Junky Yard Cemetery, Clarendon County, S.C.
Junky Yard Cemetery
Clarendon County, South Carolina

Only a few, lonely stones give testament to the story of an old burying ground that legend holds is the original Junky Yard Cemetery. Located on private property, between Wilson's Mill and Foreston in Clarendon County, this lonesome place has borne the ravages of time, and time has won. The grave of John T. Richbourg lies quite a distance away from those of two Hughes infants, leaving one to speculate that over a century ago, the cemetery encompassed no small number of acres. A young hardwood forest, with moss draped trees estimated to be 40 to 50 years old covers what once was surely an extensive burying ground. Only three stones remain, with one of those lying forlornly broken on its bed of thick forest leaves. (March 28, 2002 CRP)

In Memory of John T. Richbourg
A Member of the Eutaw Regt.
SCV who died Jany 29th 1863
Aged 23 Years 11 Months,
And 14 Days

John T. Richbourg was the son of Benjamin Franklin and Emily A. Richbourg
of Foreston, Clarendon County, South Carolina.
His parents and other members of his family are buried in the Foreston Cemetery.

Dee Lowder Schmidt, chalking the letters on the stone of John T. Richbourg, March 2002.

Photographs taken by Cynthia Ridgeway Parker
great great grandniece of John T. Richbourg.

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