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There have been many books about old Greenville County families and history published. Do you own one you would be willing to do lookups in? Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put GREENVILLE COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request. If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time.

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The Pedens of America
, by Eleanor M. Hewell
Updated by Jessie Peden, Lizzie Peden, and Lila Peden Sprouse.
A book documenteing the Peden clan of Scot-Irish ancestry from arrival in America.
They first came to SC in 1770 along the Tyger rivers in what is now Spartanburg County and
later moved to southern Greenville County in the Fairview area during the pre-Revolutionary War period. The book documents the entire tree up into the late 1960's.
There are hundreds of surnames and thousands of individuals traced for many generations.
Ed Grooms
Descendants of John Watson I 1752-1823
Over 500 pages of Watsons and many other family names in the Greenville area.
Troy Watson
Ancestors and Descendants of the Smiths by Linda Cheek pub. 1985
Sherrie Heyse
The House of Fowler by Grover Parson Fowler and more importantly I have an index to the book which was written in 1960 by Mrs. Cline. The House of Fowler was written in 1940 and contains a lot of Greenville families. It is in libraries on microfilm but without an index it is hard to use. The Fowlers and Pedens intermarried.
Sherrie Heyse
An Account of Taylors, S.C., 1817 - 1994, by Jean Martin Flynn, published 1995, The Reprint Co. This is a history of Chick Springs, Taylors area with some county history included. References to many old and new families, businesses in the area.
Mel Odom
Greenville County Cemetery Survey, Vol. 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6 only.
Compiled by the Greenville County Chapter of S.C. Genealogical Society. These surveys cover up to the mid 1970's.

Mel Odom
1880 Greenville County Census
Please request lookup by township, then first and last name.
Wendy Campbell
Index To Greenville County Wills 1787-1853. This lists tells only what page and section the will is listed in.

Dede Aday MacDonald