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    On this page is to found links and resources for various information on American Civil War Reenacting, Sutlers, Units, etc…; and on general and specific history of the war, its participants and its engagements. If there is any links or sources that you would like to have added to this page contact the Webmaster for more information.

   Historical Resources   
Reenacting Resources

Historical Resources

General Information

Shotgun's American Civil War Homepage

Selected Civil War Photographs

The War of the Rebellion at Cornell University

South Carolina

South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Museum

South Carolina in the Civil War

New York

The New York State Military Museum

Reenacting Resources

Units & Organizations

The Union Volunteers

Palmetto Battalion (South Carolina)

3rd New Hampshire Volunteers (South Carolina)

Sutlers & Vendors

C&D Jarnigan Company (Uniforms)

Quartermaster Depot (Uniforms)

Sullivan Press (Papers & Documents)

Taylor & Company (Firearms)

Wambaugh, White & Company (Uniforms)

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