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Census Dates

It is obviously important for researchers to know the exact date when the Census was taken when they are considering the ages recorded and the incidence of births, deaths or marriages immediately around the time of the Census.

The Census in Great Britain has since 1831 always been taken on a Sunday night, with respondents asked to record those individuals present in the house at midnight on a Sunday evening. This can sometimes lead to confusion because some authorities quote the Sunday as the day of the Census, and others quote the Monday.

The best notation to ensure there can be no doubt is to quote the two days between which the Census took place, the Sunday and the Monday. On this basis the dates of the Censuses from 1841 onwards are as follows:

6th/7th June
30th/31st March
7th/8th April
2nd/3rd April
3rd/4th April
5th/6th April
31st March/1st April
2nd/3rd April