Miscellaneous Articles from the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald
Miscellaneous Articles from the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald

As part of the Herald intimation project, other articles were discovered, I have listed them below.

If you would like a copy of any article, then please contact the helpful local historians at Ardrossan Local History Unit at: localhistory@north-ayrshire.gov.uk

This is not a list of every wedding etc that occurred in the Herald, just a list of some of the ones we came across.

Many thanks to Jean Boyce for noticing the articles which she thought would be of interest to people.
I will be adding this page to the Herald section on the site at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~sctayr/herald.html.

P = a photograph is available
NP = no photograph is available


BLAIR, Mrs Hugh of Manse St, Saltcoats 01-07-1937 (P)
CAMPBELL, Mrs David of Princes Pl, Ardossan 90th (P)
DONALDSON, Mrs David of Patna/Irvine 101 years 18-05-1928 (P)
MAIN, Margaret of Stevenston 80 years 01-12-1950 (P)
MASON, Agnes of West Kilbride 18-08-1989 (P)
McNEILL Isabella of Kilbirnie 100 years 13-03-1992 (P)
RORIE, Catherine of Ardrossan 100 YEARS 08-05-1987 (P)
SMITH, Elizabeth of Ardrossan 100 years 28-01-1949 (NP)


ANDERSON, Sarah of Ardrossan 04-05-1951 (NP)
BALLANTINE, George of Canal St 14-08-1931 (P)
BALLANTYNE, Thomas of Ardrossan/South Africa 05-02-1937 (NP)
GEMMELL, Helen of Ardrossan 04-05-1951 (P)
GLEN, John at Liverpool 28-02-1936 (P)
GOOD, Janet of Ardrossan 13-03-1942 (P)
LECKIE, Jack of Stevenston in Canada 20-08-1926 (P)
McFADGEON, Robert of Stevenston died in China 29-06-1928 (P)
O`ROURKE, Mary of Stevenston of Saltcoats 09-02-1951 (P)
RUTHERFORD, John of Ardrossan 05-04-1940 (P)


ADAMS, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 24-01-1936 (P)
AULD, Mr & Mrs William of Saltcoats/Hamilton 17-07-1936 (P)
CURLE, Mr & Mrs Andrew of Kilwinning 23-07-1993 (P)
LAMBERT, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 16-06-1944 (P)
MILNE, Mr & Mrs Peter of Saltcoats 05-06-1936 (P)
SPEIRS, Mr & Mrs Ivie of Kilwinning 29-11-1946 (P)
STEEL, Mr & Mrs of Kilwinning 14-04-1944 (P)
TANNOCK, Mr & Mrs William Ardrossan 20-07-1934 (P)
LAUCHLAND, Mr & Mrs William of Kilbirnie 04-01-1991 (P)


BARBOUR, Mr & Mrs James of Ardrossan 13-12-1935 (P)
BELL, Mr & Mrs William of Saltcoats 19-04-1940 (P)
BOWMAN, Mr & Mrs John of Saltcoats 02-01-1953 (P)
BRYCE, Mr & Mrs Thomas of Stevenston 29-06-1951 (P)
CAIRNS, Mr & Mrs John of Saltcoats 22-12-1961 (P)
CUMMING, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 06-12-1935 (P)
DIMMICK, Mr & Mrs James of Ardrossan 22-05-1925 (P)
FISHER, Mr & Mrs Thomas of Dalry 05-02-1943 (NP)
GORMAN, Mr & Mrs A.B. of Saltcoats 06-03-1953 (NP)
HODGE, Mr & Mrs Thomas of Saltcoats 27-02-1925 (P)
JAMIESON, Mr & Mrs James of Saltcoats 02-01-1953 (P)
KIRK, Mr & Mrs John of Saltcoats 04-12-1953 (P)
MARKIE, Mr & Mrs Edward of Saltcoats 09-05-1924 (P)
MARTIN, Mr & Mrs Samuel of Saltcoats 26-04-1946 (P)
MACDONALD, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 03-04-1936 (P)
McBRIDE, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 02-01-1925 (P)
McCANN, Mr & Mrs William of Ardrossan 16-08-1935 (P)
McEWAN, Mr & Mrs Robert of Saltcoats 17-07-1936 (P)
McKAY, Mr & Mrs James of Ardrossan 27-02-1953 (P)
McLEAN, Mr & Mrs D. formerly of Stevenston 20-03-1953 (P)
MORGAN, Mr & Mrs F. formerly of Saltcoats 31-10-1952 (P)
MORRISON, Mr & Mrs William of Ardrossan 27-07-1951 (P)
SCOTT, Mr & Mrs John of Ardrossan 15-01-1954 (P)
SMITH, Mr & Mrs Alexander of Saltcoats 22-12-1961 (P)
TANNOCK, Mr & Mrs William of Ardrossan 18-07-1924 (P)
WILSON, Mr & Mrs Thomas of Ardrossan 13-01-1939 (P)


GRIMES, Rose of Ardrossan [DSM] 10-12-1943 (P)
HANNAH, John of Ardossan [MBE] 02-07-1943 (P)
McKELLAR, George of Ardrossan [Provost] 15-11-1929 (P)
FULLERTON, George of Saltcoats [Bailie] 15-11-1929 (P)
STEWART, J.D. of Ardrossan/Troon [OBE] 07-01-1949 (P)


BAILLIE, Thomas of Montgomerie Cres, Saltcoats 05-02-1937 (P)
BAIRD, George of Ardrossan 19-07-1940? (P)
BLYTHE, J.W. at Ardrossan 03-03-1939 (P)
BROWN, William of Stanley Rd, Saltcoats 22-06-1928 (NP)
COOK, Mrs James of Glasgow St 96 years 20-07-1928 (P)
DICKIE, Rev W.S. of Irvine 11-02-1938 (P)
FAWCETT, Isaac of Sorbie Rd [Ex-Provost] 17-07-1936 (P)
FISHER, Thomas Sir 27-02-1925 (P)
GOSLING, Cecil of Liverpool in Saltcoats 16-12-1927 (P)
GRUBB, Charles of Saltcoats [Butcher] 02-09-1938 (NP)
GUTHRIE, Thomas Mrs of Ardrossan 11-10-1940 (P)
HASTINGS, Robert of Ardrossan 31-12-1937 (P)
INGLIS, John [Ex-Baillie] of Anderson Tce, Ardrossan 18-03-1927 (P)
LEWIS, G of Ardrossan [Bailie] 27-08-1937 (P)
MACDONALD, Rev Mrs of Ardrossan 19-02-1943 (P)
McCRINDLE, William of Ardrossan 05-01-1950 (P)
MILLAR, Daniel of Troon [Assessor] 11-10-1940 (P)
MILLAR, Andrew of Saltcoats 23-10-1936 (P)
MILLER, Thomas of Winton Circus [Ex-Bailie] 27-04-1928 (P)
PRICE, Charles of Ardrossan 10-01-1936 (P)
RINTOUL, William of South Cres, Ardrossan 28-08-1936 (P)
RODMAN, Duncan of Saltcoats/Canada 15-04-1937 (P)
RUSSELL, Harry of Argyle Rd, Saltcoats 22-06-1928 (NP)
SIMM, William of Ardrossan 10-12-1943 (NP)
TANNOCK, William of Montgomerie St, Ardrossan 09-04-1937 (P)
TURNBULL, George of Melbourne Tce [Headmaster] 04-05-1928 (P)
WHITE, DR J. of Saltcoats [GP] 24-02-1950 (P)


ANDERSON, John of Saltcoats 17-11-1939 (P)
ANDERSON, Bob [Boxer] of Ardrossan in New Zealand 16-12-1927 (P)
BRECKENRIDGE, George of Saltcoats in Canada 08-01-1937 (P)
DUNBAR Family - 5 generations at Saltcoats 11-02-1938 (P)
GORDON family of Saltcoats leave for Canada 01-05-1925 (P)
HAVLIN Family of Stevenston/Canada 02-10-1936 (P)
LAFFERTY Family - 4 generations at Glengarnock/US 02-08-1929 (P)
HMS Racer 11-07-1924 (P)
MV Devon Coast 06-06-1936 (P)
MV The Royal Scotsman 05-06-1936 (P)
PLLU, Alex of Saltcoats in Canada 08-01-1937 (P)
SS Baron Ardrossan 20-05-1932 (P)
Steamer Marchioness of Graham 06-03-1953 (P)
Steamer Mona`s Queen 20-07-1934 (P)
Steamer Twynwald 25-06-1937 (P)


ALLISON, Hugh of Glasgow St, Ardrossan 25-06-1937 (P)
FRIELL, Catherine & son James of West Kilbride Drowned 02-03-1928 (NP)
RODDY, James - Drowned 26-08-1936 (NP)
STRAIN, Samuel of Winton St, Ardrossan Train 20-07-1928 (NP)
WOODFORD, Jean of Arran 13-06-1952 (P)
ICI Ardeer Explosion - James RAINEY, George McCULLY, Robert NIBLOCK 25-06-1937 (P)
ICI Ardeer Explosion - Marion HARRISON, Lily O`DONNELL, Mrs Gallacher & Stella REID 07-04-1950 (P)
ICI Ardeer Explosion - Andrew REID & David McMANUS 08-06-1951 & 15th(P)
PV Princess Victoria sunk 06-02-1953 (NP)
Train Accident - Annie ALCROFT, Mary PHINN, Murdoch McDONALD & James McKENZIE - 12-06-1925 (P)


Albert URQUHART to Margaret STEWART at Saltcoats 29-06-1928 (P)
Rev J BROWN TO Jessie MAIN at Saltcoats 27-04-1928 (P)
William BLACK to Agnes KERR of Ardrossan at USA 25-10-1929 (P)
William SIMMONDS to Leavina GAW at Saltcoats 16-08-1935 (P)
Richard OTTER to Jean MONTGOMERIE at Canada 16-08-1935 (P)
Archibald PARK to Mary BOYLE at USA 13-09-1935 (P)
Patrick CLARKE to Isabel REID at Saltcoats 04-10-1937 (P)
Samuel MONTGOMERY to Jean HAMILTON at Saltcoats 11-10-1935 (P)
John SMYTH to Ellen BROWN at Dublin 18-10-1935 (P)
James MONTGOMERIE to Robina STARK at Ardrossan 18-10-1935 (P)
David GASTON to Jemima CAMPBELL at Stevenston 10-01-1936 (P)
John JOHNSTON to Isa KELSO at Saltcoats 17-04-1936 (P)
Thomas BANKS to Margaret DUNLOP 17-04-1936 (P)
Alexander BARCLAY to Mary HAMILTON at Stevenston 17-07-1936 (P)
John THOMSON to Margret McINTYRE at Stevenston 28-08-1936 (P)
Alexander JEFFERS Christina CAREY of Saltcoats 25-09-1936 (P)
John DUFFIN to Mary GRINDLEY of Saltcoats 25-09-1936
William MOIR to Jean McILWRAITH of Stevenston 25-09-1936 (P)
Robert BALLANTINE to Grace LEMON at Ardrossan 23-10-1936 (P)
Hugh DONOHOE to Catherine McLELLAN at Stevenston 30-10-1936 (P)
Thomas ORR to Mary HOPPERTON at Ardrossan 01-06-1937 (P)
Andrew HAMILTON to Sarah McILLROY at Stevenston 26-03-1937 (P)
Alexander THOMSON to Maud ROBERTSON at Saltcoats 16-04-1937 (P)
James ANDERSON to Margaret McCALLUM at Ardrossan 09-04-1937 (P)
David McNAMARA TO Mary McNAMARA at Saltcoats 09-04-1937 (P)
James RALSTON to Christina SHEDDEN at Saltcoats 25-06-1937 (P)
James AITKEN to Agnes SMART at Saltcoats 09-07-1937 (P)
Hugh CAMBRIDGE to Margaret CURRIE at Kilwinning 27-08-1937 (P)
William HARPER to Mabel ANDERSON at Stevenston 31-12-1937 (P)
William KIRK to Ellen FREW at Ardrossan 31-12-1937 (P)
Enia DELAHUNT to Mary MONAGHAN at Saltcoats 31-12-1937 (P)
Alexander DAILLY to Elizabeth SLOAN 13-01-1939 (P)
William McGINN to Margaret NORWOOD at Ardrossan 03-03-1939 (P)
Robert KING to Margaret ALEXANDER at Glasgow 01-03-1940 (P)
Thomas PATON to Isabella GRINDLEY 01-03-1940 (P)
James PENNY to Terrie KEMP at Saltcoats 04-07-1941 (P)
Gilbert HIGGINS to Elizabeth REID at Saltcoats 27-02-1942 (P)
Sandy McKENZIE to Netta CAMOBELL at Arran 13-03-1942 (P)
Charles SIMMONDS to Margaret DOWNIE 29-05-1942 (P)
James NELSON to Jean COCHRANE 12-06-1942 (P)
John GEDDES to Nancy HOLLINGER 12-06-1942 (P)
Herbert STONES to Marion MORRISON 31-07-1942 (P)
Hamilton BOYD to Catherine WASON at Ardrossan 31-07-1942 (P)
George CLUGSTON to Helen REDDELL at Lanark 04-12-1942 (P)
William GILMOUR to May HALLIDAY at Kilwinning 04-12-1942 (P)
James STEVEN to Dorothy WARNES at London 13-08-1943 (P)
John GREER to Margaret BONE of Limekilns Rd, Stevenston 13-08-1943 (P)
William ENGLISH to Jean McKEAN of McKinlay Cres, Irvine (P)
John WILSON to Nan McAUSLAN of Lenzie 13-08-1943 (NP)
William WOOD to Helen McFARLANE at West Kilbride 04-02-1944 (P)
Joseph BOYD to Betty DICK at Saltcoats 21-04-1944 (P)
James CHERRY to Jean SMELLIE 21-04-1944 (P)
R.F. BOLLEN to Susan CLARKE at India 08-09-1944 (P)
Alec THOMAS to Janet HOOD at West Kilbride 22-09-1944 (P)
William PATON to Dorothy NIGHTINGALE 16-03-1945 (P)
William ELLIS to Wilma TOMKINS at Ardrossa 27-01-1950 (P)
James DONNAN to Mary MILLER at Beith 27-01-1950 (P)
Kenneth THOMASON to Doris BOYD at Canada 27-01-1950 (P)
Alexander ESPIE to Anne CURRIE at West Kilbride 07-04-1950 (P)
Allan BRUCE to Lily DUNLOP at Saltcoats 05-01-1951 (P)
Stuart LOGAN to Molly KINGS formerly of Saltcoats 22-12-1961 (P)
Andrew FREW to Jean JACKSON at Ardrossan 15-01-1954 (P)
William MURDOCH to Mabel SHILLINGWAY at Irvine 15-01-1954 (P)

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