  [email protected]

280 - HUGHES -  I am looking for information on John Hughes from Hemingway, Williamsburg County (wifes name, parents, siblings etc.).  My Great Grandfather was his son Herbert Gregory Hughes b. April 4, 1887 d. August 9, 1943.  Any information is appreciated.  Beth Edrada

281 - RICHARDSON - William Richardson - I am searching for the father of William Richardson (soldier in Revolutionary War fought with Marion's Men).  [email protected]

282 - BENTON - Looking for infromation on Moses Benton or any Benton's in the Lake City, Coward area. Moses Benton married Nancy Turner the daughter of William Turner and Elizabeth. They are listed in the 1850 census of Williamsburg Co.  Kathy

283 - EVANS / ARD -  I'm looking for information on Bascom Evans or Cora Ard Evans.  [email protected]

284 - WILLIAMS - Searching for info on Henry F. Williams 1740-1840. [email protected]

285 - JOHNSON - I am searching for information regarding Blease Johnson and Annie Turner Johnson.  They would have married in either the 1920's or 1930s.  They had 3 children Joseph Larry (my dad), Ronald Gene, Thurmon, & Lilly Faye.  They ended up in Georgetown.  Blease and Annie, I believe, may have grown up and/or come from the Hemingway-Pamplico area.  Blease was also raised by his sister.  Any information would be really appreciated.  Thanks!  Connie Johnson Hill

286 - FLEMING / BRADLEY - Researching Fleming and Bradley families - trying to establish the relationship between these two Williamsburg families.  My ancestor William James Bradley Fleming born 1794 - S.C. - to Mississippi by 1814-
in War of 1812.  Martha Russell

287 - BYRD - I am researching the Byrds of Kingstree. Any help will be appreciated.  My grandfather was James Ollie Byrd.  Mickie

288 - McDONALD / ALTMAN - Searching for my Great Grandparents Robert Mills McDonald and Sue Eloise Altman McDonald. In 1911 they had my Grandfather who was born in Williamsburg County and his name was David Brinkley McDonald. This is all the information that we have to date. Diana Bolton

289 - SPORTS - I am interested in any information that anyone might have on the family of Benjamin W. Sports. He lived near Greelyville around the turn of the century, but I do not know how long before that time he was in Williamsburg county. He was born about 1865 and died about 1916. He had a number of brothers that also lived in or around Williamsburg county.  DON MANTHEI

290 - WEAVER / McKNIGHT -  Looking for relatives of Washington Alexander Weaver born Aug.12, 1857 died Nov 12, 1938. His wife Julia Irene McKnight born Jan 25, 1866 died Apr 3, 1935. My grandparents. My father Ernest Weaver was born in Williamsburg.  Richard Weaver

291 - CARTER / DuBOSE / FULMORE - If there is anyone researching these lines I would like to correspond with you.  Magdalen DuBose, Giles Carter, John James Carter, Harriet Carter, Zachariah Fulmore.  Also I need some background
information of the family, the area in which they lived, and such. Eleanor Williams Bradley

292 - ALTMAN - I would like informatin on the Altman families from Williamsburg. I am originally from Hemingway. Here is the only info I have: Quinton Stacey Altman married Leila Hanna one of their children Wilbur C. Altman (my grandfather) William Authur Altman  married Grace Edwards one of their children Vivian J. Altman (my grandmother). My grandparents had ten children Harriette, Faye, Richard, Sybil, (my father) William, Patricia and Priscilla (twins), Judy, Mike, and Lynn (I think they are in order.) They are from around the Hemingway and Hanna areas. I need all the info I can get.  [email protected]

293 - SNIPES / TANNER - Seeking info on the family of Charles T. Snipes, m. Celia Tanner abt 1900.
Children: Lennie, Eddie, Mary, Sulee, John Wesley and Aris Carnell SNIPES. Charles and Celia are both buried in Ebenezer Methodist Cemeter in Williamsburg, but I have no record of where the children went, or Celia's parents. I have lots of info on Charles's family to exchange.  Bill Snipes

294 - WILSON - Searching the family of David D. Wilson b. 1790 Williamsburg Co...  His youngest daughter Margaret Gotea Wilson married Captain George Pressley Anderson in 1867.  Also interested in 12 siblings. Janyce Anderson

295 - PRESSLEY - I would like to learn more about the Williamsburg PRESSLEY family.  I am particularly intereted in who stayed in Williamsburg, and who left the area and where they went.  Nancy Pressley     Pressley Family History

296 - PARKER - I'm Looking for any Information on my great grandfather . Rev. Charles Parker from Hemingway, S.C.  Hadren L. Moore

297 - NESMITH - I am trying to find information on my great-grandfather Frank Nesmith.  He was born approximately 5/1891 and death 4/1951.  He married Florrie Davis.  He had a brother named Leander.  He and his wife lived in Andrews, SC; and Walterboro, SC area, SC.  I would truly appreciate any information.   Alan Morales

298 - WEAVER - Looking for information about John McNair Weaver. Believed to be a Baptist Minister  d. 1913.  R. Weaver

299 - SNOW - My ggg grandfather, William Snow, was born in 1803 in SC (county?). Because of stories passed down, I feel he must be descended from James Snow, who freed many slaves and is on the 1790 census for Williamsburg Co. William married a Mary Clapp from Alabama and evidently lived in Madison Co. Ala for a short time as three children were born there between 1825 and 1830, at which time he moved to Graves Co. Ky, living out his life in that location. I am looking for any info on his birth, ancestors,  county born in SC, etc. I have looked a long time and am up against a brick wall. Any help appreciated.  Doloros Babbitt

300 - MOORE - Searching for info on William Moses Moore b abt 1812 md to Sarah Gunter.  They had 8 children, one of who was Psyche Drucilla Moore who married 2 mar 1861 to Benjamin Thomas Wilson. [email protected]

301 - BURGESS - Searching for info on John Wise Burgess b ca 1820 and married Clementina Anderson.  They had a son, William Refers or Reevers Burgess b 1848 who married Mary Elizabeth Britt.  [email protected]

302 - BRITT- Searching for info on Amos Britt b 1830 and Hester Morris, parents of Mary Elizabeth Britt who married in 1874 to William Refers Burgess.  [email protected]

303 - LOVELL - Searching for any info on the Lovell family from Williamsburg and surrounding counties.  Starting with Britton Hardgrave Lovell and any descendants. I have info back to the 1600's and willing to exchange info. Check out my webpage  http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/PrincessBigwhip    or email me:  Princess Lovell- Bigwhip

304 - FREEMAN / TAYLOR / McCANTS - I am looking for information on the above families.  If you have any info, please contact me. I don't have any.  Thanks ahead of time.  Ginger Goude

305 - HANNA-HARVEY - I am interested in sharing information on these families in the Williamsburg area during late 1700's and early 1800's. [email protected]

306 - VAN KEUREN - Looking for the descendants of Herbert Van Keuren of Kingstree.  I have his ancestors back to 1500s, Cologne, but the file ends with Herbert's move to South Carolina.   D G Van Curen

307 - ALTMAN - I am looking for information on my family ancesters. They lived in Williamsburg County. I know they lived in hemmingway, and I believe around Hanna area too. This is what I know. My father: William Stacy Altman, his parents
Wilbur C. Altman and Vivian J. Altman Wilbur's father was Stacy Quintus Altman born March 30,1879 died Jan.
20,1954 married Leila Hanna born Feb. 18,1882 died in 1986. Stacy's parents were: William David Altman married Hester Powell. Vivian's parents were William Aurthur Altman married Grace Edwards. That's it, if anyone can help me please contact me.  L. Martin

308 - McCANTS - Looking for info on David McCants,no birth date...died abt 1759.  Father of James McCants abt 1713-1772. David reportedly owned acreage in Williamsburg Township. Help appreiated.   Best, Bob Vaughn

309 - BROCKINGTON / SCOTT -  I am seeking information on my Grandfather and Grandmother, Antroum and Rosa (Scott) Brockington who lived in the Kingstree (Williamsburg County) SC. Date of Marriage unknown. They had 5 children, 3 girls, 2 boys.  Antroum may have been born around 1893 or earlier. Antroum was a black preacher and land owner in Kingstree.  Need to know who his father was, if he had any brothers or sisters.  His father could have been a slave.  Same information on Rosa (Scott) Brockington.  Any and all information will greatly help me to learn about my family.   [email protected]

310 - MITCHUM - Seeking to verify the ancestors of James Thomas Mitchum, who stated on his WWI Selective Service registration that he was born June 28, 1886 in Lanes, SC.  He was living in Bridgeport, CT in 1917, and died of an  accident in 1919 either in CT or SC.  The 1900 census for Williamsburg County shows a likely family group living in Hope Township.  This family consists of: Dupree Mitchum, age 35 (born Mar 1865); wife Ida, age 33 (born May 1887); son James, age 13 (born June 1886); daughter Mary or Macy, age 9 (born Aug 1890); daughter Susan, age 7 (born May 1893); and daughter Idell, age 2 (born Oct 1897). (1900 US Census, Williamsburg Co SC, ED 102, sheet 19, line 1)  Does anyone have more information on this family?  Thanks?  [email protected]

311 - McKNIGHT - Looking for a Nancy that married Alexander Mcknight as in the 1850 cenus. Her last name might be Mathews. There was a Washington Mathews staying with them at that time. In a Mathews house there was a Caty Mcknight staying there. Would like to know Nancy last name. [email protected]

312 - BRADSHAW / BARRINEAU / BARRINO -  I am looking for any information, marrigaes, wills that would help find the parents  for Daniel Bradshaw. He is listed on the Williamsburg County census for 1820. I believe him to be the son of James Bradshaw and Levinah Barrineau. His wife's first name is Sarah . He was born in SC about 1796, and moved to Alabama by 1830. I believe his brothers to be Jesse Bradshaw and Fields Bradshaw.  [email protected]

313 - MITCHUM / STONE - I am looking for any information on George K. Mitchum Family.  He married Alice Stone and had 10 children.  George was born October 1831 and lived in Williamsburg County, maybe around Lane SC.  Alice was born in Sumter District 1854.  George was in the CSA, Company C, 25th Regiment.  If you have any information for this family, I would love to share with you.  Lonne Stone Heath

314 - BULLARD / BARNHILL / POPE -  My "blank wall " is Nancy Pope 1790 Gtown. and I believe to also be mother to Marshes and Bones.  Reputed to be from old Sampson county, NC but with no support.  Wendell Barnhill Pope

315 - WILLIAMS - I am trying to find out more information about a member of my family tree. So far I have been unsuccessful in finding any information on Adella Bartlett Williams born in 1843 in Williamsburgh, SC. She was married to William Brittain Jones. I am hoping someone may have some information on her parents and grandparents, etc.... I appreciate any leads you might be able to provide.  Bob Mattox

316 - RANSON - I am searching for any information about a member of my family tree. So far I have been unsuccessful in locating any information on Susannah Ranson. She was born in 1717 and was married to Edward Plowden (1713-1762). I am hoping someone may have some information on her parents, grandparents, etc.... I appreciate any leads you might be able
to provide.  Bob Mattox

317 - NELSON - I am searching for any information about a member of my family tree. So far I have been unsuccessful in locating information about Susannah Nelson. She was married to Edward Ranson Plowden (1744-1819). I have no other information about her. I appreciate any leads you might be able to provide.  Bob Mattox

318 - McGILL - I am searching for any information on a descendant of mine. So far I have been unsuccessful in finding information on Mary McGill (1738-1765). She was married to Edward Dickey in 1761 and she dies on 4 Dec. 1765. She has a son named James Dickey in 1763. I have no further information about her parents, grandparents, etc.... I appreciate any
leads you might be able to provide on the McGill family prior to Mary's birth. Thank you.  Bob Mattox

319 - SPRING - Searching for the Henry Spring and Ollie Tanner family from the Williamsburg Co.  area.  If anyone has any info regarding this subject please email me at   [email protected]     I would greatly appreciate it.

320 - PURVIS - Would like to get information on  the purvis family name. Dottie Alexander Purvis. Thanks  Soraya Purvis

321 - GRAYSON - I found this in Strickland & Edwards "Paulding Newspaper Items 184-1861 & 1891-1894" (Mississippi), and wondered if anyone could shed some light on these people: (This is abstracted) "August 24, 1859: Mrs. Susanna W. Grayson, age 71, died on the 5th in Jones Co. (MS).  Born in Williamsburg District, SC & resided there and in Charleston....moved to Jones Co. (MS) in 1839.  Methodist.  Left a husband and two sons. April 19, 1861: John Grayson, 87, died on the 27th at his home in Jones Co. (MS).  A native of Williamsburg Dist. SC to Jones in 1839.  Methodist." Would love to here from anyone that can relate which line of Grayson's these folks belong.  Thanks! [email protected]

322 - CARAWAY - I am looking for information about John Caraway, who was born 31 Jan 1840 somewhere in South Carolina.  He moved to Elizabeth Egelkraut in Pennsylvania and had two daughters, Ella and Anna. Lance Andrewsen

323 - ARD - I am looking for imformation concerning a James Ard. He was listed at 22 years old. Enlisted in the Confederate army. He was captured. After being released , he walked all the way home which listed it as Kingstree, SC. My connection withe Ard family is that my 3rd great grandfather was James McHenry, b. 1761. His mother remarried an Ard, (James or John) They lived in Anson Co., NC, Bladen. There is a will for James Ard in Bladen Co., NC 1785 listing  a Rueben Ard. James McHenry's half-brother was a Rueben Ard  b. 1769. This James Ard I am looking for could be James McHenry Ard, named after James McHenry.  [email protected]

324 - KEELS - Jethro Keels, born in Greelyville, SC. WW1 Veteran. Contact  Elgie Keels

325 - HUGHES - I am searching for information on the parents and siblings of Herbert Gregory Hughes (b. April 4, 1887 d. August 9, 1943). He lived and died in Hemingway. His father's name was John Hughes, I believe he was also from Hemingway.  Beth Edrada

326 - BURGESS / PENDERGRASS - I am looking for information on Tyson Pendergrass, my ggrandmother. She had a son named William Burgess and the father is listed as Saul Burgess. William was born in Williamsburg Cty. on 2-16-1899. Does anyone know of Tyson or Saul and whether they had any other children besides William? Could Tyson have been the daughter  of John M. Pendergrass or Benjamin R. Pendergrass named after their sister Virtue Tyson Pendergrass Fulton who are listed in the 1850 census for Williamsburg County? Any information would be greatly appreciated.   [email protected]

327 - POPE - I am looking for info on the Pope family. My father, Glen Pope, is the son of Harris Spearman Pope and Ina Gunner Pope. His grandparents were Mary and Robert Pope, who parented Rufus, Doris, Pauline, and Kermit. There is supposed to be a Pope family cemetary located somewhere in Hemingway, SC and I'd like to know if anyone has any records on that. Thanks for any help!  [email protected]

328 - GASKIN(S) - Lewis (Louis) Gaskins born in South Carolina approx 1822.  Married Sarah Holder in Jefferson CO, Florida in 1850.  Served in Florida mounted Volunteers (?) and was buried in Pasco County, Williams Cemetery, Florida.  He had three children James David, Jackson and Eliza (Elizabeth).  James David (J.D. or Bud) married Martha D. Barnes and they have 11 children (?).  LEWIS was said to have had 5 wives over his lifetime (?).  Any information would be helpful.  Contact me at   [email protected]     or  [email protected]    thank you.  Faye

329 - McELVEEN - Searching for relatives of Daniel Fennell McElveen born in Williamsburg Co (?) between 1790 - 1830 (unsure of age).  His parents may have been Isaac and Amanda.  He married Arimenta ?? and moved to Cedar Key Florida in mid 1800's.  He had four sons: Jason Thomas, Willard, John and Laspear. Any help will be appreciated.  If you could write back at  [email protected]    I would appreciate it thanks again. Faye Smith

330 - DUKE - Seeking onfo on lost John Wesley Duke. Born about 1840-1860's.  Robert Duke

331 - BARR / EADDY / GAYMON / LEE / CANTEY - Am researching these families that were in the Williamsburg and Clarendon Counties of South Carolina. Jospeh Oscar Barr, Hattie Gaymon, Hannah Lee, these are just a few of my relatives. Any info is appreciated.My name is  Londa Barr

332 - WYNDHAM (WINDHAM) - Hi, I am looking for info on ancestors that lived in Greeleyville, name was Wyndham or Windham, cannot find them listed in the area, but knew that a great great uncle named Elias Wyndham lived in log cabin there.  Any help?  Thank you,  Renae

333 - TOBIAS - Seeking information on Alexander and Eliza Roe Tobias from SC. I don`t know what part of SC they were from, but they had 8 children: George, John, William (b. 1902), Alice (b. 1900), Susie, Joe, Loraine and Minnie Eva all born in Williamsburg, SC. If you know anything on these people please e-mail me.  Hank Tobias

334 - CASSELMAN - I am searching for all Casselmans in South Carolina and in the Williamsburg area especially. There are very few in SC and information is scarce. If anyone has information on this family and would like to exchange it with me, please contact me. Thank you. Deanna Payne

335 - MORRIS / THOMAS - I would like information on my father, Corral Bell Morris b.12/18/1898 d.6/27/1957, his father, James Isaiah Morris, and my great-grandfather, Robert Morris all from Williamsburg county. My mother, Sarah Elizabeth Thomas, and my grandmother, Caroline Thomas Cooper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Elizabeth Bowles

336 - THOMAS -  Tomas, Allen: oldest of eleven children born in the late1800's, mother's name Caroline Cooper Thomas. My mother was Sarah Elizabeth Thomas, born 1/18/1905. Other siblings were, Troy, Joe, Arthur, Elleby, Fannie, Ellen, Lona? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and my grandmother, Caroline Cooper Thomas had a brother named Henry Cooper. Thanks. Elizabeth Bowles.

337 - HAMILTON - I am searching for any information about the William R. Hamilton listed in theWilliamsburg 1810 Census. He is listed as HOH age 16-26. There is also (listed in the same family) one female above 45. I believe this may be his mother. I would love to correspond with anyone who has any information on this family. Thanks  Eileen Carter

338 - FRIERSON - I am searching for slave plantation owners with the last name Frierson from Sumter, S. C.  Judy A Flaherty

339 - ACKERMAN / SKIPPER - Looking for information regarding the marriage of Alice Skipper to Armey Ackerman around 1885.  Chris Ackerman

340 - MARTIN / SESSIONS - Looking especially for information on Francis MARTIN, who is listed with William SESSIONS on the 1790 census for Prince Frederick's Parish, Georgetown District, SC then on the 1800 census for Williamsburg Co., SC  I understand that part of Prince Frederick's area became part of Williamsburg Co.I believe this could be my long, lost 5th great-grandfather, who ended up in Amite County, MS ca. 1808.  I am also interested in these families that are on the 1790 Prince Frederick's
Parish census:  George, James, John (especially), and William James COOPER; Jane, John, Samuel Winter (especially), William, and Robert JAMES;  Peter, Stephen, William Mary, Samuel, and James JONES Zachariah MARTIN; Lewis and Daniel Ogelby; Drury, John, and Benjamin TURNER Did any of these family end up in Mississippi?  Did any other family that
was in Georgetown Co. in 1800 leave and end up in Wilkinson or Amite County by 1810 or in Lawrence Co. by 1818?  Any information will be greatly appreciated (even if it disproves my theory).  Nicole L Martin

341 - GRAHAM / COX - Would like information on the Mr. Graham that married Delia Cox born about 1852.  What his first name was and any information would be helpful.  They had Lorie, Vernie, Clifford and Lottie Graham.  Lottie married J. B.  Strickland.  Believe Delia and Mr. Graham lived out from Lake City called Graham Cross Roads.  If any ones knows where this Cross Roads is located or any information on where they are buried I would appreciate it. Thank you.  M A Cox

342 - SANDERS - Looking for any info on Peter Sanders m. Susannah ? near Black River, owned land near Black River and Indiantown in Will of 1727. Need also location of Craven and Sanders cemeteries. Where can I get record of Black Mingo Church? Any help would be great.  Debby

343 - BAYLOR / BARRINEAU - I am looking for the parents of Mary Jane Baylor (1888-1972) from Williamsburg County. She married Thomas Andrew Barrineau ( 1884-1961) also from WilliamsburgCounty.  Thanks for your help.  Bonnie Baylor Garmon

344 - KIRBY - Does anyone have information on these three (3) people listed in the 1880 Williamsburg County, SC census:  James R. Kirby, age 53;  wife Jessie, age 18; son Henry H., age 4.  All help will be appreciated.  Thanks.  Pauline Reynolds

345 - SANDERS - I'm looking for info on Peter[I] and Susannah Sanders, lived near Black River abt. 1725 and had land near Indiantown, children; Zachariah, Willaim, Peter II, Samuel, Lydia and Sarah. Peter II married Elizabeth Fishburn from Charleston. I need any info you may know and where is Craven cemetery and the Sanders cemetery, either county. Thanks,  Debby Moorer Wilson

346 - COKER - I am researching the Coker line which seems to involve Williamsburg Co., Clarendon Co. and Sumter Co.
I have been very successful with the line of Whitley Coker, 1745-1820 whose father is known as John Coker. I am interested in learning about Whitley's brother Benjamin Coker b. unknown. His son was Shugar John Coker 1829-1912 and I have done fairly well from his line to the present. Any help regarding Benjamin and his father to  move the line further back in time would be appreciated.  James W. Tinney

347 - SHERFESEE - I am trying to get any info on the Sherfesee family (spelling differs). If you can give me any information I would appreciate it.  I know Louis & Louise Gilland Sherfesee are buried in the Williamsburg Cemetary, but that's all I have.  Jean Sherfesee McCluskey

348 - LEE - Looking for information on Timothy Lee b. 1826, m. Agnes Lee b. 1833. Timothy is my ggg grandfather but I can't find out any information on him at all.  He is a dead end, I have been told that he was in CO I 26th Infantry and died in Petersburg, VA in 1864. Please help! Mascio Jan

349 - BOZEMAN - Looking for Peter & John BOZEMAN, BOSEMAN, BOSMAN, fought in Revoulationary War under General Marion. Thanks, Ben Bozeman

350 - NESMITH - Seeking maiden name and kin of great-grandmother, Phoebe Nesmith, born 1848, died March 4, 1913, buried in Friendship Methodist Church Cemetery, Nesmith, South Carolina.  Also, seeking burial place (unknown) and information of great-grandfather, James Nesmith, born 1845, died 1898.  Johni Crosland (nee Nesmith)

351 - WHITAKER - Looking for any information regarding Isaac Whitaker, listed in the 1790 Census in Prince Frederick's Parish, S.C.  Was married to Esther Bankston, daughter of Lawrence Bankston, of North Carolina.  Joanne Russell

352 - MIMS - On the 1850 Williamsburg County census, my great-great grandfather, William A. Mims is listed as 32 years old.  William had several children, one of whom was my great-grandfather, Zachariah A. Mims (born and died in Williamsburg County). I believe that our family descended from Thomas Mims in Virginia. Thomas had a son named Linah (Lionel).  I have LOTS of information on the Mims family.  I am missing roughly 100 years between Linah's sons and William A. Mims.  Jonna Mims

353 - STONE / HAZELDON / POWELL - I am looking for references to the following Williamsburg County ancestors: Austin Stone and William Stone (there before 1790), Samuel Hazeldon (after1737), and George Powell (there around 1700-1710).  Can anyone help me with this or direct me to written resources?  I am not finding any relevant material on the web. Many thanks, Marijane Osborn

354 - DAVIS - Robert who is listed in the 1810 Census records; also Davis, Samuel, in the same census.  Can someone give me any information on these two Davises? Thank you  Betty Davis Barnard

355 - ODUM - From "The Charleston Observer" 23 Jan 1836: "Departed this life on Sunday the 17th inst., Mr. John Odum, a native of Williamsburgh District, but for many years past a resident of St. John's Parish, Berkeley." This man should have been listed in federal censuses for 1820 and/or 1830, but I find no listing for him in either county. I will appreciate any info on John ODUM, any of his family members, or origins. Thanks for your help. [email protected]

356 - EPPS - I am looking for information on the Epps family. My great grandparents were Edgar R. and Margie R. Joye Epps on my grandfather's side and Thomas W. and Olga Harrington Epps on my grandmother's side. The parents of my great grandfather, Edgar R. Epps, were Mitch and Julia Evans Epps. The parents of my great grandfather on my grandmothers side were Edwin and Mary Charles McGee Epps.  [email protected]

357 - MITCHELL - Looking for any information on Sammie or William Mitchell, in Hemingway-Pamplico area.  Born between 1890-1903.  Died between 1966-1975.  Wife name Josephine.  Had a sister name Corine Mitchell Simmons born 1903, died 1979.  [email protected]

358 - MATHEWS - I am looking for any information on William Mathews.  He should have been born around 1785/95. I believe his wife was Francis ? maybe Foster.   His children were Lewis, Nancy, Rebecca, Francis, John.  They moved to Abbeville before 1830.  Tim Mathis

359 - MORRIS - Seeking information about William J. Morris (b. 1806) family.  He married Amelia Amanda Parten.  I would like any info about his parents and his children.  One of his children was Robert Sidney Morris who was my great grandfather.  Buddin

360 - McCUTCHEON / McCUTCHEN / GREEN / PARSONS / JONES - My Grandmom Mary A. McCutcheon/McCutchen-Green is searching for her Family.  She is not sure of her age or b-day.  Her parents could have been Lou Parsons-McCutcheon/McCutchen & Adam McCutchen.  Her grandparents is Nora McCutchen-Parsons & Richard Parsons.   She is in good health waiting to see her family. She also mentions these names: Mary McCutcheon, Minnie Parsons-Green, Ruth McCutcheon, Will Green, Samuel Green, Roosevelt Green, Arthur Green and Liza Green.  If any of this sound familiar please e-mail me at  [email protected]

361 - HAM / LYNCH - Looking for information.  Horatio Henderson Ham b. 1844 Effingham Twsp., Elim, SC.  Married to James Miller Courtney Baxter, b. 1853 in SC. Their children were Arthur, Fulton, Elizabeth Rebecca, Lura, roy, Lollie and Jessie.  Lodi Palmer

362 - CARAWAY / EDWARDS / FULTON / McCLELLAND / OSGOOD - I have as the end of line for my Caraway family James Henry Caraway who married Mary Love Edwards on 2 Jan 1845 in Tipton Co. Tenn.  I believe his father may have been Andrew Caraway but have on specific evidence.  I am wondering if any of your Car(r)oway  inquirers by chance have any information on my James Henry. My wife's Fulton family starts with David married to Rebecca (maiden name?) who had a son Samuel who married Christian McClelland and their son Paul married Sarah Osgood. These Fultons are all listed as being in Williamsburg and we know that this family later moved to Midway, Georgia.  We would be glad to share any information we have on these families and would particularly like to have vital statistics for all and to know if anyone know David's parent. Thank you.  Wilbur and Joyce Crenwelge , 112 Cristol Dr., Fredericksburg, Texas [email protected]

363 - ALTMAN - Do you know where I would find records of a marriage that took place in Williamsburg County in 1870 ? The marriage was between W. Dottson Altman & Martha Virginia Altman. Thank you for your help, Diana

364 - LEE / McCAA - I am searching for Needham Lee who died in 1820, and also any McCaa's that might have been in Williamsburg. O.B. McCaa

365 - BARNHILL - Jessie Emerson "Jack" Barnhill's death certificate states he was born 1/15/1891in Hemingway, SC and died 9/11/1936 in Aiken, SC. His father's name is listed as Benjamin Barnhill and mother as unknown. I would appreciate any information about this family.  Barbara DuPre

366 - OLIVER / SABB / PENDERGRASS / RILEY - I am searching for information on Peter Oliver, b. 1772, d. 1822, and wife Mary Sabb, married June 8, 1797.  Peter had son Peter Morgan Oliver who married Amelia Almira Pendergrass a daughter of Samuel Pendergrass and Sarah Riley in 1817. If anyone has info that will help me I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.  Robert Oliver

367 - COOPER'S ACADEMY - I am seeking information on Cooper's Academy (first black private school in Williamsburg County). We need historical information for a resortation project.  Regina L. Nesmith

368 - HAM / WHITE - Looking for info on Henry Ham married to Rebecca White.  Children - Daniel, Judson, Whifford, Lavinia, Horatio Henderson, Mary, Austin, etc. Horatio Ham b. 1845, d. 1925   Residence - Timmonsville, SC  lodi

369 - COX - John Richard Cox was my great great grandfather,  he moved to Morgan County Ga. and married Emily Worthy, his son, my grandfather, was Joseph William Cox. I have other information.  James W Cox, Jr

370 - BRITTON / NEWSOME - I am looking for information on Laura Mae Britton. She was born Feb 2 1878 in Williamsburg Co.  moved to Jacksonville, Fl and married Edward Clarence Newsom. She died there March 3, 1919. Thank you,  Carol Newsom

371 - CAMERON / ANDERSON - I`m searching for my g-grandparents--Morgan & Lizzie Hanna Cameron.I really don`t know much about them other than they lived in Johnsonville-Hemingway area in the 1800`s-1900`s. They had a son named William Morgan Cameron who married Nettie Anderson  of  Coward, SC.  [email protected]

372 - McDONALD - I am looking for any information on Robert Mills McDonald & his 2 brothers, Eugene & Jarvis McDonald. Robert was last know to be living in Williamsburg County when my Grandfather David B. McDonald was born. Any information at this time would be helpful. Thank you,  Diana

373 - KIRKES - Looking for info on  Robert Milton Kirkes (Kirkus) b: Apr., 1837, SC.  Place and parents unknown.  Robert m: Martha Ann Lay.  They had 9 children.  The family lived in Al, Tn, Ar, Tx and both buried in Ok.  I have reason to think Robert related to Thomas & James Kirkes.  Any info greatly appreciated. Thank you,  Peggy Kay

374 - STAGGERS - I am looking for any relatives related to the Staggers Family. My grandfather's name was John Staggers.  I'm told that he was born in Greeleyville, SC.  He later moved  to Kingstree, SC.  He married three women, each of their names was Mary.  My father's mother, Mary, my grandfather's last wife was an Indian.  My father, whose name is Edward Pearl Staggers, was born in Kingstree, SC, in 1929, I believe that he was the youngest of my grandfather's twelve children with Mary, (Indian) his last wife.  Of their twelve children, I know only of his brothers named John and James and his sisters named Alice and Luanna.  Anyone with any information about the Staggers family from Kingstree, Greeleyville, Columbia, Sumter, ect. It would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,  Princess Staggers

375 - FRIERSON - Elizabeth Margaret Frierson, daughter of William Frierson (b. Sumter district, SC) and Mary Turner Graham (b. Williamsburg, SC), married Peter B. Nelson of Sweden. Their children were Mary Jane, b. 8 Oct 1847 and Nellie Margaret, b. 12 Sept 1850. I know of William Frierson's ancestors and his other children but very little of Elizabeth Margaret Frierson. Please contact me if anyone has information about her. Ernest Serpas

376 - BARNHILL - I am looking for information on Archie Barnhill, May 3, 1902 - April, 1972 from Hemingway.  Thelma Barnhill Smith

377 - MORRIS / TANNER - Searching for a Patsy "Morris" Tanner who was raised in St. Francois Co., Mo. and moved to
Williamsburg, Co., S.C.   E.L. Holdman  Bob & Ethel

378 - THOMAS - Verley Burgess Thomas---died circa 1965 in Cades, SC.  Was married to March Thomas.  Unsure when he died. Mamie P. Williams

379 - FOXWORTH / TURBEVILLE / GUILD - Searching for my husbands Foxworth ancestors. His name is Charles Edmund Foxworth, his father, William Preston Foxworth, and grandfather Charles Preston Foxworth. Charles Preston Foxworth was married to Hannah Jane Turbeville. Her mother was a Guild. Any help would be appreciated.  [email protected]

380 - MCCLARY / THORP / THRAP / DUKE / FLUITT / CHINA -  Looking for info on these families in Williamsburg County.  Terrie Dalrymple

381 - WATTS - Searching for information about Bettie Mae Watts and family of Henry, South Carolina.  Nancy

382 - ELIM / EBENEZER / HIGH HILL - Can anyone tell me about 1st Bethlehem Baptist church. I found mention of this church in the Union Meetings of Elim, Ebenezer and High Hill Creek Baptist churches.  In the union meetings at Elim June 1830, a recording:  "Rec'd a Letter with their messenger from the 1st Bethlehem church namely Rev'd L. Jones and Jacob A. McLeod petitioning for membership into our union, who was cordially and unanimously Rec'd and invited to a Seat".  I have been told that 1st Bethlehem Baptist church may be near Olanta.  I am wondering if it still exists, did the name change to something else, or is there no trace of this church.  Wondering if there might be a church cemetery.  Also, if there might be a church record existing somewhere for this church.  Much appreciation if someone knows something. I am doing research on the Jones family from Darlington, Florence and Williamsburg District area. [email protected]

383 - WATTS - I am searching for information on Bettie Mae Watts, possibly of Henry, South Carolina.  N. Merriman

384 - MARLER - Any Information on the parents of Ithamer Marler. Born in Williamsburg in 1761. Parents names I believe were james Marler and Susan ?  [email protected]

385 - COCKFIELD / CLELAND - Looking for information on Ann Cockfield (in 1810 Census) and names of her children.  Believe she was married to a John Cockfield in 1740. Also looking for information on Cleland (or Cleveland) Washington Cockfield. Believe he was killed in Murfreesburg, TN during the Civil War.  I believe Cleland Cockfield was the father of George W. Cockfield, my great grandfather. Any information on Cockfield family would be appreciated.  MaryAnn Miller

386 - HOWARD -  Looking for any information on Howard family ,especialy on ones buried at Black Mangol Cemetary at Browns Ferry. [email protected]

387 - MARTIN - My grandfather Arthur Benjamin Martin married Blanche Martin in the early 1900's.  My grandfather's name was Jim Martin.  They lived in the Suttons area of Williamsburg County.  My grandfather married Blanche who was also a Martin.  They had 4 sons, Logan, Leon, Freddie and Daniel.  [email protected]

388 - STONE - Trying to locate the name of the parents of Will Stone and his wife Emmarentha ? Stone. Their decendants lived/s in the Johnsonville,SC area (Vox community area) that was once part of Williamsburg county.  [email protected]

389 -McCUTCHEN -I am looking on some information on the McCutchen family in the Nesmith area of Williamsburg County, S C. My great grandfather name was March McCutchen and was born in September of 1858, but uncertain whether he was born a slave or a free person. March died in July 1943. All I know is he married three times (Mary Peterson, Venus Wilson my great grandmother, and Leola Scott Cunningham my step great grandmother). He had a sister named Sara Ann, and that his father's name was Wesley. Wesley's father was Anthony McCutchen, and his wife's name was Mary Barr if I'm not mistaken. There is little known about the life of Anthony McCutchen. March's children were Dave, Wesley, Sephia (did not marry), Mary (Fulmore), Luttie (Barr), Virginia (did not marry), Emma (Gibson), Rosa (James), Hugh, Rena (Cooper), Sarah (Anderson), Ruth (James), Robert, Lillie (White). Any information going from 1858 and prior would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at  [email protected]

390 - LOWERY / BYNUM - Searching for decendants of Samuel Lowery & John Lowery who came to Lane, Sc. in early 1900's.  They could be blackfoot indian&black.  My Granddad was Dewey Lowery,Sr. who married Priscilla (Silla) Bynum in Suttons, Township around 1928?  Their Children are Dewey, Jr.(J.D.), Mellie (my mom), Ely, Archie, and Shirley,and unknown. Granddad Dewey Lowery died around 1940's in Williamsburg County.  He was a lumberjack and a tree fell on him & killed him.  Please e-mail me at  Laura Green-Salter

391 - BARRINEAU / WRIGHT / BRADSHAW - I am seeking any information on John Earthur Barrineau, Ellen Rebecca Wright Barrineau, Thomas E. Barrineau and his wife Lydia, Warren Wright and Margaret Ann Fullard Bradshaw Wright. [email protected]

392 - DENNIS - I am looking for information on Jackson Dennis who was born  in 1843.  I think he was born in Williamsburg county and his Dad was possibly Giddeon Dennis, who was about 36 yrs of age when Jackson Dennis was born.  He married Cinthia Hair and they resided in Blackville Township, Barnwell County in 1880.  I am trying to verify or find out if Jackson Dennis was a member of the Giddeon Dennis family.  I also think they were related to the Dennis clan that in later years resided in Berkley county and came there from around Lake Moultrie.  Appreciate any help.  Jackson Dennis was my Great Grandfather   [email protected]

393 - McCANTS / BRADSHAW - Searching for any connections with McCant Family to Bradshaw surname.  I think there is some connection with Hugh McCants and Pressley McCants?  Does anyone know if either of these men were married to a Bradshaw, if so it should be daughters of Samuel J. Bradshaw of Turkey Creek,   I have seen the two names of Hugh and Pressley on deeds indicating a conection to selling Bradshaw Property in 1920.  Any help appriciated. Thanks   Tim Bradshaw

394 - BARNHILL -  I am looking for any information on all Barnhill's from this area.  Thelma Barnhill Smith

395 - BLAKELY - I am looking for information on Annie Rebecca Blakeley. Born in 1892, died in 1937. She lived in Williamsburg and married William Henry Gordon. She had six children: Irene, William, Marguerite, Vernell, Harry and Samuel. If anyone has any information on this family, please let me know. Thank You,  [email protected]

396 - WOODS / WILLIAMS - I am looking for any information on the descendants of Elijah Woods, and Dawson Williams in Salters, Kingstree, South Carolina. If you can help me please supply me with any info to research. Thanking you in advance  Judy Eady

397 - MISHOE - Looking fo info on Mishoe, Charles Heyward Michau, or his father James Mischu may also be spelled Michau.any information would help. Thanks  Kyle L. Mishoe

398 - McCUTCHEN - Addie James McClary McCutchen would like to know when she passes away, am updating a family tree. Thanks  Tom Ball

399 - LEE - I am trying to find if there is anyone who has any information on a Sherod Lee, (whom I believe came from the Williamsburg Area), was found in Louisiana in the 1820 Census Records. I have not been able to find, or connect anyone  with this family. We are descended from a Sherod Lee who married Rachel Carnes in 1821 in Feliciana Parish, then moved to Hinds County, MS about 1826.  I do not know if my Sherod might be a son of the Sherod of 1820 census, but would surely like to find out.  The Sherod of 1820 census had a number of boys and girls listed, but no names that early as we all know, so can determine. Have been looking for years. Will gladly share the information I have on Sherod-Rachel Lee. Thanks, Lettie Mae Lee

400 - McCABE / WALLACE - Looking for any information about the family of Robert James McCabe (b 1853, d 1917) in the Kingstree area. I believe he married Carolina Wallace and they had a son named Robert Claude (b 1887, d 1917). Information I have leads me to believe that Robert James was a dentist. His parents are probably John Wesley McCabe and Mildred Donovant.   Cheryl Flowers

401 - PARKER / CONYERS - I am looking for any information pertaining to my family lines.  My Grandparents were Richard (Son) Parker, Born Oct. 3rd 1914 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Conyers Parker, Born Aug. 30th 1913. My Grandfather's parents were John Parker and Della Osmond Parker.  My Grandmother's parents were Junious Conyers, Born Nov. 17th 1887, and Lula Coker Conyers.  My Grandparents, (Richard and Lizzie) resided in the Barrineau Community of Williamsburg County, very near the county lines of both Clarendon and Florence counties.  I believe my Grandfather's parents also came from around the same area (Barrineau). My Grandmother's parents were from the Sandy Bay Community, near Kingstree and Cades. The cemetaries that my family rest in are Floyd's Chapel and Piney Grove. Any help, and information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.  Brian D. Rogers

402 - BURROWS - I am looking for anyone that might have known my mother or one of her siblings. She died before I became interested in genealogy and like a lot of other people didn't ask questions that I would like to have answers to now. Her name was Virginia Burrows called Gin by family, Born Sept 17, 1924 in Kingstree. Father, Wm. Benjamin, called Benny and mother was Mary Magdalene Smith Burrows. Her siblings , Robert, Pete, Johnny, Billy and Lucille. They lived in the White Oak area I think. What I am looking for is info on where they went to school, maybe some pictures, reports cards, and what their lives were like growing up in Kingstree. ANYTHING will be appreciated! I would love to have enough info to do a book for my siblings at Christmas.Thanks  Joyce Payne

403 - CAMPBELL / McKNIGHT - Would like to know if any has info on william dennis campbell who married elizbeth wright 1882 or 1883. James Robert Mcknight

404 - FILYAW / PARKER - Looking for information on the Filyaw families of Williamsburg County. Especially information about John J. Filyaw who was Married to Hepsy Parker.  He serve with the 10th South Carolina Infantry in Tennessee.  Russ Filyaw

405 - JOHNSON - Searching for Julious Johnson, b. 1 Jul 1890, killed Sept 1922, Andrews area, married to Maybell Morris. They had 4 children, Willis, Bertie, Thelon, Walker.  Parents Calvin Johnson and Sarah Poston.  [email protected]

406 - McNAIR - I am looking for my father James A. McNair.  He supposedly lived in Kingstree, SC during his earlier years.  I believe he was probably born in the 1920's.  He lived in Philadelphia, PA during 1957 & 58. Any information would be of great help. [email protected]

407 - GASKINS - Looking for information on Lewis Gaskins born 1822, his father was James Gaskins born 1798-1800.  All of our records indicate that Lewis was born in Williamsburg area.  In 1848 James & Lewis moved to Jefferson County, Florida.
Both remarried over the years and several children were born to both of them.  Lewis's brothers from Williamsburg area are William, Samuel and James. We have quite a bit of information on them after 1848 but nothing prior.  Please e-mail me at [email protected] with any information.  Thanks Vicki

409 - MITCHUM - I am seeking information on William Mitchum, born Nov.1864.The 1900 Hope Township census of Williamsburg County, shows him as being married to Mellie L. born June 1868 and them having 6 children. I would like to know what William's parents names were and what Mellie's maiden name was. Where are they buried. Any help is greatly appreciated. Benita Kinlaw

410 - CONYERS - Searching for information on Ila Mable Conyers, daughter of J.P.Conyers.  I L A was  born 1920-1922.  J.P. lived in Cades. ILA had at least two children that were adoped from the Margaret Mayfield Childrens Home. Thanks,  Dolores

411 - SHAW / MORRISS - Seeking information on ancestors William B. Shaw b. 1809 and wife Lecia H. Morriss b. 1810.  They were married in Bibb Co. GA  in 1830 and both families are believed to have miagrated from the Carolinas.  Gary Shaw

412 - BRIGMAN - Searching for information on any Brigman family living in the Williamsburg Co., SC area in the early to mid 1900s.  I have a William Henry Brigman (b. 1872 Kershaw Co., SC-d.1938 Camden, Kershaw Co., SC) who left 63 acres of timberland (located six miles west of Andrews) to his heirs.  I am attempting to figure out if William Henry inherited this land or bought this land at some point of his life.  Currently, it is unknown if he ever lived in the county.  However, there are some Brigman families found in the 1900 and 1910 Census' of Williamsburg County, SC. I am willing to share information with anyone interested.  Angela Chapman Brigman

413 - CARSON - Search for the birth records of William or Will Carson b. 1872, Williamsburg Co., S. C. in Hemingway.  Mother's name is Beanie or Beenie and one sibling, a brother that I am aware of  -- Lookie or Looky.   This is an African American family.  Any information obtained would be appreciated.   [email protected]

414 - AVANT - I am looking for information on the parents/family of Ruth Prudence Avant, who married Anthony Sweet I at some time during the 1760's or 70's. I have no information on her beyond her name and her marriage info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,  Pat Crouch

415 - McDANIEL / HARMON /SPRINGS - I am looking for any information on McDaniel/ Harmon/ Springs families in the Williamsburg S.C. area. I know that I can go back as far as James McDaniel circra 1700?  but I can't go past that.  He married Isabella Parsons and later Catherine was his second wife. Please send what you have on them.  Springs I am kin to Eliza and Elizabeth Springs who both married into the McDaniel family.   Same with Harmon.... Mary Addie Harmon married Arthur C. McDaniel.  Her Mother was Mary Eleanor Baxley and father WIlliam Henry Harmon. Would love to learn much more about them. Thanks  Kelli

416 - THOMAS - I am looking for information on my Thomas line.  My grandfather was James Longstreet Thomas, married Florida Kethner Courtney. Their children were J. Rhoueat, L. Eugene, Marion C., Willie James, Etta (she married a Graham and I' d appreciate any information on him), Velma who married L.A. Blair, Harriet (who married Wilkins (?) first and after his death, ? Scott. I'd
appreciate any information on these two men), Leon Otis (my father) who married Gwendolyn Kirton.  I believe Willie James's wife was named Dorothy.  If anyone can fill in dates of birth for these people, and dates of death and burial sites for Willie James I would appreciate it.  Does anyone know Willie James's wife's information?  Or Rhoueat's wife who was named Lillian.  She may have been from Oklahoma since they lived there and raised their children there.  If I have any information you need, let me know.  I'll be glad to
share.  Dorothy Thomas Glover

417 - GIBSON - I'm trying to find information about my grandfather, William Gibson and his family genealogy. Also my great Grandmother, Annie Cooper and her husband, Billy Cooper.  Derrick Gibson

418 - MORRIS - Seeking information about the families of Robert J Morris and Jas E Morris on 1880 census for Anderson township, Williamsburg county.  Please e-mail me at  [email protected]    Valerie B.

419 - TIMMONS / GREEN / TISDALE / FULTON - ISO information on Timmons/ Tisdale/ Green/ Fulton  All from Williamsburg county. Alice

420 - BRITT / SWAILS / FAGIN / HOWARD - ISO information on the families of Britt / Swails / Fagin / Howard, all from
Williamsburg county.  Alice

421 - McCONNELL / THOMPSON - I'm looking for any info about Rev.Samuel J. McConnell, married Idell Thompson, lived Kingstree and had children Marvin, Enoch, Ernest, James, Roy, Rhoda, Ester, and Elizabeth.  [email protected]

422 - MORRIS - Seeking information on Land Grants from the State of South Carolina for acreage in Williamsburg County, along a branch of Black River. It was granted to Eleazer Morris in 1806. Question is: where would I look for the original application for this grant?  Dorothy Morris

423 - WILSON - Am seeking information Red Oak Hill Plantation, home of Col. David Wilson, which was burned during the Civil War. It  was  located near Indiantown & Hemingway.  Wish to visit site in forthcoming  trip from California. Description of home and map of site would be helpful. Thank You,  Stephen Pace

424 - HUTCHISON / LOWRY / SCOTT - Trying to locate any information on Evander Ezra Hutchison, b 17 JAN 1823 m 05 NOV 1851 to Sarah Caroline Witherspoon Lowry, b 30 JUN 1833.  Sarah Caroline's parents were Sarah Margaret Scott, b 21 FEB 1800, d 05 APR 1844 and James Lowry, b 29 OCT 1803 d bef. 01 JUL 1839.  This information comes from the Lowry Family Bible belonging to a Mrs. Johnston in Carrollton, MS. It is believed that Evander and Sarah Caroline moved from Williamsburg Cty, SC to Carroll Cty, MS with John Alexander Burgess Lowry.  Alexander Lowery Hutchinson, Evander's son, told his grandchildren that Evander was one of 11 children but I am unable to find anything definate to confirm this.  Between Evander and Alexander, someone added an "N" to the name, changing it from Hutchison to Hutchinson.  Any information about Evander or the Lowry family is greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

424 - POWELL -  Searching for ancestors of Eleanor Carter Venters Powell.  [email protected]

425 - CALLAHAN - Three brothers: Luther, Otto and Walter. Walter married Pearl Ouida Reynolds 25 Dec 1914 Savannah,GA. Any info greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

426 - PLOWDEN / RANSON / DICKEY -   I am trying to tie my grandfather Clyde A. Plowden born 1885 (plus or minus 5 years) to the rest of the descendants of Edward Plowden I."  What I know is that my grandfather had a younger brother Miles Hampton Plowden who was born in 1905.  I suspect he is a descendant of Dr. Miles Hampton Plowden son of Edward Ranson Plowden and grandson of Edward Plowden I.  I've heard but have not had confirmed that Dr. Miles Hampton Plowden had a son Edwin Dickey Plowden who was killed in the Civil War.  And that Edwin D. Plowden had a son Miles Hampton Plowden II.  My guess is that this MHP II is my great grandfather.  If anyone can confirm this or add to my understanding, please help.  [email protected]

427 - WHEELER / FULMORE - I am looking for any information about G.C. Wheeler listed on the 1860 Williamsburg Co. Federal Census.  He was married to Jeanette Ann Fulmore and lived near Cades.  Sons listed were Jacob (by a previous marriage)11, J.W. (John Wister) 2 and J.P.(Joseph Preston) 1.  Charles Edward was born in 1862. I have read that G.C. "Coffee" Wheeler died
while in the Confederate Army at James Island.  Would appreciate any information.   Cheryl Mannon

428 - CALLAHAN - My name is Jesse Raymond Callahan. I am now seventy-eight years old and I am looking for information pertaining to my paternal grandparents. I was born in Savannah, GA on 31 January 1923. My birth certificate lists my father's place of birth as Williamsburg County, SC. At the time of my birth his age was listed as forty-three, indicating that he was born sometime in 1880. My parents were separated when I was three months old and I never met my father. His name was Walter Lee Callahan, and I believe his mother's name was Nancy. He also had two brothers, Luther Callahan and Otto Callahan. If anyone has information pertaining to this family I can be reached by e.mail at  [email protected]    All information will be greatly appreciated. Jesse Callahan

429 - PARKER - My husband's Grandparents were Eula Mae Mims Parker and William "Alfred" Parker.  We are trying to find out where they were married and when Alfred died and where they are buried.   We know Eula was from Clarendon and her parents were Ruley Mims and Hanna Thomas.    We think Alfred was from Williamsburg (Cades area) and his parents were Jose Parker and Ellen Gray Parker.   Alfred had a brother, Douley (-aka. Willie Mack Dove???). Douley married Culie Mims.  Alfred's mother, Ellen, had two
sisters (Jesse and Elizabeth) and two brothers(Russ and Robert???) Eula died 11/14/42, Alfred 3/12/39.  The information on Eula's death came from Burgess Funeral Home records.  [email protected]

430 - MOORE / GRAY / EVANS - I am searching for any information on the parents of Abraham Moore. His wife was named Mary "Polly" Evans and they lived in Williamsburg in the 1800's and had six children Robert A. Moore, Evander E. Moore, John J. Moore, Benjamin C. Moore, Mohala Moore Cook and Jemima Moore Feagin. I believe his parents were James and Jemima Moore and I am trying to establish a link to the McAllister family of which I think Jemima was related to. Please feel free to contact me with any information.  William Parker

431 - SMITH / McCLAM / TURBEVILLE - Would like to correspond with anyone regarding the following: (1) descendants of Noah Smith; arrived in Williamsburg Co. ca. 1800 (2) descendants of Solomon McClam; arrived in Williamsburg Co. ca. 1800 (3) descendants of William Turbeville; trying to prove he was grandson one of the Turbevilles who came into Kingstree/Williamsburg Co. area ca. 1733? Any help appreciated.  Jean Moore

432 - THOMPSON / EDDIE - I would like any information on Sidney B. Thompson. His wife's name was Martha Patricia Eddie.He had three sons and one daughter. One of his sons name was Robert Autley Thompson. Thank you very much for any Info you can provide.  Autley M.Thompson

433 - MORRIS / ADAMS - Seeking info on the family of Jas E Morris listed on the 1880 census for Williamsburg County.  His father may have been R.J. Morris or Maurice.  His wife may have been Janie or possibly Mary Jane Adams. Please respond to  [email protected]

434 - SUMERAL - Am looking for info. on my great-great grandmother, Margaret Taylor Sumeral. She is buried in Charleston, S.C. She was married to Thomas Jefferson Sumeral. She passed away after having had 5 children, and her husband moved to Alabama at that time, with the children, and remarried. She only has M. Sumeral on her stone. I would love to find any info. on this person!  [email protected]

435 - YARBOROUGH / MADISON - I am looking for any information on my 4th great grand parents Thomas G Yarborough born ca 1785 the 1850 census of Williamsburg Co.,South Carolina gives his birthplace of Virginia, he married Nancy (last name unknown) Thomas and Nancy lived in Williamsburg Co from 1820 to 1860 they lived in the area of Coward, Scranton and Lake City which was then in Williamsburg County but now that area is lower Florence. Thomas G and Nancy must have died between 1860 and 1870 in Williamsburg Co. it is believed they died during the Civil War and is buried in unmarked graves on or near their home. Their children was (my 3rd great grandfather) Needham Madison b 1812 in North Carolina married Rebecca Wright, William married Hanna Jordan, Mary married William J. Miles, Rebecca, John (killed in Petersburg, Va in the Civil War) married Esther, James married Elifair, Elijah married 1st wife Rosiah and 2nd wife Julia Jones all lived in the Williamsburg area. If you have any information on this family please let me know as I have been looking for information on my GGGG Grandparents Thomas and Nancy for years and have run into a wall.  [email protected]

436 - FULMORE - Seeking info regarding the Fulmore family from Cades, SC.  I know that John Cades  Fulmore was born in Robeson, NC (1793), was buried near Cades, SC in 1839. He married Janett Cooper Graham.  He had a son named Zachariah (1833-1880) who was married to Harriet Carter.  Zachariah's daughter was Harriett Viola Fulmore (1866-1926), she married Asbury H. Williams. My great-grandfather was known to us as Rich Fulmore (most likely Richard McBride Fulmore).  Rich had a mulatto son with the same name, who was my grandfather. I seek  more info regarding my great-grandfather and his parents/ancesters.  There are still white and black Fulmores living in the Cades/Lake City/Kinsgstree, SC area today. Help! R. Davis  Please reply to  [email protected]

437 - KNIGHT / CHANDLER / THOMAS -  I am looking for information on my gg grandfather, Davis Beauregard Knight b. July 2, 1861 in Florence Co, SC and Leatha Edriel Chandler b. Abt. 1862. Their children: Martha Eva Knight b. Nov 9, 1880; James Daniel Knight b. Jul 26, 1882; my grandfather, Samuel Davis Knight b. Apr 3, 1884 m. Apr 19, 1905 Nina Thomas b. May 7, 1882; Grover Cleveland Knight b. Nov 29, 1885; Mary Olivia Catherine Knight b. Sep 10, 1887; Nelson Fitzhugh Knight b. Feb 25, 1889; John Thomas Knight b. Oct 28, 1890; Eunice Blanche Knight b. Apr 14, 1893; Nannie Bethea Knight b. Dec 19, 1894; Bertie Bryant Knight b. Jul 26, 1897; Nellie Rosalee Knight b. Aug 27, 1899; Dwight Moody Knight b. Aug 30, 1901; Coke Carlisle Knight b. May 10, 1903; Edriel Knight b. May 29, 1905. They were known to be in the Kingstree/Lake City area around 1900.  [email protected]

438 - MILES - 1810 shows Miles families in the above county, Seeking parents of John Miles born august 6, 1811, S.C. John Miles gives this info in the 1850 census of Appling Co., Ga.  Any Help appreciated. Tommy Miles

439 - BURROUGHS / BURROWS  -  Seeking information on Tom (Thomas) Burroughs/Boroughs? from Williamsburg, SC. Married Sarah Cribb. Children that I am aware of: Thomas Alexander, born in 1874 in Williamsburg; Sarah Elizabeth ( who married Jim Altman); maybe a Noah, and a John Burroughs/Boroughs? Thomas Alexander married Dora Jane Goude. Thomas Alexander died in 1923. Any info, please contact me at  [email protected]    Thanks.

440 - BRAXTON - Trying to find info on Charles Braxton and Bell Wise Braxton, lived in Greeleyville. They had two children that I know of Nancy Braxton Mitchum my grandmother and her brother Julius Braxton he lived in Columbia for most of his life. Nancy Braxton was born in the 1890s she married Slyvester Mitchum they also lived in Greeleyville. [email protected]

441 - BARRETT - Looking for information on William Barrett father of Samuel W. Barrett born abt. 1783-SC. Another source lists Samuel as the father of M. M. Barrett (b.abt. 1813-SC) & C.P. (b.abt. 1817-SC). M.M. died in MS abt. 1859. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks. Cathy Melson

442 - SHAW / BROWN / PENDERGRASS - I am an afro-american looking for information on the above three family surname.  My family is from Williamsburg County in Kingstree, SC.  My paternal grandfather was named Jo Shaw who was married to Luvenia Frasier and later remarried ?? and later moved to Scranton, SC. He had two children, Louis and Reuben Shaw by his first wife and later a daughter by his second wife. My maternal grandfather was named Cloe Brown who married Itlean Pendergrass  in the early 1900's.  After Itlean's death he married Irene Bradley.  He and his first wife had two children Elizabeth and Alethia Brown before 1925.   Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

443 - MORRIS - Seeking info on the family of "Janie Adams" (possibly Mary Jane) who married Jas. Morris and resided in Williamsburg County in the 1880's.  [email protected]

444 - DENNIS - I am still trying to determine if J.W. Dennis Born in 1843 is also Jackson Dennis.  J W Dennis was listed as a son of Giddeon Dennis in the 1850 Census. I really need to know since he was my Freat Grandfather and qwas residing in Blackville Township of Barnwell County in 1880. However, that county shows no records of him being born there. I do know that in 1850 very few Dennis familys were located anywhere other than in the Cross, or Pinopulos, S. C. Area  that was flooded.  So they all had to be from the one Dennis that was in Georgetown  (John Dennis) in the late 1790's. I think he was listed as the first Dennis in the state of South Carolina.  Any help that you could obtain as to what relation was Jackson Dennis to General Edward Dennis who was born just across the county line in what is now Berkely county in 1844.  Thanks for listening and if you could help, I would appreciate it very much.  [email protected]

445 - COOPER - Cooper, William J. - I am looking for information regarding this persons family.  He went by the nickname of "Sharper" and was born about 1822.  One of his sons was Benjamin Phillip Cooper, my great Grandfather.  Both lived in Williamsburg County, Sutton township between the Black and Santee Rivers.    B.P. Cooper was born in 1849.  I am especially interested in finding W. Coopers father/Mother and any brothers he may have had. Thanks.   Jon Cooper

446 - STAGGERS - I am trying to find information on the Staggers family of Williamsburg County, S.C. I'm especially trying to determine the name of the father of William Staggers and the maiden name of his mother, Anna Barbara Staggers.  I have been searching for this information for 20 or 30 years and have just hit a brick wall.  Any help would be so greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

447 - EPPS / FRIERSON - Trying to trace Daniel Epps (b. 1775 d. 4/14/1829) who died in Williamsburg County, back to his birthplace in Virginia. Daniel married Martha Frierson. Daniel was the son of John Epps and Susan Epps. I have no dates on John or Susan.  Ed Epps

448 - LEE - I am trying to find information on Greenberry Lee and Eley Lee who were brothers, born in 1800 and 1799, Eley in Williamsburg, S.C. (possibly in part which became Marion or Liberty counties) They were connected with Putnam Co. Ga. (formed 1807) and Fairfield Co., S.C. and as young adults migrated to Covington County Alabama via Montgomery in the 1820s and 1830s. Family legend is that they were part of a huge wagon train of Lee relatives who went on to Mississippi, including brothers Zach and Johnny.  Thank you for your help.   John Lee    212-580-0574

449 - MITCHUM / GOINS / BARRINEAU - Seeking information on these families and their connections to each other from Williamsburg Co. (Kingstree and/or Greeleyville areas) Thomas Barrineau who married Lydia Ann Goins; Thomas Mitchum who married Sara; and Jeremiah Goins who married Edy Lucas. Thank You.  Linda

450 - BRAXTON / WISE - Trying to find info on Charles Braxton and his wife Belle Wise, they lived in  Greeleyville they had 2 children that I know of Nancy Braxton my grandmother married to Sylvester Mitchum and Julius Braxton any info would be helpful.  [email protected]

451 - BARRINEAU / GOINS - Sam Barrineau (my Luther Thomas Barrineau) Sam is his father I have no info on him or his parents, he married Rena Goins her parent are Fredrick Goins and Susan Barrineau ( Susana parents Thomas Barrineau & Lydia Goins) Fredrick Goins parents Madrey Goins & Lavincy Tucker. My moms parents Sylester Mitchum & Nancy Braxton (Nancys parents Charles Braxton & Belle Wise)  [email protected]

452 - MILES / GAMBLE / DYSON - Looking for information on my great grandfather, Madison Miles, of Clarendon County.  He was the father of Benjamin Miles who was the father of Herman Miles (my father). Madison had two daughters, Mamie and Hattie Belle. Herman was born in 1915 in Hartsville. Madison's middle name may have been Cleveland and wife's name may have been Sarah.  Also looking for parents of Mary Valentine Gamble  who married Lewis Dyson (my father's maternal grandparents).  My father's mother's name was Virginia Ella Dyson.  Herman Miles married Alease Thomas, daugther of James Henry Thomas who was married to Sulee (Susan) Ernestine Moore. (I don't have any information on  her parents).  James Henry's father was named Daniel Pinkney Thomas and mother may have been nicknamed "Poss". [email protected]

453 - MATTHEWS / SMITH - I am seeking info on family of Alexander Matthews b.1773 wife Elizabeth ?. They had a son Daniel b.1825 Williamsburg Co, SC wife Sarah ?. They had a son Adam b.9-14-1856 Williamsburg Co, SC wife Julia Smith. Adam, Julia & family moved to Thomas Co, GA. Any info will be appreciated very much.  Mitzi Migura

454 - HUGGINS / PARKER - I am looking for information on the family of W.S.A. Huggins (b. ca 1832 in SC), his wife, Fanny (b.ca 1839 SC), children: Emily E. (b.ca 1863), John W. (b. ca 1869), George S. (b. ca 1872), Hampton R. (b. ca 1873), and Fanny O. (b. ca 1878).  In the 1880 census a niece, Henrietta H.H. Parker (13) was also living with the family. My great-grandfather was John W. Huggins (24 May 1869 SC - 24 Apr 1893 FL). He married Sallie Cahoon in FL and had one child, John A. (b) 1892.  He was killed in a mill fire. The 1880 US Census only has two John W. Huggins born 1868-69.  I have accounted for the one born in 1868 in the 1900 Alachua Co., FL census, so I hope this one in the Lake area, Williamsburg Co., SC is mine. I would love to contact someone is this family for more information. Thanks.  Judy Nacke

455 - BARRINEAU / McKNIGHT - Need info on gr-grand parents Tom Barrineau married to Mary McKnight they had the following children; Sam (my grandfather) Willie, john, Tuddie, Susan, Margie. I don't have the married names on the women.  [email protected]

456 - SHAW- Searching for family of Mose and Harriet Shaw from Kingstree S.C. married in the 1800 were slaves of a man name Henry D. Shaw any information on this family please.   [email protected]

457 - GARRETT / GOINS - Seeking info on my gr-grand mother Marry Garrett married to Fredrick Goins. They had two daughters, Mary died giving birth to her second daughter. Fred Goins and his second wife Susan Barrineau raised my grand mother Rena Goins who married Sam Barrineau, some of the family raised Rena's baby sister. Any info on her would be helpful.  [email protected]

458 - BURGESS / MOOTY - I am looking for information about my great great grandmother Laura Elizabeth Burgess.She was born in 1862 in Mouzons, Williamburg Co. SC.  I am not sure about this information but I think her father was Captain William J. Burgess, who was married to Jane Epps in 1854. When she died, he married Laura Smith around 1864.  She might be related to the Kennedy family of Hebron or Kingstree.My grandmother also went by the nickname of "Mitt". She married William Harrison Mooty in 1887 in Palatka, Florida. Any information would be helpful. Thank you Maria Villecco

459 - McCUTCHEN / SCOTT  -  I'm a McCutchen descendant.  My mother's maiden name was Scott and her married name was McCutchen.  Both parents were born and raised in Kingstree / Andrews / Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  This is my first time ever really attempting to research family history.  Any info would be appreciated. [email protected]

460 - BURROWS - Searching for any information on Thomas Burrows, b. between 1820-1830, in Williamsburg, SC; married Sarah Cribb, daughter of Noah and Martha Cribb, of Georgetown. Three children were Sarah Elizabeth Burrows, b. July 25, 1863, Thomas Alexander Burrows (Burroughs), b. 1874, in Williamsburg, and Mary Jane Burrows, b. abt. 1859. Two more children may have been a Martha Burrows, and a John Burrows. Thomas and Sarah lived in the Marion District around 1860, but moved back to Williamsburg by 1870. Any info. would be helpful. Please contact me at  Brenda Johnson

461 - GIBBS / GOINS - Seeking info on Levina Gibbs daughter of Lavicy Goins and Tunker Gibbs. Want to know who she married and names of any children, where they lived.  [email protected]

462 - PLAYER - Looking for relationship to Deputy Lucius M. Player, born Wmsburg county Nov.1873 died Newberry county June 2, 1926.  [email protected]

463 - MARLOW / SANDERS - Searching for information on Henry L Marlow and  Mary A Sanders. He was a resident of Johnsonville, Williamsburg District. He enlisted at Whites Bridge, SC. Unit: company E, 10 SC Infantry. Jimmy Martin

464 - GOINS / BARRINEAU - Looking for info on Levina Goins she was posted on my grand fathers death posting as his mother. My grand father was Sam Barrineau married Rena Goins.His parents was posted as Tom Barrineau and Levina Goins her maiden name might have been Gibbs. Two sisters Tunnie (Viola) Barrineau-Dennis and Margie Barrineau-Dennis. One brother John Barrineau.  [email protected]

465 - WARD -  CARRIE,  Looking for previous last name or maiden name of Carrie Ward (May 14, 1912 - August 2, 1990).  We are searching for info on my grandmother who was born in NC, but has not been heard from in 40 years.  Our Carrie was born on May 14, 1912 and her maiden name was Bean..  At one time she was married to Ira/Ivie Lane.  Please email me at [email protected] with any infomation.   Thank you for your help.   Karen

466 - BRADLEY - I am seeking Info. on Ida Isadora Bradley.  I would also like to find out what  Ida's maiden name was since I have no record of it.  According to the 1910 Census for Williamsburg County, SC, she was the wife of Moses Bradley and there was 7 children at that time.  Estelle (10), Lonie (9), Bennie (6) , Utsie (4), Esther (3), Etta (2), and  Pearlise  (1).  Ida died in Kingstree, SC  on January 26, 1926.  Rectava is listed as living in the household as the mother-in-law to the head of the house, but her last name is also listed as Bradley. I would appreciate any information I can get. [email protected]

467 - FRIERSON - I am looking for information on slave owned by the Frierson families in Williamsburg District.  Specifically, I am looking for information on Richard/Dick Frierson.  He was a slave, who according to the 1880 census was born in 1820.  Information on a woman named Mariah Jackson? born 1864 or Amanda born 1845 would also be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

468 - BROOM - Looking for info on William D Broom a son of Melius Broom Senior and brother to John Broom the father of James the third Govenor of Florida. When did he die and where is he buried and who was his wife and children. He is supoposed to have cam from N.C. to the Sumter and Williamsburg county area.  Doyle Broome

469 - DOUGLAS - Looking for any information for Snow Dell Douglas, who married another Douglas, Fletcher William.  Their children:  Edith, James (Buck), Gertrude, Runell, Lutherine, David O'Quinn, and Ernestine.  Snow Dell died while in her 30's and Fletcher remarried to a woman named Emma.  Appreciate anything. Catherine Saunders

470 - GEWINNER - Napoleon Gewinner was born in Kingstree, SC in 1857 and earned his MD in 1879 from the Medical College of SC by practicing with Dr. J.S. Brockington of Kingstree. If you have any info on the Gewinner family let me know. Robert Strauss

471 - McALLISTER - My great grandfather was Andrew Vincent McAllister, born Oct 1820 I beleive to be in Williamsburg County, SC.  Other associated names were Hugh Gaston McAllister (McCallister), William and Charles W. who later went to Georgia (Vidalia area) and then over into Alabama.  Andrew Vincent McAllister came to Barbour County, AL and married Nancy Jane Lawless in 1849.  They had a large family and all the above names came on down to Dale County, Alabama then into Geneva County and that part that used in forming Houston County in 1903.  I would like to hear from anyone connected to these names who would like to exchange data.  Thanks! S. Maurice McAllister

472 - FLOYD - I am looking for birth records of William Cecil Floyd born to Aline and Jack in Georgetown, S.C. in May of 1952 at Georgetown Memorial Hospital. [email protected]

473 - SCOTT / GREEN / McCOTTRY / OWENS -  My family began in slavery and I'd like to know as much as possible to help my children know about their origins.  My maternal grandmother Lucile(or Lucille) McCottry was born around 1900 in Kingstree to Julia Scott/Green.  She was African-American/American Indian descent.  I believe Cherokee or Blackfoot.  No one alive today seems to know.  She had brothers but I only know of Ben.  My maternal grandfather James McCottry was born Dec 25, 1899 to Robert and Rinter McCottry (formerly Rinter Owens).  He had sisters Mary and Ollie brothers unknown. Lucille and James McCottry lived at 525 E. Main St before moving to 509 Lexington Ave where they lived until death. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Al Wilson

474 - BYRD - I'm looking for information on Alice Byrd. She married Sidney Blakley. Their  child's name was Annie Rebecca Blakley, who was born in 1892. She married William Henry Gordon. I'm looking for the parents of Alice. If anyone has information on this family, please let me know. Tonya

475 - BARRINEAU - My name is Harry Barrineau, Tifton,Georgia. My dad and mom moved from S.C.in late 1800s. My father was William Byron Barrineau and married Adra Barrineau. My dads father was E.G. (Ebenezer Gibson (Barrineau). My sister and I have been looking for granddads burial site. The 1980 census showed sandy grove township. He owned a farm in Clarendon county near Williamsburg county. He entered confererate army with his four brothers in Williamsburg county. His obit showed New Zion. Any help will be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

476 - GIST - Looking for birth and death dates of Edna Rice Gist. She was my aunt living a few doors across the street from the Baptist Church in Greeleyville, SC.  She was married to "Gabe Gist"  She died in Greeleyville in middle-late 50's or early 60's and was buried in a cemetery around Greeleyville.  Anyone knowing about this information, please contact Robert Still in San Antonio Tx. by mail at 8633 Datapoint #225, San Antonio, Tx. 78229, or via e-mail at [email protected]

477 - KIKER - Searching for the mother of robert  cleveland kiker. he was born in June 16, 1887 in Greeleyville S. C. [email protected]

478 - FRIERSON - My Great, Great Grandfather, William Graham Frierson, who was born near  Pudding Creek, SC in 1830 and later moved to Pasco County, Florida after the  Civil War; I would like to find any information about his ancestors and when they settled in SC.  Vera Ferne Brady Harper

479 - MOORE - I seek information on Redding Moore (about 1785 - Sept 1849) he was born in NC. He had a son, Samuel (1807 - 12/18/1880). Samuel married Judith Hicks (1807 - 11/23/1881) before 1806. They had 7 children. Can anyone answer, who was the father of Redding?  Who was the first wife of Redding (Samuel's mother)?  Any information on this family? Harold

480 - OLIVER - I am seeking info on Peter Oliver b- 1772 d- 1822 and wife Mary Sabb, Morgan Sabb and info on either family. Williamsburg, Clarendon, Orangeburg Counties. After Mary Sabb died Peter later married Mary Greenland and Amelia Addison. Robert Oliver

481 - SMITH / COOPER - I am looking for information about my gggrandparents.  I may be asking too much and I may be asking the wrong county, I do not know.  All I know is: John (Jon) Smith was born 1810 in South Carolina. Agness Cooper is wife was born Abt 1809 in South Carolina, they married and started a family there. John fought in the Florida Indian War with the Seminoles. Just after that war they moved to Cherokee Co., Georgia and lived there until 1856, they then moved all their family to Texas.  I do not have any of the siblings of either of them, if any one has any information that would help, I would be very grateful.  I am disabled and homebound in Texas and only do research on the internet. Roy Smith

482 - JOHN ANDERSON - Descendants - Looking for any info on family of John Anderson, (wife Ann) from Scotland with
brother David before 1737. Children: John Jr., William, Hannah, Mary, Ann, and especially on Joseph b. 7 Apr 1764, d. 23 Oct. 1823. [email protected]

483 - BELLFLOWERS - I am still seeking and researching any/all information  regarding the family name--Bellflowers--.  Seek info on the ancestors and decendents of Herman and Jessie William Bellflowers from Johnsonville, SC.  I will return all info I find to any interested party. Please call me at  (907) 356-1504 or e-mail me at [email protected]

484 - DORSEY / GREEN / MCGEE / WHITE families from Dorseytown in Nesmith. I have historical and geneaological information and would love to share it.  However, does anyone know of any caucaison White & McGee families were of Nesmith?  Tanya Jones   see website Elvirachildren

485 -BARRINEAU - Seeking info on a Eliza J. M. Barrineau b.1887. Found on the 1900 census for Clarendon County Mt. Zion Township. She was living with her father Tom Barrineau no mother listed. Brothers John and Sam (My grand father) sister Viola. They lived at one time in Hope Township Williamsburg County. Tom shows back up on the 1910 census for that area but without his children living with his daughter Margie and her husband Ed D. Dennis. Any info would be helpful. [email protected]

486 - LIFRAGE - I'd like to post a request for information on the earliest land holdings of the Lifrage family around Salters.  The earliest relative that I have traced, William Lifrage Sr., was born about 1748.  Also of interest would be a map showing the original parcel or later subdivisions.  I have heard the old farmhouse referred to as "Deep Sink", would anyone have any knowledge of this name or the history.  I remember that an old two story farmhouse around the corner from Salters Depot was torn down in the 1970s, does anyone recall this? Shawn Lifrage

487 - DIAL / FINLEY - I am seeking information on Thomas Dial, born Williamsburg District, S.C. He married Christina Finley (?) before 1768 in Williamsburg, S.C. His father was Thomas Dial, born 1719. Her father was Robert Finley, possibly from Williamsburg also. R. Smith

488 -MATTHEWS / SMITH - Am seeking info on family of Alexander Matthews b. 1773 NC, d. SC, m. Elizabeth ?. They had a son Daniel Matthews b. 1825 Williamsburg County, SC m. Sarah ?. They had a son Adam Matthews b. 9-14-1856 Williamsburg County, SC m. Julia Smith. Moved to Thomas County, GA. Any help will be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

489 - COVAN / GRIER - I am looking for Elizabeth Covan Grier's father, she was born abt 1800 and married James M. Grier. Her mother was Mary Ann Tillman and her father was a Covan, first named unknown. I would like to know his name and orgin. Mary

490 - WHITEHEAD - I am looking for any information on the parents Thomas Benjamin Whitehead dob.02/07/1882 and married Annie Bradshaw from neighboring Georgetown County. Christina Whitehead Beckmann

491 - McMILLIAN - I'm looking for Thomas Jasper McMillian, I b. 1818. He lived in Charleston and Florence, SC; was married 3 times with the first wife being Elizabeth Charles Patrick, daughter of James B. Patrick; the second wife is unknown and the third wife was Julia LaMotte.  Any help would be appreciated.  Sue Johnson

492 - RHODUS - Looking for any information on the Rhodus family of Williamsburg Twp.  Tony

493 - SIKES - I am searching for info on Mahala - Malaha - Malahey Sikes.  She was listed as widow in the 1820 Wmsbg, SC census with children - William, John W, and Richard Sikes.  Looking for her unknown husband or her maiden name.  Any help is very much appreciated. Iris Sykes Downey

494 - PURVIS - I'd like any information you might have on Willie Purvis, born April 13, 1903 and died February 1977. He resided in the city of Lane in Williamsburg County. I would also like to know who his father was. I don't know where he was born; he's my great grandfather.  [email protected]

495 - GAUSE - I am researching John & Martha Gause/Gaus/Goss.  John was born abt. 1800 and first shows up in 1840 Williamsburg Co., SC census. Children were Robert A., Sarah, Susannah, William Nelson, Martha Ann (m. Samuel Madison Benton), John Robert and Mary M. (m. Dick Matthews).  John was the father of the majority of the Gauses now in Williamsburg and Florence Counties, SC.  He is said to have come to America from Ireland as a young man. I have over 1000 names related to this line. Would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.  Will gladly share what I have.  [email protected]

496 - JOHNSON - I am looking for any information about Collins Jefferson Johnson born 1897 Kingstree, SC  [email protected]

497 - MITCHUM / BARRINEAU / GOINS - Trying to find info on Lorena Mitchum. She married William Barrineau was son of Tom Barrineau and Lydia Goins. They marries some time around the 1896. maybe. William and Lorena had the following children. Eugine b. 1897, Cora b. 1899, Mabel b. 1903, George b. 1906, Annie b. 1908. They lived in the Greeleyville area. [email protected]

498 - MILLER / MORRIS - Does anyone in the Miller family have record of a Miller girl marrying Eleazer Morris? c. 1800?  Dorothy Morris

499 - MOORE -  I am researching the Moore family of Williamsburg, South Carolina. I am looking for any information on who the parents of Abraham Moore or his wife Mary "Polly" Evans may be or where they came from. Abraham and Mary had the following 6 children Sarah Ann Mahala Moore Cook, Jemima Moore Feagin, Robert Abraham Moore, Evander E. Moore, Benjamin C. Moore and John J. Moore. Benjamin Moore was married to a Agnes Evans and then to a Hannah Sophronia Gray, daughter of Alexander Gray. I am descended from Benjamin Moore and Sophronia. Please feel free to email me if you have any information that may help in my research. I will be glad to share what I have.  William Parker

500 - COX - Looking for information on Thomas R. Cox.  I believe his date of birth to be January 1846, according to census records.  He was born in NC, don't know where, and moved to SC.  I have records on him from SC, but trying to trace him backwards.  I have census information from Williamsburg County from 1880 that lists Thomas R. Cox (age 34) married to Nellie (age 33) with children Roberson (8), Lottie (6) and Alvin (2). They lived in Williamsburg County, Kingstree (city).  If anyone can help, please contact me at  Christine Cox

501 - SIMMONS / PEARSON - I am the great-great-grandaughter of Jenkinson Simmons and Behula Simmons (Pearson is her madien name). I am  seeking the location of their parents or grandparents. I would like to know which plantations they were owned by.  Jenkinson died in 1968 and Behula 1971. Any information would be helpful or guidance. Thanks! [email protected]

502 - TAYLOR / MOUZON - Seeking information on William Henry Mouzon II and Susannah Taylor and her parents Samuel and Ann Plowden-Taylor. Samuel and Ann had two sons John and Edward. The information suggested that all mentioned lived in Williamsburg County in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Other families that might have had tied with the Taylor families are: The Gordon Family; White Family; China Family;Robinson Family. These names have been used in my family: Gordon, Edward, Samuel, Mouzon. Any information will be appreciated.  Murray Taylor

503 - WILDER - Searching for information about my Grandmother.  Her name was Janie A. Wilder she was born in Andrews SC on October 14, 1900.  I need to prove lineage by either a copy of a birth certificate or a copy of her listed in the 1910 census.  Her father was Theopholis N. Wilder born in Andrews SC in January of 1850.  Lyle Nelson

504 - RODGERS - I am looking for any information on a Shederack Rodgers found on the 1830 Williamsburg Dist., SC Census.  He is listed as being 20-30.  If this is the man I hope he is, I have much I can share on him.  Nancy Meissner

505 - WEST / MARTIN - Searching for information on Joe West married Lula Martin also called Rabbit anyone with information please get in touch. Connie

506 - GAMBLE - Looking for any info on John Gamble and wife Jane (last name unknown) who lived in this area in late 1700's and after. Their son named James Alexander Gamble born January 1784. No info on any other children. John came from Ireland but do not know when. He must have died and be buried in that area. His son James Alexander Gamble moved to Mecklenburg County NC when grown but think his father and mother had either died or stayed in SC.  [email protected]

507 - DEDICKE / DEAS - Do you have any information on a Alfred Dedicke-or Ruth Deas. They were married in Williamsburg county early 1900's. Mike Dedicke

508 - PROSSER / EADDY - I am looking for any information about William Prosser. He was born around 1778 died Feb 7 1856. His wifes name was Sarah Eaddy born March 1 1790. Any information will you please send to me. I mostly need where he was born and his parents name. Thank you. Pam

509 - TAYLOR - Looking for a Pudding or Puddin Swamp Cemetary on the Black River.  My great-uncle John Taylor was buried there in the early 1900s.  [email protected]

510 - BROCKINGTON - Need info on Philip Brockington  b.  1831  and wife Peggy b. 1842.  Della Smith

511 - RITCHIE - I am looking for any Ritchie family member that has ancestors in Wilcox County, Al.  My gggrandmother Ann E. Ritchie was born in Williamsburg County, SC July 5, 1813.  My ancestors came through her husband James B. Cone in Wilcox County, Al. Looking for relatives of Ann E. Ritchie born in Williamsburg, SC on July 13, 1813.  Ann moved to Wilcox County Al and married James B. Pharr.  They are my GGGrandparents. Looking for relatives of Carters that moved to Clarendon County SC. Shirley Carter

512 - CASEY - I am researching and recording my family history.  My great grandparents on my mother's side were Richard (Dick) and Diana CASEY who lived in Lane, SC.  Richard and Diana were both alive on the 1910 census, and Diana was alive on the 1930 census.  They had 18 children so i am told. Some of the children's names are: Victoria, Christian, Nelson, Jane, Emily (Aunt Honky), Solomn, Minnie, Martha, Doley, Joe, Ben, Anna, Louisa, Inca, and my grandmother Essie.  I am seeking any information available, and would love to find any family member also doing research.  If you recognize any of the above names as your grandparant, great grandparent, or relative and would like to contact me, please contact me at   [email protected]

513 - GRAHAM - I am looking for information on a Jeff Graham prior to 1900.  I have a census form on him dated 1900 with the names of my grandfather listed, Frank Graham. I am looking for the parents of Jeff Graham.  On the census form for Jeff Graham married to Ellen (Jones) Graham  the census states Mingo Township.  Vera Alford

514 - LACY - Looking for any information on either a William Lacy or Joseph Lacy that may have lived in Williamsburg County South Carolina about 1800-1830. Carl and Deb Lacy

515 - JOYNER - Need info on, Robert T. Joyner, b. Oct 24,1834 d. Dec 1893. Wife was Elizabeths Wiggins Joyner, b. Apr 13, 1843 d. Mar 30, 1903. They are buried at Lake City, SC cemetary. I need info, who was Robert's mother and father, and who was Elizabeth Wiggins' mother and father, I am the ggrandson of the Joyners. Thanks for any info. Bill Rogers

516 - LYNCH - Looking for info on LUCY T. LYNCH b. March 1872., daughter of Jason Lynch & Hester. Jason's parents were Jason (Jackson) Lynch & Julina (Julia) Harper. [email protected]

517 - COCKFIELD - Josiah COCKFIELD was my 3rd.-gr.-grandfather.  I am looking for links backward from him.  I think he was married to Hannah SINGLETARY in 1807. (He died in 1839.)  I know where his sons went in Louisiana.  He is said to have had at least one brother.  Any help appreceiated. Patricia Kerr

518 - LOCKLAIR - Any information in regards to Esseline Locklair of Timmonsville. [email protected]

519 - BRAXTON - Searching for any information in regards to Levy A Braxton or any family members. [email protected]

520 - JEFFERSON - looking for information on William (b.1828 in N.C.) wife was Chloe, and children F. b.1845, Robert b.1848, Major b 1849, Delphi b 1851,  Mary b 1855, Joseph b 1857, Sarah b 1859, and Samuel b 1861. Martha Strader

521 - MICHAU - Searching for any information about Plowden Thomas m. Sarah Michau in Georgetown around 1880.  He was born about 1865 in Williamsburg. He died in SC and Sarah and the 3 children, Lonzo, Jessie, and Daniel Malcolm, moved to AR.  Don't know the date of his death, don't know who his parents were.  I wonder if his mother was a Plowden? I'm not even sure if that is his first name. [email protected]

522 - McCONNELL – Thomas McConnell, died 1801, buried in Presbyterian Cemetery in Kingstree, Williamsburg County.  I have his children as Catherine, John H., William P., James Blakely, Samuel S., Thomas M. and Robert C.  The father, Thomas, was married to Mary Blakely in Charleston on April 6, 1774.  I am hoping to get some additional confirmation of the names of these children or other useful information.  Thomas M. is almost certainly my great-great-grandfather who married Jane Pressley Zuill Clarke.  Jane’s original Clarke husband, a physician, died about 1830 and she remarried Thomas M. who was a good bit older than her.  Any ideas from anyone?  I have already bought out the publications of the Williamsburg Historical Society. Tom McConnell

523 - La FONG - Would appreciate any data on Coats La Fong in Williamsburg Co., S.C.,  I think he died between the year 2000 or 2001. Jean Blanche

524 -  ARTHUR / FRIDAY - Am searching the William E. Arthur and son Wm Arthur families who were on the Williamsburg Safety Council and removed to Saxe Gotha c.1770.  Peter Gold 4865 Rainbow Drive, Rainbow City, Ala. 35906.

525 - McLELLAN / SCOTT -  I am seeking any information I can get on Daniel McLellan b. abt 1846 Williamsburg Co. SC d. 1913 Marion Co., SC and his wife Sivial (Sivil) Scott b. Sept 16 1840  Williamsburg Co., SC  dau of Winifred Scott and Mariah Graham d Nov 02 1919 Marion Co., SC. Especially interested in birth date, place.  Also parents of Daniel. Thanks. Jim and Nell Smith

526 -  MITCHUM / THOMPSON - I am looking for   Alice Thompson who married George Mitchum Of Turkey Twp.  Id like information on both sides if anyone could help. I have Cornelius Mitchum as Georges Dad. From the 1850 census.  Any info would be app. Thank you.  Linda at [email protected]

527 - COCKFIELD  –  Looking for parents & grandparents of James Alexander Hilliard Cockfield (Oct, 1833 – after June 1900), married 1st  to Adeline Judson Timmons (2/23/1832 – 9/9/1871), married 2nd to Margaret E Timmons (10/10/1840 – after June 1900). He was supposedly descended from grandfather Josiah Cockfield who moved into Lynch’s Lake area in 1790’s from Charleston area , but we have no solid evidence and would like to know. 1900 census has him in Lake City (Lake Township, Williamsburg Co) along with his children from both marriages living nearby. Thanks for any help you can provide in straightening out his ancestry. Macky Hill  

528 - WOODS -  Looking for relatives of Ida ___ ?  who married M. Joseph Woods.  They had 2 daughters, Flossie, born 1912 in Kingstree and
Carroll, date and place of birth unknown. Jennifer Woods

529 - TERRY - Looking for William D. Terry and Hester A. Camlin that lived in Williamsburg in 1850 to ? If any one has any info. Please email back at [email protected]

530 - GIBSON - I am looking for information on the Gibson family of Williamsburg Co.  My grandmother was Mellie Gibson who married Charlie Sports, also of Williamsburg County.  My grandmother had 2 sisters (Mae & Eva) and a brother named Kermit.  They were given away as children by their mother, all to different families.  My grandmother was raised by the Parrots.  I have been told that either my grandmother or grandfather was full blooded cherokee.  My grandmother refused to talk about her parents, so we know very little about them. Thanks, Gordon Lee

531 - COCKFIELD -  I have a Angus Ethan (Ethan Angus?) Cockfield (8 Aug 1872 - 1940) married to Leatha Ann Williamson.  One source has Angus as the son of Josiah Washington Cockfield (9 Jul 1827 - 30 Sep 1895) and Margaret Ann Singletary.  The other has him the son of John Washington Cockfield (born about 1844) and Huldia Ann Hatchell. When I look at the 1880 census, I can't find anybody that resembles him with either of these families. Ray Timmons

532 - McDOUGAL / PARSONS - I am searching for the family of Charles McDougal. I can't seem to find out who the father of Charles was. He was married twice. His (1st) wife was Sarah Parsons and they had children by the name of William born 1881, Mary born 1886, Annie born 1888, Charley born 1891, George born 1894, and Katie born 1896. His (2nd) wife's first name was Dosie or Dooker (?) and they had these children, Lincoln born 1906, Martha born 1908, and Clark born 1912. Charles McDougal was listed with his (1st) wife in the 1870 census living with her parents (W.D. Parsons).  He was listed with his 2nd wife in the 1910 census but by the 1930 census he had died. All of these census were in Williamsburg, Co., S.C. If anyone can tell me anything about who his parents were, I would be greatly apprecitive. Please contact me at my e-mail address. I thank you in advance. Rita Lewis

533 - SALTER - I am looking for a John G. Salter, born 1793 somewhere in S C.  Also for James B. Salter, (my great great grandfather) born 1820 somewhere in S C.  The family migrated north to Indiana then to Illinois and then settled in Indiana where we are now.  Does any one recognize these two men?  Nancy

534 - MOORE/ CHANDLER/ PHILLIPS / BRICE / MCDANIEL - I am searching for my family roots in Williamsburg Co., SC and elsewhere. William Alfred Moore, born April 3, 1870, died May 23, 1908, he married Mary Celestial Brice, on October 3, 1870. They had nine children: William Pritchard Moore born Oct. 1, 1871 died June 13, 1947 married Savannah Augusta McDaniel in 1898. They also had nine children. Walter Everette, William Pritchard, Jr., Mary Etta, Madge Mae, Bertha Elizabeth, Marvin Clifton Sr.(who married Willie Sena Chandler whom's Parents were William Jackson Chandler and Thomasena Mellinchamp Phillips) , Hazel Louise, John Decatur, and Charles Ralph. Any info please send it to Phillip Thompson Moore. [email protected]

535 - ALISON -  I am looking for information about Rev. Hugh Alison.  The Colonial Clergy of South Carolina lists him as a Presbyterian minister who settled in Williamsburg sometime between Dec. 1761 and 1766 and later lived a year in Salem.  After his brother John's death, Hugh succeeded him as pastor at James Island Presbyterian Church until his own death in 1780.  He was unmarried during the time he lived in Williamsburg, but it appears there were other Alison family members living there, also.  Can you help locate any of this family? Lennie Burrell  

536 -  McCLARY - I am seeking information on cemeteries in and around Gourdins, South Carolina.  Are there published surveys available?  There was a MCCLARY plantation near Gourdins.  A death certificate for Mary Elizabeth McClary states she was buried on July 30, 1928 at Gourdins, S.C. by undertaker, C.C. Burgess.  I am interested in Mary Elizabeth and other McClarys/kin that may be buried in and around Gourdins and the McClary plantation location.  Betty Brown Mann

537 -  WILLIAMS / MCDONALD - I need a lookup for a marriage of Essie Williams to Charley McDonald they are listed in the 1930 census married. I think the marriage occured 1920-1925 in Rhems. They are African American. Hope someone can help. [email protected]

538 - TURNER / CAMERON - I am searching for any information about the parents, siblings or ancestors of Robert Washington Turner, who was born in the community of Hanna, South Carolina on January 28, 1876, and died in Johnsonville, South Carolina on April 18, 1946. He married Elizabeth C. Cameron in 1903 or 1904. They had 10 children, and spent their entire lives in this area. Thanks for any leads you can provide. Ed Hudson  

539 - EADDY / BOWERS - Looking for Relatives of Walter E. Eaddy, Sr. (born 1905, died 1970)  Married Irene Bowers migrated to Florida. Robin Rutherford  

540 - LYNCH - Seeking information on J. C. Lynch (James Caleb) family from Coward.  Particularly any family prior to J.C. Lodi Palmer

541 - BARFIELD - I need help locating info on Thomas E. Barfield listed in the 1900 cencus in Hope township, Greeleyville, S.C. with wife Florine (Matthews), Issac W., Arthur, Julia (married a Browder), Millie O. (married a Frye) other children are Julius, Barney E., Carrie (married a David).  I am looking for my friend who is the daughter of Arthur Barfield. Sandra Morris

542 - CAMPBELL - We are seeking information on Archibald Campbell , born in Scotland in 1759, joined the American Revolution at age fifteen, and was involved in skirmishes around 1788 on the Cooper River.  He is shown in the 1800 census living in Williamsburg Co., with a wife and 6 children.  He fought for many years to get his pension which he received  until 1846.  He is not shown in the 1850 census in Wmsburg Co., so we can only assume he died between 1846 and 1850.  Any information you can provide would be appreciated.  Particularily where he might be buried, and his wife’s and children’s names. Tommy Johnson

543 -  WILLIAMS - My grandmother was Alice Esther Williams of Lancaster County, S. C. As a child, I heard her say that Williamsburg was named after her family. I thought she meant Williamsburg, Va. but instead she meant Williamsburg County. My gggg grandfather was William Williams born in 1737. I have been given conflicting information about where he was born. But one researcher said he was born in Millwood, SC.  I have found out today that Millwood is in Williamsburg county. It also brought back to my remembrance what my grandmother had said.  Who was Williamsburg County named for and did they live there?  Thanks for any help. I will be glad to supply my family line if we are related. Do you know William Williams' parents names? I look forward to hearing from anyone. Elizabeth Ashmore

544 - McELVEEN - Seeking information on my family line.Willing to share research with others. Teresa McElveen-Stansberry

545 - PARSONS / BASS - Would like to find info on my maternal Grandparents and their ancestors. Grandfather Grover Cleveland Parsons, died and buried in 1950's in Andrews SC, married Margaret Bass, had 3 children, all deceased, Arthur Lee Parsons, Caroline and my mother, Lillian Seymour Parsons Sutherland who lived 1920-1968. Grover and Margaret owned a several hundred acre farm in Williamsburg County. Grover's father who owned it, was referred to as "Captain Jack." Any info would be appreciated. James Sutherland

546 -  WITHERSPOON / FLEMING / SINGLETON / BRADFORD / BROWN - I am descended from John & Janet Witherspoon whose family came to Williamsburg Co., SC in 1734.  John was the first person buried at the Williamsburg Meeting House in 1737.  Their daughter, Janet Witherspoon, also arrived in 1734 with her husband, John Fleming.  Their son, James Fleming m. Jane Bennett, d/o Matthew Bennett Jr. & Jane Coran/Caron.  I am seeking more info on Jane and her parents.  James's and Jane's son, John Fleming, m. Mary "Polly" Flynn.   Also have ties to the Singleton, Branford, and Brown families in this area.  I would love to hear from anyone connected to any of these families and would be willing to share all info I have on them.  Jan Lindley

547 - AIKEN / WASHINGTON / JONES / WILSON / PRESSLEY -  My gggfather name is plenty aiken and his wife was Lucy. I found them on the 1880 census, they had 15 children in the Johnstown ship. later my ggfather Thomas aiken married Martha Washington and also, had 15 children and lived in black mingo, he died in 1959 in Hemingway also, of interest is George and Martha Wilson, he changed his name to George Blake and had children which is William, Franklin, sharper, Allen etc.. Benjamin Jones married jannie pressley and his children were Archie, Jim, Willie, sally, matte etc.. i have fond that he Jones lives in the turkey township are and the Wilson were from indiantown.  i would like to know if they were slaves and what plantation were in the area. [email protected]

548 -McGILL - I am interested in Adaline Omie McGill and Dr. McGill's ancestory. I am Adaline's great grand daughter. If you have any information i would be most grateful. Please email me at [email protected]  

549 - WIGGINS - My research is for a Charles M. Wiggins b/1808 Williamsburg. At sometime he migrated to Robeson Co., NC and Marion Co., SC. His wife is listed a Molsey/Malsey. Any Assistance appreciated. Audrey

550 - BOYD / MCCANTS - Does anyone know who is buried in the Boyd/McCants Cemetery. Near Spring Gulley, Btw, Kingtree, and Andrews, which I am guessing is in Williamsburg County, SC. Presently, we only know that John McCants married his second wife Susan Ann or Susannah Boyd Kerns in Jersey County, IL in 1874. Know that Susannah Boyd is the daughter of Jesse Boyd from Frederick, VA and granddaughter of Jesse Boyd and Margaret Luttrell of Frederick, VA.  Also know we have found only one sibling that appears to have stayed in Virginia. We also have reason to suspect that John McCants first wife was Margaret Taylor, who he married in 1848 in Greene County, IL.  In addition, Henry Taylor married Nancy McCants, 1848 in Greene County, IL and Samuel R. McCants married Jane Taylor, 1847 in Greene County, IL.  Know some of these McCants came from Kentucky. John McCants was born March, 1825 supposedly in IL to a Thomas William McCants who we have no history on at all. Then John McCants and his son moved to Bates County, MO where there was an Elias McCants, born 1792 in South Carolina living with his family. Also a Willim H. McCants and family. Not sure of relationship though one family historian thinks they were related. [email protected]

551 - BROWN - Allen Brown Family of Williamsburg CO., S.C. My great grandparents, Allen & Elizabeth (Sally) Owens Brown, were the parents of my grandfather Willie L. Brown born about 1870-1874 in November in Williamsburg CO., S.C.  He had several brothers and one sister that I know about (according to an obituary) They are:   Cliff Brown, Jesup, GA; Joe Brown, Savannah, GA; Warren Brown, Orlando, FL; and one other brother not listed on it was Samuel Brown; and one sister Belle Brown Bradham, Glennville, GA.  Willie L. Brown died 02-13-1955 and was married to Lizzie Walker Brown who died shortly after the birth of my father (who is still - Lizzie Walker Brown- a mystery).  If anyone has any information on the above  Brown Family of Williamsburg County, SC - I would very appreciative it they would share it!  Census records for this area and time with my grandfather, great grandfather would be wonderful.  Thanks In Advance. Liz Brown Burks

552 - NESMITH -  I am seeking info on the Nesmith's that lived in and around Williamsburg and Orangeburg back in the mid to late 1800's.  Any info that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Karen Sanders

553 - LIFRAGE / BARRINEAU / LUTEN - I have a genealogical interest in Williamsburg County, SC, with names such as William Lifrage (Lefrage), Sr., Isaac Barrineau and John Luten.  Does anyone have any information regarding those names?  Thanks. Maggie Murphy

554 -  McDONALD - I am searching for information on Donald "Daniel" McDonald, b. 1700 Inverness, Scotland, d. 1755 in Williamsburg District SC.  I would like to know the date he arrived in this area and possibly the name of his father. This is the information that I have so far: Marriage 1 Mary b: 1700.  Children Daniel McDonald b: Abt 1723 in Inverness, Scotland, Adam, Archibald, James, John, Ann, Mary, Sarah, Susanah. The will of Daniel ( Donald ) McDonald of Williamsburg was dated 15 March 1755 and proved 31 March 1756. John McDonald qualified as Executor, and Mary McDonald qualified as Executrix. In his will Daniel McDonald names his five sons; Adam, Archibald,Daniel, James and John. His wife was named Mary. His four daughters were Ann Connor, Mary Lesesne, Sarah and Susannah. Sarah and Susannah were minors. Ref: Charleston Wills, Vol.7, pages 509, 510. Notes for Donald McDonald. From "Revolutionary Soldiers of Old Catholic": "From the family records of a descendant of Donald McDonald we quote the following: 'Donald McDonald, a Scotchman, came to America about 1725. He was the first pioneer to the eastern side of the Catawba River, near the mouth of Fishing Creek, where he lived fifteen or twenty years among the Indians in entire seclusion from any of the white race. He lived in friendship with the Catawba Indians and amassed considerable wealth and reared a large family of sons and daughters. It is thought he was born about 1702 in Scotland.' (See Mrs. Ellets's Women of the American Revolution) Theresa

555 - WITHERSPOON - I have a little Witherspoon info . I attempted to respond to a query placed by Don and Gloria Rigali regarding WITHERSPOONS in the 1770's in Kingstree, but my e-mail was returned. If anyone has had contact with these people or knows their E-mail address, or if you would like the little bit of Witherspoon info I have, please e-mail me. Thanks. Sharon Panabaker

556 - SCOTT  - I am researching ancestor Thomas Scott (ca 1748-1824) who removed to old Marion Co. ca 1794 and farmed (land located in present day Dillon Co.) until death 1824.  I am interested in the Ssotts who were in Williamsburg Co. late 1700s and have been trying to correspond with Doug Blanke (post #39), but he must have changed his email address.  Any response from Doug or other Scott researchers welcomed.  Sam

557 - BRADLEY - I am seeking information on Martha Janet Bradley who was born 06/14/1798 in Williamsburg County. She married James Edmund Wilson who was born 02/08/1794 in Sumter, SC. They both died and were buried at Spring Place, Murray County, GA.  [email protected]

558 - OLIVER - Searching for any information on Furman Edward Oliver, born July 1850. He married Rhodie Caroline Smith. Had 5 children, Anna, William Nathan Banning, Rev. James Benny, Robert, Vicent, Willard Sebastian. I am seeking Furman Edward's parents. I have been told that Furman Edward was born out of wedlock and his mother married a Floyd. Furman Edward's grandparents raised him. I do not know his mother's name or grandparents. Can you help? Please email Kathy

559 - McCONNELL / STACKS - A.L. McConnell m Annie L. Stacks abt 1882 in Williamsburg county. At the time of 1900 US census they had 7 living children:  Jeannette (Nettie), William, Pearle, Oswald, Paul, Mary, and Walter. I believe A.L. to be Andrew, son of William H. (b 1832) and Sarah A. (b1841) McConnell of Williamsburg. I have nothing before this. Any info would be appreciated. Jeannette Sands

560 - FITCH - I am restarting my research. Need any info on the Fitch family of Williamsburg South Carolina. The information I have at this time Starts at Willard Abner Fitch III (Ridgeland SC 1949) - Willard Abby (Abner) Fitch Sr (Lake City SC 1916) - William Abner Fitch (Williamsburg Co. SC - 1876) - William Duncan Fitch (Williamsburg Co. SC 1840) - Abner Fitch Williamsburg Co. SC 1800) - Daniel Fitch (uknown) - Thomas Fitch (uknown). Any help is appreaciated. Willard A. Fitch III

561 - KELLY - I am seeking information on the Kelly family in Williamsburg County. At least one branch moved to Clarendon County after the Civil War. The family probably originated in Paxville, S. C. and ultimately in Ireland; but, I haven't been able to trace their move to Williamsburg County. Terry Stone

562 - PIPKIN - I am searching for any information on my great grand parents.  Mary Pipkin was born in South Carolina, she married Henry Howard, also born in South Carolina. They had at least one child, Mary Alice Howard, born in 1857 in Kingstree, South Carolina. Mary Alice married William Harmon Baylor. Mary Alice and William Harmon  had at least 12 children; John, Lawton, Barton, Rosaline, Octavia, Nellie, Viola, May, Fanny, Kate, Florence, and James. Around 1880 they moved to Umatilla, Lake County, Florida. I am trying to connect my Mary Pipkin and Henry Howard to other Howards and Pipkins who lived in Georgetown and in Williamsburg Counties, South Carolina. Bonnie

563 - SNOW / NESMITH / BARR /  LANFORD /  LEATHERWOOD - My 4thGGP were William Snow and Margaret Nesmith. Wm. died in 1807 . It is known that they were in the Pee Dee District and Indian Town areas of Williamsburg. I have run up on some confusion as to there parentage. It has been proven to me that Margaret was the daughter of John Nesmith and Sarah Barr. John died on the ship before arriving from England. Margaret was one of their 4 children. Sarah later married John's brother Samuel. Margaret is often credited as being the child of her Stepfather /Uncle Samuel Nesmith.  William Snow was thought to have been the son of Nathaniel Snow Jr. by our Snow side per family papers. The NeSmith family feels that William was a Wm. Jr. and the son of Wm. Snow. Both men were the sons of Dr. Nathaniel Snow and Frances Chicken of Williamsburg. Can anyone help us prove who is his father?  Wm.'s wife, Margaret Nesmith Snow , came to Lowndes County Alabama with her son in the early 1820's. They settled first at Mount Vernon and later Dutch Bend.She died in 1832. I also research the Lanford and Leatherwood families from the Spartanburg, SC area. Dianne L. Killian

564 - MARTIN - My grandfather Arthur Benjamin Martin married Blanche Martin in the early 1900's.  My grandfather's name was Jim Martin.  They lived in the Suttons area of Williamsburg County.  My grandfather married Blanche who was also a Martin.  They had 4 sons, Logan, Leon, Freddie and Daniel.  Anyone with any information on the Martins please contact me [email protected]

565 -  FULTON - Looking for decendents of Dave and Hester Fulton of Sumter, SC (Williamsburg County).  According to the 1880 US Census, they had several children:  Nero [wife, Senie Pershea], Eli [wife, Susan], ?Rena?, Eliza (Lizzie), Peter [wives, Ella & Sarah], Marcus, David [wife, Net], Julius, & (?).  The exact number of children that Nero [wife, Pershea Senie] had is not known.  We can name 4 of them: Willie [wife, Alcess], ?Luie?, Nero,  and Eugene [wife, Ethel].  Eugene and the younger Nero died in Farmville NC ) Pitt County. At some point the family moved to Mouzon, SC (Williamsburg Co) and onto Kingstree, SC (Williamsburg County). Eli had several children:  Carnelia, UNK daughter, Francis (Frank), Edward, Rosa Lee, Blanche, and Emma.  Frank died in Farmville NC (Pitt County). Peter [wives, Ella & Sarah] had several children:  Carrie [husband Dave Cooper], Charlie [wife Nancy], Ben [wife Lillie], John [wife Irene], Anna [ husband, Hodge Rich], Hardy [wife, Lucille], Hattie [Glenn Pendergrass], and Lucy.  John also died in Farmville. Sheila Fulton

566 - MURRELL - Seeking any information on African American Murrells from the counties of Berkeley, Georgetown and Willamsburg area. Delores Murrell

567 - SWAILS /  BARWICK / VOSS - I am looking for any information regarding the Swails' or the Barwick or the Voss' families from Williamsburg, SC.  My father's father, Taylor McDonald Swails, b. March 24, 1882, was raised in Williamsburg, SC by his father, William Taylor Swails, b. 1844. Taylor McDonald married Sudie Etta Barwick whose father was Williams (Billy) Alexander Barwick, b.  May,1859, who also lived in Williamsburg, SC.  William Taylor was married to Mary M. Voss. William Taylor also had several siblings -- James P. Swails, Hannah Swails, John Swails, Elias Morgan Swails, Richard W. Swails. If other information I have received is accurate then William Taylor's father was James John Swails but I do not know the name of his wife. James' father was Morgan Swails who was married to Mary Josephine Frierson. Morgan's father was Joseph Swails and he was married to Elizabeth Boothe. And Joseph's father was John Swails and he was married to Margaret Gouldsberry. If you have any information concerning the Swails/ Barwick/ Voss families of Williamsburg, please contact me at [email protected]

568 - COX - Searching for family connection to Charles Cox who is listed in the Mitchell Co., GA. 1860 census with wife Nancy Ann Maples and children James, Stephen, Sarah, Temperence and Mary. He was born in1823 in Williamsburg Co., SC. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cader Cox

569 - FRENCH - I would like to know anything about William Staggers of Kingstree or his relatives. I found him in the 1800 census and I have a copy of his will. Thank you, Dr. Ted French

570 - GENO - Hello, I am looking for info on a Frank Geno who was born in South Carolina. He married a Rebecca. They had a daughter named Cally who was born in Georgia. In 1870 he is in Texas but in 1880 he is in Williamsburg county, South Carolina. He is listed with a son named Samuel Vinson who is 12. Sandra

571 - BURROWS - I am looking for a picture of an Ella (Mae?) Burrows, born in the Kingstree area approximately 1900.  She was married to Hobson Raleigh Gause and died while in her late twenties, I believe.  Her children have no photograph of their Mom.  Any leads I could follow would be appreciated. Sue Wayne

572 - McCUTCHEON - Looking for information on McCutcheon/Cutcheon.  Have traced the line back to Thomas Cutcheon born in 1775.  Married Mary Rodgers. Can anyone help?  [email protected]

573 - BURROWS / WITHERSPOON / STORY -  I am looking for information on  Mary Story Witherspoon's (1791 to 1825) husband, Arthur Burrows. Arthur was probably married before he married her. His father may be John Burrows and his mother a Mary Elizabeth who was a Huguenot. Mary is the daughter of James Witherspoon and Hester Story.  They moved with a group from Williamsburg to Amite, MS.  [email protected]

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