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    Chesterfield County Cemetery Books

    Some Cemeteries of Chesterfield Co., SC (Wiggins, 1983) - PUR
    The Chesterfield Co., SC Cemetery Surveys (Pigg) James C. Pigg PUR

    Birth, Death, & Marriage Records;
    Deed Books, Minutes, & Tax Lists

    SOME SOUTH CAROLINA CO. RECORDS, Vol 1 (Holcomb) - includes Cheraws Equity District which became Darlington, Marlboro and Chesterfield Barbara Roesch LIB / PUR
    SOUTH CAROLINA MARRIAGES 1749-1867 Implied in South Carolina Equity Reports, Langdon Barbara Roesch PUR

    Chesterfield County Census Records

    1820 U.S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR
    1830 U.S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR
    1840 U.S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR
    1850 U.S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR
    1860 U.S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR
    1870 U. S. Census (Broderbund CD-ROM) Gene Key PUR

    City Directories

    Chesterfield - current street directory and map, with points of interest Debbie Payne PUR

    Chesterfield County Church Records

    Saint David's Parish, Cheraw, SC: minutes of the vestry, 1768-1832, parish register, 1819- 1924 (Brent Holcomb) - PUR

    Chesterfield County Histories, Atlases, etc.

    History of the Old Cheraws (Gregg) Judy Norwood Knight PUR

    Miscellaneous Chesterfield County Records

    Various maps from 1791 to present, showing rivers, landmarks, & people on each side of Big Lynchces River (Wild Cat P.O., Old Store, and others). Barbara Roesch PUR
    Current map of county, with points of interest Debbie Payne PUR

    Chesterfield County Family Histories
    (alphabetized by surname)

    The Thomas Stuart Daniel Gilchrist Family of Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties, SC (1990) JoAnn PUR
    Descendants of Amos Hough of NC and SC (updated to present by author, Dr. Granville W. Hough) Barbara Roesch PUR
    The Key Family Reunited (Gene Key) Gene Key PUR
    Mangum Family of Chesterfield County (Dr. John Palmer) Gene Key PUR
    Complete McManus History (compiled by Barbara Roesch) - Descendants of James McManus. Includes info NOT contained in "Descendants of William Alford McManus and Sarah Amanda Cook McManus." Barbara Roesch PUR
    Deep Roots In Chesterfield County - Plyler Family (Gene Key) Gene Key PUR
    The Thweatt \ Threatt Family (Gene Key) Gene Key PUR

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