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John SIDERY (So144)
Buried: 1 Oct 1748, Blewbury BRK (the elder of Upton)


27 Dec 1685, Blewbury BRK

Elizabeth AIRES (So145)
Buried: 14 Jul 1734, Blewbury BRK (of Upton)


John SIDERY (So72)
bapt: 23 Jan 1686/7, Blewbury BRK
Francis SIDERY
bapt: 8 Oct 1688, Blewbury BRK
buried: 6 Jan 1688/9, Blewbury BRK
bapt: 2 Mar 1689/90, Blewbury BRK
buried: 8 Sep 1744, Blewbury BRK
married: Hester WITHERELL, 6 Oct 1728, Blewbury BRK
(For more details of Thomas, his wife and children click here)
bapt: 24 May 1693, Blewbury BRK
Elizabeth SIDERY
born: c1698
bapt: 22 Dec 1722, Upton BRK (aged 24)
married: Thomas YEATS, 27 Dec 1733, Blewbury BRK
born: c1703
bapt: 22 Dec 1722, Upton BRK (aged 19)
buried: 18 Jul 1740, Blewbury BRK (of Upton)
married: Robert BUTLER, 2 May 1731, Blewbury BRK
bapt: 16 Sep 1726, Upton BRK

Plus others?



The baptisms of the 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Martha and Mary, are recorded in both Upton and Blewbury registers, but the ages at baptism of Elizabeth and Martha are given only in the Blewbury register. Mary was presumably also in her late teens or early twenties when baptised in 1726, but no indication of this is given in either register. (Upton was a chapelry in the parish of Blewbury - see more detailed note here.)

Blewbury registers are missing between 1674 and 1720, as are a number of the BTs during that period. These missing records, along with the parents' apparent later non-conformity, mean that there could well have been other children in this family. Two possibilities might be the Francis SIDERY who was baptised 9 Mar 1768, East Lockinge BRK, "aged 65 born of anabaptist parents", and the Moses "SIDRE" who married Mary HOPGOOD 30 May 1736, Little Bedwyn WIL.

Blewbury BTs show the burials of "Francis SIDRY senex" on 6 Jul 1686, and "Alice SIDRY vidua" on 8 Mar 1693/4. It is possible that either or both of these were parents of John SIDERY (So144).

Variant spellings of the surname SIDERY include SIDDERY, SIDEREY, SIDREY, SIDRIE, SIDRY, SYDRY etc.


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