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    On this page can be found general information about reenacting, how to join, who to contact, what to do, etc...; also inforation about our company and its history, along with membership forms, documents and other items. If their are any questions or comments that you have regarding anything that you find on this page contact the Webmaster for more information.

Civil War Reenacting
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Civil War Reenacting

    In every part of the country that a person may travel to they are sure to find that there are reenactors somewhere nearby. Many come from various backgrounds and occupations, much as the original soldiers did; politicians and garbage-men, lawyers and bag-boys, however they all share the common interest of the history of the American Civil War. But the question to most still remains, how do I get involved? Where do I get a uniform? Where do they do reenactments? And many other questions.

    How do I get involved? The first step is to find a unit, your in luck as this website is for what our members consider a good unit. After you have found a unit they will help get you information as to when and where events are taking place, what items you may or may not need to get started, and will generally guide you through the process of becoming a reenactor.

    Uniform and Equipment. Our company has a supply of loaner uniforms and equipment for potential new members who may wish to try out reenacting before going and purchasing any equipment of their own, this equipment is set aside for this very reason and any person wishing to join us for one event to see what it is like is more than welcome do so. Any person using loaner equipment is however asked to treat it as though it was their own and take care of it, as some pieces of equipment are rather expensive to replace.

"In spite of all the discomforts, there are many charms about our life. I never had a pleasanter sensation than that of getting into bivouac after a hard march, having the blankets spread, a great fire built, a little supper, and a comfortable pipe. Then we lie looking at the stars through the trees, listening to the men singing, - which is often very good, - or talking about what we shall do when the war is over, and the scenes we have been through since it began."

Captain Robert G. Shaw, 2nd Massachusetts Volunteers – December 21st, 1862.

Our Company

    Our company traces its origins to November 2002 when several members came together to establish an authentic Zouave impression in the Carolina's and Georgia, it was these origins that lead to the creation of an Independent Company in February 2006 known as the “Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves.” Since that time the company has been actively recruiting new members and working towards ensuring that the Veterans who we represent are not forgotten to history.

    The unit participates in various battle reenactments, living history demonstrations, presentations at local libraries, etc. The unit attempts to sponsor, and host, several local events each year, and works closely with other reenactment units. While our company is based in the Carolina’s & Georgia we often travel elsewhere.

    While we strive to be as authentic as possible, we try and maintain our Company’s motto of “If your not having fun, do something else.” All are welcome to join with us and have a good time.

    How do I Join? If you are interested in membership in our company please email one of the following members for more information, as well as to obtain a Membership Application, the application is a PDF file, however it can be sent to you as a Word document if needed. Applications can also be obtained by regular mailing if you would like one sent that way as well.

Captain Kenneth H. Robison

1st Sergeant Matthew E. Wilbanks
Corporal William Christman

Lance Corporal Nathan Salyer

The Company Forms & Documents

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