Impressions and Historical Information

    On this page can be found information regarding the historical regiments and reenacting impressions of the "Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves." If there is any questions or comments that you have regarding anything that you find on this page contact the Webmaster for more information.

Impressions & Historic Information
    Reenacting Impressions & Information    

Our Historic Impressions

    In reenacting each group, or individual, will choose a historical impression which they wish to portray at events, these can be Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Civilians, or any of the countless specialty impressions that existed during the conflict. For the members of the “Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves,” the following represent the units which we portray when going to events.

    For our Confederate impression we portray the members of the “Palmetto Riflemen” which served as Company C of the Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers. For our Federal Zouave impression we portray the “New York Zouaves” which served as Company H of the 17th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment; and for our Regulation Federal impression the men of Company B of the 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

    Below will be found links to pages with historical information on the original officers and men of the Palmetto Sharpshooters, the 17th New York Veteran Volunteers and the 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments.

Federal (Regulation)
Federal (Zouave)
Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment
South Carolina Volunteers
121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
17th New York Veteran Volunteers

Reenacting Impressions & Information

    The following is information on our company’s reenacting impressions, our uniform standards, historic documents, various articles on ways to improve your impression and other useful items of information which assist us in portraying the Volunteers of 1861 to 1865 and their daily lives during the American Civil War.

Company Uniform Standards
First Person Impressions
    Company Songster    

Improving Your Impression

Historical Information
Reenacting Articles
"Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life." (Confederate)

"Hardtack & Coffee." (Federal)

Chronicling America (Newspapers)
Improving Your Impression By Losing Weight

Research Page - Liberty Rifles

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