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Our History

Upper Eagle River Valley

Maridee and I moved to Alaska in February of 1984. Maridee grew up in Oregon and I in California. After 5 years of marriage in 1971, I asked Maridee if she would be interested in moving to Alaska and she said no she didn't want to live in an igloo. 5 years later in 1976, I asked again and she said no she didn't want to live in an igloo. In 1983 we were living in the smog of the Denver area and I asked again and she said sure lets go find out. We did, we moved and have lived here ever since. And no, we do not live in an igloo! We live in the greater Anchorage area (Eagle River, Alaska) with some of the most fantastic scenery within minutes from the downtown area. Angus and Guinness In the engineering business, I have had the opportunity to visit most areas of the state. My favorite visits have been to locations on the Aleutian Chain - Unalaska/Dutch Harbor and other chain locations. Maridee has retired from the municipal library system here where she worked as a library assistant. She is an avid reader and loves being around books. We raised three boys and one daughter and are now raising 2 basset hounds, Angus and Guinness . Maridee has not seen much of the state and still looks forward to seeing more of it.

I took an interest in genealogy about 3 or 4 years ago. Being so far away, I don't get to the areas I need to visit very often and must depend mostly on the Internet, books and family records. I have received a phenomenal amount of information, which will need to be verified with documents of proof. We have made friends with people from various other parts of the world such as England, Wales, Brazil, New Zealand and the lower 48 of course. Maridee's lines have been traced back to Ireland and England and we look for a beginning maybe in Scotland. My Poindexter (Poingdestre) line will eventually trace back to the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands. My other lines will probably trace back to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but I have not made the connections yet.

We love to travel. We have made 3 trips to Ireland and 1 trip to Scotland. We liked Scotland very much, but Ireland we love! I spent 6 months in Japan in 1959. In 1988, we made a Caribbean cruise from Miami to Jamaica to the Cayman Islands to the Yucatan to Miami. We made our first trip to Washington D.C. in summer of 2000, what a visit. You can feel the layers of history there. We must go back one of these days.

We are happy that you have visited our site and hope you will browse through our family trees, photos and related documents. Feel free to download any trees, photos and documents you like.

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