Company I 23rd Regiment SCV

Company I, 23rd Regiment
South Carolina Volunteers


The 23rd Regiment was organized on April 13, 1861. Company I of Hatch's Reg't Coastal Rangers subsequently became Company I, 23rd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry and was formed Nov. 15, 1861 Company I was one of six volunteer companies organized for 12 months. It was reorganized under the Conscript Act in May 1862, the company officers being elected May 9, 1862, and the regimental officers May 24, 1862.

The 23rd Infantry Regiment participated in the following battles:

  • Malvern Hill, Virginia (1 July 1862) 
  • Rappahannock Station, Virginia (23 August 1862) 
  • 2nd Bull Run, Virginia (28 - 30 August 1862) 
  • South Mountain,Virginia (14 September1862) 
  • Antietam,Virginia (17 September 1862) 
  • Jackson Siege, Mississippi (July 1863) 
  • Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (August - September 1863) 
  • Bermuda Hundred, Virginia (17 May - 16 June 1864) 
  • Petersburg Siege, Virginia (June 1864 - April 1865) 
  • Petersburg, Virginia (9 June 1864) 
  • The Crater, Virginia (30 July 1864) 
  • Ft. Stedman (25 March 1865) 
  • Five Forks, Virginia (1 April 1865) 
  • Appomattox Court House, Virginia (9 April 1865) 
The 23rd Infantry Regiment was stationed in the following locations:
  • Dec 1, 1861 - Jan 1862-At Camp Green 
  • Jan 31 - Feb 28 1863 - Camp near Wilmington, N.C. 
  • Sept and Oct 1863 - Hamlin's Farm, Christ's Church Parish, S.C. 
  • Nov and Dec 1863 - Sullivan's Island 
  • Jan and Feb 1864 - Sullivan's Island 
  • Feb 29 - June 30, 1864 - Petersburg, Va 
  • July 1 - Oct 31, 1864 - In trenches near Petersburg, Va 
  • Nov and Dec 1864 - Trenches Petersburg, Va 
  • Jan and Feb 1865 - Petersburg, VA 

Roll of Company I 23rd Regiment

South Carolina Volunteers,

The Sprott Guard

The following is a letter from A.J. Richbourg that appeared in the Manning Times on March 17, 1917.

Summerton, South Carolina

March 17, 1917

Editor, (Manning Times)

Please find enclosed the roll of Confederate soldiers of Clarendon County who volunteered at Manning and other places during the war as Co. I, 23rd S. C. Vol.-(Sprott Guards) - You will note there are 174 volunteers and out of that list only 11 are still alive. As far as I know 163 have been killed, wounded or died. To all who read this list of the dead Confederate veterans, if you will cut this roll out of this paper or typewrite a copy of the same, frame and hang it on your parlor walls, in years to come your heirs will search the rolls of the old Confederate dead to find if you are a heir or joint heir to the best blood this country offered on her alters, for the protection of mothers, homes and country. You may write them in gold if you wish, for they wrote them for you in their blood and suffered four long years. Only eleven left of this gallant band and they are soon to cross "The Great River of Death" to unite with them to the last roll call at the bar of God.

A. J. Richbourg,

Sgt. Maj. 23rd S. C. Vol

  • H. L. Benbow, Capt. 
  • H. H. Lesesne, 1st Lieut.
  • R. B. Harvin, 2nd Lieut.
  • T. N. Slawson, 3rd Lieut
  • D. J. Bradham, O. S. Sergt.
  • J. E. Wells, 2nd Sergt.
  • E. H. Cuttino, 3rd Sergt.
  • W. J. R. Cantey, 4th Sergt.
  • H. D. Wells, 5th Sergt.
  • W. F. Butler, Com. Sgt.
  • S. P. Wells, 1st Corp. 
  • W. R. Coskrey, Sgt. 
  • N. W. Baggett, Sgt. 
  • W. Crook Watt, Sgt 
  • R. A. Ridgill, Sgt. 
  • R. J. Hodge, Sgt. 
  • A. J. Richbourg, Sgt. 
  • J. D. Beatson, Corpl. *
  • W. H. Cole, Corpl. 
  • H. B. Drose, Corpl. 
  • S. L. Eadon, Corpl. 
  • I. T. Hodge, Corpl. 
  • J. W. Thames, Corpl. 
  • W. J. Clark, Hosp. Steward
  • R. J. Aycock
  • G. W. Anderson 
  • L. G. Anderson 
  • J. R. Ballard 
  • W. A. Brewer
  • C. H. Brunson 
  • D. O. Brunson 
  • W. L. Brunson 
  • L. S. Bradham 
  • J. H. Bochette 
  • T. A. Bradham 
  • S. H. Bradham 
  • J. M. Barwick 
  • N. J. Barwick 
  • L. H. Barwick 
  • B. J. Barwick 
  • W. J. Brown
  • G. R. Bryant
  • E. H. Bateman 
  • J. W. Bartlett 
  • R. R. Billups 
  • Wainwright Butler 
  • Lewis Butler
  • J. J. Baggett 
  • B. H. Baggett 
  • T. R. Cantey
  • M. S. Cantey
  • J. N. Cobia
  • H. J. Cobia
  • Nelson Childers 
  • Thos. H. Connors 
  • A. J. Connors 
  • T. W. Cutter
  • J. S. Carpenter 
  • W. T. Connors 
  • W. C. Coullett 
  • G. W. Chewning 
  • C. H. Corbett 
  • J. N. Connors 
  • Benjamin Cutter 
  • T. P. Cuttino 
  • T. M. Creasy
  • J. B. Carpenter 
  • R. S. Connor
  • E. W. Davis
  • J. E. Davis
  • J. Preston Davis 
  • L. J. Davis
  • W. O. Dorrity 
  • J. L. Dixon
  • J. C. Drose
  • H. B. Drose
  • Jno. DuBose
  • Jno. L. Eadon 
  • J. W. Eadon
  • W. H. Epperson 
  • S. P. H. Elwell 
  • A. Frierson
  • S. A. Frierson 
  • W. B. Frierson 
  • J. J. Frierson 
  • W. W. Foreman 
  • J. J. Gibson
  • J. F. Jenoples 
  • J. M. Gamble
  • J. H. Griffin 
  • Nelson Griffin 
  • R. M. Griffin 
  • H. J. Holliday 
  • J. W. Holliday 
  • T. H. Harvin
  • T. K. Hilton
  • J. W. Humphrey 
  • J. S. Hodge
  • J. E. Hodge
  • W. S. Johnson 
  • R. B. James
  • Geo. R. Jones 
  • H. R. Jennings 
  • D. E. Kelly
  • J. W. Kelly
  • Hicks Kolb
  • R. M. Lowder
  • H. J. Lyman
  • C. W. Lyman
  • W. T. Lyman
  • P. H. Lesesne 
  • T. Sumter Lesesne 
  • Moses Levi
  • R. A. Mims
  • T. Martin Mims 
  • J. P. Mitchum 
  • W. L. Moore
  • Jno. O. Martin 
  • C. W. Martin
  • J. G. McLeod
  • W. J. McCall
  • W. W. Nichols 
  • W. N. Owens
  • Jno. A. Owens 
  • Jno. O'Hara
  • F. Gamewell Puckett 
  • J. M. Plowden 
  • Richard Pack
  • P. S. Richbourg 
  • Jno. W. Richbourg 
  • J. N. Richbourg 
  • Jno. A. Ridgeway 
  • J. M. Ridgeway 
  • J. W. Ridgeway 
  • P. L. Ridgill 
  • J. L. Rowe
  • G. D. Rhodus
  • J. J. Reardon 
  • S. C. C. Richardson 
  • Jno. Shepherd 
  • W. Newton Stukes 
  • C. W. Stukes
  • J. W. Stukes
  • J. Taylor Stukes 
  • W. J. Shorter 
  • Henry Shorter 
  • L. D. Skinner 
  • H. M. Skinner 
  • W. M. Tobias
  • I. N. Tobias
  • J. J. Tindal
  • T. J. Tisdale 
  • T. W. Thames
  • W. J. B. Thames 
  • R. J. Thames
  • J. D. Thames
  • W. T. Touchberry 
  • R. F. Turner
  • Gabrell Tucker 
  • H. R. Timmons 
  • J. C. White
  • J. R. White
  • A. J. White
  • J. H. White
  • W. R. Wells
  • A. C. Wells
  • Jno. A. Ward
  • Philip Ward
  • Hesikiah Ward 
  • J. S. Wise
  • W. M. Wise
  • J. R. Wise
  • W. J. Wise
Those who are living:
  • A. J. Richbourg 
  • W. H. Cole
  • T. R. Cantey
  • M. S. Cantey
  • Thos. H. Connors 
  • J. H. Griffin 
  • T. H. Harvin
  • T. M. Mims
  • J. P. Mitchum 
  • W. N. Stukes
  • J. F. Stukes
  • I. N. Tobias
  • T. J. Tisdale 
The above roster was sent to me by Nelson McLeod . He transcribed it from an old issue of the Manning Times. Without generous folks like Nelson, who are willing to share their data, the Old Sumter District Web pages would not be the success that they are. Please remember to thank Nelson when the data on this web page helps you with your research.

If you have any information to add to this data, please let me know.

The following is from a letter to the editor written by D.J. Bradham.

The Manning Times, June 24, 1891.

Editor, Manning Times: Above find muster roll of Company I, 23rd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States Americas, as promised you. The list represents 129 names. From the commencement of thewar to the end of it we had about 180 names. I will try to account for them as I go along and show at what time they were transferred to us and from what comman. I beg that any member of the Sprott Gruards will feel at liberty any time to furnish me with information and to correct any mistakes that I may make for I assure you, comrades, that if I make mistakes it will be an error of the head and not of the heart. I shall write altogether from memory and such matter as is furnished me that I believe to be correct from eye witnesses. I shall call names and try to show what became of that long loist. Many of them fell in battle, many died from wounds received, and many have died since the war. A few remain as representatives of the Lost Cause. [The muster roll is listed below on this web site, not above, as it was in the original newspaper.]


  • H. H. Lesesne, Captain 
  • Slawson, Thomas N. 1st Lieut.
  • W.R. J. Cantey, 2nd Lieut.
  • Bradham, Dan'l. , 3rd Lieut
  • Wells J.E., Orderly Sergeant
  • E. H. Cuttino, 2nd Sergt.C
  • Croskey, W.R. 3rd Sergt.
  • Baggett, N.W. 4th Sergt.
  • W. F. Butler, 5th Sgt. 
  • Wells, H.D. 1st Corp.
  • Watt, W.C. 2nd Corp. 
  • Ridgell, R.A. 3rd. 
  • Richbourg, A.J. 4th Corp.
  • R. J. Aycock
  • G. W. Anderson 
  • L. G. Anderson 
  • J.W. Bartlette 
  • E. H. Bateman 
  • J.D. Beatson
  • R. R. Billups 
  • J.H. Boschett 
  • W. A. Brewer
  • C. H. Brunson 
  • D. O. Brunson 
  • W. L. Brunson 
  • L. S. Bradham 
  • J. H. Bochette 
  • B. R. Bryant
  • T. R. Cantey
  • M. S. Cantey
  • J. B. Carpenter 
  • J. S. Carpenter 
  • J. W. Chewning 
  • Nelson Childers 
  • W.J. Clark
  • J. N. Cobia
  • H. J. Cobia
  • T. H. Connors 
  • A.J. Connors
  • J.N. Connors
  • W.T. Connors
  • W.H. Cole
  • W.C. Coulliette 
  • C.M. Corbett
  • T.W. Cutter
  • B.W. Cutter
  • T.P. Cuttino
  • E.W. Davis
  • James E. Davis 
  • Wm. O. Dorrity 
  • J. C. Drose
  • H. B. Drose
  • W.W. Drose
  • John L. Eadon 
  • S.L. Eadon
  • W. H. Epperson 
  • W.B. Frierson 
  • A. Frierson
  • Sam Frierson
  • W. B. Frierson 
  • J. M. Gamble
  • J.F. Gianoples 
  • J.J. Gibson
  • James Griffin 
  • R. M. Griffin 
  • T. H. Harvin
  • T. K. Hilton
  • R.J. Hoop
  • J.W. Holladay 
  • H.J. Holladay 
  • J. W. Humphries 
  • W. S. Johnson 
  • R. B. James
  • D. E. Kelly
  • J. W. Kelly
  • W.D. Kelly
  • Dr. John W. Kelly 
  • R.H. Lesesne
  • R.M. Lowder
  • H.J. Lynam
  • C.W. Lynam
  • W.T. Lyman
  • J.O. Martin
  • T.M. Mims
  • R.A. Mims
  • T.P. Mitchum
  • J.P. Mitchum
  • W. L. Moore
  • W. W. Nichols 
  • W. N. Owens
  • John A. Owens 
  • F. Y.Puckett
  • J. M. Plowden 
  • P. S. Richbourg 
  • J. W. Richbourg 
  • J. A. Ridgeway 
  • J. M. Ridgeway 
  • P. L. Ridgill 
  • J. L. Rowe
  • G. D. Rhodus
  • John Shepherd 
  • W.J. Shorter
  • J.D. Skinner
  • W.N. Stukes
  • C. W. Stukes
  • J. W. Stukes
  • J.W. Thames
  • W.J.B. Thames 
  • W.J.B. Thames 
  • R.J. Thames
  • J.J. Tindal
  • T.J. Tisdale
  • Tobias W.M.
  • I.N. Tobias
  • W. T. Touchberry 
  • R. F. Twain
  • J.A. Ward
  • W. R. Wells
  • A. C. Wells
  • S.P. Wells
  • J.C. White
  • A.J. White
  • O.H. White
  • R.P. White
  • J.S. Wise
  • M.M. Wise
  • W.J. Wise
  • J.R. Wise
  • J.R. White

David Oscar Brunson's Obituary

(D.O. Brunson was a great-great grandfather of Cynthia Ridgeway Parker and of Nelson McLeod.)

One By One They Are Passing Away

To the memory of D. Oscar Brunson who departed this life last Friday at his home at Davis Station

It is with a sad heart that Clarendon records the death of this noble man but more than all will be it to the comrades of his who followed the fortunes of Robert E. Lee in the shifting victories and defeats, suffering and privation which none know but those who followed the Southern Cross, with numberless odds of the enemy in front and suffering and starvation in the rear. D. Oscar Brunson left Clarendon with the Sprott Guard, afterwards Company I, 23rd SCV. His genial character and gentle heart always cheered the darkest hours of a soldier's life. He always looked upon the sunny side of life, and like the good Samaritan he was ever ready to assist the needy as a soldier. He was as brave as the bravest. The writer, who stood by his side in the front ranks of his company on the 17th day of June 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia, witnessed the grandest struggle between the North and the South, and on this line D. Oscar Brunson was seriously wounded and carried on the back of his comrade to where he could get assistance. We see him after he returns home to see his cities in ashes, his fields desolate, and every home a house of mourning. But he hastens to assist his comrades in reforming their shattered ranks, preparing and caring for the women and children of our desolate land. "The Reaper Death has claimed our comrade and taken a prize from our midst!" But beyond these dark somber shadows, we see the smiling face of his who never errs, and in behalf of the comrades of old Company I, 23rd S. C. V., we extend a soldier's sympathy to the family of our comrade, assuring them that his memory will ever live in the hearts of all his comrades, who assured that a few more remnants are left when, "Not far beyond We all shall camp Beyond life's battle line To join the army Of Robert Lee That rests beneath the pines"
St. Paul
A. J. R. [A.J. Richbourg]
David Oscar Brunson's tombstone in Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery
near Davis Station reads:

D. O. Brunson

Born June 17, 1835 Died April 5, 1895

He served through the late war in Co. I, 23rd S. C. Vol. He was as brave as the

bravest, his genial character and gentle heart always cheered the darkest

hours of a soldier's life.

Information on David Oscar Brunson's Confederate Service
from the South Carolina State Archives

D.O. Brunson, Prv. appears on the Company Muster Roll for Dec. 1, 1861 - Jan 1. 1862 Enlisted: 15 Nov 1861 at Camp Green by D.J. Bradham for a period of 12 months Company I Hatch's Reg't Coast Rangers South Carolina Vols.

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Jan and Feb. 1863 Enlisted 15 Nov at Camp Greeen by A.J. Green for the period of the war. Last paid by W.G. Vardell to 30 April.

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I, 23 Reg't South Carolina Inf. for Sept and Oct 1862 Enlisted: 9 May 1862 [note difference in date] at Morris Island by Col. Benbow for the period of the war. Last paid by Capt. Vardell to 30 June

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Nov and Dec. 1863 - Last paid by P.O. Simmons to 31 Oct

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Jan and Feb 1864 - Last paid by Capt. Simmons to 31 Dec. Remarks: Extra daily duty

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Feb 29 to June 30, 1864 - Last paid by Q.M. Columbia, S.C. to 30 Apr. 1864 Remarks: absent wounded, Present on pay day

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for July 1, Oct 31, 1864 - Last paid by Q.M. Columbia to 30 April 1864

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Nov and Dec. 1864 - Last paid by Capt Houston to June 30, 1864

D.O. Brunson, Pri., Co. I appears on the Muster Roll of Co. I 23 Reg. South Carolina Inf. for Jan and Feb. 1864 - Last paid by Capt Houston to Oct 31, 1864

D.O. Brunson, Pvt. Co. I, 23 S.C. appears on the register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Farmville, Virginia Complaint: Nephretis, Admitted: Sept 5, 1862, Returned to Duty: Oct 16, 1862 Remarks: Roade Whites

D.O. Brunson, Pvt. Co. I, 23 S.C. appears on the register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Farmville, Virginia Sept. 18, 1862 Remarks: ???? 7 days Confed. Arch, Chap 6, File No. 42, page 68

D.O. Brunson, Pvt. Co. I, 23 S.C. appears on the register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Farmville, Virginia Oct 16, 1862 Remarks: Returned to duty, Capt. LeSense Confed. Arch. Chap 6, File No. 42, page 43

D.O. Brunson, Pvt. Co. I, 23 S.C. appears on a register of General Hospital, Petersburg, Va. - Addmitted June 17, 1864 Disease: V. Sclopet - Remarks: Tranferred to Kittrel's June 18 (Confed. Arch., Cap 6, File No. 270, page 49)

D.O. Brunson Col I, 23 S.C.V. asks transfer to Co. H, 5 S.C. Cav. (not transferred) See personal Papers of E.G. Gregory, Co. H, 5 S.C. Cav.

The Confederate States

Date 1862 Dec 24 

To D.O. Brunson For commutation of ????? while on Sick furlough from the 24 Oct to the 24 December 1862. Sixty days at 30 cents per day $18.00

I certify that the above account is correct January 1863 W.J. R. Cantey 

Approved M.N. B???????? Capt ?????????

appr ????????????????????? A Chany

Recd. at Charleston, S.C. Augt 30th 1863 of Janes Pagan, May ??? Eighteen Dollars in full of the above apc. D O Brunson

[The above muster roll transcriptions were done by Cynthia R. Parker from microfilm records at the South Carolina State Archives, Columbia, S.C.]

Information on James Daniel Beatson's Confederate Service
from the National Archives
Joined 15 November, 1861 for 12 months as a Private.

Muster card signed by D. J. Bradsam for 12/1/61 to 1/1/62 at Camp Green

Muster card signed by A. J. Green for 1/1/63 to 2/1/63

At Camp Green. Last paid b W. G. Tardell on 31 August

Transferred from Co. I 23rd South Carolina Infantry to Company H, 5th South Carolina Calvary on 30 June 1863.

General musterroll of July and August 1863 shows last payment at Camp Green by Col Green on June 30, 1863

and was deducted 50 cents for case of Ordnance.

Company Muster Roll of Sept/Oct 1863 shows last paid on 31 October ,1863 by Capt. Green Marked present.

Company Muster Roll of Jan/Feb. 1864 listed as absent-

Detailed for 8 days from Feb 18 to get a horse back in Clarendon.

Muster for April 30 to August 31, 1864 taken at Camp Green by Col. Green shows last paid through April 30, 1864.

Company Muster of Sept/Oct 1864 taken at Camp Green shows promotion from rank to 3 Corp. From Sept 1, 1864.

Receipt Roll Call of Nov 1 1864 was issued clothing and listed as " in need of clothing"

Captains record of events of 5th Regiment SC CAV shows the following events:

1. 30 June, 1863 Located at Mount Pleasant, SC 2. July/Aug. 1863- "Since last muster the company has moved from Mount Pleasant to Charleston. 

3. Sept-Oct. 1863 Listed as Charleston, SC. Some mention of a horse detachment in the area but note is not readable.

4. Nov/Dec. 1863 Located in Charleston, SC

5. Jan/Feb. 1864 Located in Charleston, SC

6. April 30 to 31 August 1864 Located at Gravel Run, Va

7 Sept/Oct 1864- Location not stated

Information on James D. Beatson submitted by descendant:
John B. Wells

Pinkney S. Richbourg died of his wounds on September 27, 1862. He is buried in Farview Cemetery at Culpepper, Virginia. (Broken Fortunes Volume I by Salley)

Daniel Judson Hudson

 BRADHAM, DANIEL JUDSON, of Manning, Clarendon county, South Carolina, was born October 6, 1841, in the town where he has always resided. His parents were Abijah Randolph Bradham and Leonora (Kelly) Bradham. The family is of Irish extraction, Mr. Bradham's grandfather having come to South Carolina from Virginia with General Sumter in the colonial days. Mr. Bradham's early years were passed in the country. He worked on a farm in the summer; in the winter he attended "old field" schools. His father having died when he was about fourteen years of age, Mr. Bradham's school education was seriously interfered with, although his widowed mother managed to keep him in school for some six months after her husband's death. For the next five or six years he worked as clerk in a general merchandise store in the town of Manning, attending school during the winter. On the breaking out of the War between the States he entered the Confederate army. He lost an arm at the second battle of Manassas. Before he was twenty years of age he was made captain of Company I, Twenty third South Carolina infantry, and he served until the end of the war.

He has held various public offices since the close of the war. From 1865 to 1869 he was sheriff of Clarendon county; from 1886 to 1891 he was county auditor; and again he served as sheriff for ten years, from 1891 to 1901. He was a member of the constitutional convention of South Carolina held in 1895, and represented his native state as a delegate at large in the Democratic national convention held in Chicago in 1896, at which William Jennings Bryan was nominated for president. Mr. Bradham has recently served as a representative from Clarendon county in the South Carolina legislature.

By religious affiliation he is a Baptist. He is a member of the order of Knights of Pythias, Gamecock Lodge, No. 17, Sumter, South Carolina. He married, October 13, 1859, Sarah F. Hodge. On October 13, 1896, Mr. Bradham married as his second wife, Sarah J. Holladay. He has had seven children, of whom five are now living. His address is Manning, South Carolina.

Exerpt from Men of Mark in South Carolina by James Calvin Hemphill Published in  1907 

Colonel Henry Laurens Benbow

(1829 - 1906)

Henry Laurens Benbow entered Hatch's Battalion of Coast Rangers as a captain. Hatch's Battalion later became the 23rd South Carolina Infantry. He was promoted to full colonel a little over a year later. At the Battle of Five Forks, Benbow was wounded. Shot through both thighs, he was captured and ended the war as a Federal prisoner. Colonel Benbow is buried in the Manning Cemetery.

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