Newspaper Clipping of 23 September 1999
Newspaper Clipping of 23 September 1999

Winnsboro, S. C., Thursday, September 23, 1965


Nostalgic Memories of An Old Town of Yesterday
The ancient picture here, taken 
shortly after 1903, shows how a 
portion of Winnsboro's Congress 
Street appeared more than 60 
years ago. It was loaned to The 
News and Herald by Mr. and Mrs. 
A. M. Funderburg. 
  At the extreme left is the his-
toric courthouse, a Mills building,
erected in 1823. Note the full-
length porch and the stairway in-
side the columns. (The building 
was remodeled in the late 1930's.)
  The old Enterprise Building, to 
which the Bank of Fairfield mov-
ed not long after this picture was
taken (the bank was established 
1906 and was first housed on S. 
Congress St., in the vicinity of

| Haynes' Shoe Shop, next to Obear 
| Drug Store) was a three-storied 
| structure in which were several 
| businesses, many offices, club and 
| recreation rooms and a pool hall. 
| It was burned.
|   In the rear, on the site now oc-
| cupied by Sion Presbyterian 
| Church is the Dr. William E. Aiken, 
| physician, home and there Miss 
| Mary Ellen Aiken operated the 
| town's first telephone exchange, 
| established about 1898 by the late 
| T. K. Elliott. When the U. G. Des-
| Portes residence on High Street 
| was burned to the ground in Jan-
| uary, 1904, the family moved into 
| the Aiken home, where Dr. David 
| Aiken, dentist, also lived.

| Barely discernible in the pic-
| ture (maybe not in the reproduc-
| tion) are men working on utility 
| polls, which probably carried tele-
| phone and electric wires as elec-
| tric power first came to Winns-
| boro in 1903.
|   To the north of the Enterprise 
| structure is a residence converted
| into an office building which con-
| tained the dental quarters of the 
| late Dr. B. J. Quattlebaum and 
| the late Dr. A. Gordon Quattle-
| baum, a barbershop operated by 
| two negroes, the Golden Brothers,
| which served white customers, and
| perhaps other businesses. Below 
| it, not seen in the photo was the
| K. R. MeMaster store.

| Also notice the wide relatively 
| level dirt streets, the wagon and 
| the buggy and the Confederate 
| Monument, with the fence around 
| it, which centers the picture. It 
| was erected about 1900 by the 
| Ladies' Memorial Association.
|   On the right, the four-storied 
| structure is the old Winnsboro 
| Hotel, which took many "room-
| ers" and served meals, and con-
| tained other businesses as well. It 
| too, was burned to the ground in 
| 1938, in one of the town's most 
| spectacular blazes. The old jail 
| was on the corner opposite the 
| hotel, where the Bolen Furniture 
| Company now stands. The historic

| Gehrig building, more recently de-
| molished, stood next to the jail 
| and now businesses occupy the 
| space (Flower and Gift Shop, 
| Ameen's, Renwick's and Cato's).
|   This picture postcard was sold 
| by John H. McMaster and Com-
| pany and was made in Germany.
|   (Note: The News and Herald 
| would like to print old, local pic-
| tures rather regularly if people 
| will loan them. They will be re-
| turned, unharmed. The paper does 
| not guarantee absolute accuracy 
| as to all dates and details, as this
| information is difficult to come by.
| Corrections will be made if atten-
| tion is called to errors.)
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