Fairfield County, South Carolina

Organized 1768
Constituted 1770

Member of 
Congaree Association 1771
Bethel Association 1802-1844
Salem Association 1845-1862
Fairfield Association 1863

1794-1820 Minutes & Membership rolls
prepared by Lee Ann Gerhart (descendant of Izett Long)
In loving memory of Russell Puricelli (wife Marjorie descendant of Rev. Jacob Gibson)
 who provided copies of minutes, edits, and encouragement.  He passed away Dec 5, 2000.

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the spr 




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    to his Garden Comes 
    yield a sweet perfume

(probably part of Isaac Watts song, "We are a Garden Walled 

(written sideways)
                to Preach
4 July

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May the 10th 1794

The Church of Christ on Little
River South Carolina Fairfield 
County formerly under the care 
of Jacob Gipson it has been 
many years Constituted.
The principals of this Church 
are summerily condtain'd in the
Philadelphia Confessions of 
Faith --
Viz the three and Equal persons
in the Godhead. I.E. The Father 
as creator the Son as Redeemer
the Spirit as Justifier.
The apply is

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Sacrement Meetings

At Little River of Broad Church
Second Sunday in June
Second Sunday in Septem
Second Sunday in Decmber
Second Sunday in March

The Old Stated Meetings for
Many years &co

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Sarah Stanton 
Joind us by Baptism
January 1802


(page 5 -- E appears to mean "excommunicated")

Male Members

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Female Members

Mercelus Littlejohn  d
Willm Trap  dead  
David Cooper  +
David Anders  +
Tharp Parrot  +
David Mcgraw Senior +
David Mcgraw Jnr
John Brunt
David Long  dead  
John Long  +
Jese Ford  +
John Flowers  d
Nathan Busby  dead  
Henry Crumpton  d
Jacob Curry  +
Peter Curry  +

David Gipson
James Owens  d
John Neely  +
Wm Mcgraw  E
Nathan Mcgraw  E
Benjamin Currie  +
Moses Wooton  E
John Morris  +  E
Wilm Morris  +
Charles a Slave  +
Tom a Slave  E
Bash Jones  E
John a Slave  +
Henry Gragg  E
John May
Samuel Owen
Jame King
Elizabeth Woodward  d
Sarah Littlejohn  d
Elleanor Crumpton  d
Pruela Anders  d
Margaret Sterns  +
Esther Flowers  d
Elizabeth Curry  +
Sarah Parrot  +
Tabitha Parrot  +
Nancy Parrot  +
Mourning Currie  +  E
Mary Mcgraw  +
Rachel Yarber  E
Amy Long
Elizabeth Bell  +
Mourning Hunt  +
Amy Morris  +
       in role 25
Rebeckah Sterns
Winny Wallis  +
Sarah Gipson  +
Jamimah Harris  +
Margaret Mcgraw d
Nancy Boid +
Uradia Tid  +
Elizabeth Owens
Susanna  Braday +
Mary Coleman
Mary Randall  +  E
Lindy s  +
An a slave
Fanny Mcgraw
Sarah Busby
Sarah Stanton  E
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George Owens  Babtised June the 10th 1804
William Bell  Baptd 8th July 1804
Robert Rabb  
John Boid  -- D
Edward Pigg -- by Letter

(page 9)

Iset Long  August 27th 1803   
Fanna Arrs    B  was Baptized by Jesse Owen
Mary Stanton    
Elisabeth Rabb
Elln Harris  d
Mary Owen  + Dead  Baptized June 16th 1804
Elisbeth Long
Mary Boid
Milley Pigg -- Recd by Letter
Elizabeth Andrews by Baptism 12 May 1810
Elizabeth Gibson by Baptism 12 May 1810
Jerusa Neely 2nd Sunday June 1813


(page 10)

Church of Christ Meet in 
conference May 10, 1794 
& proceeded to business. 
Mary & Lucindy Strawders were 
  cited to attend Conference which 
  they neglected and were excom for 

2Edward Mcgraw was excom-
  municated for a hard Spirit Seeing 
  his Brother and neglecting to hear 
  the Church.

3d  Rachel Mcgraw and Amelia 
  Beard were cited to conference 
  They aggravated their crime by 
  not attending and were excomm 
  for Fornication.

4th  Sary Baggar  was excom for 
  the Sin of Adultery.

(page 11)

Mary Coleman laid under the 
  censure of the Church for Marrying 
  A man who had a wife then living 

6 Mary Randal laid under 
  censure for the Same viz.: having 
  two Husbands.

7th Bash Jones laid under censure 
  for unmercifully beating his wife.

June the 10th 1794

The Church Meet and after prayer 
proceeded to business.
1st Brother Jones chosen Moderator.

2d Sister Coleman's affair considerd 
  And laid over till the Meeting in 

3ly Sister Randal's laid over 
  until the Same Time.

(page 12)

4ly Bash Jones was Excm for 
  unmercifully beating his wife. 

5ly William Mcgraw was excm 
  for bringing in a fals accusation 
  against David Mcgraw and condemning 
  the judgment of Church.

6ly Jacob Curry laid under censure 
  for geting drunk.

7 Strawder's Tom was Excom for 
  lying Stealing and refusing to 
  obey his Master. 

8ly Brother Jones Brother Rools 
  Brother Woodard and Brother King
  deferred to attend our Meeting in 

9 Brother Crumpton appointed 
  to cite Henry Greg to attend our next

(page 13)

Meeting in September.

July the 12th 1794

Church Meet and proceeded to 

1 Brother Curries affair considered 
  and laid over untill our next Meeting.

2d Brother Anders appointed to cite
  Nathan Mcgraw to attend our
  next Meeting.

3ly Abigail Thomas was Excm
  for the Sin of whoredom.

4 John Murry appointed to
  Cite Winny Wallis to atted our
  Meeting in September.

           Concluded by prayer.

The Church Meet August the 
2d and proceeded to business

Nathan Mcgraw did not attend
  But agreed to wait untill our
  Meeting in September

(page 14)

The Church Meet 12 of Sept 1794
And after a Sermon proceeded to

1 Henry Grigg was Excom for
  fighting and drunkenness.

Meet Again September the 13, 1794

Brother Jones Brother Rools and Brother
Woodard attended as helps and Several
Ther brethren took Seats Mongst us. 
The Matter Respecting Mary Coleman 
was brought forward and after a proper 
investigation of the Same, was found 
to be unjustifiable by the word of God 
and as Such She and all in like perdi-
cament by the Church and helps were
excommunicated from this 
Body also the church doth pass an 
act that they will hold none such 
in fellowship.

Mary Randal excommunicated

(page 15)

  from this body for having two
  Husbands yet the Church does confess 
  they acted inadvertently in receiving 

2d Nathan Mcgraw Em for the Sin of
  drunkenness and unseemly behavior 
  toward a woman.

3 Pruella Anders was Excluded
  the priviledge of this Church 
  for Marrying A Man who had two 
  wifes living.

Oct. the 11th 1894 [1794] The 
Church Meet and after A 
Sermon proceeded to Business

1th Brother Curry restored to 

2 John Long laid under Censure
  for drunkeness.

(page 16)

Novr the 8th

Church Meet and after A
Sermon proceeded to business.

1 Br John Long restored to 

December ye 12 1794

The church met and after
prar proceeded to Buisness.

Winny Wallas Laid over till
next meeting.

Decbr ye 27 1794

The church came together 
in order to call a minister 
and agreed to wait upon god 
and upon one another awhile 
Longer ---- the Church
met may 9 1795

Winny Wallas calld 
and the church agreed 
to wait awhile Longer

(page 17)

Jan the 10th

Church Meet together
A Discourse delivered

2 the church sattisfide
  with Bro Crumton as 
  a deacon.

3 Jacob Curry Laid
  under sencure for

July the 11 1795 The 
Church came together

August ye 8 1795

The church met together 
and after prare proceeded 
to buisness. Mourning 
Hunt calld and Laid over
till next meeting.

agreed that Mourning 
Hunt shall remain 
in fellowship.

(page 18)

December ye 12 
1795 the Church met 
together and considered 
Jacob Curry wripe for

December ye 26 1795

John Long laid under 
censure for Drunkness

January the 9th 1796

Brother Jacob King taken 
as a Pastor over this Church

2 Jacob Curry Excommunicated
  for Drunkness

3ly John Guinn to preach 
  the fourth Sabath in march 

(page 19)

The Chur Meet
Feby the 13 1796

John Long restord
to fellowship

June ye 12th 1796

The Church came together 
and agreed to Choose
Bro David Andrews and 
Bro William Trapp as 
elders. Brother Kind 
and Brother Benet
choosen to ordain them 
the Second Saturday
and Sunday in 

(page 20)

Feby ye 11th 1797

The Church came together 
and agreed that Mourning Hunt
Should be Excmcated for 

September ye 16th 1797

Mourning Curry Excm
for Disorder

2ly two Deligates from 
Mobleys settlement 
apply to this church 
for to know whether 
they might be considered 
as a constituted body.
Brotherís David Andrews
& Henry Crumpton was 
appointed to go & see.

(page 21)

September the the 22th 1798

The upper Branch of this 
Church called Mobleys
Settlement was 
considered as a constituted 
body by the revd. Wm 

(page 22 -- top half dim and hard to read)

April the 12 1800

The revd Wm Woodward 
was a suply for a
year.  The revd Jesse 
Owens was chosen as 
a supply for the year 1801.

Church meeting June 26, 1801

after publick sarvis proced 
to business- first inquired if 
there was felloship and finding 
there was and nothing presented
 _____. the church opend a dore 
but non Recevd .

(page 23)

July the 24 the church met 
together after prare and
exhortation. a diligent 
inquiry if things was
in good order and finding
all things in good order 
Brother David Long was 
appointed to cite Nathan 
Busby to come to our 
next meeting.

(page 24)

also Church agreed to join the 
bethell association and David 
Andrews and John May 
chosen as dillegats

August 21st 1802 met acording 
to apointment after Exhortation 
and prayr proceded to busness.

first Brother Long with Brother 
Busby make Reporte of 
his nonattendance.

Secondly Brothers Andrews
and May Reporte they was 
cordely Recvd by the Brethren.

October 23d 1802

The church Met and after 
Prare and Exhortation 
David McGraw and 
Samuel Owens appointd

(page 25)

December the 25 1802

The Church Met -- Prare
and Exortation

June the 24th 1803

The Church met after 
Prare and Exortation

The Church Nominated 
Brother John May to 
Serve as a Deakon with 
Brother Crumton.

July the 23, 1803

The Church Met and prayer 
being made &c.  Confirmation 
of the brethren was to continue 
Jessee Owen for the persuing 

(page 26)

August the 27th 1803

The church met after 
publek worship a dore
was opened for Experrance.

Iseet Long Recd by Experran
ce in to the fellowship

Fanna Arrs Recd in fellowship 
by Experance

Mary Stanton Recd in
fellowship by Experance

John Long Recd in 
fellowship of the 

Saturday the 24th 1803

The Church met after 
Prare and Exortation 
a dore was opened for 

(page 27)

Saturday the 19th 1803

The Church met after 
publick worship a dore 
was opened for Experance .

Saturday 10th 1803

The Church Met after 
Prare and Exortation 
a Dore was opened for 

Saturday the 10th March 1804

The Church Met after prayer 
& Examination a Dore was opend 
for Experience two Recvd by Experence 
into fellowship.  Elizabeth Long the 
Daughter of David Long & Mary 
Boyd the wife of John Boyd.

(page 28)

Saturday the 11th 1804

The Church met after 
Preaching a Dore was 
opened for Experance

John Boyd offered not 

Saturday the 9th of June

The Church met after 
Publick worship a dore 
was opened for Experance.

George Owens Recvd in 
fellowship & Mary 
Owens Recvd in fellow
ship by Experance

On Sunday the 10th 1804

A dore was opened for Experance

Three received in fellowship
  Elizabeth Rabb
  William Bell and
  Jem Harris.

(page 29)

July 7th 1804 the Church met and after 
publick worship the church proceeded 
to business.  David Gibson sencerd by Sarah 
Stanton for unjust Dealing apointed 
to be tried the 15 of the Same. 

Also Members Chosen to Send to the 
asociation David McGraw, John May.

The 8th 1804 the Letter Red and Aprovd &
a door opend for Experance. John Boyd 
Recvd into fellowship.

The Committee met that 
was appointed Henry Crum
ton, John May, Samuel Owen, 
David Long, David McGraw, 
and Trye to Reconsile the 
matter between Sister Stanton 
and David Gibson. we hold 
David Gibson in fellowship

(page 30)

but we are under the disagreeable 
nesesity of Laying Sister Stanton 
under the sensure of the Church 
because She believes the Reporte
of onbelievers against our 
Brother David and we Conseive 
that she is possesed with a 
Pregides Spirit against

July 14th 1804

on the 7th of August 

The Church Met occasion
ly. Henry Grig Restord
to Fellowship of this Chur
ch again and Gave him 
a Dismission from this 

(page 31)

September the 8th 1804

The Church met.  Our
friend Owen Did not

The church met the
Second Saturday in October
Cary Laid under Sensure
for Disorder.

November the 7th

The Church met after 
Worship Proceed to Business.
Cary Considered Ripe
for excommunication.

The church met the 8th of 
December application 
was maid by Enoree church 
Members to Little River

(page 32)

church for helps
Respecting the Trial
of Jesse Owen.

Members Nominated
David Andrews
Joh Long David Long
David McGraw

The church met February
the 9th 1805 the members
Conclude to take
Thigpen as a Supply

The church met March the
9th 1805 after Prar prseed
David Gibson laid under
Sensure for the Sin of

(page 33)

Saturday the May the 11 1805

The church met after worship
Enter unto Business

David Gibson Recvd in
fellowship again.

June the 8th 1805
The church met after
Prare a Dore opened for
Robert Rabb Recd in
to fellowship.

August the 24th 1805
The church met after Prare
Prseed to Business.

Rachel Yarber considered
to be ripe for Excommunication
for Disorder and an
noncompliance with church

(page 34)

the church Nominates
David Andrews, Wm Bell,
David Long, David McGraw
as Dilligats to the Sosiation.

The church met Saturday
The 12 of Octbr 1805 after prar &
Exortation. David Andrews
& John May ordained to act in
the office of Deacons under the
hands of Aaron Wotten 
and Henry Crumton
as Sarah Stanton and Rachel
Yarber Red out of the church.

Saturday the 9th Nov the church
met after Prare and
Exortation proseed to 

(page 35)

Saturday 30th 1805 the
church Met after Prare.
Sarah Owen Made Confess
ion of Disorder.  She
is Laid under the Senshur
of this church until
Satisfaction be Maid.

Saturday the 11th January 1806
the church met after 
Prare proseed to Business

Sarah Owen Expeld
Excommunicated for the Sin
of xxxxting by good sin
Sarah Owen Expeld for 
Baud improper Conduct

(page 36)

(top half of page torn off 
-- page 38 showing thru)



May the 10th 1806
the church met after 
worship proseed to business
Brother Wotten Recd as
a Supply.

(page 37)

(top half of page torn off)

May the 17th 1806
the church met after Prare
proseed to Business. Mary Boid
Laid under the senscure of the
church until our next

Some time

The church met 2nd Saturday
in July 1806 after Prare
& Exortation proseed to busi
ness. Mary Boid matter
Reported to the church
it is laid over until our
next church meeting.

(page 38)

August 9th 1806

The church met after worship
proseed to business.  Mary Boid 
matter called it is laid over
until our next meeting in

September 13th 1806 the
church met after worship
proseed to business.  Mary Boid
matter Reported.  She is Expeld
from our church for improper
bad Conduct which took place
first and then while under
Church Dealings turnd out into
world to Dansing.

David Andrews and Samuel 
Owens pointed Delligates
to the Sosiation.

(page 39)

The church met Saturday 8th
of November 1806

After Prare proseed to 
business the church conclude
to Rase a Fund of Money
for the Support of the Gos

May the 9th 187 [1807] the church
met after Prar Proseed to
Business. A Negro woman
named Pegga Siteed to appear
at our next meeting in

Saturday 13th of June 1807 the Church
met after Prare proseed to Business
Pegga gave Satisfaction to the church.

(page 40)

David Gibson siteed to appeare at our
church Meeting in June 1807.  Brother
David Long and Brother Andrews Reporte
to the church that they give him previous
notice he refuses to come the Church 
Considers him ripe for Excommunication
for the sin of Drunkenness & other improper
Conduct and therefore he is not considered
as a member amongst us until Satisfac
tion is maid of the Sinserity of his 

Saturday the 7th 1807

the Church met after prar
proseed to business Brother
Pigg shard application
join our church by letter
The business Laid over

Saturday the 9th 1808

the Church met after 
Prare prosed to business
Brother Piggs Letter

(page 41)

mentioned the Business
Laid over on the act of the
members not Being
Present. also a Negro
man Named James Laid
under the Sensure of the
Church for Disagreeable
Bad Conduct

Brother Samuel Owens
Nominated to take Charge
of the Money Subscribed
for the yuse of the Church

Saturday the 13th of february
1808 the Church met after
Worship proseed to Business

Brother Pigg's Letter Talked
upon. The church Refuses
to take him as the Paster
of the church.

(page 42)

James a Negro his mark
Imitationed Laid over until 
next meeting.

March the 12th 1808 the church
met after Prar proseed to 
business.  Brother Edward Pigg
Present his Letter. he is Cordial
ly back in to our church.

Saturday 9th the Church 
[April 9, 1808 is a Saturday]

met after worship proseed
to business a Negro Man 
naimed James Expeld
from the Church for 
Disagreeable Bad Desord
ly Conduct

Saturday 12th the Church 
[Month unknown -- for May-Aug 1808, the12th is not a Saturday]

after Prare proseed to Business.

(page 43)

nothing Comes under ther

September 10th 1808 the Church 
met after worship proseed to 
Business.  Three Churches Enter 
into a coraspondant Union
Little River Church, Fairfield
Church and Brother Woottens

David Andrews and Wm Bell
Recd ther Letters of Dismission

our Assosiation Letter Read

David McGraw put on trial
for a Deacon. the widow Starn
Recd her Letter of Dismission.

October 8th [1808] the church met 
after Prar poseed to Business.

James a Negro Came
and Confessed his Backslide
Staitee Case was Laid over

(page 44)

until another Hearing

Desember the 10th 1808 the Church
met after Prare proseed to busin
ess.  Pegga Laid under Sensure
for absconding from her Master
and Steeling & Lying

David Gibson is Restord
to fellowship again.

The church gave orders to
the Clerk to write a Letter to
Sister Fannie Arrs to come &
see the Brethren

Saturday, the 11th 1809 [February or March]

after worship proseed to
Business. Sister Pigg
joind our church by 

(page 45)

May the 13th 1809

the church met after 
Prar proseed to Business

The Covenant Read and
approved and assined

March 12th 1809 the Church Met
after prayer proceded to buisness &
Sister freeman petitiond for a letter
of Dismission, granted & Dismisd

June 11th 1809 the Church Met &
after prayer the Church preceded
to buisness after Inquiring in the
Case of Sister Fanny Airs.
She was laid under Sensor for 
Not atending the Church Meeting

all So Sent her a letter to
Sartify the Same.

(page 46)

And Sited her to atend our Next
meeting in Corse otherwise be Excommunicated

Saturday 8th july the Church met &
after Prayers the Church proceeded to
to buisness.  Fanny Ayrs Not a
tending ^to notice given her.  The Church agreed
to wate on her tell our Next meeting
in Course.

the 8th july 1809 Brother Edward
Pig Complaind the Church has not
given him the liberty his letter
entitled him to.

Discourse on and laid over tell our
Next Meeting in Course.

(page 47)

August 12th 1809 after prayer the 
Church proseeded to buisness.  Sister
Fanny Airs Not atending the Notice
given her is Considered Ripe for Excomunica
tion & Considered as Such & Read Out
& No more a member of this Church.

2ly Edward pigs buisness Calld and the
Church Concluded as No other Satisfaction
Could be obtained the to give him his
Letter be auso of a missunderstanding
between him & the Church in the way he
was Receivd in the Church.

September 9 1809 the Church met &
after prayer proseede to buisness
apoint to Deligation the asociation
David Mcgraw George Owen  our
letter to the asociation Red.

pd Brother Woten for last year $1

(page 48)

Saturday 13th Jany 1810 the Church Met &
after prayer proceeded to buisness

Brother Brunt petitioned for a letter
of Dismission and it was granted as
he was intending to move to the 
Natches Cuntery.

2d David Gibson Made Confession of
his backsliding by Drunkinness
laid over till our Next Meeting in 
Course to Settle Such buisness

Saturday10th of Jany [Feby] 1810 the Church Met
after worship proseeded to buissiness

David Gibson having given Satisfaction
to the Church was Restord to fellowship.

2ly the Chirch ixxdx a petitiond
Brother Fant to atend them Monthly
Not answerd & No favorable answer.

(page 49)

10th March 1810 the Church Met and
after prayers prseeded to bussness and
it is Mutuly agreed for Brother Fant
to atend us Monthly as a Supply &c

7 April 1810 the Church Met & after
prayer prseeded to buisness. George Owen
Complaind of his father using him with
unjustice. Discorsed on & laid Over till
our Next Meeting in Course &c

12 May 1810 the Church Met and after
worship the Church prseeded to buis
ness. Nothing apears against Saml Owen.
George Owen Laid under the watch
Care of the Church till the Next 
Meeting in Course

2ly Elizabeth Andres &
Elizabeth Gibson joind us by
Experience -- and babtism

(page 50)

Saturday 9 of June 1810 the Church 
Met and after Exortation and prayer
the Church proseeded to Buisness Nothing
A door opend for Experience -----

2d George Owen being possesd with a
hard Spirit and ^no apearance of any
amendment is thought Ripe for

Augst 11th 1810 the Chirch met & after sermond
proseeded to buisness. Nothing Comes
before the Chirch & the Chirch 
Agrees to join the mode of geting
Catechisms for Children  }D get for Jn May

Saturday the 8th Sept 1810 the
Chirch Met and after worship
prseeded to Buisness. Jessee Ford
and Nancy Ford petitiond
for their letters of Dismision.

(page 51)

      continued    8 Setm 1810

2ly -- David Long Complained
of his Brother John Long for not
using with unjustice in Not
telling him what he must give
him in Satisfaction between them
in Support their Mother in law
but got John May & Robert Rabb
to Set the price and their by
hurt his feelings.  Discoursd on
and laid over till our Next Meeting
in Course.

Saturday 13 October 1810

the Church Met and after worship
prceeded to buisness.  David Long
& John Longs buisness Calld ---
John Long having given Satisfaction
to the Church was Recvd into 
fellowship.  But David Long

(page 52)

Continued under Church Dealing
till our Next meeting in Course

Saturday 8th of December 1810 the 
Church met & after prayer 
proseeded to Buisness.  David Long
Matter Cald & Discoursd on & laid
Over tell Our Next Meeting in Course
to Settle such Buisness ------

Also appointed the friday
Befor our Next Monthly Meeting
a day of fasting & payer.  it will
be the 11 of Jany 1811.

Saturday 12th Jr 1811 -- the Church Met
and after a Short Sermond the
Church proseeded to Buisness 

David Longs Mother Discoursd on & 
Laid over at his Request &
by the Consent of the Church

(page 53)

till our Next Meeting in Course
to Settle Such Buisness.

Secondly Izett Ritcheson petitiond
for a Letter of Dismission. letter
granted ------

9th Febr 1811 the Church Met & after
an Exortation the Church proseeded to
Buisness.  David Longs & John Longs
Matter Discorsd on but interrupted
by David Gibson by petitioning the 
Church another preacher or a better
preacher ------

David & John Longs Matter Stands
over till our Next Meeting in Course
for to Settle Such Buisness.

10 March 1811 the Church Met & after
Short Discourse the Church Enterd into
Buisness the difficulty Existing
Between David Gibson & Brother
Fant Settled to our Satisfaction.
Brother Faunt Continued.

(page 54)

Secondly the Difficulty
Existing Between David & John 
Long Setled.

Thirdly Charity Long joind 
the Church by Experience and 
Babtism ------

Saturday 13 April 1811

after worship a Door opend for Expe
rience &c.  Abill Gibson joind
the Church by Experience and

Saturday 11th of May 1811

after prayer the Church prosee
ded to Buisness. James a Negro man
came & Confest his backsliding State
& how the lord had pardond his back
Sliding was Restord to fellowship.

(page 55)

Saturday the 8 of June 1811 the Church
Met & after a Short Sermond the
Church prseeded to Buisness.  Nothing
perticular Comes before the Church.

Sister pig petitiond for a letter
of Dismission. Granted ------

10 Augst 1811 the Church met & after
Sermond preachd from Acts 20-28 ------ 

O Door opend for Experience.  James
Gibson joind the Church by Experienc
& Babtism ------ &

12 day Br Fant preachd from Luke 13 & 3 
Ecept ye Repent ye Shall all likewise perish

Sept 7 1811 the Church Met
& after Sermond preachd from this 
word As ye Recievd Christ Jesus 
the Lord, So walk ye in him [Col 2:6]

After Sermond the Enterd
into Buisness.

(page 56)

And Chose David Mcgraw
& David Gibson as Deligates
to the Asociation

Sunday 8 Sept Brother Fant from these
words we love him because he first 
Loved us }first John 4 & 19.

Saturday 12 Octobr 1811 the Chirch
Met and ^after worship proseeded to buis
ness. Nothing perticuler Comes before 
the Church ------

Sunday 13 Brother Fant Spoke 
these words Mark the 8th -38

Novm 9 1811 the Church Met & after an
Worship the Chirch prseeded to buisness.

Brother Fant Notify the Church
of his Leaving of them unless Some
obsticles Could be Removed

Allso David Gibson apeached of
Drinkin Spiritous liquors for of
braking of promis again turn Over

(page 57)

Excess Discoursd on & laid Over tell
Our Next Meeting in Course to Settle
Such Buisness ------

Also apointd first ^tuesday a day of Fasting 
and prayer ------

Saturday 7 of Decmbr 1811

the Church Met & after worship prseeded
to Buisness.  David Gibson for Drinking
Spiratual Liquor after a promise Not to drink
any more is Excluded from being a member
of that Church

Also Robert Rabb & Elizabeth Rabb
petitiond for letters of Dismission from
us to join the Fairfield Church granted

Allso a Negro man Namd Jim
petitiond for a letter of Dismission
from us to join the lower Church
granted ------

(page 58)

March 7th 1812 the Church Met
& after an Exortation A door opend for
Experience O Brother Faunt again
spoke to the Church to try to get ano
ther preacher unstted of Him ---

Also a fast day apointed wensday
the 11th a genrel fast day throughout the
States &c ---

Saturdy 13 June the Church Met &
after prayer the being in order it was
thought poper [proper] to be Ready to Commune
in the Morning acordig to our Stated time.

A large Congregation atended but
was Disappointed by Brother
Woodward Not atending --- the
Church felt the weight of the
Disapointment --- O indeed I 
think they felt as if they ware

(page 59)

13 September 1812 the Church Met &
after prayer the Church enterd into
Buisness.  David Mcgraw & James
Gibson petitioned for letters of 
Dismission granted }

2dly to write a letter to the Association
the letter wrote & Brother May missinger.

11th October the Church Met & after Prayr
the Church enterd in buisness.  Nothing
Comes before the Church.

A door opend for Experience. --- O
12 Brother preachd from Eph 5 & first

the Second in June Jerusia
Neely joind us by Experance &

13 Sept 1813 the Church Met & 
Brother Robert preachd from 2d Th
7 & 5.  a Door opend for Experience
Sary Bradford Receivd into fellow
Ship & Babtisd ------

(page 60)

2ly Fanny Archer having given
Satisfaction to the chirch petitiond
for a letter of Dismission & granted
her one & the wrote & Deliverd

3ly David Long apointed as
Delegate to the Association

March 13 1814 Sary Stanton
again Receivd into the fellowship
of the Church ---

Sept 10th 1814 the church Met & after
Sermond proseeded to to Buisness
& apointed Delegates to the Asoci
ation John May our letter Read 
& Aproved On falour of John
May Abel Gibson.

(page 61)

Sept 9 1815 the Church Met 
and after prayer proseeded to
buisness our letter Read and
aproved apointed John Long
our Messenger to the Association

[Note:  Normal Day of meeting changes at this point on from Saturday to Sunday]

Novembr 12 1815 Iset Ritcheson
Recvd by letter into Fellowship

Petition the Asociation for Minst
-rial help ^they Apointed the Reverand
Wm Woodward N. Roberts Wm Join
Ab: Fant to atten Deseretionally [??]

Sary Glen joind us by letter the
Second Saturday in March 1816.

March the 8 day 1817

Recd Margeret Chapel
and three Blacks
by letter

(page 62)

August the 10 1817

baptised one black


Margeret Chapel Died
the 8 day of August 1817

Brother Holyfield
attended us this year


David Long Died march
10 1817  
[date different than page 71]

Samuel Owens Died
January 18 day 1817


(page 63)

Brother May & txx
and Wife was Dismiss
by letter the 15 day
of febuary 1818.

March the 13 day 1819
met acording to our
Custom Curch Conferc
being open by Brother
Holyfield the Church
apointed Brother
Abel Gibson a deacon.

(page 64)

Paul Vandivear
Babtised August 1819
2 sunday
Isaac Stanton and Rachel
Micklin April 2 sunday 
1819 Babtised
Sarah Stanton senior and
Christenia Stanton
Babtised September the
2 sunday
Elisabeth Stanton Babtised
october the 2 sunday 1819
Elisabeth Boyd Baptised 
March the 2 sunday 1820
Elizabeth Owen babtised
2 sunday in May 1820

(page 65)

June the 10 day of
1820 Marshel Mcgraw
was Red by Experince.
On the 11 was baptised

Elizabeth Richardson
was baptised the 2
Sunday in July 1820.

Hariet Cook and
Elizabeth Holly was
baptised the 2 of 
September 1820.

(page 66)


(page 67)

Male members Blaks

John Long                         1
Abel Gibson                      2
Isaac Stanton                    3 Black 5
Thomas Owens                 4
Marshall McGraw             5
Paul Vandiver                    6

(page 68)

Sary Stanton                 1
Mary Stanton                2
Sarah Stanton               3
Elizabeth Andrews        4
Izeet Ritchardson          5
Elizabeth Gibson           6
Elizabeth Hutchason     7
Sarah Glen                   8
Elizabeth Stanton          9
Rachel Mickler           10
Christener Stanton       11
Elizabeth Boid             12
Elizabeth Holy             13
Hariet Cook                14

(page 69)

Jerusa Lester 15
Elizabeth Owens 16

(page 70)


(page 71)

Male Members

David Long          1  Died 4th March 1816
[Date different than page 62]
John Long            2
David Mcgraw     3  Dismissed 13 Sept 1812
John May             4  
Samuel Owen       5  Dead
James Gibson       6  Dismissed 13 Sept 1812
Abel Gibson         7
Isaac Stanton
Paul Vandivear
Thomas Owen
Marshal Mcgraw

(page 72)

Female Members

Fanny May                1
Amy Long                 2  died March 1819
Mary Stanton           3
Elizabeth Andrews     4
Elizabeth Gibson        5
Elizabeth Long           6
Charity Long              7  deadDismissed by letter
Jerusey Neely            8
Sary Bradford           +  Dead  
Sarah Stanton
Sary Glen

(page 73) [note date -- predates rest of minutes]

February the 8 William Mc
graw had a caus of Grievance Laid
over which is against David
Mcgraw Junr

March ye 8 1794

Conference held William
mcgraw triall
Laid over.

(page 74)

Elizabeth Long
Excommunicated for the
Cause of bastarddy May
the 2 saturday 1820.

(page 75 -- this page is crossed out.  Note dates.)

Sensurd Members

Nathan Mcgraw & Bersheba Jones
Mary Coleman & Mary Randal

Conferance held apriel ye 12th
1794 William Mcgraw Laid
unde Sencure for not being 
reconcield with David Mcgraw

Conferance held may the 10
1794 James Mathews preacd

10 March 1804 the Church Met & all in
Dore &co -- two Sisters Recvd in fellowship
Elizabeth Long & Mary Boyd

(page 76 -- if year is 1794, these were pre-planned excommunications, a reasonable assumption since these members were excommunicated at the first meeting and never made it to the member list)

                                           Feb ye 8 179?
Excumicated members

Edward mcgraw & Thomas Pder
Sabra Bagger & Rachel Mcgraw
Mary Stother and Lucy Stother
[Above, Mary overwriting the name Sarah]
Milly Beard Aaron Jones

[then in a child's hand:]
Molly Beard Aaaron Jones
Mary Srather and Lucy Sl



(page 77)

           xxxomxxn [Compton?] in
April ye 20th 1794 at a private
Meeting David Cooper added 
by Letter was received cheerfully

[next three lines too pale to make out at all]

and what They get by working
There are Difernen as their
naturs are  David andrew

[Written upside down on the page:]

David Andrews           2
Jese Jons                     2
David mcgraw Jnr        2
John Brent                   4
Henry Crumton           2
David Mcgraw Sr.       2   
   Sir you are              14


(page 78)

Sacrement Meeting

Second Sunday in March
June & September
        & December


[Written upside down on the page:]


Saturday 10th

(page 79 -- nearly impossible to read and the right third is damaged or completely missing.  It appears to be a repeat of the list of female members on page 6 and that it was intended from the start to be a scratch page.  Hatch marks & circular scribbles cancel the page.]

David McGraw
Elizabeth Woodward
Sarah Little John
Anne fort & Sarah Parret
Elisabeth curry & Mourning
Mary Mcgraw & Fannie
Sarah Gibson & Rachel
Pruela Anders & 
Jemema harress & Margret
Tabitha Parrett & Amy Long
Rebeca Freeman &
Elander Crumton

[written at 90 degree angle across the above]

Spoken Bottems hide
    those seco Day     Save       send
                            David MGraw
                David Gibson

(page 80 -- torn and hard to read)

Letter of Dismission

       a brother in
fellowship &c &    
Church of Jesus Christ
Little River Church holding believer
peticular Election

tual callyng & the

l perseverance of the Saint
send Greeting know ye

NB being to move
Letters of Dismission which
granted him & do heareby
Sertify that he is in full
fellowship with us at present
and is Dismissed from our
Church when he shall join
any other of the same
  with and order

David Gibson



(slave) Ann 6
(slave) Charles 5
(slave) James 41, 42, 43, 54
(slave) Jim 57
(slave) John 5
(slave) Lindy 6
(slave) Pegga 39, 44
(slave) Tom 5, 12
Anders David 5, 13
Anders Pruela 6, 15, 79
Andrews David 19, 20, 24, 32, 34, 38, 43, 77
Andrews Elizabeth 9, 49, 68, 72
Archer Fanny 60
Arrs Fanny 9, 26, 44, 45, 46, 47
Baggar Sebra 10, 76
Beard Amelia 10, 76
Bell Elizabeth 6
Bell William 8, 28, 34, 43
Benet (brother) 19
Boyd Elizabeth 64, 68
Boyd John 8, 27, 28, 29
Boyd Mary 9, 27, 37, 38
Boyd Nancy 6
Braday Susanna 6
Bradford Sarah 59, 72
Brent John 5, 48, 77
Busby Nathan 5, 23, 24
Busby Sarah 6
Chappell Margaret 61, 62
Coleman Mary 6, 11, 14, 75
Cook Harriet 65, 68
Cooper David 5, 77
Crumpton Eleanor 6, 79
Crumpton Henry 5, 12, 17, 20, 25, 29, 34, 77
Curry Benjamin 5
Curry Elizabeth 6, 79
Curry Jacob 5, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18
Curry Mourning 6, 20, 79
Curry Peter 5
Curry 31
Fant (brother) 48, 49, 53, 55, 56, 58
Flowers Esther 6
Flowers John 5
Fort Anne 79
Fort Jesse 5, 50
Fort Nancy 50
Freeman (sister) 45
Freeman Rebecca 79
Gibson Abel 54, 60, 61, 63, 67, 71
Gibson David 5, 29, 30, 32, 33, 40, 44, 48, 53, 56, 57
Gibson Elizabeth 9, 49, 68, 72
Gibson Jacob 2
Gibson James 55, 59, 71
Gibson Sarah 6, 79
Glen Sarah 61, 68, 72
Gregg Henry 5, 12, 14, 30
Guinn John 18
Harris Ellen 9
Harris Jemima 6, 28, 79
Holly Elizabeth 65, 68
Holyfield (brother) 62, 63
Hunt Mourning 6, 17, 20
Hutchison Elizabeth 65, 68
Join William 61
Jones (brother) 11, 12, , 14
Jones Aaron 76
Jones Bash 5, 11, 12
Jones Bersheba 75
Jones Jesse 77
Kind (brother) 19
King (brother) 12
King Jacob, Rev. 18
King James 5
Lester Jerusa (see Jerusa Neely)
Littlejohn Marcellus 5
Littlejohn Sarah 6, 79
Long Amy 6, 72, 79
Long Charity 54, 72
Long David 5, 23, 24, 27, 29, 32, 34, 40, 51, 52, 53, 54, 60, 62, 71
Long Elizabeth 9, 27, 72, 74
Long Izett 9, 26, 53, 61, 68
Long John 5, 15, 16, 18, 19, 26, 32, 51, 53, 54, 61, 67, 71
May Fanny 72
May John 5, 24, 25, 29, 34, 51, 59, 60, 63, 71
McGraw David (Jr or Sr) 24, 29, 32, 34, 43, 47, 56, 59, 71, 79
McGraw David, Jr. 5, 73, 77
McGraw David, Sr. 5, 77
McGraw Edward 10, 76
McGraw Fanny 6, 79
McGraw Margaret 6
McGraw Marshall 65, 67, 71
McGraw Mary 6, 79
McGraw Nathan 5, 13, 15, 75
McGraw Rachel 10, 76
McGraw William 5, 12, 73, 75
Micklin Rachel 64, 68
Morris Amy 6
Morris John 5
Morris William 5
Murry John 13
Neely Jerusa 9, 59, 69, 72
Neely John 5
Owen(s) (friend) 31
Owen(s) Elizabeth (1) 6
Owen(s) Elizabeth (2) 64, 69
Owen(s) George 8, 28, 47, 49, 50
Owen(s) James 5
Owen(s) Jesse, Rev. 22, 25, 32
Owen(s) Mary 9, 28
Owen(s) Samuel 5, 24, 29, 38, 41, 49, 62, 71
Owen(s) Sarah 35
Owen(s) Thomas 67, 71
Parrot Nancy 6
Parrot Sarah 6, 79
Parrot Sharp 5
Parrot Tabitha 6, 79
Pigg (sister) 44, 55
Pigg Edward 8, 40, 41, 42, 46, 47
Pigg Milley 9
Rabb Elizabeth 8, 33, 51, 57
Rabb Robert 8, 33, 51, 57
Randall Mary 6, 11, 14, 75
Richardson Izett (see Izett Long)
Ring (brother) 12
Robert (brother) 59
Roberts N. 61
Rools (brother) 12, 14
Stanton Christenia 64, 68, 72
Stanton Elizabeth 64
Stanton Isaac 64, 68, 71
Stanton Mary 9, 26, 68, 72
Stanton Sarah 4, 6, 29, 30, 34, 60, 68, 72
Stanton Sarah, Sr. 64, 67
Starn (widow) 43
Sterns Margaret 6
Sterns Rebecca 6
Strother Lucinda 10, 76
Strother Mary 10, 76
Strother 12
Thigpen 32
Thomas Abigail 13
Tidd Uradia 6
Trapp William 5, 19
Vandiver Paul 64, 67, 71
Wallis Winny 6, 13, 16
Woodward Elizabeth 6, 79
Woodward William, Rev. 12, 14, 21, 22, 58, 61
Wooten (brother) 36, 43, 47
Wooten Aaron 34
Wooten Moses 5
Yarber Rachel 6, 33, 34

Biographical Notes:

Andrews, Elizabeth -- Possibly Elizabeth Henson, wife of Edward Andrews Sr.

Boyd, John -- On May 1, 1807, Clement Neely and his brother Alexander jointly sold 100 acres to John Boyd "on waters of Little River, granted on 8 May 1771 to Richard Neely Sr., son of Victor and Ann (Dunkley) Neely.

Boyd, Mary -- wife of John Boyd.

Brent, John -- Married Ann 'Nancy' Neely, daughter of Richard and Ann (Moberly) Neely and granddaughter of Victor and Ann (Dunkley) Neely.

Gibson, Abel -- Son of Reverend Jacob Gibson.  Will of Abel Gibson.

Gibson, David -- Son of Reverend Jacob Gibson  For more info.

Gibson, Elizabeth -- Wife of Abel Gibson, daughter of Edward Andrews, Sr. and Elizabeth Henson.

Gibson, Jacob -- He was an Anglican and became a separatist Baptist and ordained at Little River Baptist church
Nov 7 1771. He gave the land for that church and it is known as "Gibson's Meeting House".  He died  in 1793 in Fairfield County, SC.  These minutes are for the period immediately following his death.  For more information on his descendants.

Gibson, James -- Son of Reverend Jacob Gibson.  For more info

Gibson, Sarah -- Probably the second wife of Jacob Gibson, widow of Patrick Burns.

Long, Amy -- Both church members David and John Long and their brother James had daughters named Amelia.

Long, Charity -- Both member John Long and his brother James Long had wives by the name of Charity.

Long, David -- Born before 1755, one of three brothers, David, John, and James, to settle in Fairfield County on the Broad River around 1770.  Their lands bordered fellow church member John Brent.  David died on March 04, 1816 in Fairfield Co, SC.  Wife Naomi.  Children:  Henry, Elizabeth (church member), Judith Cubbage, Rebecca Ray, James, Phillip, William, Amelia (member?), David, Temperance Long (married to Izett's brother Darling), and Martha.

Long, Elizabeth -- Daughter of David Long who had a child out of wedlock.

Long, Izett -- She was born between 1780 - 1784 in SC and was the daughter of James Long, Sr., a brother of church members John Long and David Long.  Between 1804 -1807, she married William Richardson, Jr. who died in January or February of 1816.  They had three children:  Sarah Melinda, Eleanor Amelia, James Jackson W. Richardson.  About 1822 she married Green Berry Lee Dunkley, a younger man born in 1800 SC.  They had daughters Isetta Elizabeth & Harriet Emeline.  In 1833 they left Fairfield Co, SC and moved to Fayette Co, TN where Izett Dunkley was received by letter into the Mt Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church founded by her brother, Darling Long.  In October 1839 she received her letter of dismission when the Dunkley family moved to Texas.   Izett died before 1845 when Green Berry Lee Dunkley left Texas to live in Lauderdale Co, MS and married Elizabeth Rebecca Clark, the widow of James G. Pringle.  Izett appears to have been a member in good standing with the church her entire life.  There is no evidence that her husbands ever attended with her.

Long, John -- Born before 1755, one of three brothers, David, John, and James, to settle in Fairfield County on the Broad River around 1770.  Their lands bordered fellow church member John Brent.  Died after April 8, 1824 in Fairfield County, SC.  Wife Charity.  Children:  Amelia, David, Sarah, John, James, Henry, Charity, Rebecca, & Thomas.

Neely, Jerusa -- She was the daughter of Victor Neely and granddaughter of Victor and Ann (Dunkley) Neely.

Please send biographical corrections and updates to Lee Ann Gerhart.

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