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2007 & 2008 Queries
  • ALSOBROOK - Bob Thomas, 03/17/07
    I am trying to find out if the R.G. ALSABROOK listed on the 1830 Chesterfield County Census might be the same F.G. Alsobrook listed on the 1850 Chicot County, AR Census?

    1850 Chicot County, AR Census:
    R.G. 61, GA
    Nancy 51, SC
    Lemuel 17, TN
    Phenba? 15, TN
    Ralph 12, TN


  • BOAN - Rose M. Boan-Cedola, 10/16/07
    I have noticed there is no mention of the Boan family in Chesterfield County, SC.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • BRADDOCK - Elizabeth L. Nichols, 5/01/07
    Does anyone have information on Ralph (Raffe) Braddock who is first found in the 1790 census of the area that became Chesterfield County, SC and his family? C. Watson Nichols is descended from two of his children, and would like to exchange data.  Thank you.

  • CAMPBELL - Angela Campbell, 6/22/08
    I am looking for information for Tafton Blease Campbell, born May 8, 1911 in Chesterfield County, SC.  I have no information on any brothers, sisters, or parents.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • COPELAND - Susan Copeland Wier, 9/02/07
    I am trying to find information on Elizabeth Coleman and Moses Copeland.  John Pigg Martin, that we have traced to Georgia, and married Easter McKinley, whose daughter, Susannah Martin, married my great great great grandfather, Thomas Tullos.  Their daughter, Malissa Caroline Tullos, married Thomas Coleman Copeland.  Supposedly, Thomas Coleman Copeland's mother was Elizabeth Coleman and married Moses Copeland.  Elizabeth and Moses were supposedly married in 1809, in Chesterfield County, SC.  They moved to Mississippi and we can find them up to about 1835-39.  I am trying to find any info on Elizabeth and Moses.  Also, I am trying to see if they moved backed to the Carolinas as we can find nothing on them after 1840.

  • EUBANKS - Teresa Gray, 9/25/07
    My ancestors originated from Pageland, SC. I am in search of records on slaves and slave owners.  My grandmother's last name is Miller, but her father was a slave owner by the name of Henry Hughbanks or Eubanks.  Any direction would be appreciated.

  • EVANS - Chastity Etheridge, 9/25/07
    I am looking for any information on James M. Evans, born about 1840 in South Carolina, and his wife, Sarah E. (maiden name unknown).  I have no additional information about them except that they are found in the 1880 Little River County, AR, census record with children and one of the children is named Berry who was born in AR, but other children that were born in LA.  I have found other Evans family in Chesterfield County, SC, with Berry names also and went to Winn Parish, LA.  James and Sarah's son, James Thomas Evans, married a woman by the name of Susan Fleniken and they were married in Desoto Parish, LA, in 1857, and they are found on the 1860 Natchitoches Parish, LA, census records, which is the Parish between Desoto Parish and Winn Parish, LA.  I am pretty sure that James M. Evans and Sarah E. married in SC, as they were both listed as being born in SC.  All my Evans/Phelps families eventually moved to Bowie County, TX, where there are other Evan's families that came from SC.  I'm pretty confident that all these Evan's families are somehow connected but still trying to find the connection.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • GAINEY - Craig Lyles, 9/28/07
    I am trying to obtain any information I can on Matthew Gainey, who was listed in Chesterfield County in the 1820 census.  I believe he may be one of my great great great grandfathers.  He was probably born in the 1790's in South Carolina, probably Chesterfield County.  He apparently moved to Wilkinson County, Georgia in the 1820's because he is listed there in the 1830 and 1840 censuses.  Besides his birth date, parents, and children, I am particularly interested in the maiden name of his wife.  Her first name was Mary.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • GOODWIN/GOODEN - Kristi Jeffords, 3/26/08
    I am looking for information on Goodwin/Gooden family of Chesterfield County, SC.  In particular, detailed information on Peter Barney Gooden (Goodwin) b. 1871, and his mother, Eliza (maiden name unknown) Gooden (Goodwin) b. 1848.  Eliza later married Enoch Tyner and had more children.  Any information is great appreciated, especially Peter's father's name and information.

  • GULLEDGE - Kathy G. Johnson, 3/25/08
    I am trying to find information about my great grandfather and grandmother.  His name was Dread Gulledge, he had a son, William Harley Gulledge (my grandfather) and lived in Chesterfield County.  William Harley lived in between Chesterfield and Patrick in the early 1950's.

  • HALL / CARPENTER - Mikey Brooks, 8/04/07
    I am looking for any information on the Hall or Carpenter family in Chesterfield and surrounding counties in SC.  I am new to genealogy and any help will be appreciated.

  • HICKS - Greg Holden, 12/31/08
    My grandmother, Ethel Mical Hicks, went to Dudley School in the early 1920's.  Does anyone know if a photograph of Dudley School exist?

  • HOFFMAN - Phyllis Hoffman Floyd, 10/16/07
    I am looking for information on my great grandmother Carrie Cassidy Hoffman.  I have a land deed that says B.C. Cassidy sold land to John McCassidy.  This is either her father or grandfather from what the notes on it say.  She was born and raised in Chesterfield County however I can not find any information on her.  She married my great grandfather Isaac Hoffman.

  • JAMES - Joyce Baumann, 02/13/07
    I am looking for information on James James of Chesterfield County, SC.  I found him in an 1810 census living there.  I am trying to find out the name of his father.  I am also trying to find any further information that may connect him to Charles James, my great grandfather.  Charles was born in Alabama.  Thanks.

  • JOHNSON - Debbie Andrade-Trask, 10/13/08
    I am trying to research information on my mother's father and mother.  Her mother died when my mother was 7 and her father when she was 14.  They are both buried in Mossy Head, Florida.  The only information that I have is that they were from somewhere in the vicinity of McBee or Cheraw, SC.  Their names are Kenneth W. Johnson, born Dec. 1873 and his wife, Queen Victoria Johnson, born October 1878.  My understanding is that Queen Victoria's mother and father owned a plantation around that area.  Any guidance anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

  • JORDAN - Bonnie, 7/09/07
    I am looking for information on Kate Jordan, born in 1864 and died in 1890.  Her mother was Retina Artinor Jane Pigg.  She was either married to John Pattard Mill or not.  They did have a child which was my grandfather, John Perdue Mills, which we know was born in Chesterfield County, SC.  Thanks.

  • JORDAN - Josh Jordan, 6/20/07
    I have traced my ancestry back to Stephen Jordan, born 1808, in Chesterfield, SC, and died 1870, in Chesterfield.  he married Mary Isabelle (?).  Their kids were Elizabeth, Eliza, Charles, Rosanna, Josh, William K., and Mark.  John Jordan came to Ball Ground, GA.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • KNIGHT - Blake E. Relle, 12/06/07
    I am looking for the parents of Nathaniel Knight who married Nancy McMillian.  Nathaniel Knight was born between 1785 and 1790 and Nancy McMillian was born between 1790 and 1795.  They were both born in Chesterfield County, SC.  Nathaniel Knight and Nancy McMillian had the following children that I know of:

        Catherine Knight - born 1828 in SC
        Mary Knight - born 1831 in SC
        Elizabeth Knight - born 1833 in SC
        Thomas Knight - born 1835, 1836 or 1837
        Emma Knight - born 1833 or 1840 in SC
        Edward Knight - born 1842 in SC
        William H Knight - born 1843 in SC

    I have heard that Nathaniel Knight could be the son of Aaron Knight.

  • KNIGHT - Brenda Knight Smith, 8/05/07
    I am looking for the possible parents for Moses Knight, born 1763 in Brunswick County, VA.  Moses was living in SC at the start of the revolution, and enlisted in the Army in Richmond County, NC in 1779.  By 1800, he and wife, Frances, were living on the Pee Dee at Wolfpit, NC, on the state line.  I believe this family may have been spread through North and South Carolina in Anson & Richmond Counties, and Marlboro and Chesterfield Counties.  DNA traces this line to the Surry, Sussex, isle of Wight area of Virginia to the 1600's.  I need family Bible or other family records to unravel this family.  There are sever other Moses Knights in the area.

    Moses and William Knight founded Knight's Chapel in 1790.  Knight's Chapel is now Hew Hope United Methodist Church on US #1 in Marlboro County.  Moses' daughter, Anna McIntosh, and family have tombstones at the front of the cemetery. 

    Moses' living children at the time of his death in 1836 were Anna McIntosh (Daniel), Elizabeth Curtis (Caleb), John A. Knight (living in Marlboro County), Frances Britt (Culliver).  Other children had apparently died.  Who were they?

    DNA testing will help prove which of these many Knight families in this area are tied together.  Knight Family Project is on FamilyTreeDNA. 

  • LANEY - Al Barrs, Coordinator Florida GenWeb Project, 12/18/07
    We are searching for information on Laney family of Chesterfield County, SC.  The information we have is Titus Laney, born 1710 in Germany, emigrated to Cork, Ireland then to South Carolina, USA. He died in 1789 in Pageland, Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  He married about 1730 in Cork, Ireland.  his wife was Hanna Doster, born about 1712, died in 1789.  They had the following children:  Anna Marie Laney, born 1730 in Ireland; unknown Laney, born 1732 in Ireland; and Titus Laney, Jr., born 1734 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died in 1825 in South Carolina.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • LUCY - Ruth Scriggs, 11/03/07
    I am trying to prove if Isham Lucy is the father of Cadwallader Lucy who married Jane Blakeney, daughter of Thomas Blakeney in SC.  They were in Montgomery County, Tennessee then Barbour County, Alabama.  I have some proof of Jane and her father.  Thanks.

  • McDONALD/GREEN/MIDDLETON - Ruth McDonald Scruggs, 9/22/08
    My first known ancestor came into the Lancaster, Chesterfield counties in 1792.  James mcDonald, wife Sara, James McDonald Jr. and Jacob.  James & Sara are J.P.'s.  I believe James Jr married in one of these counties, a possible Green, with Middleton connections.  James McDonald is found in 1801, Jefferson County, GA.  I am searching for the connection of the Green, Middleton in the names of James Jr's children.  James Jr. is found in Bibb County, GA 1830 census.  His wife is named Jessima.  We have one following name Green, James Madison McDonald born at Ft. Hawkins, 1814, married in MS and named his only child Matthew Green.  Middleton is found in Bibb and Dooly County, GA.  The Green name is in some of his children.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • McLEOD - Debra Maddox Wilson, 12/28/08
    I am looking for information on the McLeod family.  My great great grandfather, Hugh McLeod, said in his Civil War pension papers he was born in Chesterfield, SC.  He was born in 1833 and died in 1900, Pike Co., Alabama.  His father was Malcolm McLeod.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • MILLER - Miller, 10/02/08
    I am looking for information on my 4th great grandfather, John Simpson Miller, son of Michael Miller.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • MORGAN - Wayne Phillips, 3/09/08
    I am looking for data relating to George Morgan, (abt 1800-after 1845) born in Chesterfield County, SC.  He fathered two sons with Lavinia Eubanks (abt 1807-after 1820).  I am trying to locate more data to "flesh-out" the bones of the Morgan family, and allied families of Bird and Eubanks.  I have a Morgan cousin participating in the Morgan surname DNA Project.  A couple of links have been determined.  Having more data would be very helpful.

  • NELSON - Jo Barron, 03/17/07
    I am looking for information on Susanna Nelson, born 1851.  She was a servant for Benjamin Outlaw on the 1880 census.  She had three children by his son, John Westley Outlaw.  She gave them her maiden name Nelson.  They were John Andrew, James Press, and Ida Elizabeth.  I can't find her as a child on the 1860 census.  The Outlaw property I think was in Chesterfield County, SC.

  • NICHOLSON - Dee Holiday, 6/11/08
    I am searching for information on the family of Ellen Nicholson who married Joseph Black of North Carolina.  She was born on 9/17/1855 in South Carolina, I think Chesterfield County, and is the daughter of Hugh Nicholson and Rachel Paul.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • PARKER, PURVIS, RASCOE - James R. Rasco, 02/13/07
    I am looking for proof of the parents of Catherine Parker, alias Catherine Purvis, who married William Joseph Rascoe in Chesterfield County 24 April 1887.  Thanks.

  • PARKER - Don Parker, 2/07/08
    I am trying to find information on Jehu (Gehu) Parker.  He appears in both the 1850 and 1860 census in Marlboro County.  A number of his descendents are buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Church near Cheraw.  Any information or leads anyone might be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.  I was told by my grandmother that Jehu was buried in the Cash family cemetery at Cash's Depot, the home of Col. Ellerbe B.C. Cash.  Does anyone know where this is?  Thanks for any help.

  • PARKER - Jane Parker, 5/21/08
    I am seeking information on the family of John W. Parker, who is shown in the 1870 and 1880 census in Old Store, Chesterfield County, SC.  He is in the 1900 Census for Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC.  I particularly need his parents.  I also am looking for information on John W. Parker, married to Mary Jane Osborne.

  • PEQUES - Cornwell, 03/17/07
    I am looking for a court document or other source that proves that William Johnson Pegues, born 6 Nov. 1812 in SC, was the son of James Pegues, born 2 Feb 1777 and d. 20 Jul 1837 in Cheraw/Chesterfield, SC.  I have undocumented family histories, but need a photocopy of a will, probate record, Bible record, obituary, cemetery record, etc.  Thanks.

  • PIGG - Pigg , 5/13/08
    My mother was the daughter of Jerome Darrel Watts and Ida Pigg.  Her name was Minnie.  I was told that Ida Pigg and J.D.'s second wife, Ella hancock, were cousins.  Ella was born in Chesterfield County, SC.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • ROLLINS/RAWLINS - Gila Regan Hoover, 12/15/08
    I am trying to research my Rollins/Rawlins family.  Can anyone direct me or help me locate information on Nicholas Rawlins, Nicholas Rollins and Rueben Rawlins shown in the 1790 Census records and residing in Cheraw District - St. Thomas?  Any help or directions would be appreciated.

  • RULE - Frances Tysinger Robinson, 8/12/07
    My ancestor, William Rule, from England, was on the 1850 census in Chesterfield County, SC.  He and many of the people listed nearby were miners.  What mine was located there and what was mined?  William moved to Guilford County, NC, in the 1850's to work in the mine.  Thank you for any help.

  • RUSH - Carolyn Rush Splittgerber, 11/21/07
    I am looking for information on my relatives, specifically Frederick and Alvin Rush.  The Reverend Frederick was born in 1802 and Alvin was his son born in 1823.  The home place was in Turbeville.  Thank you.

  • RYE / BLAKENEY - Tracy Mahoney, 5/12/07
    I am interested in any information regarding the Matthew Rye family listed in the 1850 Chesterfield District census.  There is a 17 year old son, Blakeney Rye listed in the household, so there may be some connection to the Blakeney family as well.  I am particularly interested in the 20 year old son, Erasmus Rye.  I have no information on this family, so any small tidbit would be greatly appreciated.

  • SELLERS - Tim Sellers, 9/27/07
    I am looking for information on my maternal grandmother, Lillie Mae Sellers (married to Phillip Sellers) of Chesterfield County, SC.  She died in the 1970's and had social security number 248-15-5063.  Her maiden name was Odom.  Specifically, I'm trying to find any connection to her bloodline with Native Americans.  Any information or suggestions as to where I might find more information would be appreciated.

  • SELLERS - Jo Evelyn Sellers Force, 5/01/07
    My father was John David Sellers, born December 06, 1907, died February 13, 1986.  His father was Walter Gerry Sellers who died in 1927.  His father was Philip Sellers from South Carolina, who was born about 1825, died 1880.  I am looking for any additional information on his father, grandfather and mother.  Thanks so much.

  • SHELBY  - Jerry Dalton Shelby, 1/22/08
    Reese/Reece Shelby Sr. was one of the first known settlers of Pageland, South Carolina, and from what I have found thus far, he may be buried in South Carolina?  I am trying to find something in the way of records that will connect him to my great great grandfather, Abraham Shelby, of Hickman County, Tennessee (who was born in the Carolina's).  Any help would be appreciated.

  • STEEN - Tina Hudson, 8/22/08
    I am looking for the parents of my g-grandmother Lillie B. Steen, born about 1887 or 1889 in Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield County, SC.  Death certificate lists her parents as unknown.  She was Native, but I am unsure if full blooded.  Lillie Steen married Samuel E Woodard (later changed to Woodward).  There is no record of her existence prior to marrying.  She may have been adopted or born out of wedlock between a Steen and a Native America.  Any information is appreciated.

  • TYRE / TEAR - Deborah Slager, 01/29/08
    Daniel & Sarah Tyre are found on the 1810 Chesterfield County, SC Census.  William Tear is found on the 1800 Chesterfield County, SC Census, possible father of Daniel Tyre.  Daniel was in Floyd County, KY in 1820, and only Sarah was listed in 1830 Estill County, KY. 

  • Watson / Turnage - Elizabeth L. Nichols, 4/12/07
    We are researching the Watson and Turnage families in early Chesterfield County, SC.  William Watson, 1801-1868, married about 1826 to Elizabeth (Betsy) Turnage, born about 1805 in SC; died 10 July 1881.  They are in the 1850 and 1860 census records in Chesterfield County, SC.  We would like to determine the parentage of each parent; and we know that there is a William Watson in Chesterfield County, SC in 1800 who could well be the father of William Watson, born about 1801.

    Children of William and Elizabeth Turnage Watson:  Martha Watson, born 9 June 1827, in Chesterfield County, SC, married James Braddock, died 18 March 1904, same place; Harriet Watson, born 13 June 1829, married Thomas Cook, she died 22 Feb 1897; Sarah J. Watson, born 1832; John Watson, born 8 May 1836, married Sarah Braddock, died 26 May 1861; David Watson, born 15 Dec 1840, married 19 Dec 1872 in Society Hill, Darlington, SC, to Annie  Mariah Byrd, he died 15 June 1916 in Society Hill, Darlington, SC.