Company Events & Activities

    On this page can be found our company's schedule of events for the year, as well as a description of the events and activites which we participate in. If their are any questions or comments that you have regarding anything that you find on this page contact the Webmaster for more information.

   Event Schedule   
Company Activities

2020 Company Event Schedule

    The following events schedule shows the date, event and website, that the company will be attending. Any event marked with an (+) next to it indicates a maximum effort event for our unit; these events are ones which all members of the company are encouraged to attend. If you have an event you would like us to attend or feel that we would be interested in please contact the Webmaster to have the event added to the schedule.

January 2020

28th: S.C.V. Camp Presentation, Lexington, S.C.
July 2020

4th: Peach Festival – Gilbert, South Carolina
February 2020

1st: Aiken Museum Event, Aiken, S.C.

8th: Sword Fest, Columbia, S.C.

(+) 22nd & 23rd: Battle of Aiken, Aiken, S.C.

29th & 1st: Battle of Broxton’s Bridge, Erhardt, S.C.
August 2020

1st: Corsets & Cravats, Newberry, S.C.

8th: Southeastern Toy Soldiers Show, Columbia, S.C.
March 2020

7th: Irish Fest, Camden, S.C.

(+) 21st & 22nd: 155th Battle of Bentonville, Four Oaks, N.C.
September 2020

(+) 19th & 20th: Battle of Bost’s Grist Mill, Concord, N.C.
April 2020

4th: Tartan Day South, Cayce, S.C.

(+) 11th: Fort Sumter Living History, Charleston, S.C.
October 2020

(+) TBA: Wild West Fest, Aiken, S.C.

17th: Halloween Program at Proctor Hall, Camden, S.C.

30th: Dutch Fork Hauntings & Homicides, Peak, S.C.
May 2020

2nd & 3rd: Old Clinton War Days, Clinton, Ga.

10th: Confederate Memorial Day, Lexington, S.C.

(+) 16th & 17th: Battle of Resaca, Resaca, Ga.

25th: Memorial Day Services, Augusta, Ga.
November 2020

7th: Fairfield County Veterans Day Timeline, Winnsboro, S.C.

8th: Lexington County Veterans Day Parade – Lexington, S.C.

11th: Columbia Veterans Day Parade – Columbia, S.C.

June 2020

To Be Announced
December 2020

(+) 11th & 12th: Proctor Hall Christmas Living History, Camden, S.C.

Company Events & Activities

    In addition to Battle Reenactments our company takes part In a number of other events and activities during the course of the year. These events range from Living Histories, Parades, Grave Dedications, Presentations, School Tours, etc… Below are explanations of three of our main types of events, living histories, school tours and presentations. If you are interested in more information on any of the following activities contact Captain Kenneth Robison.

Living Histories.
Living histories are events which are for the direct education and interaction between company and the general public. They do not generally have a battle connected with them, but are aimed at portraying the life of the average person of the 1860’s. Common displays include uniforms, arms and equipment, personal items, etc… There are three main reasons which our company has for organizing a living history; these reasons are Education, Remembrance, and Recruitment. The primary purpose of any living history is education; our members ensure that the event teaches the public in a proper, informative, and un-biased way the history of the conflict, and the men and women who served in it, and lived through it in the case of civilians.
School Tours.
Having living historians/reenactors come into schools can be beneficial in assisting both the teachers and the students. We help the teachers in educating their students with the assistance of visual aides and drive home the points of their lesson plans. It also allows them to include things that would not normally be included in the average school textbook. This also saves the teachers from having to wait for a local reenactment to take place, which the students may or may not be able to attend. For the students, as with the teachers, it allows them the chance to see things that they would not normally see and brings the history alive to them much move vividly than the pages of a book.
Speakers & Presentations.
In addition to Living Histories and School Tours some members of the company offer speakers for events or organizations on a wide variety of topics. However, unlike living histories and school tours there is sometimes a cost attached to these presentations depending upon the event, distance and other factors. A sample of some presentations which are available include: "Soldiers Impedimenta - The Baggage of the Civil War Soldier;" "Devils in Red Pants - Zouaves in the American Civil War;" "That Gallant Old Brigade - Lexington District Volunteers in the Civil War;" and "South Carolinas Forgotten Federals - South Carolina United States Colored Troops."

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