Sumter Newspaper List
Some Old Sumter District Newspapers

Black River Watchman - weekly started in 1850. On June 13, 1855, it merged with the Sumter Banner to form the Sumter Watchman.

Evening News - daily paper, not published on Sunday that existed from May 1895 - June 1895 and was again published from 1904 - 1905.

Freeman - weekly, then semi-weekly published from 1891-1906

Prospector - Monday weekly published 1905 - 1909

Samaritan Herald - weekly then daily except Sunday, black paper established 1909; merged with Voice of Job in 1943 and became Samaritan Herald and the Voice of Job, closed circa 1950

Semi-Weekly Watchman - Tuesday/Friday editions of Sumter Watchman, October - December 1863; became Sumter Watchman on January 6, 1864.

South Carolina Tobacconist  - Saturday weekly, 1896-1897

Southern Whig - weekly, established 1832; merged with Camden Journal in 1834 to form Camden Journal and Southern Whig

Spirit of the Times - established 1881; moved to Manning circa 1885 and became Manning Times. (The New York Historical Society has the 19 April 1883 edition)

Sumter Advance - weekly, established 1881; became Sumter Herald October 7, 1892

Sumter Banner - Friday weekly, established 1846; merged with Black River Watchman on June 13, 1855 to form Sumter Watchman

Sumter Daily Item - daily except Sunday, established 1894. Issued as Daily Item 1894 - 1897

Sumter Dispatch - weekly, established January 1858; purchased by Sumter Watchman 1861

Sumter District Reporter - monthy South Carolina Conference Methodist Episcopal Church South 1883-1886

Sumter Gazette - weekly circa 1845

Sumter Gazette and Constitutional Advocate - Saturday weekly that was pro-nullification, established 1829-1833

Sumter Herald - weekly, semi-weekly established 1881 as Sumter Advance, became Herald October 7, 1892

Sumter Mirror - monthly, January - December 1882

Sumter News - weekly, established 1866, became True Southron August 14, 1873

Sumter News - Thursday weekly, established 1967 - May 11, 1972

Sumter Watchman - weekly, semi-weekly, tri-weekly, June 13, 1855 - August 2, 1881; Sumter Watchman and True Southron merged to create Watchman and Southron

Temperance Worker - established in Columbia in 1883; published in Sumter 1885-1887

Tri-Weekly Watchman - June 23, 1860 - October 1863, became Semi-weekly

True Southron - established 1866 as Sumter News; became True Southron on August 14, 1873; merged with Sumter Watchman on August 2, 1881 to form Watchman and Southron

Wedgefield Messenger of the Day - black paper, established 1909 - 1910



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