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Jasper DOVE (So38)
(Son of John DOVE & Ann LAMBERT)
Born: 20 Jan 1754; baptised: 27 Jan 1754, Reigate SRY
Died: 3 Mar 1823, aged 70 (undertaker's accounts index)
Buried: 9 Mar 1823, Bromley KEN, aged 70
Occupation: Labourer


8 Mar 1778, Foots Cray KEN, by banns
Witnesses: Barbara FURLONGER, Thomas FURLONGER
(Jasper as Jasper "DOVER" - see Notes)

Mary BROWN (So39)
Born: c1752
Died: 5 Jun 1828, aged 76 (undertaker's accounts index)
Buried: 15 Jun 1828, Bromley KEN, aged 76


Mary Ann DOVE (So19)
bapt: 13 Sep 1778, Bromley KEN
Jasper DOVE
bapt: 19 Mar 1780, Bromley KEN
buried: 26 Jan 1786, Bromley KEN, inf
James DOVE
bapt: 4 Mar 1781, Bromley KEN
died: Jun Qtr 1842, Bromley Reg. Dist. (Death Duty Register: 9 May 1842)
buried: 11 May 1842, Bromley KEN, aged 61
Will: proved 11 Nov 1842, PCC
bapt: 21 Jul 1782, Bromley KEN
buried: 29 Apr 1792, Bromley KEN, aged 10
William DOVE
bapt: 28 Dec 1783, Bromley KEN
buried: 20 Aug 1829, New Burial Ground, St John Horsleydown SRY, aged 45 (of Bermondsey)
married: Martha MICKELSON, 16 Jan 1814, Greenwich KEN
Will: proved 31 Aug 1829, PCC
Richard DOVE
bapt: 29 Apr 1785, Bromley KEN
buried: 27 Jun 1785, Bromley KEN
Jane Brown DOVE
bapt: 9 Jun 1786, Bromley KEN
married: James HARBER, 26 Jan 1808, Croydon SRY, by licence
Sarah DOVE
bapt: 3 Aug 1787, Bromley KEN
buried: ? 6 Aug 1820, Chislehurst KEN, aged 37 ?
married: William WERREY, 23 Jun 1811, Lee KEN
Elizabeth DOVE
bapt: 13 Mar 1789, Bromley KEN
buried: 6 Oct 1793, Bromley KEN, aged 4
Susanna DOVE
bapt: 30 May 1790, Bromley KEN
buried: 22 Oct 1790, Bromley KEN, inf
Charlotte DOVE
bapt: 5 Jun 1791, Bromley KEN
died: 21 Jan 1819, aged 25
buried: 31 Jan 1819, Bromley KEN, aged 25
Hannah DOVE
bapt: 24 Feb 1793, Bromley KEN
buried: 8 Oct 1793, Bromley KEN, inf
Jasper DOVE
bapt: 4 May 1794, Bromley KEN
buried: 10 Aug 1794, Bromley KEN, inf
Jasper Samuel DOVE
bapt: 5 Mar 1797, Bromley KEN
buried: 16 Jun 1798, Bromley KEN, inf



Details of the marriage of Jasper DOVE and Mary BROWN are taken from a 1916 transcript of the parish registers. The original parish registers were stolen from the church in 1948, and as the BTs survive from 1799 onwards only, this is the only record I have been able to find of this marriage. Thus I am not sure if Jasper's surname was spelt "DOVER" in the original entry or only in the transcription. Nevertheless, this would seem to be the right marriage for the couple, as at a settlement examination on 1 Feb 1779, Jasper stated that he had been legally married to his wife Mary at Foots Cray.

At this settlement examination in 1779, Jasper is given as a labourer residing in Bromley, but stated that his parish of legal settlement was Godstone SRY, where he had worked for a year 8 or 9 years previously. He also stated that he had by his wife one child named Mary Ann, aged about 5 months. It appears that Jasper later tried to gain settlement in Bromley, but at a further examination on 7 Aug 1786, his settlement was adjudged to be still in Godstone. At this examination he is shown as having 5 children by his wife Mary, namely Mary Ann aged 8, James aged 5, John aged 4, William aged 3 and Jane aged about 4 months.


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