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John SIDERY (So72)
(Son of John SIDERY & Elizabeth AIRES)
Baptised: 23 Jan 1686/7, Blewbury BRK
Buried: ? 24 Oct 1742, Blewbury BRK (of Upton the younger) ? (see Notes)


18 May 1719, Chilton BRK
(John given as of Upton, Mary of Harwell)

Mary COWDERY (So73)
Buried: ? 18 Jan 1770, Blewbury BRK ?


bapt: 10 (or 11?) Apr 1720, Upton BRK
buried: ? 20 Oct 1791, Blewbury BRK (of Upton) ?
married: Mary
bapt: 29 Oct 1721, Upton BRK
buried: ? 22 May 1746, Blewbury BRK (of Upton) ? (see Notes)
bapt: 23 Dec 1722, Upton BRK
died: 25 Jun 1796; buried: 27 Jun 1796, East Hendred BRK, aged 72
married: John CHAMP, 23 Aug 1747, Milton BRK (as Hannah SIDREY)
bapt: 25 Apr 1725, Upton BRK
buried: 8 Oct 1769, Chaddleworth BRK
married: Joseph FREWD, 17 Oct 1749, Chilton BRK
bapt: 23 Jul 1727, Upton BRK
Richard SIDERY
buried: 9 Mar 1728/9, Blewbury BRK (of Upton)
William SIDERY (So36)
bapt: 5 Oct 1729, Upton BRK
Elizabeth SIDERY
bapt: 12 Mar 1731/2, Upton BRK
married: John HARRIS, 31 Jan 1757, Blewbury BRK
bapt: 15 Sep 1734, Upton BRK



Until 1861 Upton was a chapelry in the parish of Blewbury. From the late 16th century through to the first half of the 18th century Upton had its own register, though some events were recorded in the Blewbury registers as well, albeit with some differences in detail. From then until 1861 it appears that baptisms, marriages and burials from Upton were recorded only in the Blewbury registers. I have assumed that events recorded in the Upton register took place in Upton, otherwise I have given the location as Blewbury.

Three John SIDERY burials were recorded in the Blewbury registers in the 1740s. The earliest of these in 1742 (John the younger of Upton) seems quite likely to relate to John SIDERY (So72), whilst the latest in 1748 (John the elder of Upton) almost certainly relates to his father, John SIDERY (So144). The remaining burial in 1746 (John of Upton) would thus seem likely to relate to the John SIDERY baptised 1721, son of John SIDERY (So72). However, at Elizabeth SIDERY's marriage to John HARRIS in 1757 (see above), one of the witnesses was a John SIDERY, and as it seems possible that he could have been Elizabeth's brother, or maybe even her father, this leaves some uncertainty as to which John SIDERY was buried when, and as to the identity of the fourth John SIDERY.

Variant spellings of the surname SIDERY include SIDDERY, SIDEREY, SIDREY, SIDRIE, SIDRY, SYDRY etc.


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