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June 1999 - June 2003

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Cindy Ridgeway Parker
My address is: 6 Sandalwood Lane, Sumter, S.C. 29154

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GERALD, RICHBOURG, WHITE,TALIAFERRO, and STROTHER I am looking for information on the GERALD, RICHBOURG, WHITE,TALIAFERRO, and STROTHER families. James GERALD married Mildred TALIAFERRO STROTHER(dau. of Charles Taliaferro and Ann Kemp and widow of William Strother, son of Jeremiah Strother) and had a son, Gabriel, a Baptist minister who married Elizabeth WHITE. The Gerald line married into the RICHBOURG line through Claudius and Unity Richbourg's son, James, whose daughter, Elizabeth, married William Gerald, son of Gabriel Gerald. June 4, 1999

Brenda Warren
[email protected]

BRADLEY/DYSON/PRUITT/MCDOWELL/POWERS -I am trying to find any info on JOHN BRADLEY who lived in Clarendon County, I do not have dob.  He was my great grandfather.  He married MATTIE DYSON and they had two daughters OLLIE VIOLA  BRADLEY dob 10/1908 dod 11/1952 she married Reese PRUITT and lived in Marlboro County at the time of her death.  ELSIE BADLEY no dob died 3/1944 she was married to John MCDOWELL of Marlboro County first but was married to Grover C. POWERS of Kershaw County at the time of her death. MATTIE DYSON BRADLEY married JOHN ALLEN GALLOWAY after the death of JOHN BRADLEY.  There was mention of a BOYD BRADLEY but I do not know how he relates or if that was JOHN BRADLEY's middle name.  I would appreciate any info anyone might have regarding these names. June 6, 1999

Dorothy H. Hause
[email protected]

HILTON -I am trying to find anything on Andrew Hilton my ggggrandfather and William Hilton my gggrandfather. Somebody has a trove of informationaround the old Sumter District that would help in my search. I have found that William Hilton and Jesse Hilton witnessed a will for WilliamRidgeway,Jr. on 27, Nov. 1806 and probated on 15 March 1816, this being in will book AA on page 18, also that William Ridgeway in the old Craven Co. had a plantation or tract of land on the big branch of Jack's Creek bounding W. on Andrew Hilton's land This survey certified the 30th July, 1772 . Granted the 1st. December 1772. I'mDesperate-Please HELP! Thanks with Love. July 18, 1999

John H. Hilton
[email protected]

BRADHAM - Does anyone have old records dating before 1870. Henry Bradham owned slaves. I am trying to locate information on two females that worked inthe house. Fronnie and her daughter Elizabeth. After freedom they had the last name of Bethune. August 1, 1999

Glyn R Oliver
[email protected]

MCFADDEN - I'm looking for information on Neddie McFadden, Sr. He was married to Lubertha Darling McFadden (passed away in 1994) I believe he lived his whole life in Clarendon County. His father's name was Weary McFadden. August 1, 1999

Deborah L. McKenzie
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RAGIN - We hail from Summerton, SC and I have been digging for a long time. My grandfather's name was Thomas Gip Ragin and he had numerous decendants. If you have come across any Ragins at all please get in touch with me me so I can compare what information you may have against what I have. Thank you. August 1, 1999

Sheila Y. Ragin

BRUNSON - I am looking for family of the Brunson's, and I am of African American descent. My grandmother's mother was Elizabeth Brunson and they lived in Manning, SC. Elizabeth had 2 siblings, Annie and Roy. E-mail me if you have any info. September 4, 1999

Roddie Johnson
[email protected]

MCFADDEN - Looking for any info regarding great grandfather, Arthur McFadden's ancestors. He lived in Manning, SC, married 3 times. 1st wife Elizabeth Brunson, 2nd Annie, and 3rd Nellie Stukes. September 4, 1999

Roddie Johnson
[email protected]

THAMES -I am looking for information on the Thames Family. James William Thames, father we think Absalom Thames. Thank you. September 4, 1999

Barbara Thames
[email protected]

THAMES - I am told through cousins and other sources that my GGGGGGrandfather, Esquire or Squire B. Thames, was born in Clarendon, South Carolina in 1786, died abt. 1855 in Simpson County, Mississippi s/o Samuel Thames, born abt. 1745 in Bladen, North Carolina, died after 1810 in Clarendon, South Carolina s/o Thomas Thames, born between 1704 and 05 in England or Virginia, died 1758 in Bladen, North Carolina s/o Amos Tims/Thames, Born March 25, 1684 in Northamptonshire, England, died August 3 or 6, 1766 in Bladen, North Carolina. Esquire's first son, my GGGGGrandfather, Timothy M.( I am told the M may stand for Manning) was born in 1816 in South Carolina, died after 1880 in Simpson County, Mississippi. Esquire was to have married Nisa Rogers born in 1787 in South Carolina and d/o Shadrack Rogers and Hopey ( Beatha?) Rogers.According to notes that credit Lula H Kearl Hist by Marshall ( I assume Vera Marshall?) Esquire was in the 1810 census, Sumter District SC. Somewhere I have notes or I saw were he was a witness to another man's Revolutionary War pension application, however I am not sure where I saw that. I hope that I can discover more by getting in touch with others who are researching the Thames surname.October 10, 1999

Robert Henry Thames, Jr
[email protected]

GREEN(E) - TOMLINSON -Seeking information on Howard GREEN(E) and Ola TOMLINSON GREEN(E), formerly of Clarendon County. They had at least 5 children together: Lenicent, Albert, Ronald, Ewart and Alger. Howard Greene died circa 1950. Any information would be greatly appreciated. October 17, 1999

Rebecca Greene
[email protected]

BURGESS -Seeking info on Charles Moot Burgess or any Burgess that may be related to him in this area. Family tales have it that he had family living in Manning, S.C. around the 1950s. October 17, 1999

Felecia Burgess Grant
[email protected]

BLACKWELL/HART -I'm looking for the parents of Bessie M. Blackwell Hart of Blackwell & Jenkins Funeral Home in Manning, S.C. Born:5~1889 Died :6/14.1982. She had a sister: Sarah Davis Chaney who died in 1957 in Baltimore. Sarah had three sons: James Aldolph (us) Jenkins, James Fredrick Willis (aka Frank Sweat) born: 1/22/1904 and deid 0/28/1981. He was my father. Richard Bradley Sweet who died in 1965. Ida Wilson, born 5/11/1912 and deid 3/16/1992, all in Baltimore. I was told, by them that we were of Idian heritidge (Blackfoot). I'm looking for any family in Southlin Carolina. October 31, 1999

Pearl Morton
[email protected]

BARKLEY / BROWN -Looking for any info on JOHN L. BARKLEY who married M. E. Brown. Their daughter HENRIETTA E. BARKLEY was born Jan.15, 1843. November 29, 1999

Pam Boan
[email protected]]

McDONALD/BURGESS - Seeking info on Vernelle A. McDonald who was married to William R. Burgess possibly around the 1860s. Have found a petition to the probate court for administration of William R. Burgess signed by Vernelle in August of 1878 but have found little else to give us leads as to her family. Any help will be appreciated.(Feb. 6, 2000)

Felecia Burgess Grant
[email protected]

DYSON/BELL -Jacob Olie Dyson, b Aug.13,1892 in Clarendon Co. SC d Nov. 23, 1959 in Rockingham NC.  On Nov. 3, 1912 he married DERRICK, Fannie Ester b July 9, 1892 in Saluda Co. SC d May 20 1961 in Rockingham NC. His father was: DYSON, James Edward b Jan 1 1865 d July 23, 1930 He was a son of Jack Dyson and Sarah ?????? and married to BELL, Rosa Matilda b Aug 31, 1873 d Aug 3, 1940.  BELL, Manning, and CANTY, Angelica. Both of her parents were buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery [Davis Station] between Summerton and Manning. February 2000 (Updated on September 16, 2001)

Sandy Dyson
5720 Rail Fence Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
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McDONALD -Looking for info on Vernelle McDonald who was married to William R. Burgess after the death of his first wife Ann E. R. Bradham somewhere around 1860. February 24, 2000

Felecia Burgess Grant
[email protected]

BURGESS -I am looking for information on William R. Burgess who family tales have it was a probate judge or magistrate in Clarendon County somewhere around 1870s. Can you possibly lead me in the right direction to verify this? We have also heard that his portrait is in the State Building in Columbia. Have you any input on this. This William would be my GGGrandfather.February 24, 2000

Felecia Burgess Grant
[email protected]

DUBOSE -I'm looking for the DuBose man that married Margie/Martrey Jennings of Clarendon Co., SC. She was the daughter of Hilliard R. Jennings and Mary Frances Hodge. Any help will be appreciated.Feb. 24, 2000

[email protected]

DAVIS/SWEAT/SWEET - I am looking for information on my family from. Manning. They were connected with the Blackwell and Jenkins Funeral Home, Bessie M? Blackwell - Hart b 8-1898, d 8-1987. Sarah Davis Chaney was her sister my g-mother. and my G-father was Adolphus/Adolpho or Dolphus Sweat/Sweet. They had six kids: Mary,Trudie or Tuddie, dates ? Ida b 4-12-1912, James b. 1-15-1900, Frank b 1-22-1904, Richard b-? 1910.. I was told that g-father worked for the railroad got killed on the job. I know that my g-mother owned land in Clarendon Co., back in the 1950's. Before my g-mother passed, Frank and Richard left town. Before leaving my Dad said not to tell MaMa [Sarah} When they got back, Frank, [my Dad] said that the government had bought the land in Clarendon because Interstate 95 was going though it. Please help me find my family. March 5, 2000.

Shirty Morton
[email protected]

MOSS -I would greatly appreciate any information pertaining to a Moss family from the Chadburn area of Clarendon County circa 1850-present. especially Mary (Hattie) Moss ([email protected]) and children Dolly, Shorty, Slim, Sally, Mary(Emma), and William(Bill). (April 7, 2000)

Patrick Kleckner
[email protected]
3210 sw 185th ave. #42
Aloha, OR, 97006

REMBERT -Looking for any info on Lawrence M. Rembert, whose obit was published in the newspaper in Manning. His date of death and or publication date was July 21, 1906. He was a veteran of the War Between the States, being a member of the Old Company "D" Second S.C. Volunteers. Not sure if he was "kin" or not but this obit was part of a scrapbook with other family material. My mothers' side of the family is from S.C. Any help would be appreciated.(April 26, 2000)

Merle Gaskins
[email protected]

MCLEOD/HILL/ BRYANT -Looking for info on these families. My grandparents and great-grandparents. (June 3, 2000)

Joyce Price
2442 S. Elkhart St.
Aurora, CO 80014.

STARNES/BELL -Seeking information about the following people who were listed in a Sumter Co. deed dated 6 Sept. 1876, from Sarah A. Starnes, mary T. Bell, S.V. Bell, James Bell, and Hannah J. Bell, all of Manning, Clarendon County, S.C. to Robert W. Bell of Sumter Couinty. If releated, how?(August 13, 2000)

Ruth Fentress
3519 Shepherd St.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

RICHBOURG/ WISE - Wanting to correspond with anyone working the William RICHBOURG line. Looking for proof of William's ancestry. Was his father John RICHBOURG, JR. who married Sarah WISE? Was Sarah's father Nathan WISE? William was born 1802 in Sumter District, SC. He married Mary Elizabeth GIBSON 1822 in Monroe County, Mississippi. Sometime before 1840 they moved to Itawamba County, Mississippi. By 1850 they were living in Atalla County, Mississippi. By 1870 Mary Elizabeth was living in Guadalupe County, Texas without William. Their children were: Charity, John Wesley, Joseph Gibson, Cittura, William Woodson, Mana, Mary Elizabeth, Flood McGrue, Martha A., Cynthia B. E., Thomas Lowery, and C. Ben F. RICHBOURG. (Nov. 19, 2000)

Dianne Conaway Blankenstein
[email protected]

MOORE -I am researching my ancestor, Isham Moore, born in 1792, and married to Nancy Ann William(son). With a daughter, Hannah Patience Moore (Stinson). The name appears in many Sumter records, but I am having difficulty establishing information on one born in 1792. Any information you may have that is not too much trouble would be appreciated! (December 30, 2000)

Gwen Smith
[email protected]

KELLY/CARROLL/JOHNSON -A woman by the name of Martha Ellen Kelly Carroll Johnson , Born 23 May 1852 , Died 6 July 1934 , Who were the Kelly and the Johnson familys ? I know the Carroll family.(January 12, 2001)

John Perry Poole
[email protected]

GUEST/GUESS -I am searching for info on the Guest/Guess family of Summerton SC. My father, John Guest Sr. (died 1976) married Marie (Oyster) Doughty. I attended Scotts Branch School. Relatives in common: Lucille, Shirley, Clifton, Robert. Anyone with info, please contact me. (January 12, 2001)

Dorothy Guest Richardson
[email protected]

THOMAS/McKNIGHT/BAKER I am seeking information re. the descendents of the Methodist Minister, Rev. William H. Thomas, dod 12-01-1890, and his wife, Elizabeth, dod 01-01-1890, the former Mrs. Elizabeth McKnight of Summerton. Rev. Thomas was also married for a short time to Laura M. Baker, from 1866-1867, all buried in Clarendon County. Rev. Thomas was also a combatant in the WBTS in Co. "C" of Hampton's Legion. Have a small bit of high quality info to share.(February 9, 2001)

Julian R. Harper
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10030 East Dewey Robbins Road,
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737-4514

GENTRY - I am looking for Gentry my father was Robert Varnedoe Gentry d 1983. His father was Thomas Connors Gentry. If you can help please get in touch.(February 14, 2001)

Charlotte Callejo
[email protected]

WHITE -John Z. or John C. White Need info on John Z. White who married Rachel A. Haley. He could also be John C. White as on the 1850 and 1860 Sumter census. Looking for his father and mother's names. He was born about 1808-1811. Mother may be Jane not know what the "G" stands for.Do not know for sure if that is his mother. His mother may have been full blooded Cherokee Indian. Any info I would be very thankful for.February 17, 2001

Jenna White-Atkinson
[email protected]
or [email protected]

MITCHELL/CUMMINGS/LITTLE -From a Mitchell family Bible: gf Benjamin Daniel Mitchell (1887-1961) m.(8/6/1910) Hollie Frances Cummings(1891-1981) ggf Benjamin Daniel Mitchell (1844-1912) m. (?) Fanny Moore Little (1854-1923) gggf Alec Mitchell (?) m. (?) Betty Armstrong (?). Relatives: ggf Magnus Cummings m. Sarah Bracey gggf Louis M. Little (b1815) m. Lucy Blanton(b. 1822) Any help with dates or info would be sincerely appreciated.Benjamin Daniel was my gf born 3/18/1887 d 11/10/61 m Hollie Frances Cummings- my family hales from Sumter Co. ggf also Benjamin Daniel Mitchell m. Fannie Little (date unknown)-buried in Sumter cemetary according to family reference. states most males carried name of Benjamin Daniel Sr. or Jr. New researcher just starting-Appreciate any info re this family line-gf worked for SC highway dept. 24 Mar 2001

Ann Mitchell Hall
[email protected]

MITCHELL/LITTLE-Looking for ancestors-gf Benjamin Daniel Mitchell (1887-1961) m. Hollie Frances Cummings (1891-1981), ggf Benjamin Daniel Mitchell (1844-1912)m. Fanny Moore Little (1854-1923), gggf Alec Mitchell m. Betty Armstrong- any info/links would be appreciated. 7 April 2001

Ann Mitchell Hall
[email protected]

MCCLAM/SMITH/TURVBEVILLE -Wish to correspond with anyone regarding the following families with ties to Clarendon Co., SC: McCLAM, SMITH, TURBEVILLE. Have some data, willing to share. 5 May 2001

Jean Moore
[email protected]

WELCH I am researching John D. Welch/wife Mary Green.

children: John Jefferson Welch
               David Welch
               Lewis Welch Co. B 6th SC
I believe the famly came from an area called Pudding Swamp.22 July 2001

Kathleen Keating
[email protected]

GIBSON/GIPSON - I'm looking for my GIBSON/GIPSON(?) family lineage which I think started in the area of Summerton, S.C with William Gibson/Gipson, his first wife Elizabeth(?), his second wife Phosa Brailsford, and the 26 children he accumulated with both women.  If anyone has any information that will helpwith my search it will be greatly appreciated. God bless. 25 August 2001

Susan R. Dixon
[email protected]

BARRINEAU - E.G.Barrineau's  burial site in or near New Zion, S.C.Born Oct 25,  1838, died Mar. 28, 1907. His farm deed showed 40 acres in Clarendon county. He was married in Oct 1873 to  Amanda Thomas,daughter of Henry and Mary Allen Thomas. He was a prisoner of war during the War Between the States. Email updated January 2, 2009

Harry Barrineau
[email protected]
 ph.# 229-382-3042


DOLLY---------BORN MAY 1879
DAVID -----------------BORN OCTOBER 1887
FRIENDLY------------ BORN APRIL 1891



[email protected]

DUNN -  I am trying to find information on Isham Dunn born about 1769 at Camden Dist. S.C. He married Elizabeth Bunchley about 1799. He died 2-16-1815 in East Feliciana Parish, La. His parents were Timothy Dunn Sr. and Sarah. Thanks in advance for any help. 12-8-2001

Dianne Rutherford
[email protected]

CHEWNING ROAD - Looking for any information to a Chewning Rd. in Clarendon County. And who owned the land in this area? 12-30-2001

PLOWDEN TOWNSHIP - I am also looking for info on Plowden Township. Would I find it list as the same township on the 1870 census records. I need help please. 12 - 31 - 2002

Tarsha Clark
[email protected]


BARRINEAU - I have found my gr-grand father Tom Barrineau on the 1900 census. With him was four of his children Viola, John, Sam b.1885(my grandfather) and Eliza J. M.b. 1887. They were found in the Mt Zion Township.  Seeking info on Eliza who she might have married and her whole name. Also would if any one might know who Tom Barrineau was married to. The census list  no wife. Any info would help. 1-9-2002

Cynthia Cooper
[email protected]

GIBSON -   Leanore Gibson is in Sumter County with her five children in 1840.  She is listed as head of the family.  We don't know what happened to her husband, we don't know her maiden name.  She moved to Pike County, Al shortly after 1840 and lives close to the same Gibsons from Sumter that also moved to Pike.  We think there might be a connection between her late husband and Samuel Royal Gibson and his family.  Just can't seem to make one, then again we could be wrong in that assumption.   Anything that anyone can help us with would be appreciated. 2-11-2002

Sandra Czuba
[email protected]

McCASKILL/JONES/YARBOROUGH - Looking for any information on Elizabeth McCaskill  (also called Eliza) have not been able to get Clarendon 1850 Census. She and her brother John were living with a Wiley Jones family in 1860. She is my 3rd great grandmother she married Needham G. Yarborough in  1860.The story told in the Yarborough family generation after generation, was the reason Elizabeth/ Eliza and her brother John were living with the Jones family was their Mother (name unknown at this time) a full blooded American Indian and had died after drinking water from a poisoned well. Possibly poisoned by her own tribe, Eliza and Johns father was a Scotsman, the tribe did not approve of the marriage. I do not know if he also died or what happen to him.  I am trying to find out who Elizabeth and John's parents were. John was a private with  Company H, 26th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers,  he died of disease at Camp Palmer in 1862. I would really appreciate any information on this side of the McCaskill  family. 3-16-02

Jenny Londrico
[email protected]

SCURRY - I am doing research on the Scurry line. I am especially looking for information on John James Scurry. 3/16/2002

Bunnie German
[email protected]
address 45 East Highline Dr.
Woodland Hills, Ut. 84653

DRIGGERS - Looking for information on the relatives of Jack Moses DRIGGERS, Born June 12, 1876 and wife Sarah G. DRIGGERS, born Sept 12, 1878.  Died July 14, 1946 also Frank DRIGGERS, Father of Annie Mae DRIGGERS born in the 1900's and Son DRIGGERS.  Son DRIGGERS daughter is Sara DRIGGERS.3/16/2002

Thomas Russell Carter
[email protected]

GRIFFIN/DRIGGERS - Looking for relatives of ELIZA JANE GRIFFIN born Jan 19, 1856 and died May 8, 1930. also  J. MITCHELL  GRIFFIN born Jan 7, 1875 and died May 21, 1919.  His wife was IDA BELL DRIGGERS   born Dec 28, 1886 and died July 22, 1936. 4-2-2002

Thomas Russell Carter
[email protected]

WORRELL/ DURANT - Does anyone know the connection between Bryant Worrell to John Durant? John Durant and Bryant were both listed on the 1820 Federal census of Sumter County.  This is the only connection we have been able to discover.

Bryant named one of his sons John Durant Worrell.  John Durant Worrell was born in Sumter County c. 1817.

Bryant's wife was Dorcas.  Family history states her last name was Byrd and she was born in Sumter County c. 1795.  The only female Byrd born about this time, that we have been able to discover, was Mary Byrd who supposedly married a Mr. Williams.

Bryant and Dorcas did have a daughter, born in AL, who they named Mary Ann Worrell.  This is not to suggest that Dorcas was Mary Byrd.  Bryant's mother may have been Mary Worrell and his daughter named after her.

The other son of Bryant and Dorcas was named Kinchen Thomas Worrell.  He was born in Sumter County c. 1822.

If anyone can information that will make sense of this, please let me know. April 6, 2002.

Jim Calvert
8205 Conover Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

CARTER - Looking for relatives of CARTERS  that have relatives in Clarendon County, SC  Especially in Manning, SC June 16, 2002

Shirley Carter
[email protected]

CASTINE - Need info on Walter H. CASTINE b.1870 m. Laura TURBEVILLE b.1870, all events in Turbeville, Clarendon County. Thanks for any help. June 22, 2002

John Castine
[email protected]

COLE - I am looking for information on John COLE Sr. (Sumter District from about  1790 to 1834.) and John COLE Jr (Clarendon County 1797 to 1866).  John Cole,  Jr. tombstone reads "A consistent member of the M. E. church South from early life and truly a man of God."  Where can I get infor mation on this church?  Where is it located?  What is M. E.?  Any other info on this family? July 11, 2002

Jerry G. Cole
Austin TX
(512) 347-0072
[email protected]

HOME BRANCH - I am researching information on the Home Branch Road area of Clarendon County? Popular landowners?  Researching the area close to the Church. Were there any trading markets or stores in  this area around around the early 1900's? On the Census records what township would I need to look in for this area? Thank you for your help. July 16, 2002

Tarsha Clark
[email protected]

COKER -I am looking for Rilla or Orilla COKER who had been married to Friendly COKER. Her maiden surname was MILES. July 22,2002

Neal Miles
[email protected]

JUSTICE/ BRIGMAN/ROSCOE/TUNSTALL - I am searching for connections to Luther Murray JUSTICE b1879 married abt 1906 Lola B.  The children of this marriage were  Roy L., Paul B., Lottie M., Clarence, Ruby M., Luther M. Jr, Daniel, Pearl, Wade H., James I found Luther located in Clarendon Co., in 1920 & 1930 census. I believe he is of my JUSTICE family from the Marlboro Co., Richmond Co., NC area. Can anyone find a death record or place of burial for
Luther or Lola JUSTICE? Thank you for your help. August 19, 2002

[email protected]

POWERS - I have been researching my great grandfather, George Washington Powers. According to the 1860 census for Alachua County, Fla, the whole family had moved there from S.C. (see attached).  George served, (more or less) with the 1st Fla inf. reg., reserves, and applied for a pension.  In that application he stated that the family moved to Florida from Clarendon County in about 1852.  George was born in Clarendon County, S.C. in 1840 or possibly 1845.  His father was John Powers, born 1795.  His Mother was Anna, born in 1807.  I am trying to trace the family homestead in S.C. October 5, 2002

Arthur J. Haecker, III
[email protected]

CASTINE -Alderman (1866 - 1938) & Mary Alice Castine (1869 - 1902) Pope had:
Juanita            born 1/18/1889
Jasper Hinton   born 9/27/1890
Henry Jacob     born 4/4/1894
George W.       born 2/20/1902
They also had a son, Walter Herman. Have no information on him. If anyone has any data on this son, please get in touch with me. He is the only omission in my records for my mother's family. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. October 5, 2002

Jean Moore
[email protected]

JORDAN Great-grandfather (first name not know but could be Arthur) Jordan possibly from Alcolu/Manning area, preacher?, married Cornelia, 4 children ?- Robert, Claude, Roach, Maude (my grandmother). I have no other info on great grandfather. October 13, 2002

Patricia Burkett
[email protected]

MORRIS- I am looking for information about my great grandfather, John Morris. He was listed in the 1900 census in Alcolu, S.C., with his wife, Minnie, and son, Lee Howard. November 2002

Sandra Morris
[email protected]

WISE/DUBOSE- I am searching for any information on the family of James Thomas Wise and his wife, the former Miss Callie Elizabeth Dubose.  Callie Dubose Wise was born in 1883 and died in 1939.  She is buried in Home Branch Baptist Cemetery and was the daughter of John Dubose and his wife, Dolly Geddings Dubose.  Any and all information in regard to the parents, ancestry, and descendants of James Thomas Wise and Callie Dubose Wise would be greatly appreciated.

TIMMONS/GEDDINGS -I am also seeking and and all information on James Peter Timmons who married Callie Geddings.  James Peter Timmons was born 29 Apr 1871 and died 10 Jun 1925 and is buried in Home Branch Baptist Cemetery.  Would greatly appreciate any nformation as to his parents, ancestry, and descendants.  Would also appreciate more information on his wife, Callie Geddings Timmons.  Where is she buried?  Who were her parents? etc...

January 17, 2003

Jason Cockfield
[email protected]

SCOTT - I am looking for any information about the Scott family in Clarendon County. My great grandfather is buried at Mt. Zion Church in Turbeville. January 23, 2003

Chuck Scott
[email protected]

HODGE  - Who are the parents of Marion Covert Hodge? He was born in Clarendon County 5 Aug.1889 and died 2 Aug.1961  He was married to Janie Louise Lee.  He is buied at Trinity Meth. Cemetery. 1/27/2003

Horace T Hodge
[email protected]

ALLEN - I am looking for information on the death (death record, obituary, etc.) of Benjamin F. Allen who died in Davis Station, SC on April 2, 1929.  He may have been some sort of trader. 2/15/03

Peggy Kirby
[email protected]

HARVIN/HALL - Richard Claudius (Claude) Harvin born April 21, 1883; died January 12, 1923 married Lizzie Mae Hall on August 20, 1907 born October 24, 1888; died July 27, 1966. He was born in Clarendon County or Sumter County April 21, 1883. He was listed in 1910 Census in Clarendon County as Clarence Harvin. He died in Orangeburg County January 12, 1923. I need to know the name of his parents and siblings. Feb. 15., 2003

Claudia Covington
507 North Kinston Avenue
Atlantic Beach, NC  28512

[email protected]

POWERS - The individuals I am interested in tracing are John and Annie Powers.  John was born somewhere in S.C. in 1795. In one official document his son, George Washington Powers, (referred to as "Washington"), stated that his birthplace was "Clarendon County".  The 1850 Sumter County census verified the family members by name but it is possible the family actually lived in that portion of Sumter which I understand became Clarendon.  A web site noted that many people living in that area always thought of themselves as being from Clarendon.  I would like to find out more about Annie but have no leads.  In the 1850 Census there are a number of "Powers" listed close together sugesting they were neighbors as well as reletives.  I would like to correspond with anyone who might have come across the name "Powers" in their research in this geographical area but do not know how to go about it. Does anyone have an indexed 1840 or 1830 census? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. April 13, 2003

Arthur John Haecker, III
3709 Fox Hills Dr.
Marietta, GA   30067
[email protected]

ARTHUR - Clarendon Co for RUEBEN ARTHUR who was 30 years old 1810 in Claredon Co died Claredon Co Mar 11 1833. Hunting estate or deed papers. widow MARY & 4 children. April 13, 2003

Peter Gold
[email protected]

BELL- Seeking information on Bell's of Clarendon County area. Would like to know if the Bell's buried at Manning Cemetery are related to those buried at Oak Grove Methodist Cemetery. If so, then how do they relate. I have found that some may relate to Bell's I've found in the Darlington County area and would like to find out if any link to my Bell's of Lee County, SC. Any assistance at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. April 13, 2003

Linda Bell
[email protected]

MCKIVER/PACK- I am looking for information on the parents of Inez McKiver born July 6, 1885.  Her parents names are Leonard and Tinna Pack McKiver.   All of them are from the Clarendon Co. area.   Inez McKiver is my great-grandmother and I would like to find out about anyone living that is related to Leonard McKiver and Tinna Pack.  Inez McKiver was an only child, but may have had aunts and uncles with children, etc. May 6, 2003

Sandra Rosetta Hayes
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2936 Cedarwood Dr.
Durham, NC  27707

SINGLETON/THAMES -I am looking for any relatives or information on the parents of Harrison Singleton born April 15, 1885.  His parents names are Tom Singleton and Rosetta Thames.  All are from the Clarendon Co. area near Manning.   Harrison Singleton is my great-grandfather and I would like to find any living relatives that are related to Tom Singleton and Rosetta Thames. May 6, 2003

Sandra Rosetta Hayes
[email protected]
2936 Cedarwood Dr.
Durham, NC  27707

YOUNG -I am interested in information on the descendants of William C. Young b. c. 1802, SC.  This is the information I have and would appreciate additional info on this family.

The children of William C. Young were: 1) William Henry, 2) Levy E., 3) James H., 4) W. T., 5) Susan, 6) David Barrineau, 7) John, 8) Peter

1880 census, all are for Clarendon Co., SC unless another state is mentioned.

1) Marion Twp., William Henry Young b. c. 1839, blacksmith, wife Martha Elizabeth b. c. 1852 and several children
2) Anniston, AL, Levy E. Young b. c. 1842 m. Jane
3) MS?, James H. m. Mary
4) MS?, W. T. m. Martha
6) Brewington Twp, David Barrineau b. 1847 m. Mary Jane Hendricks b. NC
8) New Zion Twp, Peter M. b. c. 1851 m. Sarah Jane Smith and died in Florida.

I have no further info on 5) and 7).

M. Young
[email protected]
June 1, 2003


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