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Roger LAMBERT (So4928)
(Son of Jeffery LAMBERT)
Buried: 25 Oct 1617, Banstead SRY
Admon: granted 1617 (of Banstead - to relict Elizabeth)



Elizabeth ?? (So4929) (see Notes)
Buried: 1 Jun 1633, Banstead SRY


bapt: ? 9 Apr 1566, Banstead SRY ? (no parents given)
died: after 2 Feb 1615/6 (mentioned in brother's will)
married: ?? (bequests to his children in brother's will)
? Elizabeth LAMBERT ? (see Notes)
bapt: 8 Jan 1569/70, Banstead SRY (no parents given)
Daniel LAMBERT (So2464)
bapt: ? 16 Sep 1571, Banstead SRY ? (no parents given)
? Jane LAMBERT ? (see Notes)
bapt: 17 Oct 1572, Banstead SRY (no parents given)
Nicholas LAMBERT
bapt: ? 2 Jan 1573/4, Banstead SRY ? (no parents given)
married: Mary HARRIS, 13 May 1605, Woodmansterne SRY
Will: written 12 Sep 1615; proved 27 Sep 1615, Surrey Archdeaconry (of Chipstead)
? Elizabeth LAMBERT ? (see Notes)
bapt: 10 Jul 1576, Banstead SRY (no parents given)
bapt: 5 Apr 1581, Banstead SRY
died: ? 3 Mar 1656/7, aged 77 ? (Chaldon MI)
married: ? Patience ? (Chaldon MI)
Admon: ? granted 1657, PCC (of Chaulden - sic) ?
Katherine LAMBERT
bapt: 8 Aug 1583, Banstead SRY
buried: ? 26 Mar 1584, Banstead SRY ?
bapt: 28 Apr 1585, Woodmansterne SRY
died: after 2 Feb 1615/6 (mentioned in brother's will)
bapt: 21 Apr 1588, Woodmansterne SRY
Will: written 2 Feb 1615/6; proved 17 May 1616, PCC (of Banstead)
bapt: 8 Oct 1590, Woodmansterne SRY
buried: 19 May 1612, Banstead SRY

Plus others? (see Notes)



Various published pedigrees suggest that Elizabeth (So4929) was daughter of a John STEWARD, though I haven't seen any evidence to support this. A John STEWARD, husbandman of Banstead, mentioned a daughter Elizabeth STEWARD in his will written 17 Jul 1550, but I have so far been unable to determine whether or not this might be relevant.

Some or all of the queried children above may not belong in this family. In his 1616 will, Philip refers to his brothers Daniel, Nicholas, Roger, William and John, his four sisters (unnamed) and children of Daniel, Nicholas and Roger. He also mentions various children of his "sister Walter", including her son Thomas BEST, although it is unclear if this sister was one of the four mentioned elsewhere.

Variant spellings of the surname LAMBERT include LAMBART, LAMBERD, LAMBARDE etc.


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