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John TOLLIT (Sh16)
(Son of John TOLLIT & Elizabeth RAY)
Baptised: 13 Aug 1769, Norwood Green MDX
Died: 17 Jan 1843, Aylesbury BKM, aged 82
Buried: 20 Jan 1843, Aylesbury BKM (of Aylesbury Union Workhouse)
Occupation: Cornchandler, Coach Proprietor, Innkeeper
(John's age on the death certificate is higher than expected, and no age was given at the burial. Nevertheless, this seems likely
to be the right death, as it was registered by the Master of the Workhouse where John had been an inmate in 1841 - see below.)


13 Sep 1795, Lambeth SRY, by licence
Witnesses: Thos CLARK, S. EALAND, Wm CARTER
(John a bachelor of Uxbridge; Sarah a spinster of Lambeth)

Sarah PRICE (Sh17)
(Daughter of Thomas PRICE & Sarah)
Baptised: 23 Jun 1775, Hillingdon MDX
Buried: 5 May 1818, Hillingdon MDX, aged 43 (of Acton)


Thomas Price TOLLIT (Sh8)
bapt: 1 Jan 1797, Uxbridge MDX
bapt: 5 Dec 1798, Uxbridge MDX
died: Mar Qtr 1850, St Martin in the Fields Reg. Dist., aged 51
buried: 14 Feb 1850, St Martin in the Fields Burial Ground, Camden Town MDX, aged 51
married (1): Elizabeth FREETHY, 25 Nov 1820, Christchurch Newgate Street LND
married (2): Rebecca CRICHTON, 18 Nov 1838, Covent Garden MDX, by licence
William TOLLIT
bapt: 25 Jun 1800, Uxbridge MDX
buried: 10 Dec 1801, Hillingdon MDX (of Uxbridge)
bapt: 6 Feb 1803, Uxbridge MDX
married (1): ? Sarah HUGHES, 17 Jun 1826, St Pancras MDX ?
married (2): Jane SHEERMAN née HONEY, 7 Jul 1847, Islington District Register Office
(Emigrated to the USA c1848)
Elizabeth TOLLIT (see Notes)
bapt: 6 Jan 1805, Uxbridge MDX
buried: 5 Jan 1806, Hillingdon MDX
bapt: 27 Jul 1806, Uxbridge MDX
buried: 1 Sep 1808, Hillingdon MDX
bapt: 5 Jun 1808, Uxbridge MDX
married (1): John WINTER, 22 Jun 1835, Ealing MDX
married (2): William Henry JONES (widower), 26 Apr 1847, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 5 Sep 1810, Uxbridge MDX
buried: 1 Jan 1815, Hillingdon MDX, aged 4yr 4m (of Uxbridge)
bapt: 1 Jul 1812, Uxbridge MDX
died: Dec Qtr 1885, Shoreditch Reg. Dist., aged 72
married: Samuel SHERMAN, 10 Apr 1842, St Mark, Clerkenwell MDX
Anna Maria TOLLIT
bapt: 31 Aug 1814, Uxbridge MDX
died: Sep Qtr 1878, Uxbridge Reg. Dist., aged 63
buried: 24 Jul 1878, St Andrew, Uxbridge MDX, aged 63
married (1): Henry Augustus McPHUN, 13 Mar 1842, Limehouse MDX
married (2): John ARTHUR, 6 May 1849, Hillingdon MDX


? 15 Mar 1823, St Pancras MDX, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas BUTCHER, Margarett COE ?
(John a widower)

Elizabeth ? WHITEHALL ?
Buried: 18 Jun 1830, Aylesbury BKM, aged 33 (of Walton)


Frances TOLLIT
bapt: 27 May 1824, Aylesbury BKM
died: Jun Qtr 1905, Brackley Reg. Dist, aged 81
Henry William TOLLIT
bapt: 10 Nov 1826, High Wycombe BKM
died: Dec Qtr 1910, Holborn Reg. Dist., aged 82
buried: 14 Dec 1910, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 82 (of Clerkenwell)
married: Bathsheba FINCHAM, 17 Jan 1858, Stepney MDX
Frederick John TOLLIT
bapt: ? 18 Jul 1828, High Wycombe BKM ? (see Notes)
died: Jun Qtr 1903, Maidstone Reg. Dist., aged 71
married: Charlotte HOLNESS, 16 May 1857, Herne KEN
William TOLLIT
bapt: 26 May 1830, Aylesbury BKM (of Walton)
(Private baptism - received 25 Jul 1830, Gawcott BKM)
died: 19 May 1838, Aylesbury BKM, aged 7
buried: 22 May 1838, Aylesbury BKM, aged 7 (of the Workhouse)



There may have been more than one daughter Elizabeth in the first family. Uxbridge registers show two baptisms of an Elizabeth daughter of John and Sarah TOLLIT, cornchandler, on 6 Jan 1805 and 9 Jan 1806, whilst Hillingdon registers and BTs show burials of Elizabeth daughter of John and Sarah TOLLIT on 6 Jan 1805 and 5 Jan 1806. The baptism on 9 Jan 1806 seems to have been added to the register later, separate from the main list of entries, and with Henry being baptised in July 1806, it seems possible that there was actually only one Elizabeth rather than the two or three suggested by these records. As yet I have found no evidence of a marriage or later death/burial, nor any census entry, for an Elizabeth TOLLIT born c1805/6.

The surname of the Frederick John baptised 18 Jul 1828 in High Wycombe was given in the register as CAUDERY, but I think it may nevertheless be the right baptism. The surname at the preceding baptism was also CAUDERY but with the parents' details different, and as all entries on this page appear to be in the same hand, it is possible that the register was written up later and Frederick's surname mistakenly copied from the line above. The parents' forenames (John & Elizabeth), and father's occupation (Coachman) are the same as were given at Henry William's baptism in 1826. (There is no surviving BT for 1828.)

Variant spellings of the surname TOLLIT include TOLLET, TOLLETT, TOLLITT etc.




1841 - Union Workhouse, Aylesbury BKM (HO 107 62/6 Fo: 2)

John TOLLITT (sic) 70 Pauper Inmate Born in County


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