William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton, born William Jefferson Blythe, IV, on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, was the son of William Jefferson Blythe, III and Virginia Dell Cassidy. William's father died shortly before his birth, and after his mother re-married to Roger "Dude" Clinton, his name was changed to William Jefferson Clinton.

His mother, Virginia Dell Cassidy, was born June 06, 1923, in Bodcaw, Nevada County, Arkansas, the daughter of James Eldridge Cassidy and Edith Valerie Grisham.

James Eldridge Cassidy was born August 19, 1898, in Parker Township, Nevada County, Arkansas, and died March 11, 1957, in Hope, Arkansas, the son of James M. Cassidy and Sarah Louisa Russel.

James M. Cassidy was born in November of 1858, in Butler County, Alabama, and died around 1908, in Covington County, Alabama, the son of George Washington Cassidy and Nancy Ann Josephine Snelgrove.

George Washington Cassidy was born about 1829, in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, died May 13, 1886, in Covington County, Alabama, the son of Levi and Rachel Cassidy.

Levi Cassidy was born about 1790, in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Levi is probably the son of William Cassidy, who received land grants in Cheraw District in January of 1787.

Bill Clinton graduated Yale Law School in 1973, and married Hillary Rodham October 11, 1975. After losing re-election for the governorship of Arkansas, he was again elected governor in 1982. In 1992, he was elected 42nd President of the United States, defeating encumbant George Bush. He was re-elected President in 1996, defeating Senator Robert Dole.