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Edinburgh Information

The following records may be obtained by visiting the Edinburgh Room.  Information courtesy of Familia.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Census Returns


City and Town Directories

Scottish Department:

Edinburgh Room:

Telephone Directories

Electoral Registers

Edinburgh Room:

International IGI - Index

Unpublished Indexes

Parish Registers


Society Records

Other Records

Midlothian Information

The following records may be obtained by visiting the Midlothian Council Library.  Information courtesy of Familia.

Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Registrar General's Indexes from 1837 (microform), or Registrar General for Scotland's
  • Computerised Index from 1855.

Census returns


  • Main run. Post Office Directories: Edinburgh from 1827 with County Directories by town/village from 1833 included. Small gaps until 1845-46, then 1854, 1864, 1903-04 (Midlothian only). Fair coverage 1921-1975

City and Town Directories

  • Dalkeith and District directories, 1871, 1891, 1915
  • See above for Directories within Edinburgh Post Office Directories

Telephone Directories

  • Edinburgh Yellow Pages from 1986, other from 1992

Electoral registers and polls books

  • Electoral Registers: 1920, 1931-32. Intermittent and partial 1937-1974. Virtually complete 1974 to date

International Genealogical Index (IGI)

  • IGI. 1984, microfiche - all Scotland. Local Studies, Loanhead
Unpublished Indexes
  • 1851 census name index for parishes still in Midlothian at present (Borthwick, Carrington, Cockpen, Cranston, Crichton, Dalkeith, Fala & Soutra, Glencorse, Lasswade, Newbattle, Newton, Penicuik, Temple)
  • 1861 in process of compilation
  • Indexes to monumental inscriptions of most churchyards.

Parish Registers

  • Old Parish Registers on microfilm (where surviving):
    Borthwick; Carrington; Cockpen; Cranston; Crichton; Currie (now Edinburgh; Dalkeith; Fala & Soutra; Glencorse (Glencross); Heriot (now Borders); Humbie (now East Lothian); Inveresk (now East Lothian); Lasswade; Liberton (now Edinburgh); Newbattle; Newton; Penicuik; Stow (now Borders); Temple
  • Indexes to the OPR Births & Marriages, Scotland to 1854.
  • 1984 IGI Index (incomplete but extends to 1874)

Periodicals (excl. newspapers)

  • The Scottish Genealogist (Scottish Genealogy Society)

Other material

  • Local Authority archives: the records of the former Burghs of Bonnyrigg and Lasswade, Dalkeith, Loanhead and Penicuik and the former District Councils of Galawater, Lasswade, Newbattle and Penicuik: School Log Books covering most of Midlothian schools from the late 19th to mid 20th Century and other School Board and Education Committee records. Private archives include family papers as well as records of local organisations and institutions.

Other information

  • Valuation Rolls 1855 to beginning of Council Tax
  • Map collection
  • Local photograph and postcard collection
  • Local newspapers on microfilm


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