Genealogy Room
the Genealogy Room
of Fairfield County SC

(Thomas Woodward Chapter DAR Library)
P.O. Box 941 / Winnsboro SC 29180
Museum: 803-635-9811
There were two DAR Chapters in Fairfield County -- the Thomas Woodward Chapter & the Richard Winn Chapter. The Richard Winn Chapter has folded, but their holdings are in the Genealogy Room. The Genealogy Room is actually the library of the Thomas Woodward Chapter which is in charge of the room.
The Genealogy Room
is on
the 2nd floor in the Fairfield County Museum
which is on Congress Street,
on the west side of the street,
between Liberty & Moultrie streets
in Winnsboro SC.
The museum is a 3 story red brick building.
This is a photo of
the Fairfield Co.
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to see the web page
of the Chamber of Commerce
about the Museum

Genealogy Room Schedule
Days open:
Hours open:
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM and
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

If you are inquiring about genealogy or want to set up an appointment, you can contact the staff at their email address:  Please include your mailing address with your emails.
The days and hours for appointments are:
Monday 1 - 4 PM
Friday 1 - 4 PM
There will be a charge of $5.00 an hour for appointments.

of the Genealogy Room
Linda M. Malone

Late Staff
of the Genealogy Room
Mrs. Sarah ARNETTE died Aug. 1989
Mrs. Sam (Sarah MASON) BOLICK died Thurs. 6 2 July 1995
Miss Blanche ROBERTSON died 1998?
Mrs. Marion E. (Ruth MASON) STEVENSON died Wed. 22 Dec. 1999

Living Past Staff
of the Genealogy Room
Carol Maderic (moved to Virginia)

The staff is not paid.  They are volunteers, but they will respond to all letters and emails and do a very good search of their materials.  They will copy and mail you results of their search.  They do not charge for this service, but do charge 25 cents per copy plus postage.  They do accept donations of any amount because they are not funded by anyone.

Info on this page is from Linda Malone's email of 26 Jul 2001 & 30 Oct 2002.

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