7th Battalion
7th Battalion
Soldiers of the 7th Battalion
living in the 9th District of Fairfield County
per 1912 Newspaper Clipping: Confederate Roll of Township 9
C. P. A. Broom, Co. B, 7th Batt;
John R. Boyd, Co. B, 7th Batt;
Daniel Fraser, Co. B, 7th Batt;
Albert Hinnant, Co. B, 7th Batt;
John Hobbs, Co. B, 7th Batt;
John W. Leitner, Co. --, 7th Batt;
George McCants, company H, 7th Batt;
Lieut. Thomas McCants, company H, 7th Batt;
R. W. Phillips, company B, 7th Batt;
W. K. Propst, surgeon company B, 7th Batt;
Henry Propst, company B, 7th, Batt;
Barnes Robertson, company H, 7th Batt;
Col. Jas. H. Rion, 7th Batt;
Joel Smith, company B, 7th Batt:
T. G. Yarborough, company --, 7th Batt:
For a much more complete list of soldiers in the 7th Battalion,
see History of Fairfield County SCby Fitz Hugh McMaster page 131 - 132.

Organized 22d February, 1862. Mustered into Confederate service 22d February, 1862.

Lieutenant-Colonel Nelson, commanding this battalion, had commenced the war as brigadier-general of State troops at the reduction of Sumter, and General Hagood, then Colonel of the First South Carolina, had been attached to this command. When, shortly afterward, the State troops were transferred to Confederate service, the general officers lost their commissions, Nelson returned home and raised this battalion "for the war." He was a planter, a gentleman of high culture and fine presence, and an excellent officer. Major Rion had commenced the war as colonel of the Sixth South Carolina, had lost his commission in the re-election consequent upon taking Confederate service; had raised a company and joined Nelson. He was a leading lawyer of Fairfield District, both before and after the war. The subordinate officers were, with scarce exception, good and some superior, and the men of excellent material. This battalion came nearer to Regulars in discipline and uniform efficiency at all times and under all circumstances than any volunteer troops the writer met with during the war; and this was largely due to the zeal and ability of Major Rion.

The battalion had served with distinction at Pocotaligo, arriving on a railroad train in time by a vigorous assault to decide the day. It had also borne honorable part in the existing siege of Charleston. It was drawn from the central districts of the State.

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The 7th Battalion is in Hagood's Brigade.  Hagood's Brigade contains
the 11th, 21st, 25th and 27th Regiments plus 7th Battalion.

There is a book on Hagood's Brigade, Memoirs of the War of Secession from the original manuscripts of Johnson Hagood, Brigadier General, CSA.  In 1998 it could be had from Jim Fox Books, 9 Precipice Road, Camden SC 29020, phone: 803-432-0463 for $31.95 + $3.05 postage and handling.  It may still be available.  In the introduction Hagood states that his memoirs will not be made public while he is alive and this is dated 1871.  He died in 1898 and U. R. Brooks published the memoirs.   I think Brooks added the company rosters.  There is also an introduction by J. J. Fox to the reprint edition.  There is no copyright date or any date of printing that I can find.  There is no index noted.  It contains 475 pages, about 25 pictures, & not over 6 maps.  It is hard back.  9 1/2 x 6 inches. 

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