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2006 Queries
  • DOZIER - Jim King, 02/02/06
    I am seeking to identify the connection of the James Dozier, enumerated in the household of Alexander and Isabella Campbell in the 1850 Chesterfield County, SC Census.  The parents of James Dozier were James and Britten Dozier.  James Dozier's parents died in Sumter County, GA, 1848-1851 and he was placed in the Campbell home.  The mother of James was Britten.  Any data that indicates a connection of James Dozier to the Campbell family would be appreciated.

    I am also seeking to identify the connection of Eliza A. Dozier, enumerated in the household of John and Rebecca Huntley in the 1850 Chesterfield County, SC Census.  The parents of Eliza A. were James and Britten Dozier.  Her parents died in Sumter County, GA 1848-1851 and she was placed in the Huntley home.  Any data that indicates a connection to Eliza A. to the Huntley family would be appreciated.  James and Britten named their oldest daughter Rebecca so one option would be that Rebecca Huntley's maiden name could be Dozier.  Rebecca is too young to be a mother of either James or Britten and is also too young to be a child of Alexander and Isabella Campbell.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

  •  HALL - Suzanne, 03/29/06
    I am looking for any information on Isaac Hall, age 35, and Mary Hall, age 37, listed in the 1850 Chesterfield County, SC Census.  Isaac is listed as a blacksmith.  There children listed are:  Peter, age 14; James C., age 11; John W., age 9; Anne E., age 7; Isaac, age 3; and Josiah, age 1.  Thank you for any help one can give.

  • KIRKLEY - Cynthia Kirkley, 12/08/06
    I am researching the Kirkley surname.  I am especially interested in Thomas, George and Willis Kirkley, all born abt. 1803 in South Carolina.  Any idea who their father would be?  Willis Kirkley, Sr. is my great, great, great grandfather.  his son, Willis Jr. born abt. 1828 is my great, great grandfather. Willis, Jr's son, John P. Kirkley is my great grandfather and he was born abt. 1871 in Alabama.  John P. Kirkley's son, Jeff Cleveland Kirkley is my grandfather b. 1903 also in Alabama.  Jeff Cleveland's son, James Edward Kirkley is my father and he was born in Deport, Texas in 1923. 

    Going backwards in time, I am stuck at Willis Kirkley, Sr.  I know at least one of his brothers is George Kirkley.  Thomas Kirkley is most likely another brother.  Who is their father and mother? 

  •  McLEOD - Harold Davis, 08/01/06
    I am searching for the family of a soldier who was killed in the Korean War.  When he entered service he gave Chesterfield County, SC as his home of record.  When the Korean War ended, the enemy never returned or accounted for over 8,000 of our servicemen.  They died in their hands. That was over 50 years ago.  Since that time, DNA has been perfected and also they are recovering remains in North Korea.  Our government is obligated to return those remains to the proper family.  DNA samples have been obtained from most of the families of these missing soldiers.  For various reasons, some families have not been located.  There are 51 families in South Carolina that have not been located.  There is one family in Chesterfield County that has not been located.

        Soldier:  Robert Edward McLeod
        Born:  March 13, 1915, Caucasian
        Unit:  Medical Company, 9th Inf. Reg., 2nd Infantry Division
        Date of Loss:  Captured December 1, 1950, died as a Prisoner of War
        When he entered service, he gave Chesterfield County, SC as his official home of record.

    When the remains are recovered and identified they will be returned to the family for proper burial.  I am just an old (76 years) Combat Veteran out of the Korean War and thankful that I did return.  I consider this a very noble cause and I hope someone can help in some way to find this family.  For more information on the project one can go to .  My part in the program is to match up the lost families with the proper agency.  I will be grateful for any assistance in locating this family.

  •  PITTS - Kathy Owens, 03/27/06
    John B. Pitts, born 1812, married Elizabeth, born 1811.  This family appears on the 1840 Chesterfield County, SC Census and later moved to Dyer,, TN, and then to Saline, AR.  This was my ggggrandfather.  Children in this family were:  Elizabeth, John, Isaac, Matthew, all born in SC, and Tabitha, Lewis, Mary M., born in TN.  On the 1840 census there are 3 older children, but I only have initials:  W. (male), S. (female), V. (male).

  •  RAYFIELD - Annette Hairston Boette, 03/23/06
    I am looking for ancestors of William Arthur Rayfield, born about 1883,  buried in Patrick Cemetery; and Mary Della Boan, possibly born in Chesterfield County, SC, died between 1883 and 2001.  I am looking for the actual death date and place of burial.  I would also like a list of persons buried in the Patrick Cemetery in Chesterfield County, SC.

  • SMITH - Paula, 12/11/06
    I am searching for information on the Rilah or Riley Smith family who lived in Chesterfield County from about 1810-1860.  Rilah married Timmey Spencer.  I believe Rilah/Riley had a daughter named Caroline Elizabeth who married Alfred White (son of Hosea White) and also a daughter named Jerusha Ann Smith who married John M. Sellers.  I believe Rilah/Riley Smith was a big land owner and had several slaves.  If any has information about this family (Riley Smith, Timmey Spencer) please let me know.  Thanks.

  •  SOWERS - Misty Rosenfeld, 09/03/06
    I am looking for any information on a Doctor Sowers of the Pageland/Chesterfield County, SC area.  I have information that says Eli Chavis (born 1863, died 1913) was married to a Miss Sowers, daughter of Dr. Sowers, from Pageland; however, I can't make a connection in any way.  If Eli was married to Miss Sowers, she would have been his first wife, as he is buried in the Ebenezer United Methodist Church cemetery with a Mary Jane Smith.  Would be interested in sharing information.

  • WHITE - Paula, 12/09/06
    I am seeking information on Hosea White (parents unknown) who was born in Virginia about 1790-1800.  He married Harriet Brock or Brockington and they had several children, among them was Alfred L. White (my ancestor).  Any help would be appreciated.

  •  WHITE - Dorothy C. White, 06/16/06
    I am looking for the father of Hosea White, born 1780-1790, who possibly lived in Chesterfield County, SC.  Hosea, Thrashley and Richmond White apparently lived close to each other from census records, but I can find no one who knows anything about Hosea and Richmond White's father.  It is suspected that they were brothers.  But it is a complete mystery to me that no descendant of Thrashley White knows anything about Richmond or Hosea who lived so close to each other.