Index for Partial Sumter District 1850 Census
1850 Sumter District Federal Census
(Partial Transcriptions)

On the following web pages, you will find information transcribed from the 1850, Sumter, South Carolina Federal Census. This information was generously donated by supporters of the Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee SCGenWeb home pages.

Jane Hill sent me her files, which got this project started. Bobby Thigpen sent in what he has of the 1850 files and then started on his collection of 1860 material.

The original document sent to me was in Excel. It was very, very large. It took a while for me to figure out how to break it down so that it would open in a web browser. (It even froze up my new 1 GHz processor.) The process became rather complicated, what with pasting portions to Word, then saving as a web page, then trying the results out in Netscape. At first the files were still too large to open. Eventually, I got them to where they would open. They may open slowly on older computers. Just be patient. They are there.

If you would like to contribute more data to this project, the best way to accomplish that would be as follows:
1. Type your data into spreadsheet form.
2. Only place about 50 names in a file. (Larger files lock up a browser.)
3. Be sure to place a number in the name of your files as well as the census year, so that I know their order.
4. E-mail your files to me, one at a time.

The results are the pages that you will find linked from this index page. There are no links on the pages themselves. Please use your back and forward buttons to view each page in turn.

If you have other data to add to these files that we can post, please send those too.

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Data Donated by Jane Hill
* indicates head of household
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Data Donated by Bobby Thigpen
Information in (parentheses) added by transcriber.

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Transcription by Jane Hill of by Cindy Parker's 1850 Sumter District Census notes.

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Sumter, South Carolina