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    The following events schedule shows the dates, event, website and a brief description of events that the company, or its members, are planning on attending. Any event marked with an (+) indicates a company maximum effort event; these events are ones that all members are encouraged to attend. If you have an event you would like us to attend, or feel that we would be interested in, please contact the Webmaster to have the event added to the schedule.

  • APRIL 2022
  • 2nd & 3rd - Tartan Day South - West Columbia, South Carolina. [Timeline Living History - A living history with displays relevant to the role of Gaelic Volunteers in the Military.]

    9th & 10th - Stoneman's Raid - Anderson, South Carolina. [Battle Reenactment - Portraying the events around the route of march of a detachment of Federal Cavalry through Anderson District in May 1865.]

    23rd (Saturday) - Cracker's Neck Social - Beech Island, South Carolina. [1850 to 1860 Civilian Picnic - An 1850 to 1860 picnic at the Historic Redcliffe Plantation from 11 am to 3 pm. A good day to enjoy a period setting with period conversation.]

  • MAY 2022
  • 7th & 8th - Old Clinton War Days - Clinton, Georgia. [Battle Reenactment - A reenactment portraying events in and around Clinton from July to November 1864.]

    [+] 21st & 22nd - Battle of Resaca - 328-448 Chitwood Road NE, Resaca, Georgia. [Battle Reenactment - Portraying the events which took place at the Battle of Resaca in May 1864, during the Atlanta Campaign.]

  • JUNE 2022
  • 11th & 12th - Lexington County Ag & Arts - Lexington, South Carolina. [Living History - An 1850 to 1860 Civilian living history showcasing the daily lives of the average person of Lexington District, South Carolina.]

    25th (Saturday) - Company Mid Year Muster - Location to Be Announced. [Company Meeting - The mid-year meeting, a chance to get together and work on drill, company events, planning, discussions, etc..]

  • JULY 2022
  • 4th (Monday) - Peach Festival Parade - Gilbert, South Carolina [Parade - The Annual Independence Day Parade and Peach Festival in Gilbert, S.C..]

    16th (Saturday) - 1940's Canteen Dance - Lexington, South Carolina. [Dance - A 1940's Dance focusing on the Home Front and Pacific Theater, held in an original 1940's Canteen building.]

  • AUGUST 2022
  • [Pending]

  • SEPTEMBER 2022
  • 3rd (Saturday) - Timeline Ball - 670 Verdae Blvd, Greenville, South Carolina. [Timeline Dance - Covering the periods from 1700 to 1899, ticket costs include both dinner and the dance.]

    [+] 17th & 18th - Hurricane Shoals - 416 Hurricane Shoals Rd., Maysville, Georgia. [Battle Reenactment - An event focusing on the life, movements and actions of the war at the Hurricane Shoals Park.]

    24th & 25th - Wild West Fest - 1210 Powell Pond Road, Aiken, South Carolina. [Living History - A timeline event focusing on the life in the Western United States, the company will be setting a display focusing on the Military's role on the Frontier.]

  • OCTOBER 2022
  • 8th & 9th - 160th Battle of Perryville - Perryville, Kentucky. [Battle Reenactment - Portraying the events fo the Battle of Perryville in October 1862, during the Kentucky Campaign.]

    15th & 16th - Battle of Cedar Creek - 8437 Valley Pike, Middletown, Virginia. [Battle Reenactment - Portraying the events of the Battle of Cedar Creek, October 1864, during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.]

  • NOVEMBER 2022
  • 6th (Sunday) - Veteran's Day Parade - Main Street, Lexington, South Carolina. [Timeline Parade - A U.S. Military timeline parade.]

    11th (Friday) - Veteran's Day Parade - Assembly Street, Columbia, South Carolina. [Timeline Parade - A U.S. Military timeline parade.]

  • DECEMBER 2022
  • 10th (Saturday) - 158th Battle of Ft. McAllister - Richmond Hill, Georgia. [Battle Reenactment - Portraying the assautl and capture of Ft. McAllister on December 15th, 1864, during the March to the Sea.]

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