Argyll FreeCEN Project

This page documents the Argyll census project as it stood in 2006 under the then coordinator, Gabrielle Baker. Since then, Gabrielle has retired and the project is now being coordinated by .

For full, up to date details of the Argyll census transcriptions, please visit Jim Baird’s Argyll FreeCEN project.

Argyll 1841 Census Page

This page is devoted to the transcription of the 1841-1871 census for the county of Argyll Scotland as part of the Free Census (FreeCENS) project.

The free census project aims to transcribe all the UK 19th Century returns to create an online ‘free-to-view’ database. It is part of an overall project that also covers the registers of Births, Deaths & Marriages (FreeBDM) and Parish Registers (FreeREG).

For those of you with pesky nomadic ancestors, the online database is what you need.

Currently our database contains approximately 7.3 million records [over 16 million in 2012] of which nearly 2 million [over 4.5 million in 2012] are Scottish.

The Argyll project is in the process of transcribing the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. The 1841 census project is complete. Currently there is one Argyll project running. The first is the 1851 project, which still has a few parishes available for transcription, and many more available for checking. In the coming months the 1861 and 1871 projects will become available.

Search the Database

Uploaded returns can be searched in the UK FreeCENS database at visit often as new records are being continually added. Returns from most Scottish Counties have been uploaded.

If you are impatient to see your ancestors in our database, remember we are wholly comprised of volunteers who are able to donate varying amounts of spare time and expertise. We will always welcome more volunteers to the project see below for details.

For further information generally about the project please click on one of the links below:


All you need to take part is a computer we supply everything else including software. This project is a global online venture designed for ordinary family historians wherever they are, who would like to make a contribution to the project. Already, many people have made a valuable contribution to the project by either donating previously transcribed returns, or volunteering as a transcriber or checker. A big, big thank-you to Terry Shepherd, Ian Phillips, Les Horn and Jean Wimp for their donation of already transcribed parishes.

Volunteers are required for transcribing the original records, plus the checking and validation of already transcribed records. People with interests in Argyll county are particularly welcome especially those with a familiarity with Argyll place names. A list of available parishes and their progress appears below.

Volunteers no longer need access to a film/fiche reader in order to take part in the project. The census is now available on CD.

Argyll Parishes


Parish Name No Film Allocated Transcribed Checked Validated Uploaded
Ardchattan 504 1042348 Yes Complete Started
Ardnamurchan 505 1042348/9 Yes Complete Started
Ballachulish & Corran of Ardgour 506 1042349 Yes Complete
Bowmore or Killarrow 536 1042354 Yes Complete
Campbeltown 507 1042349 Partly Allocated Started
Craignish 508 1042349 Yes Complete
Dunoon & Kilmun 510 1042350 Yes Complete
Gigha & Cara 537 1042355 Yes Complete
Glassary 511 1042350 Yes Complete
Glenorchy & Innishail 512 1042350 Yes Complete
Inverary & Glenarary 513 1042350 Yes Complete
Inverchoalain 514 1042350 Yes Complete
Iona 538 1042355 Yes >Complete
Jura & Colonsay 539 1042355 Yes Started
Kidalton 541 1042355 Yes Complete
Kilbrandon & Kilchatton 515 1042351 Yes Complete
Kilcalmonell & Kilberry 516 Yes Started
Kilchoman 540 1042355 Yes Started
Kilchrenan & Dalavitch 517 1042350 Yes Complete
Kilfinan 518 1042351 Yes Complete
Kilfinichen & Kilvickeon 542 1042355 Yes Complete
Killean & Kilchenzie 519 1042351 Yes Complete Started
Kilmallie 520 1042352 Yes Complete Started
Kilmartin 521 1042352 Yes Complete
Kilmodan 522 1042352 Yes Complete
Kilmeny 543 1042356 Yes Complete
Kilmore & Kilbride 523 1042352 Yes Complete
Kilniniver & Kimelford 524 1042352 Yes Complete
Kilninian & Kilmore 544 1042356 Yes Complete
Kinlochspelvie 545 1042356 Yes Complete
Lismore & Appin 525 1042353 Yes Started
Lochgilphead 526 1042353 Yes Complete
Lochgoilhead & Kilmorich 527 1042353 Transcriber Needed
Morvern 528 1042353 Yes Complete
Muckairn 529 1042353 Yes Started
North Knapdale 530 1042354 Yes Started
Oa 546 1042356 Transcriber Needed
Portnahaven 547 1042356 Transcriber Needed
Saddell & Skipness 531 1042354 Yes Complete Started
Salen 548 1042356 Yes Complete
South Knapdale 533 1042354 Yes Started
Southend 532 1042354 Yes Complete
Strachur & Stralachlan 534 1042354 Yes Started Allocated
Tarbert 535 1042354 Yes Started
Tobermory 549 1042356 Yes Complete
Torosay 550 1042356 Yes Complete
Tyree & Coll 551 1042356/7 Yes Partially Started

1851 Statistics

Number Percentage
Number of Parishes 47 100%
Parishes Allocated 43.5 92.55%
Parishes still being transcribed 11.523.4%
Parishes transcribed 32 68.08%
Total Transcriptions 43.5 92.55%
Parishes allocated for checking 1 2.13%
Parishes being checked 5 12.76%
Parishes checked 0 0.00%
Total Checking 5 12.76%
Parishes being validated 0 0.00%
Parishes validated 0 0.00%
Total Validations 0 0.00%
Parishes Uploaded 0 0.00%

Project as on 25th May, 2006

For full, up to date details of the Argyll census transcriptions, please visit Jim Baird’s Argyll FreeCEN project.