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Cindy Ridgeway Parker
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CULIX - I am researching the Culix family. My grandmother was Alice Lucille Culix and she was born in Clarendon Co around 1884. She had two brothers:William or Bill. If anyone has any information on th this family, please let me know. My Mother was Emma Lucille Hall and she was born in Sebastian Fl in 1910. July 25, 2003

Sandy Hall Allen Smith
[email protected]

HODGE/LOWDER - I am seeking relatives of HLB HODGE and MAGGIE LEE HODGE.  I am the daughter of Archie Hodge and Ruby Lowder Hodge.  I would like any info found on Bithel Hodge and Sylvy Hodge, my Great Grandparents.

Deborah L. Hodge
435 Number 10 Lane
Clayton, GA 30525
[email protected]

GIBSON - I would appreciate family history information on Althea Gibson, who was born on Aug. 25, 1927, in Silver, S.C., to Daniel and Annie Gibson. Thanks.

Yanick Rice Lamb
[email protected] or [email protected]
11204 Lake Victoria Lane,
Bowie, MD 20720
Fax: (202) 806-4505

JENNINGS/RICHBOURGH -  I am looking for a Jennings/Richbourgh connection in Clarendon/Sumter Counties. Early 1800s.  Any help welcome. August 24, 2003
Wynona Jennings Hamilton
[email protected]

CULIX - I am researching for info on my GrandMother Alice Lucille Culix who was born in Clarendon Co in the 1880's and had two brother's William Culix and Benjamin Culix. If you could help me I would appreciate it.  November 28, 2003
 Sandy Smith
[email protected]

HILL - In search of any information relative to the Hill family from Sammy Swamp/Home Branch Church. I am a descendant from Nathaniel Hill's son, William T. I'm need to know where the old homestead was located and where William T's other siblings are buried. November 28, 2003
Tim Hill
[email protected]

LLOYD - I am Looking for information on John W. Lloyd born 1830 in SC. His parents were Daniel and Elizabeth Lloyd from Clarendon Co. His siblings were: Caroline, Henry, Mary A., Eliza, and Santana. Any information on anyone in this family would be appreciated. November 28, 2003
 Kim Lloyd Britton

STACEY - My ancestor, George Stacey (sometimes spelled Statia), owned land at the present site of Manning and sold the land to Col. Richard Manning. George Stacey purchased other land on 31 Oct 1810, By Act of February 19, 1791, 68 acres granted to George Stacey in Sumter District, Clarendon County, S.C. on NE side of Sammy's Swamp waters of Black River bound on NW by Addisons, on NE by John Stacey, on SE by Claud Kiehl, on SW by estate of Thomas N. Johnston. Does anyone know the significance of the Act of February 19, 1791? December 21, 2003
 Steve Stacey
[email protected]Monroeville, Alabama

FULWOOD  - A William Fullwood is listed in the 1790 Census of Camden District, Clarendon County, SC with 3 males under 16 and 1 female.  Do you have any info on Fullwoods in Clarendon County - from Puddin Swamp area.  gggggGrandfather was referred to as Major William Fullwood, and, his son William, my ggggGrandfather, eventually moved to Burke County, NC and became a Methodist ministered and is referred to as Reverand William.  I have copies of some of their pay records from the Revolutionary War when they served with F. Marion. March 21, 2004

James R. Middleton
[email protected]

WRIGHT -  I am currently researching my father's family. He was Burley Joseph Griffin Wright, his mother was Matilda Madison Kelley and her father was Joseph Kelley born about 1842 in South Carolina. I have Mattie's bible which also lists a Martha A. E. Kelley born Jan 16 1841 and a John W. S. Kelley born Mar 7 1847(?) (some of the ink has faded considerably). Joseph Kelley moved to Smith County, TX prior to 1868 when he married Martha Paralee McCarley there. His children were Matilda Madison Kelley born Jul 26 1879, George E. Kelley born Apr 20 1873, Ida (Ider) Annie Kelley born Apr 12 1877, and Elmore Kelley born Apr 1875. Also listed with the family is a John W. S. Kelley (child). Any help would be appreciated as I am at a standstill on Joseph at this time.  March 21, 2004
Pat Malleson
[email protected]

ARTHUR - I am having a hard time finding ANYTHING about Rueben D. Arthur and his family. Born 1733, died March 11 1833, Sherrif in 1808, [Kershaw Co] member of legislatures Widow and four children removed to Alabama 1843. Married Mary Hannah Camber Brisbane Nov 26 1805, Presbeterian from beguning to end. He is buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Camden. He lived in Sumter and Clarendon also. March 21, 2004

Peter Gold
[email protected]

HUDLER - William Hudler arried Penelope Nichols in 1800 in Robeson Co. NC.  Have land record in Robeson Co. Deed Book G 1797-1798.  Benijaman Nichols names two children in his will, David and Ann.  Sumter Co. S. C. Am looking for death date for William. June 30, 2004

PLAYER/LEE - ANDERSON T. & OLIVIA LEE PLAYER:  I am seeking information about the ancestors of my Grandparents.  They lived in the Alcolu area of Clarendon County.  Thank you.  June 30, 2004

Jenny Tranum, [email protected]
1300 East Roosevelt Street, Dillon, SC 29536
CANNON - Seeking parents of John Cannon, who appears in the 1800 Sumter Census [Clarendon district].  I believe he is the John Cannon who married Jemima Broughton.  He died and left a will in Sumter in 1809. I wonder if Nancy Cannon, who turns up in Salem, Sumter, in 1810, might be a relative. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks. June 30, 2004

 Dale Volberg Reed
 126 Mallette Street
 Chapel Hill, NC 27516
 [email protected]

TINDALL -  My great grandfather was Samuel Priestly Tindall.  He was born in 1843 in Sumter District.  I find Samuel Priestly Broadway and wife, Anna M. Tindal from Clarendon.  I can't help but think there must be some connection here.  Priestly is not that common for a name.  The Tindal(l) name is used interchangeably within the same family sometimes.  There are Tindals in the Sumter area who are distantly related to me.  Can you offer any help in this puzzle?
 Thanks for any help. July 1, 2004
Denny Tindall
[email protected]

KEARLY - Can anyone tell me who Dorothy Kearly was? She is buried in the Richardson Family cemetery, Clarendon county born circa 1692 died May 1762 about 66 years of age. September 11, 2004

Mary E. Miller

[email protected]

HARVIN - I'm searching for my grandfather's parents, March and Mariah Harvin from the Alcolu and Manning area. They had seven children: Chamberlain, Henry, Samuel Simon, Ned, Mary, and Catherine. 
Chamberlain married Hannah Ramsey and had 7 children: Hosea (Theo), Simon, Ramsey, Elena, Alice, Eleanor, and William. The family later moved to Wedgefield in Sumter County. They were members of Bethel AME Church there. Chamberlain died in 1954 and Hannah died in 19 51. They are both buried in the Aycock Cemetery in Wedgefield.

I am develping a family history booklet on my ancestors for our upcoming reunion. I hope that someone can help me with more information. September 25, 2004

Pat Mathews
[email protected]

RIDGILL - I am looking for information on The Ridgill line-Clarendon Countny- Manning Township- I believe the household of N.A. Ridgill to be a direct relative- GGrandfather John Ridgel- Adopted by Willaim Brown buried next to Sallie Williamson and Joseph Henry Ridgel - Not his father- Brother Bennie or Benjamin Ridgel-
N. A. Ridgell had several sons  and daughter- J. Henry, Theodore, John Richard, Morgan and Madeline are all names used by John M Ridgel my ancestor when naming his children- except Morgan- Any info on John Rich or Morgan as I have excluded Theodore and Henry- still living after  1890- would be appreciated. September 25, 2004
Tracy Whitman

O'REILY / REILY - My G-G-G-G-G Grand-Father came to So. Car. about 1764. Tridition says he was born Robert O'Reily, Cavan Co., Ireland about 1735-40. I do not know where he landed in America or if any other members of his family came to America. I do not have any immergration records. His wife was Ann ?. I know nothing about her. Robert fought in the Americam Rev. and lived along the Santee and Black Rivers. I do not know when or where he/she died or where they are buried.  They had at least one son--- Samuel Reily. Samuel married Martha Nelson McDonald. They had at least 12 children. Most of these children were born in So. Car., some later in Mississippi Territory, near current day Wilkinson County. Can you help me find out any thing about Robert or Ann? March 29, 2005

Wain Reily
215 3rd Ave. So.
Columbus, MS  39701
 [email protected]

MOORE / COLE  - I am looking for a marriage license for my great grandparents, Samuel Chandler MOORE and Julia C. COLE. They were married on 26 January 1875 in Clarendon County, SC. May 21, 2005
Mary Ann Million
1455 B CR 2008
Glen Rose, Texas  76043

WHEELER  /   SINGLETARY  - Looking for parents or children of Jacob Wheeler, married to Margaret Singletary, d. abt. 1838.  Enumerated on the 1820 Federal Census, Sumter County.  Children were Asa D., Eliza, Mary, General Coffee, Robert E., Samuel and Esther.  I have the General Coffee Wheeler line.  Thanks very much. January 14, 2006

Cheryl Mannon
[email protected]

GILLIAM - The 1790 census list a WILLIAM GILLIAM family in Clarendon. This is the  only census the family is listed. If there is any information on who these  people were, or where they went, it might help me identify them. Thanks for any help you can give me. April 3, 2006
Bob Gilliam
[email protected]

PIGATE - I am researching the Pigate family name found in Sumter and later the spinoff of Clarendon County.  The actual area is found at the Bethel Baptist Church area, known as Motts Crossroads area. June 2, 2006
 Don Pigate - Olanta, S.C.
   [email protected]

DUKE / DUKES - A Duke and Dukes yDNA surname study is underway to help  Duke and Dukes family researchers deal with brick walls in their research, eliminate false connections, and establish patterns of branching within families. The study uses simple scrapings from the cheek of males (only males have yDNA) who have the Duke or Dukes surname (men with other surnames would ordinarily have some other yDNA line). So far twelve genetically distinct and presumably unrelated Duke  and Dukes families have been identified, of which at least six were in   South Carolina at one time or another. However, no Duke or Dukes from  Clarendon or Williamsburg counties, both of them known to have families of these names, has been tested. We encourage eligible men to sign up
and help both their own understanding of their family history and the overall reconstruction of the history of Duke and Dukes families. The  results to date of the Duke study are posted at:

To sign up for the study, go to:

and select "Surname Projects" from the central column, and then select the Duke study from the column at the left. The Family Tree DNA website also has a great deal of explanatory information about yDNA studies. A simple 12-marker test is usually sufficient to eliminate the wrong family lines, while greater numbers of markers are useful in  reconstructing the history of each broadly-defined family.
Thanks, Lynn Teague
If I can answer any questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

I am looking for any info on the following people who are blood related to my mother.
Augusta Hill  1886   
Jackson Nathaniel Hill  1888
Cora Hill  1891
Nellie McLeod  1872   
Theresia Ann Kelley  1830
Mary Ann Johnston  1856
Jacob and Mary  Lackey  1796 & 1795
Alexander & Sarah McLeod
William & Demaries Bryant  1808 & 1810 John Joshua Bryants wife - Mary (no info at all)
Thank you so much for any help I can get.
Joyce Price

 McCALL - I am researching my husband’s family is from Clarendon county.  Need help on the following line: FRANCES ELIZABETH MCCALL 1866-1923.  Who were her parents? April 14, 2007



June Gardner


 [email protected]


Fax: 864-592-3441

6954 Hwy 11, Campobello, SC 29322

BUTLER - William F. Butler & wife Laura J. (born approximately 1818 )and son Peter Morgan Butler (born approximately 1861.)  The information I have is that they lived in Saint Paul, Clardendon, SC. July 2, 2007
My e-mail is [email protected].
Thank you.
Ruby Henley
7620 Bridlewood Ct
North Richland Hills, Tx 76180

HODGE - I am looking for parents of some Hodge men that that was on the Clarendon county WW1 Draft registration. They are Lewis Fletcher HodgeTown Summerton November 10 1878
                Marion Hodge       Town  Alcolu  6/1898
                Robert Eugene Hodge   Alcolu  10/23/1893
                Willie Hodge       Manning    8/21/1882
                Patrick Arthur Hodge    Alcolu  8 /12/1886
All are listed as white;I do not have parents for these Men.    

MORRIS - Seeking info on the family of ggg grandparents James and Letice (Lettice?) Morris. This family lived in the Sumter Dist., most probably in the Clarendon section in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Their daughter, Margaret Ann Morris (b: 1796), married at the age of 25, William Eveleigh in Feb. 1821.They lived and raised their family in the Clarendon section of old Sumter Dist., in the area of the Black River fork. (In the 1820 Sumter Dist., S.C. census, there was a James Morris, age 45-up, two males ages 10-16, two females ages 16-26, one female age 45-up. Could this be my Morriis family, the parents of Margaret Ann?
Margaret Ann Morris and William Eveleigh had six children, four sons and two daughters. Three of their sons, James Elias, William Richardson, and Henry Eveleigh were killed in the Civil War. There names arte engraved on the Civil War Monument in Sumter, honoring the Sumter Civil War dead.
Any info on the family, ancestry, or other children of James and Letice Morris would be appreciated. I have much info on the children and descendants of Margaret Ann Morris, and will willingly share.
Samuel C. Rabon
2713 Ingrid Lane
Metairie, La. 70003

BUTLER - WILLIAM F. BUTLER:  Born abt 1818.  US census records show he was a farmer with residence in Claredon Cty & Sumter districts. I am looking for any and all information relating to William, notably who was his parents, information on his wives Sarah #1 and Laura J #2.

Ruby L. Henley
EMail:  [email protected]

VICKERS / Gardner - Looking for info on Amelia “Milly” Vickers, wife of Nathan Gardner.  She had a brother by the name of James.  She was born after 1773 and died after 1825.  Any info would be appreciated. June  15, 2007


Norman Russ Gardner


Reply to [email protected] or fox to 864-592-3441

GARRETT – Looking for info on Jonathan Joshua Garrett, born early to mid 1790’s in South Carolina, or info on his father, Thomas Garrett.  There is a Thomas Garrett listed on the 1790 census in Camden District, Clarendon County.  Possibly Jonathan Joshua was born in Clarendon County.  Thomas Garrett was a Methodist preacher and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Jonathan Joshua was educated twelve years in SC.    Posted Sept 16, 2007


Pat Dacus Mills

[email protected]


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