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February 1998 - October 1998

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Anne B Lewellen February 10, 1998
WINDHAM-I am researching Windhams in Clarendon, Co. Have Windhams intermarried with Rowe family and Crawford family. My grgr grandfather Henry F. Windham was born ca. 1836. Don't know what the F. stands for, he married Susan Emily Rowe. Any information would be appreciated. Will share what I have. [email protected]

Anne B Lewellen February 10, 1998
HALEY- Am researching the Haley-Johnston families, have Frances Haley married to James Johnston , Rev. soldier. Cannot find Frances Haley's parents. Any help appreciated, will share info. [email protected]

Russell LeeFeb.2, 1998
LEE-I am searching for information on LEE families in Clarenden and surounding counties. I am a direct descendent of DAVID LEE b. 1793 married Elizabeth McCALLISTER whose descendents lived in or around Sumter, Florence, and Clarendon Counties. Later generations include DAVID LEE, DAVID HARRISON LEE, ISAAC LEE, WILLIAM GADSON LEE, CHARLES WASHINGTON LEE, TROY CLIFTON LEE. I am also interested in the legend or fact of ARTHUR FERNEY LEE, supposed father of above DAVID, and NEEDHAM, TIMOTHY, and others who came to Charleston, married ELIZABETH HAYNE and built a mill on Lynches River in present day Florence COunty. I am seeking information on ancestry of or stories about the above families. Have information and am willing to share.
Jackie McInnis Feb. 22, 1998
DAVIS/LITTLE Searching for information about the families of Thomas DAVIS and James LITTLE who were in the Clarendon area and are listed on the 1820,30 and 40 census. Both had large families with several sons. I believe Thomas DAVIS had a son named Abner DAVIS who married Susan LITTLE, the daughter of James LITTLE c. 1833. Abner and Nancy moved on to Georgia before 1840. I would appreciate information about any individuals with these surnames who were in Clarendon County. Jackie McInnis 213 Whittington Dr.,Knoxville, TN 37923

Pauline Lauderdale February 28,1998
MITCHUM I am looking for information on Sylvester Mitchum who settled in Clarendon County. My g grandfather was James Rial Mitchum (born @1799) who settled in Berkeley County. I am wondering if they were of the same family. If so, who were their parents?

William O. Hatchell March 9, 1998
JOHNSTON/JOHNSON- J. J. Johnston or Johnson was b. ca 1825 and appears on the 1850 Sumter census at stop #687, occupation "miller." His wife is listed as Juliana, age 27. J. J. is listed on the 1860 Clarendon census at stop #57, occupation "mechanic" as Jas. (= James?) Johnson, wife Julia, age 37. Family tradition says Johnston's first name was "Johnny" and that the spelling was "Johnston" rather than "Johnson." They had the following known children: Martha b. 1848; Charles H. b. 1848 (possibly m. Eliz. Pack); Thomas b. 1851; Richard A. b. 1853; J. B.(John or Joseph) b. 1856; Margaret Alice b. 1860/65 m. Charles Edward Hicks of Darlington County; John W. b. 1862; and Warren H. b. 1865. This Johnson family lived near Paxville, and some descendants lived in Sumter, Sardinia, Olanta and in Florence. Any help in identifying the lineage of this family or any additional information would be appreciated. Will gladly share and exhange information at my own expense.

Bill HatchellMarch 10, 1998
BLANEY/HARPER/JOHNSON-Has anyone to your knowledge worked out the Blaney/Harper Johnson family? What about Arthur P. Johnson, the school teacher from NC shown on the 1850 census? There has to be some clue in my opinion based on the given names of J. J. Johnson's children: Charles H., Thomas, Richard A., Joseph B., John W., and Warren H. Seems to be someone who's surname perhaps started with an H., perhaps on the maternal side. When Charles Edward Hicks and Margaret Alice Johnson married, they named boys James Moody Hicks and Wayne Steckle Hicks. Any of these names ring bells for you in Clarendon/Sumter counties? Hey, I'm sorry I'm getting carried away on this family which really has me stumped! Just a bunch of wild guesses...

John Simons March 14, 1998
RICHBOURG- If anyone can help me find information on James and Mary Richbourg who had a daughter Emily A Richbourg born Sept. 18, 1801, she married Alexander S. Tate in 1822. They lived in Bradford Springs Area. I also think they my have had a second daughter Francis Lousie Richbourg born 1806 and married John H.P. Tate grandson of Col. Samuel Tate of Sumter.

John Street March 14, 1998
WELLS/SMITH- The information I am seeking concerns Robert Smith, b 2/1/1792, m 10/24/1816, d 9/1/1864. Robert married Nancy Ann Wells, b 8/24,1794, d 10/23/1853. Nancy was the daughter of Willaby Wells, b 1768, d 10/26/1835. The wife of Willaby was Mary "Polly" who was born 1772. Thank you for your assistance.
John Street
4258 Balboa Drive
Ft Worth TX 76133

Lucille Brittain March 15, 1998
BALLARD- I am looking for the parents of John R. Ballard & Pernelia Ballard. John was born abt 1863, Lilli/ Pernelia was born 1869. I have Clarendon Co. down as place of birth but I don't rightly know if that is correct. Any help would be appreciated.

Diane Flowers March 17, 1998
FLOWERS- IÕm looking for information on Thomas Travis Flowers born in Gibson, NC married to a Mary Elizabeth Rhodes born in Elliot, SC. (Also married to "Nellie") Their children were Mae Flowers Bodenheimer (b. 5/12/1905), Daisy Flowers Turner, Tom, William, and Andrew. Tom Flowers was the police chief in Manning for years and his son, James Lee Flowers, ran the ABC liquor store. William Flowers was married to Harriet Louise Brunson. Any help would be appreciated. Visit the Flowers Web site at:
Diane Flowers
42 Ring Around Lane
Crawforville, Fl 32327

John Simons March 17, 1998
TATE/RICHBOURG- If anyone has infomation on a TATE Family living in Vance Ferry, South Carolina bef 1750 please E-mail me. I have the Family Bible date 1827 of Alexander S. Tate born 1788-1853 he was first married to Dorcap Butting, the daughter of William Butting listed in Clarendon County 1790 Census. He married Emily A. Richbourg second in 1822, daughter of James and Mary N. Richbourg. In it is listed his father Alexander (Alech) Tate who died in 1801. Also I know from a letter dated 1873 to Mr. L. C. Drapier (The Drapier Manuscript Thomas Sumter Calendar) by John H. P. Tate (My G G Great Grandfather) Alexander(Alech) had two brothers Maj. Sam Tate (JHP Tate's Grandfather) and John Tate all three servied in the American Revolution War with General Sumter. This is as far back as I can verify except that their Father was Irish and their Mother was English. Also stated in the letter is that Maj. Sam Tate and Alexander his brother are buried in the area of Vance Ferry with a strong tie to Bradford Springs and a Mt. Tauctus. Please all info will be helpful.

Dorothy Guest-Richardson April 12, 1998
OLIVER/DOUGHTY- I am looking for any information on my grgrfather Edward OLIVER, born 1874, Manning, South Carolina. Also, on Bertha, daughter of Mary and Edward Oliver, who married Charles DOUGHTY. Any information on the DOUGHTYs and DAVIS's of Davis Crossroads, South Carolina, would be helpful. If the names Absalom OLIVER, Shank OLIVER are familiar to you, please contact me. Thank you.

Margaret Goodwin May 6 1998
RICHBOURG/GIBSON/FOX/BRUNSON-My RICHEBOURG ancestors & other kin are: Claudius RICHEBOURG & his 2nd wife Unity FOX married ca 1742/43 SC Col. Henry FOX, III & his wife Mary GOODWYNS William RICHBOURG, Sr. & wife Elizabeth GIBSON m by 2 Aug 1803 Her father was Phinehas GIBSON, Edward M. RICHBOURG &w. Susannah BRUNSON m by 1810.Her father was William Brunson. I am looking for others researching these lines.
Thomas L. Keefe May 14, 1998
KEEFE- I am seeking information concerning my grandfather, John Ladd KEEFE (8/22/1882-5/12/1942, m. Frances Cornelia KELLY). According to my father's birth certificate, John was born in Florence County; however, since this date is prior to the formation of Florence County, he must have been born in either Clarendon, Darlington, Marion, or Williamsburg County. I am especially interested in the names and important dates of his parents, siblings, and other family members. As well as my mother could remember, John's siblings were: Chansler, Lela, George M. (9/27/1880-6/30/ 1933, m. Mary Bowen), Lewis Mitchell (b. 1896, m. Ethel MOULEDOUS), Harris, and Horace.
I am also researching GIST, KELLY, McKINNON, MILLER, PROSSER, RICHBURG, and STONE. Any help that you can give with these families will be greatly appreciated.
Tom Keefe
[email protected]

Toni Cusack Matthews May 19, 1998
GOINS- I have been researching my Goins family for approximately 14 years. They were in the Sammy Swamp area. JEREMIAH GOINS died circa1820. His wife was EDY LUCAS. They had the following children: Wade,John,Madrey- my GGGGrandfather,Thomas, Matilda, Levicy, Debeitta, General Washington, and Henry. I would like for any of their descendants to contact me. Two of the brothers, JOHN AND MADREY moved to Williamsburg County. The others eventually left South Carolina. Some of the descendants stayed and .They married into the Smiling, Chavis,Winkles Gibbs, Atkinson, and Tucker families.

Sheila Gingles LorenzMay 23, 1998
ELLIOTT/ TREZEVANT/WAYNE- William WAYNE was cousin to Major General "Mad" Anthony WAYNE. Both were born in Pennsylvania and raised by Anthony's father. Wm. WAYNE eventually came to SC where he met and married Esther TREZEVANT in Charleston, May 7, 1777. Daniel TREZEVANT was a Huegenot born in France. He and his wife Susan Moulard fled persecution and came to America, to SC, 1680-1684. Their son Isaac TREZEVANT married and gave birth to a second Daniel TREZEVANT. This Daniel TREZEVANT's daughter is Esther who married Wm. WAYNE. So Esther was the fourth TREZEVANT generation in America. Wm. WAYNE and Esther TREZEVANT WAYNE gave birth to Elizabeth WAYNE, Jacob WAYNE, Gabriel William WAYNE, and Francis A. WAYNE. Elizabeth married John ELLIOTT (b, in Northern Ireland). They had one son, John Francis Abraham WAYNE b.1810 and who eventually married Mary Anne Smith. They had nine children. While his parents are buried in a churchyard in Scottsville, SC (near Mayesville), John Francis is buried in Old Gully Cemetery near Pinewood, SC., in Clarenden County. (He was a chaplain in the Confederacy and died in service.) I have more information on these above families if anyone is interested, but here is where my query lies. In the Rimini/Pinewood area the ELLIOTTS had a plantation. "ELLIOTT's Millpond" is, I'm sure named for my ELLIOTTs, as it is in this same area and they dealt in lumber, as least part of the time. Does anyone have any information on the history of this plantation, the millpond, and any other "ELLIOTT" landmarks in the state: ELLIOTT, SC; ELLIOTT College in Columbia SC; ELLIOTT Cut in Charleston, SC; ELLIOTT Lake in Privateer, SC; ELLIOTT School (historical) and ELLIOTT Baptist Church in ELLIOTT, SC; ELLIOTT Springs Memorial Hospital in Lancaster, SC; and ELLIOTT House Museum in Beaufort, SC ? Thank you so much.

815 Terra Lane El Cajon, CA 92019

Alexander Durant June 6,1998
DURANT/HARVIN- I am looking for information pertaining to the families of JAMES GABRIEL and ELIZABETH (BETSEY) DURANT, both born around 1845 and DAN and JANE HARVIN They were of African-American decent and lived in Calvary or Sammy Swamp(?) Townships in Clarendon County. JAMES GABRIEL and BETSEY DURANT had at least seven children: HENRY(1863), MORGAN(1865), ADELINE(1867), REBECCA(1870), BUNYAN(1872), VERNELL(1875) and SUSAN(1878) VERNELL DURANT married ELLA HARVIN, daughter of DAN HARVIN and JANE BILLUPS around 1899. Five children: JANIE(1900), HERVEY(1902), THEODORE(1903), ELLENORA(1904) and ALVIN ? (1905) Any information would be welcomed on either family.
William McIntosh June 12, 1998
THAMES/FELDER/GAYLE- I am looking for the parents of Mrs. Mary (FELDER) THAMES (28 Sep 1833 - 29 Mar 1908). She was the wife of Charles Christopher THAMES, Jr. (5 Jul 1830 - 12 Oct 1912). Her gravestone in Manning Cemetery (at least according to WPA survey) states that she was the daughter of Joseph M. and Margaret FELDER. I can find no record of a Joseph M. FELDER anywhere in SC. However, there was a Josiah M. FELDER who married Margaret S. GAYLE, and they had a daughter named Mary. I have no dates for Josiah, Margaret, or their daughter. Can anyone confirm for me whether Josiah and Margaret (GAYLE) FELDER were indeed the parents Mary (FELDER) THAMES?
Benny Raffield June 13, 1998
RAFFIELD-I am interested in any information which may be available on William RAFFIELD who is listed on the 1790 census of Clarendon County, South Carolina. The family later migrated to Houston County, Georgia. Another William RAFFIELD 72 from South Carolina is listed with wife Elizabeth 63 from South Carolina and son John from South Carolina in the 1850 census. I suspect the family resided in the area of Clarendon County until around 1830. I would appreciate any leads or information on this family.

Sandy Dyson June 20, 1998
DYSON-I would like to find info on DYSON, Jacob Olie b Aug 13, 1892 in Clarendon Co. SC (Santee/Davis Station) d Nov. 23, 1959 in Rockingham NC. Married DERRICK Fannie Ester b July 9,1892 in Saluda Co. SC d May 20,1961 in Rockingham NC. Children were: James, Clelia, Jacob, Thelma, William, Robert, Doris, Leon, Charles, Daniel. Parents unknown. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you. Sandy at [email protected]
Brian Douglas Conley July 18, 1998

I am interested in information regarding the six wives of Col. Alexander COLCLOUGH of Beacon Hill Plantation (ca.1749-ca.1820) Clarendon Co., SC. A combination of family traditions and some primary sources have provided the names of his six wives as follows: 1. Mrs. BOOZER; 2. AMMERLY, widow; 3. Mrs. (Agnes?) WITHERSPOON, widow (ca 1765-1800); 4. Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT, widow (ca 1760-1808) m. 1801 to COLCLOUGH above; 5. Mrs. McCANLEY, widow; 6. Mary SIM(M)S m. 1810 to COLCLOUGH above. Any information regarding the maiden names, previous spouses and descendants of these six women would be greatly appreciated. Happy to share what information I have.

Glyn R Oliver July 27, 1998
HARVIN/DURANT- I am beginning research into our family history for an upcoming reunion. We are researching the Harvin and Durant families. Lynn Harvin and Mary Miller are my great grandparents. We believe they were owned by the Harvin family. Their oldest son, Pinkney, was sold to a family by the name of Tinder. There were 8 other children, Theodore, Andrew, Liza, Joseph, Susan Ann, Bradie, Margaret, and James(youngest). Theodore married Rebecca Harvin. Her mother was Elizabeth Durant. Elizabeth's mother was a slave. Elizabeth was of mixed race. If any of these families are familiar I would appreciate your assistance.

John Dorociak August 20, 1998
THIGPEN/BARWICK- I am looking for the books on the Thigpen family history. I have a poor copy of the ..."Chains That Bind..." but there is a much larger and more detailed Thigpen history I am in search of. I am also interested in any information on the ancestors of John Thigpen 1811-1890 Clarendon Co., S.C. and any and all Barwick family history.

Kathleen Jones Webber - 27 August 1988

BARFIELD and HAMPTON - Richard BARFIELD (45) and wife, Dorothy Ann

"Dollie" HAMPTON (40), were in Mount Zion Township of Clarendon County in the 1870 Federal Census with the following children: Martha, Alfred, Sallie, March, Wade, Little Dick and Tilla? Would appreciate any help with this family!! My mailing address is: K. J. Webber, 119 Pine Straw Lane, Moncks Corner, SC 29461-3518.

James M. Sprott, Jr. 13 September 1998

OLIVER/PENDERGRASS- Searching for information on the ancestors and descendents of Peter Morgan Oliver (13 June, 1798 - 13 Dec., 1844) and his wife Amelia Almira Pendergrass (ca. 1799 - 27 June, 1844) buried in Rehoboth Cem., Clarendon County.

John Stukes September 15, 1998

Stukes/Hilton-Looking for information concerning Milton A. Stukes (1797-1875) and wife Isabella Hilton (1808-1865), including siblings, parents, etc.

Lisa Boykin Brooks September 18, 1998

Manning/Cantey/Boykin- Looking for information on Captain Brown Manning, CSA (born 10-12-1824, died 6-18-1881). His first wife was a Mary Cantey. His second wife was Elizabeth Gabriella "Ella" Boykin (born 10-29-1847, died 2-11-1924), the daughter of Alexander Hamilton Boykin, who was the leader of the Boykin Rangers (a calvary unit of the confederate army?). Need information on Capt. Manning's children from both marriages (I have Manning and Boykin ancestors and am looking for a connection). My mailing address: 2526 Helena Moriah Road, Timberlake, NC 27583.

John W. Davis, Jr.

DAVIS/WHITE- I am looking for any information on John Ransom Davis and Lucretia (White) Davis. They had a son by the name of William Advel Davis, born 15 Mar 1872.

Eileen Kangas October 15, 1998

HODGE- I am looking for any information on my g-g-grandmother. Hulda Jane Hodge was born in Paxville,Clarendon Co. S.C. in 1827. She married Francis J. Rivers who was born in Sumter, Sumter Co. S.C. in 1824. If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you.
>Eileen Kangas
5392 S.E. 3rd Ave.
Keystone Heights Fl. 32656
Eileen Kangas

Sybil Dixon October 17,1998
THAMES- I am looking for information about Jack M. Thames. He was my grandfather's half brother. He was the son of James William Thames . I don't know his birth mother. His brothers name was James William Thames from Alcolu, S.C. and was married to Julia Emma Halliday. My grandfathers name was Henry Houston Thames. I would appreciate any information.


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