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2003 Queries
  • BECKHAM - Dorothy White, 6/06/03
    My great grandmother, Sarah Matilda Connell married Nathaniel Morgan Beckham in 1851/52.  She died after the 1860 Chesterfield County census and is buried somewhere there.  I would appreciate any information.

    Mathias Beaver and Elizabeth Blakeney were married in 1815 in Lancaster County, South Carolina. After their marriage, they lived in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  Betsy also lived in MS, GA, TX, and NC during her lifetime. 
        I am particularly interested in connecting the grandchildren who lived in Augusta, GA.  I believe these to be the children of Alfred or Jones, but have found no one who is researching these lines.
        Three of the Beaver sons married Funderburk women.  Does any Funderburk researcher know the given names of these wives and the children of their unions?  Would love to share/compare info with researchers on any of these lines. 
        Mathias Beaver was born 1792, died 1877; in 1815 he married Elizabeth Blakeney, born 1797, daughter of John Blakeney, Jr. (1758-1848), and died 1898.  They had the following children:
        Infant Beaver, born 1816; Louisa Beaver, born 1817, married Hugh Jenkins; Jones Beaver, born in SC, married a Funderburk, died in GA.; Fernetta "Fernettie" Beaver born 1820, married Pleasant Pigg, died 1910; James Beaver, born 1822, married a Funderburk; Nancy Beaver, born 1823;  Mary Beaver, born 1825; Frances Beaver, born 1827, in 1861 married John N. Sanders, died 1915; Alfred Beaver, born 1828; Aaron Beaver, born 1830; Elizabeth Beaver, born 1832, married Wilson Threatt, died 1905; Nancy "Nanny" Beaver, born October 16, 1834; Sarah "Sally" Beaver, born 1836 in NC, in 1855 married Wilson Godfrey Elliott, died 1931 in TX; John Beaver, born 1838; Nathaniel "Nathan" Beaver, born 1841 in Chesterfield County, SC, in 1862 married Paralee "Polly" Funderburk, in 1880 married Susan J. Baxter, in 1893 married Kate Marley, died 1939 in Rising Star, TX; and Elihu Beaver, born March 20, 1843.

  • BOATWRIGHT - Cassie D. Boatwright, 8/07/03
    I am looking for information on my GGGrandfather, Cally Boatwright.  That is the only name that my family knew him by.  Someone told me that it was possibly a nickname, for perhaps Calvin, but I have no proof of that.  All I have is my GGrandfather's death certificate with the name Cally Boatwright on it.  It says on the death certificate that his mother was Hennie Hurst.  I did find out something that might be of some help if it is connected.  I found a Calvin Boatwright that married a Henrietta Hurst.  So perhaps they both went by nicknames?  I have a copy of the 1880 Census with Cally and Henny Boatwright on it.  But my grandfather wasn't born until 1882, George W. Boatwright.  There isn't an 1890 census, and no one has been able to find Cally and/or Calvin on the 1900 Census anywhere.  But one thing did catch my attention, my grandmother always said that Cally left his family here and moved to Florida and started a new family.  At which, I have found a Calvin Boatwright in 1910, 1920, and his family in 1930 Census images.  And it also coincides because it said he was born in SC.  What I want to know is, is my Cally Boatwright really Calvin Boatwright, son of Lewis Boatwright and Margaret Elizabeth Davis?  Thanks. 

  • BOONE - Rose Baker, 6/10/03
    My grandfather was born in Chesterfield County, SC.  He celebrated his birthday September 1, 1920.  He was never really sure of the year.  His name was Willie Lee Boone.

  • CARTER - Carol Hendrickson, 2/17/03
    I am trying to find information on Alex and Sarah (Pearl?) Carter.  Alex was born in 1864.  Sarah's maiden name was Moore.  They had 5 children: John, Henry, Alex, Rosemary and a baby that died very young.  They lived in what was known as Cole Hill District in Chesterfield County.  John was born 1904 or 1905 and was married to Anna Thelma Crowley and they had a large family (all still living).  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.

  • DAVIDSON/TUCKER - Penny Creech, 2/17/03
    I am seeking information about Repsey Tucker's family and George Davidson's family.  Repsey's daughter Lottie married Asa Davidson son of George Davidson.  Thanks.

  • GAINEY - Lloyd Gainey, 2/17/03
    Looking for information on Charlie Ganey and Susan Munn Ganey who lived at Jefferson for most of the period from 1880 to 1916 when they moved to Cheraw.  Susan was a daughter of Joseph Munn and Emiline Sullivan from Jefferson.  Charlie was supposedly adopted and was not really a Ganey.  May have come from Boston or Baltimore. Was supposedly Irish or German.  He died in Cheraw in 1918 and supposedly his mother or stepmother was still living up north when he died.

  • GRIGGS - Bob Griggs, 2/17/03
    I am searching for any information about the Griggs of Chesterfield County, SC.  My grandfather is Lester Stanmore Griggs, b/ 1888, d. 1975 (Pageland).  Lester worked for the C&L RR, married Netta May Porter Clark in 1919, b. 1900 in Anson, NC, d. 1988 (Pageland).  My great-grandfather is Burrell (Bural?) Jackson Griggs, b. 1862, married Martha Elizabeth Johnson, b. 1867, d. 1956.  I would greatly appreciate any information anyone can give me.  Thanks.

  • HODGES - Patricia Staley, 6/03/03
    I am looking for the parents and siblings of James Hodges born near Cheraw, Chesterfield Co., SC, Ca. 1750.  His first wife is un-known and second wife was Rachel Ann and I have no marriage dates or places.  I don't know how long this family was in South Carolina, as they were in Tennessee by 1802 and later went to Limestone Co., Alabama.  Any information on any of the Hodges in Chesterfield County mid to late 1700's would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • ISGETT - Donna Rae O'Neal Cramer, 7/23/03
    My grandmother was Alice Julia Isgett, October 2, 1892-April 27, 1943.  Her father was Daniel Isgett, no known dates.  Brothers are James and John; sisters are Betty, Martha who married Charley Birch O'Neal.  They had six children: Monroe, Eva, Eli, Leo, William and Theo.  I belonged to  Monroe.  Any info would be appreciated.   Thanks.
  • JORDAN - Becky Ritter, 6/03/03
    I am looking for information on my great grandfather, James Jackson Jordan.  He  married Catherine Rebecca Maples.  He was born 5 Sept. 1876 somewhere in South Carolina (maybe Ruby or Chesterfield Co.) Children include 3 sons and 1 daughter.  He died in Belmont, North Carolina.  I would appreciate any information.  Thanks.

  • KIRKLEY - Kent Kirkley, 2/17/03
    I am researching the Kirkley families of Chesterfield District/County in the time frame of the late 1700's to 1810.  These Kirkley families lived along the Lynches River and their children moved across the river into Kershaw District/County around 1795-1800.  Some of these Kirkleys were incorrectly recorded as Kirkland's in the 1790, 1800 and 1810 Census.  I am looking for any information on these Kirkley families or children.

  • MELTON - Vickie Sutton, 6/03/03
    I am researching for Louisa Waters Melton who married Robert Melton in 1850.  Her father, Wesley Waters is also in this section in SC in the 1815 time period and then returns to North Carolina in 1820.  Any clues you might have would be appreciated.

  • MYERS - Larry Myers, 2/17/03
    I am researching the Myers family tree.  My grandfather, James Oscar Myers Sr. was born in Chesterfield County and his father was John Wesley Myers,whome I believe is recorded in the 1880 US census of Chesterfield County.  I am looking for any information on John Wesley Myers who was married to Axie or (Axey) Ingram.  They lived in Chesterfield County, South Carolina in May of 1880 and had a son James Oscar Myers who was born in that month and year. They also had a son Frank Myers birth date unknown.

  • NELSON -, 2/17/03
    Looking for info on Suzanne Nelson born 1851 in SC; had three children by John Wesley Outlaw.  They never married.  Need her parents information.  Her children were: John A., James Press, and Lizzie (Ida Elizabeth) Nelson  Thank you.

  • ODOM - Rosemary Crawford Miller, 2/17/03
    I am looking for information on the male Odom born in SC who married Jane Wallace (b. SC).  In the 1880 Census of Chesterfield, SC, Jane Wallace Odom was living in the home of her father, Isham A. Wallace.  Also listed were her daughters: Ella, age 18, Martha, age 14, Mary, age 12, and Hattie Odom, age 7.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • PARKER - Mike Creel, 2/17/03
    I am seeking a grave of a Mrs. Moses Parker (who moved to Marlboro county and married Nancy Thomas, 12 children) from 1765 to 1798.  It appears that she died in 1798-99 related to the birth of her last child, a daughter named Mary.  Other daughters were Sarah Parker Slay 1765, Easter 1769, Kiddy (no birth date), Juda 1795 and Anna (no birth date).  My grandmother was Elizabeth Parker Allen of Clio (Blenheim) SC.

  • PARKMAN - Doug Parkman, 2/17/03
    Does anyone have records of the Parkman family.  One of my ancestors grave is marked Daniel Parkman born Chesterfield District, SC 1776, died in 1851 in Muscogee County, GA.  Grave is located near Martin Army Hospital Ft. Benning, GA, what was then the family farm.  Thanks

  • QUINLEN - Doris Bradley, 7/27/3
    I am looking for Dennis Quinlen buried in Kerhaw, South Carolina.  His wife was a McMillon.  Thanks.

  • ROSCOE - James R. Rascoe, 12/02/03
    I would like to further identify who the parents or paternal grandparents of Alexander R. Roscoe were.  Alexander R. Roscoe was also known as "Sandy".  He was born in South Carolina on October 11, 1871, and died July 28, 1939.  He was married to Annie Jane Lisenby about 1890.  They resided around or between Ruby and Chesterfield, SC, and they are both buried in the Hopewell Baptist Church cemetery. 

    Marie Wiggins in her book, "Our Lisenby Lines," identified Alexander Roscoe's parents as being William and Isabell Roscoe.  I believe this to be incorrect.  The censuses never show an Alexander Roscoe or a Sandy Roscoe in their household.  The 1880 Census does show a Sandy Roscoe in the household of William and Nancy Roscoe.  This William is a completely different William Roscoe than the one who married Isabell.  The 1880 census of the William and Nancy Roscoe who had an 8 year old son named Sandy also included the older daughter named Susannah and a younger brother named Siant.  Looking back to the 1870 census, there is a household for a William and Mary Roscoe with a daughter named Susannah.  This is probably the same William but is Nancy and Mary the same person?

    The William Roscoe who married Isabell, (as a second wife) was first married to a Julia Cross who died about 1860-61.  William and Julia Roscoe had a son named William Roscoe who was married to a Mary Jane White, sometime between 1886 and 1892.  He may possibly be the father of Alexander however that is doubtful because in the 1870 census, the William Roscoe who had a daughter named Susanna is shown to be a different William than the one who was a son of the William who married Isabell.  That William is still in his father's household in 1870.  There is no death certificate for Alexander Roscoe at the South Carolina DHEC.

  • SHOEMAKE - H.D. Shuemake, 2/17/03
    I have been doing research in Chesterfield County Census and public records off and on since 1976.  I have been researching the Shoemake name and have a pretty good list of those in Chesterfield County, SC.  I continue to look for information on a Moses Sr. and an Abijah Shoemake in Chesterfield County, SC from 1790-1830.  Thanks.

  • TILLER - Evelyn Poppell, 6/03/03
    Do you have any information on the family of Fred Newsome Tiller born in Ruby (Chesterfield Co.) South Carolina on March 6, 1918?  Fred was one of 8 sons born to William Elisha Tiller (Sept. 19, 1879 to Sept. 19, 1961) and Liza Ann Odom (April 23, 1877 to Sept. 24, 1965).  The family moved to North Carolina just outside of South Carolina in 1928 to find work.  Thanks.

  • WALLACE - Rosemary Miller, 6/03/03
    I am looking information on James Isom Wallace born August 28, 1827, died March 22, 1975, who is buried in the Zoar United Methodist Church Cemetery, Zoar Road, Chesterfield, South Carolina.  I would like to know who his parents were.  Is there a possible connection between this James Isom Wallace and Isham A. Wallace?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • WHITE - Lloyd Gainey, 2/17/03
    Looking for info on John G. and Catharine White of Chesterfield County.  In 1850 he was living close to Richmond Thrashley, Samuel William Thrashley Sr., Matthew and some other Whites.  Thanks.