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2001-2002 Queries
  • AGERTON / AGLETON - William D. Agerton, 6/05/01
    I am looking for any information on Thomas Agerton, Sr. and his family who moved to Chesterfield County from Moore County, NC about 1800.  His family includes sons: Thomas Agerton, Jr., Willis Agerton, Phillip Agerton, Noah Agerton and Dempsey Agerton.  I am especially interested in Phillip Agerton who married Sabra ? in Chesterfield County about 1810-1813.  Does anybody know Sabra's maiden name?  Thank you.

  • ARANT - Wayne Langston, 8/03/01
    I am research Aaron Arant born 1783 in Chesterfield County, SC, died 1836 in Chesterfield County, SC.  He married Jane Hough/Huff born 1784 in Chesterfield County, SC.  Looking for any descendants from this Arant family.  Will share what I have.

  • ASSON / GALE - Kathy Hayes Jernigan, 1/08/02
    Looking for any info on the Joseph Asson family of Cheraw, SC.  His daughter, Catherine married William Gale.  Thanks.

  • BAKER - Aileen Norris, 10/03/02
    Looking for information on Lewis Baker and his wife Mary Ellender Roberts Baker from Chesterfield County.  They are found on one Chesterfield County Census in Old Store area.  Lewis' father was Lewis Baker whose wife was listed only as Lydia.  This second Lewis was a son of yet another Lewis Baker, this has caused much confusion.  My Lewis and Mary Ellender Roberts Baker also lived in Lancaster County in other census years.  If you can help with this family I would appreciate it.  I have much more information on the children of Lewis and Mary for anyone interested.  Thanks again.

  • BAKER - Helen Mills, 7/10/01
    Capt. Thomas Baker a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives District between Broad and Catawba Rivers.  Died in a duel with Jacob Brown 28 May 1789 at a racing ground in Camden.  He left two children, his wife Sarah, died in 1785.  They had two children.  One was Sarah who is my ancestor.  The accounts I have do not tell who took over the rearing of the two children.  I know that there were three other Bakers, Jesse, Benjamin and James, but do not know if they were related to my Thomas.  Would appreciate any information.

  • BAKER / STROTHER - Catherine Baker North, 4/02/01
    I am researching William Perry Baker and Rebecca Jane Strother.  They lived in Chesterfield County, Mt. Croghan Township, SC.  William Perry and Rebecca Jane were born in 1827.  They had the following 3 children:  Susan E. Baker, born Dec. 1860, married Jesse F. Hendrick; Charlie Elis Baker, born Jan. 21, 1862, married Mettie Jenkins and Emma Boucher Robinson; and Anne Baker born May 26, 2863, married John Carelock in Union County in October 1891.  I am very interested in the family of Rebecca Jane Strother.  I believe Rebecca was born in Charleston, SC and later moved to Chesterfield County.  Anyone knowing anything about this family, please let me know.  I appreciate any help.  Thanks.

  • BLACKFORD - Laura Jackson, 5/10/02
    Samuel Blackford bought land in Anson County, NC in 1776 while he was currently living in Craven County, SC (Chesterfield County).  Who were his parents?  Thanks.

  • BLACKWELL - K. Huggins, 1/08/01
    I am looking for info on a W. James Blackwell of Chesterfield County.  His dates are 1858-1924, married to a Martha Newman 1858-1896, and he was also married to Mary Ann? 1876-1953.  He had 11 children with Martha and six children with Mary Ann.

  • BONE/BOONE - Dawn Engle, 3/18/01
    I am looking for information on Dock Bone/Boone (died 1932, George Bone/Boone found in the Chesterfield County, SC 1880 census, and Killis Boan/Boone found on the Chesterfield County, SC 1870 and 1880 census.  I think they are father, son and grandson.  Thanks.

  • BOOTH / LYONS - Charles Gardner, 3/08/02
    I am looking for information on Joseph Booth, born 1756, who married Annie Lyons, and died in 1807, to the best of my knowledge.  Apparently he lived at Cheraw Hill, Marlborough District.  One of their children, Elizabeth Booth, was one of my gggrandmothers.  How can I find records of their marriage, daughter Elizabeth's marriage (to a somebody boothe from Sneedsboro, Anson Co., NC), sometime between 1800and 1810 probably, in this region.  Does anyone know what kinds of census, wills, ownership, or other records I might find in Charleston?  I know alot of records locally and in Columbia were burned during the War, but I'm told Charleston has a lot of the old records of SC were not burnt by Sherman.  Many thanks for any guidance.

  • BRADDOCK - Leslie Braddock, 1/28/01
    I am interested in connecting with anyone that has Braddock family ties in Chesterfield and Darlington Counties.  I have traced my Braddock lines to 1700 and am interested in connecting with as many members of our family as possible.  Thank you.

  • BROCK - Ann Miller, 8/20/01
    Looking for any Brock's living or dead that at one time lived, or is living, in Chesterfield County, SC, or if any one has heard of the names of Benjamin Franklin Brock or Charles Riley Brock (July 12, 1897) married Minnie Lee Brock, they had a son named Wade Hampton Brock, he married Sarah Elizabeth Brock.  I am Wade's granddaughter, Ann Brock Miller.  Also, if anyone could tell me something about a place called Brock's Mill.

  • BROCK - Richard Garner, 2/25/01
    I am looking for information on Squire H. Brock b. ca. 1805 Chesterfield County, SC, and James A. Brock his son b. 6 Dec. 1829.  Also is Squire H. the son of Valentine Brock?

  • BRYANT / TEAL - Lyn Coleman, 1/09/01
    We are looking for information on Annie Idell Bryant born August 15, 1889 and Edmon or Edmund Percy Teal born May 8, 1887.  Both of these folks were supposed to have been born and married in Chesterfield.  We think that there is a child Sarah buried somewhere in Chesterfield County.  We know that they moved to Kannapolis, NC prior to 1919 as my grandfather was born in Kannapolis then.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • BURCH - Regina Spencer, 4/21/01
    I am looking for information on my great grandparents, Ladden and Geneva Burch from Chesterfield County, SC.  Geneva's maiden name was Burch.  Ladden and Geneva are African American.  They had sons named Leroy (my grandfather), Robert, and Lamar.  I am told that Robert may have migrated to Florida.  I believe that my gggrandparents are also associated with the Jones surname.  Ladden and Geneva would have been born in the late 1890's.  One son, Leroy moved to Lee Co., SC.  I would appreciate any information on them.  Thanks and blessings to all.

  • BURCH - Wydelle B. Womack, 1/07/01
    I understand that Joseph Jackson Burch and his wife Elizabeth Johnson are buried in the Burch Cemetery.  They left South Carolina and lived in Sunflower County, Mississippi until after 1880 and have recently received information that they may have returned to South Carolina and are buried in said cemetery.  Is there a published record of those buried in the cemetery?  If so, I would appreciate information on the above couple if shown as being buried there or if someone could do a lookup at the cemetery to see if graves are marked and furnish me with dates of birth and dates of death.  Thank you.

  • CAMERON - Ted M. Kennedy, Jr., 5/06/01
    I am seeking guidance for possible research.  My Cameron ancestors lived in Chesterfield around 1800 to 1820.  They moved to Henry County, Alabama shortly after 1810.Angus Cameron had several children, including Murdoch. He married a lady with the last name of Outlaw (maybe Nancy).  There may be some Cameron living in the area who has done an extensive study of this family and I would like to get in touch.  I have an immense amount of info about the family from the Alabama times, but not their SC history.  Would really like to find where they immigrated from.

  • CAMPBELL - Ronda Crone, 9/21/02
    I am searching for parents/birthplace/etc. of my great-grandparents:  Allen Campbell b. July 23, 1856, d. Sept. 8, 1933; and his wife Mary Cornelia Smith b. Apr. 2, 1862, d. Jan. 2, 1922.  They were members of White Oak Presbyterian Church.  I know that Allen was one of 13 children and lived in the Shiloh section of Chesterfield County.  Mary's siblings were Mrs. John P. Douglass and Mr. Frank and Mr. D.A. Smith.  This is all the info I have on them. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

  • CAMPBELL - Jean Creamer, 3/28/01
    I am searching for information on John M. Campbell and his wife Isabel Smith Campbell who moved to the Chesterfield area sometime after 1806.  I am searching for information on his parents and siblings.  I have much information on his children and their children; however, I can't find any information about his brothers and sisters and parents.  Some of the children's names were Archibald B., Duncan, Sarah, Mary, Alexandor.  Archibald was my gg grandfather.  I am told that John M. taught school also in this area.  Thanks.

  • CAMPBELL / DOZIER - James O. King, 8/28/01
    James Dozier, who married Hulda Rebecca Alexander, was enumerated in the household of Alexander and Isabella Campbell in the 1850 U.S. Census of Chesterfield County, SC.  Does anyone know the connection, if any, of James to the Campbells?  His mother's name was Britten.  She married James Dozier who died in Sumter County, GA about 1849.  Thanks.

  • CAMPBELL / HARPER - Howard Campbell, 4/01/01
    I am looking for any documented info on the killing of John Alexander Campbell, and the hanging of his killer, John Harper.  I have been told that the hanging was on August 26, 1898, but nothing to verify this like newspaper articles, etc.  Thanks.

  • CAMPBELL / GRAHAM - Patsy Campbell, 3/07/01
    I am looking for an Archibald Campbell family in Chesterfield County.  He was born around 1790.  He married Mary Graham.  He had a brother, John.  Archibald left SC about 1818.  John Campbell raised two of Archibald's children after 1820, Anne Maria and Archibald, Jr.  Anne Maria left SC before 1850.  I am assuming that Archibald Jr. stayed in Chesterfield County, SC.  Thanks.

  • CARTER - Sandra Carter, 6/22/02
    Trying to locate William Carter, Carrie Odom, married and lived in and around Chesterfield County.  In the 1900's my grandfather farmed a lot around that area.  Have been unable to find a census that lists them and their two children.

  • CATO - Heather Selph, 6/20/01
    I am looking for parents/siblings of John D. Cato and his wife, Laura              .  According to one source, John entered the service as a private in September of 1862 at Chesterfield in the Brown Bat Co C 5 C; he continued until he was discharged at Carolina April 28, 1865.  He was born June 1, 1847, in SC, not sure if it was in Chesterfield or not.  His wife was born December 1849, somewhere in SC.  John and Laura had five children, Henry, Susannah, James Andrew, Huldy, and John Lucas; I believe the first four were born in SC, the last one in Alabama.  If anyone recognizes these names, please contact me.  Thank you.

  • CATOE - Cindy Connor Sargent, 4/29/02
    My name is Cindy Conner Sargent, descendent of Bessie Irene Catoe Stanley. Grandma, and her dad Joel Hampton Catoe, have been working on family data and wanted help with locating info on Joel or other Catoes.  Also on the other side of the family, my Dad's mothers' dad Smiley M. Jordan.  It is said both sides of my families lived in Chesterfield, Pageland, Jefferson, South Carolina.  Smiley raised his family in Jefferson; Joel Catoe lived in Chesterfield and has family still there, Frances Eddins.  If you could help me or steer me in a direction, that would be helpful.  Thank you.

  • CLANTON - Linda Long, 5/23/01
    My name is Linda Clanton Long.  I am trying to find my father's ancestors.  My father was Horace Lester Clanton, born June 12, 1921 in Chesterfield County.  He has a brother Fred, and a sister Alberta.  My grandfather is John Lester, my grandmother is Effie Cassidy.  My father would not talk about his family.  I am trying to do a family tree for my six grandchildren and would appreciate all the help I could get.  I great appreciate your time and help.

  • CLARK - (Alexander Clark), 5/27/01
    I am trying to find information about the grave location for an Alexander Clark.  He died on March 30, 1847 in Chesterfield County, SC.  His wife, Eleanor, died in 1860.  I would like to know where they are buried and where in Chesterfield County they lived.  It is either Cheraw or Summerville.  Thanks for any information.

  • CLARK - Kathleen Clark Sullivan, 4/16/02
    I am searching for information on Charles Wesley Clark born 1840 in Virginia, died 1895.  He married Harriett Blakeney Evans, born August 17, 1840, died January 30, 1904, daughter of Travis Evans, born October 3, 1819, died June 12, 1896.  Travis married Charlotte Blakeney (Shehorn) she was born August 21, 1821, died August 18,1889.  These are some of my Great Grandparents:  Travis Alexander Clark, my grandfather, was born 1873, died December 19, 1921.  He was one of nine children born to Charles and Harriett Clark.  Travis married Hattie Virginia Blakeney, born March 21, 1871, died July 22, 1940.  She was the daughter of Dr. Julius Ceasar Blakeney, born February 9, 1836, died April 6, 1885.  He married Ellen Jane Welsh, born May 8, 1840, died March 17, 1893.  She was the daughter of John Rushing Welsh, born November 22, 1813, died August 12, 1892 and Harriett Miller born May 1, 1820, died January 13, 1895. Harriett was the daughter of Michael and Frances Welsh Miller.  I would appreciate any help on the descendants of these ancestors.  

  • COLLINS - James LeVeque, 2/05/01
    I am looking for information about James C. Collins, who was born in or near Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC, on January 6, 1826.  Anything about him and/or his family would be welcome.  Thanks.

  • CROUCH - Marsha Crouch Hulsey, 3/18/01
    I am looking for Crouch information in Chesterfield County, SC before 1800, particularly John Crouch who married Nancy Phillips about 1783.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • DAVIDSON - Tom Davidson, 6/05/01
    Seeking info on parents of John L. Davidson born abt. 1805 in Chesterfield County, SC died about 1887 in Crenshaw County, AL.  His first was Roxie ??? also from Chesterfield County.  Children were... George W. Davidson who married Zilpha Jane Jordan; James Thomas Davidson moved to Crenshaw County, AL with his father; Lucy Davidson married Robert Allen Tucker, Ruby, SC; four other children who died young ... Martha, Elizabeth, Sally, and Effie.  Thanks.

  • DEES / MYERS - Cindy Allen, 1/25/02
    I am looking for info on Rebecca Jane Dees born 19 Aug 1861 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  Her mother was Martha Dees.  Martha married a man named Myers and Rebecca took his name.  Would like to know if Martha was married to a man named Dees and if so, her maiden name, or if she had Rebecca out of wedlock.  Would also like to find her husband (Myers) first name.  They left area during the Civil War and ended up in Martin County, Indiana.  Rebecca married Isaac Phipps.  Any info would be helpful.

  • DEMERY - Cheryl M. Sievers, 4/21/01
    Have information on Pearlie Barnwell Demery, b. Oct. 1880 in Marion Co., resident of Cheraw during period of Roosevelt's New Deal era, worked for WPA during the 30's and 40's.  Buried alongside wife, Nettie Elma Demery at St. David's Episcopal Cemetery.  Died in Scotland, Co., June 1966.

  • DODD / McDONALD / SWEET - Jim Dodd, 2/18/02
    I am looking for any information on Jason Dodd born abt 1815 in Chesterfield District, South Carolina.  Married Mary McDonald abt. 1836 and they had 4 sons William Ross Dodd, Charles Dodd, Samuel M. Dodd and my g-grandfather John M. Dodd born about Sept 1848.  Mary died either in childbirth or shortly after as my g-g-grandfather remaried Elizabeth Minerva Sweet on Jan 1849.  They had three children Daniel McCullough Dodd, Zachariah Taylor Dodd and Susannah Minerva Dodd, I believe all born in Chesterfield District, South Carolina.  Anyone having any information on any of these individuals please contact me.

  • DOZIER - Jim King, 11/28/01
    I am researching the family of James W. Dozier who lived in Chesterfield County, SC 1850-1862.  He died in the Civil War.  His parents died in Sumter County, GA ca 1849.  Lovett R. Dozier was appointed guardian of James W. and his sisters Rebecca, Nancy and Eliza Ann.  James W. was enumerated in the household of Alexander and Isabella Campbell and Eliza A. was enumerated in the household of John and Rebecca Huntley in the 1850 Chesterfield County Census.  Do you know of anyone researching old Chesterfield County families who might know if there is or is not a family connection between the Campbells and Doziers and Huntleys and Doziers.  For identification, this James W. married Hulda Rebecca Alexander in Chesterfield County and had children John W. and James R. before his death.  Thanks.

  • ELLIS - Bob Hadley, 3/11/07
    I am searching for information on Wesley Ellis, born 1832 in SC, shown on page 115 of the 1850 Chesterfield County, SC census as living with a John Turnage family.  Also shown is John Ellis, born 1836 in SC, and probably a brother to Wesley Ellis.  I suspect that John Ellis, born 1806 in SC, and shown on page 125 of 1850 Chesterfield census is the father of this Wesley Ellis.  This Wesley Ellis married (unknown) and had four children; James Soloman Ellis (1857), William Daniel Ellis (1859), John Ellis (1863) and Henry Edgar Ellis (1866).  Family tradition has it that the wife of Wesley Ellis was killed by a slave shortly after the Civil War and Wesley moved with his children to Prairie County, Arkansas, where he shows up in the 1870 census.  Any information on this family would be appreciated.

  • EUBANKS / MILLER - Sue Eubanks Dart, 5/24/01
    I am looking for information regarding a John Eubanks, John Eubanks Jr., and William E. Eubanks.  John and John Jr. are listed in the 1790 census in Cheraw District.  William was born in Chesterfield County in 1763.  I need to know if William was John Jr.'s son, and who William married.  Records vary; some say he married Barbara Miller and some say Alice Burns.  William died in 1838 in Perry County, AL.  Thank you.

  • EVANS - William L. Evans, 3/03/02
    I am looking for Evans Families that were in the Great Pee Dee River area in the 1700 or 1800 years.  My ggg grandfather Ezekiel Evans families were from this area.  Ezekiel Evans b-1803 KY, d-1897 MO.

  • EVANS / DIGGS / McMANUS / McILWAIN - Bert and Jeanie Evans Dunn, 2/06/01
    Looking for information regarding William Evans born 1786 married to Cynthia Mourning Diggs, or son Starling Evans born 1844 "Anson Co., NC, married to Charlotte McManus born 1822, or grandson William Cornelius Evans, born 1844 Chesterfield Co., SC, married abt 1866 to Sara Jane McIlwain.  Thank you.

    RESPONSE:  (6/13/01) I have additional information about this family.  Please contact me as follows:  Helen Duschinski, 37 Troon Way, Aiken, SC  29803.

  • FAIR - Ellis Wayne Fair, 12/29/01
    I'm not real sure even what to do, as I am barely into trying to locate some of my ancestors.  I have family data back to an Ellis Fair, born in 1805 in Cheraw, and married Nancy Easley in 1832, but I don't know where the marriage ceremony took place.  I have data on all the children subsequent to that union, but I have hit a wall in trying to figure out family ancestors before Ellis.  I have found much data on the ancestry of his wife, but I want the Fair family line and it seems like Ellis just appeared on the scene without parents.  Can anyone who can direct me in the proper direction to where I might be able to go back further in my family history than 1805?

  • FINCHER - Linda Thorne, 3/27/01
    I am looking for information on Silas Jordan Fincher, born in Union County, NC in 1812, but lived and died in Chesterfield County, SC.  He was married 3 times, last wife was S.B. Starnes.  He was a Methodist minister, and was buried at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.  Looking for information, including parents names.  Thank you.

  • FINLAYSON - David Burruss Finlayson, 8/21/01
    My great grandfather Murdock Uriah Finlayson is buried at the St. David's Church.  He ran a general store (2nd St.?).  His son, Burruss Finlayson also had a store in town.  My father, Henry Westbrook Finlayson was born there but later moved here to Alabama to practice law

  • FORREST - Susan Anthony, 2/07/01
    I am looking for the marriage of James Thigpen and Mary Forrest about 1807 in Chesterfield Co., SC.  I believe Mary's father is Isaac Forrest who was in Orange Co., NC in 1790.  If you have any other information on the Forrest family, I would be most interested.  Thanks.

  • FUNDERBURK - Helen, 2/21/01
    My paternal grandmother was Ellen Queen Funderburk (married Joseph A. Donahue), lived in Rock Hill, SC for a time and eventually lived in GA).  I am not sure where she was born, but, her sister Lou lived in Pageland, SC.  She married John Campbell in 1908.  After his death she married John Knight in 1912.  One daughter, Edna, by Campbell.  Other sisters were Katie, Ollie Mae, Essie J. and one brother, Bogan.  The sisters all lived in GA.  I am especially interested in their parents.  Have good bit of info on my grandmother and several sisters and their families.  Thanks for your help.

  • GAINEY - Shari Morris, 6/22/01
    I am trying to find information on my grandfathers (Wade Hampton Gainey) mother.  His place of birth is Chesterfield, South Carolina, and her name I believe is Malidig Shurhake.  If you can be of any assistance in this matter I would appreciate it.  My grandfathers fathers name is Henry Lee Gainey.  Thank you.

  • GAINEY - Gainey, 3/19/01
    My grandfather, James Thomas Gainey (b. 1873) was the son of Lewis Gainey and Henrietta Wallace and the grandson of Isaac Gainey and Harriet Barker.  Can anyone give me information on this family?  Thanks.

  • GAINEY - A. Gainey, 4/22/02
    I have several relatives in my family tree of Gainey (McBee-Cheraw area) that were given "Dove" as a first or second name ..... I was wonderinf if anyone has a history on Dovesville.  Thanks.

  • GEIGER - Mr. L.H. Bluff, 5/11/01
    I am writing a history of the Geiger family and would like to contact descendants of Joseph Wilmot "Will" Geiger of Jefferson, Chesterfield County, SC, who died 10 Sep 1969.  Will was a son of Wade and Martha Ann (Shull) Geiger.  Thanks.

  • GILCHRIST - Fred, 1/04/01
    I am looking for help in tracking down the Gilchrist family in Chesterfield County, SC.  James was born about 1774.  Can anyone help?  Thank you.

  • GRAY - Carline Harp Doyle, 12/19/01
    I am interested in the Charles Gray family on the 1800 Census for Kershaw County, South Carolina.  Charles married Permelia Trantham, daughter of Martin Trantham and Mrs. Elizabeth Eppinger.  Since Chesterfield, Kershaw and Lancaster are close together, thought someone would have information.  I would like to know where they came from before getting to Kershaw County, South Carolina, who is Charles Gray's father and mother and kids, if possible.  Thanks.

  • HAGLER - Carole Cook, 9/10/01
    Looking for descendants of Paul Hagler who appears in the 1820 Census of Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  He May be the same Paul Hagler who appears in the 1810 Census of Lancaster County, South Carolina.  He may also be the same Paul Hagler who appears in the 1830 Census of Campbell County, Georgia.  Any help appreciated.

    Also, who was the father of Paul Hagler who appears in the 1820 Census of Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

  • HATCHER - Cheryl M. Sievers, 4/21/01
    Information on Dora Josephine Hatcher b. 19 Mar. 1929 in Chesterfield Co., Cheraw.  Only daughter of Byrdine Hatcher and Frances Pearl Demery Hatcher.  Frances Pearl Demery is daughter of Pearlie and Nettie Demery.  Resided in Chesterfield County, Cheraw in the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

  • HILLIAN - L. Glenn Hillian, 2/13/02
    I am searching for information on my family.  My Great-grandfather was Friday Hillian, aka 1870 F. Hilliard (census id number page 6, line 36); aka 1880 Friday Hillians (census id number district 5, page 30, line 46).  He was a slave.  I know that the family lived in the Zoar/Pleasant Grove Church area.  I believe that he had a son enumerated in the 1870 census (5-13)Friday had two other sons, which are not shown in the Chesterfield County census for 1870, but they show up in the 1880 Chesterfield County census.

    Do you have any idea on how I can identify who the slave owner was and how to trace through the slave schedules of the pre-1870 census?  Have you any idea regarding how I can locate where these two were?  I also have a Sally Hillians in the 1880 census (District 5, page 20, line 30) and she is a widow.  Any ideas on how I can identify the husband?

  • HILTON / HELTON - Julie Wallace, 3/13/02
    I am looking for any information on Helton's or Hilton's from Chesterfield County, SC.  I would like to find out the father of Dossey Helton who is listed on the 1850 Chesterfield County census.  It list the following:
    Dossey Helton - 25 years old
    Olive Helton - 24 years old
    Miner Helton - 4 years old
    Charity Helton - 2 years old
    Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

  • HINSON - Judy Emmett, 6/06/01
    I am trying to establish a link between John Hinson who died in 1845 in Chesterfield County and Erasmus Hinson (1820-1833), also of Chesterfield County.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • HINSON - Sandra Wilson, 11/19/01
    I am seeking info on Joshua Hinson who came from Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  I think his parents were a Jesse Hinson and Lukey Hinson.  Found a Joshua age 6 living with a Lucky age 35 on the 1850 Chesterfield census.  Want to know if this could be my Joshua.  Would be willing to share all I have, I know Joshua married Martha Dees.  Thank you for any info you can share.

  • HUGGINS - Sharon A. Mineo, 4/25/01
    I am trying to locate some of the branches of my family.  The surname is Huggins, Jacob Sr. and Jr.  Sr. born 1790, Jr. born Dec. 1825.  Jacob Sr.'s wife was unknown, children:  Jacob Jr. (1825), Lidia (1829), Eliza (1835), Samuel (1837).  Jacob Jr.'s wife Apsy Cox, children: Margaret (1870), James Pinkney (1878), Elizabeth Lizzie (1879), Apsie  Anne (1890), Nancy Jane (1886) my ggrandmother, Rosa Lee (1890).  Can anyone help me locate info or tell me where I can get help on locating some of the leaves to put on my tree?  Willing to share info.  Thanks.

  • HUGGINS - Brenda Huggins, 1/20/01
    I am looking for information about John and Margaret Huggins listed in the Chesterfield Co. 1850 Census record.  He is listed as being 27 and she 20.  They have a son named Columbus M. who is three years old.  I am looking for the family of Columbus Moore Huggins, b. 1848 and lived in Butler Co., Ala.  His father was John and his mother was Margaret.  Having found these names in the 1850 census, I need more information to connect them definitely together.  Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.  

  • HUGGINS / POSTON / WILKES - K. Huggins, 1/08/01
    I am looking for info on a Sally Poston and a Isabella Wilkes that were married to John L. Huggins of Chesterfield County.

  • HUNTER - Richard Jennings, 12/31/01
    I am trying to obtain the ancestry of grandfather, James Baxter Hunter born 1891 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  His parents are suppose to be James Hunter and Elizabeth Funderburk who died shortly after his birth and he was raised by Wesley Hunter on a farm near the junction of Chesterfield, Lancaster and Union Counties.  Unfortunately, he did not share any details of his early life with his children.  I have reviewed copies of the Census and cannot find his parents; but do notice Hunters showing up in one census and not another.  How accurate is the census data for Chesterfield County for the period 1840 thru 1900?  Any suggestions that would assist me in my quest of my Hunter family would be appreciated.

  • HURSEY - Jan Pogue, 6/08/01
    I am looking for any information about the Hursey clan from Chesterfield.  The Hursey's are related to the Rivers.  If you have any information, I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

  • IRBY / ERBY - Cynthia Dianne Erby Abernathy, 1/20/01
    My grandfather was Willie Irby.  I don't remember when he died, I was very young.  He lived in Chester, SC.  My grandmother had died before I was born, her name was Betsy Simms Irby.  If you should find any information, please contact me.

  • JAMES - Terry Downes, 11/16/01
    I am looking for information on my gggrandfather from the Chesterfield District of South Carolina.  He is Peter James born July 9, 1807 and died August 5, 1898 in Robertson County, Texas.  He married a Ruth from South Carolina then Rebecca Briggs then Lucy L. Wilson.  We think he was married five times?  They had eight or nine children.  Would love to share information.  

  • Jarel / Berry - D. Berry, 1/26/02
    I am looking for any family information on Samuel Jarel and Nancy Berry of Chesterfield County.  Samuel was born about 1782 and moved his family to Greene County, Alabama between 1822 and 1827 before continuing on to Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  Any information would be appreciated.  thanks.

  • JEFFERSON - Lafayette Jefferson, Jr., 1/01/01
    My grandfather's name is Hosic Jefferson, his wife who died some time ago was Beulah Davis Jefferson.  They had nine children: Lafayette, Willa Mae, Geraldine, Thelma McDonald, Joseph, Edward, Carolyn, and Georgianna.  Do you have any history on them?  The families that tie into the Jefferson's from the Chesterfield area include Gainey, Smith, McDonald, King, Rogers, Sellers and the Baskins.  Anything you can contribute will be appreciated.

  • JOHNSON - Bob Askins, 9/07/02
    I am looking for information on an Alexander Johnson of Chesterfield County and would appreciate any leads.  According to a family Bible, my ggrandfather William Wesley Johnson (1852-1919) was born in Chesterfield County to Alexander and Cynthia (possibly Outlaw) Johnson.

  • JOHNSON - Linda Kaye, 4/30/02
    I am looking for information on Robert E. Lee Johnson (known as Lee Johnson) who was born in the 1860's.  He was the son of Alfred and Mary and brother to Waren, May, Hess Johnson Shaw, Dicey Johnson Merriman, Lizzie Johnson Douglas, James, and William Alex.  I know Lee married and had children, but I am looking for his birth, death, marriage, wife, and names of children.  I was told he was buried at Hebron Methodist in Chesterfield County but he has no marker.  Thanks.

  • JONES - Regina L. Spencer, 6/18/02
    I have new information on my Chesterfield Co., SC family.  My great grandparents were Layton and Flonie Geneva Jones, who are African American.  I found them in the 1920 census.  Layton was listed as 45 years old and Flonie Geneva was 22.  The children born at that time was Flonie Geneva, Jr. (girl), Thomas, William, Lynton and Allice. Oral history says that the Jones and Burch surnames are related.  I can not find Layton or Flonie prior to 1920.  They were in the Mt. Croghan township at that time in District 43.  I have checked the 1910 in districts 40 and 41 (Mt. Croghan) districts and could not find them.

  • JORDAN / DEAS - Moore, 1/03/02
    Seeking information on parents or children of William Ace Jordan and Julie Deas.  William and Julie known to be living in Chesterfield County in 1894.  They had following children 1. Lou married not known, 2. Towe married a Therl, 3. Ellen, dob 1894, married Reddin Miles, 4. Florence married a Davis, 5. Elizabeth married a Cassidy, 6. Gertrude married Isgit, 7. Pauline married Dewey Odoms, 8. Kelly, 9. Sally Rebecca (my gmother) Any and all help will be appreciated.

  • KELLEY - Kelley, 11/21/01
    I am looking for information on plantation owner, James G. Kelley, born 1789 in Dublin County, NC, died 1856 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

  • KING - William R. King, 1/02/02
    Would anyone have any info on the Old Darlington District family of Captain George King (b. about 1725) and his wife, Mary Kolb, daughter of Johannes Kolb of Society Hill???  Have lots of info/sources to share if we can make a connection.

  • KITE - Rod Kite, 10/13/002
    I am researching the Kite family of early 1700's Chesterfield County.  Edmund (Edmond) Kite migrated from VA in 1736.  Edmund, wife Jane and four children settled on Thompson's Creek on a 300 acre land grant.  One of the daughters of this family married a Huggins.  This Kite-Huggins marriage produced a daughter Lucretia, ca. 1754 and son, Millinton, ca. 1756.  Lucretia married Moses Therrell.  I would like any information on this Huggins-Kite marriage and anything at all on Edmund Kite.  I believe he had a son James Kite who had sons Roland Kite, b. 1818, who married Ellen Elizabeth Massey, and Haywood Kite, b. 1815, my gggr, who migrated to Coffee County Alabama in 1830.  According to an early map, the Kite land, I believe, was in the Mt. Croghan area.  Benjamin Hendricks was a neighbor and his land is shown in that area.  Any knowledge of old cemeteries in that area dating to that time period will be helpful in finding ancestral burials.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  • KNIGHT / GRAHAM - Thomas Evans, 9/18/02
    My gggrandfather was James Marshall Knight born 10 Sept 1831 in Chesterfield County.  He died 9 Feb 1901 in Florence County, SC.  He married Margaret M. Graham of Williamsburg County, SC.  She was born 25 Dec 1825 and died 4 Jul 1899 in Florence County.  I am searching for parents and siblings for each of them.  I have information on their descendants and am willing to share.

  • KNIGHT - Laura Tollefson, 4/09/01
    I am searching for information on the Knight family of Chesterfield, SC.  They later moved to Campbell Co., TN, but I cannot find even a census on this family until 1880 in Campbell County, TN; after that, not a thing.  They came from South Carolina first.  Has anyone ever come across this name from Chesterfield, SC?  His wife was a Deas.  Thanks.

  • LAWRENCE - Eileen Robinson, 9/04/02
    I am researching the family of Etsell Lawrence in South Carolina and have today found a reference in the Chesterfield District of South Carolina.  From the Southern Baptist Sep 25, 1850 p. 24. Died, on the 21st July last at the home of her grandfather in Chesterfield District, SC.  Elizabeth A, eldest child of Etsell Lawrence and Mary Gregg Adams, aged 5 yrs 11 months.  Any information on this Etsell Lawrence and family would be welcomed.

  • LEE - Peg, 3/23/02
    I am looking for information on James Lee who was living in Chesterfield County, SC in 1801 according to birth records for the youngest child born to him and his first wife, Nancy Ann Ingram.  He is said to have married her sister, Elizabeth Ingram in Chesterfield County in 1802.  Any information is appreciated.

  • LEE - 3/10/02
    I am researching the family of James Crawford Lee.  He was born July 31, 1837.  He married Hauley Parker from Chesterfield County, 9/15/1859.  His father was William Lee and mothers name was Elizabeth.  According to the 1850 Chesterfield County Census, his known brothers and sisters are:
    John T.
    Any information on any of these Lee's is welcome especially on William and Elizabeth Lee.  William Lee is also thought to have remarried after the death of Elizabeth.  Second wife is reported as Hannah Thomas.  No information is known on this union.

  • LINTON - Harriet Nihart, 1/14/01
    I am looking for any information on John Henry Linton born in 1745 in Chesterfield County, SC.  He had two children that I know of who were John Henry Linton, Jr. born in 1776 and William Linton, Sr. born in 1800.  Any information on the Linton family of Chesterfield County would be appreciated.  Thank you for your help.

  • LUCY - Doris Sanders, 11/10/01
    William B. Lucy died 16 Mar 1823, buried Lucy-Evan Cemetery near Jefferson.  Had children born in Chesterfield County, SC: Eliza born 14 Jan 1808, married Alexander Dallas; Mary born 24 June 1809, married Reuban Melton; Ann born 12 Apr 1811, married Albert Evans; Rhoda born abt 1812/13, married Mathew Baker; Samuel born abt 1818/19 believe to have married Jane Massey.  Any information on any of these, particularly Rhoda, Mary and Samuel would be appreciated.  I will share information I have on Eliza and Ann.  Thanks.

  • MALLOY / COIT, Ed Phillips, 3/16/01
    I'm trying to research my mother's family history.  They were the Malloys/Coits.  Family anecdote says that their farm near Cheraw was burned by Sherman's troops in 1865.  They subsequently moved to Ellis County, Texas.  One potential progenitor from South Carolina was one John Calkin Coit of Cheraw.  He may have been a Presbyterian minister, and was supposed to have been married three times.  We think one of his wives may have been Ellen Phebe North.
            We have uncovered another Coit (John T.) who was from SC and moved to the Dallas area before the Civil War.  He was born about 1839, was apparently an attorney, and lived in Plano.  His wife Catharine attended Harmony College in SC prior to going to Texas.

  • MANAR - Heaney, 10/29/01
    Looking for information on Silas A. Manar born in Chesterfield County, South Carolina around 1814.  By 1850 he was living in MS.  Thank you.

  • MARSH - Steve Bailey, 10/01/01
    Grant Marsh died in Chesterfield County in 1934.  He was born about 1872.  His death certificate states his parents were Churchhill and Eliza Marsh.  Just guessing, but could his first name, Grant, have been the maiden name of his mother?  A grandson tells me Grant is buried at Old Brock's Mill.  I am, like everyone else, doing research.  I hope someone can tell me about Grant Marsh and his parents and if they were from Chesterfield County or Marlboro County or where at in South or North Carolina.

    Grant Marsh was married to Annie Tyler about 1902.  Annie is supposed to have died about 1940 in Richmond County, NC.  I have recently looked for a death certificate for her at the South Carolina Archives but did not see one.  My next step is to write to Richmond County, NC.  Thanks.

  • McCASKILL - Bill McCaskill, 3/25/02
    My gggrandfather and gggrandmother, William and Nancy McMillan McCaskill lived in Chesterfield County, SC.  They were both born in Scotland, married, and came to America through the Port of New York about 1809.  The 1850 US Census of Chesterfield County lists five McKorkills.  The first names are those of my ancestors.  I am trying to get them back to their Scottish roots.  Thanks.

  • McCASKILL - Brenda Palmer, 6/03/01
    Through death certificates and census records I have found that Ellen J. McCaskill was born 1850 in Chesterfield Co., South Carolina.  I am trying to locate paternal line or any info on her or her family.  I would be greatful for any help you can provide.  Thank you.

  • McDONALD - Ruth M. Scruggs, 6/23/02
    I am looking for the descendents of a Jacob McDonald who sold land in Chesterfield Co. in 1793 to Edward Narramore.  Sale proven by a James McDonald, Jacob had a brother, James.  Also, a James and Sara McDonald of Lancaster Co. bought land from a Joseph Hough, land on both sides Great Lynches Creek, Chesterfield Co.  Parents of Jacob and James.  Other children - Mary, married a Kirk, Matthews, and William.  They originally came from Cumberland Co. NC. Sara died in 1799, James 1 died in Jefferson Co. Georgia 1810.  Any help appreciated sincerely.

  • McGougan - Effie McGougan Graham - 4/12/01
    Searching for any info on a Effie McGougan in Chesterfield, SC, early 1800's, wife of John Grahan born 1773 Knapdale Scotland.  Thanks.

  • McNAIR - 2/06/01 
    I am looking for any threads regarding the McNair family who resided in or around Ruby, SC in Chesterfield County. The specify dates would be 1900 to 1950.  Thanks very much.

  • McQUAGE - Frank McQuage, 1/28/02
    I am trying to find out about my Great Great Grandfather.  Henry Thomas McQuage was a Sgt. in the 24th South Carolina infantry, Co. B.  He was married to Winniford Autry.  I would like to find out his parent's names if possible.  Thank you for your help.

  • McRAE - Linda Rae Keels, 3/25/02
    I am interested in the McRae name since my name is Linda Rae Keels.  I am told that I was named for Carlos McRae DuRant whose mother was a Craig from Chesterfield District or County.  Can you give me any information on the McRae's?  Thanks.

  • MEADOWS - Jim Willoughby, 5/28/01
    I am seeking information on Jason Meadows Jr.  He lived on Thompson's Creek in Cheraw District, now Chesterfield County, and was on the Jury list 1779.  He is possibly the father of William and Rueben Meadows.  Thanks.

  • MELTON - Sandy Holcomb, 6/29/01
    Looking for info on Lyn Charles Melton, born about 1923, died about 1986, in Oconee County, SC.  Wife, Betty Jean Brazzal, son Larry Charles Melton, James Fred Melton, and daughter Terry Iris Melton.  Second wife may have been Lillian Lucille Norris Melton.  Father may have been Charlie Norman Melton, mother may have been Lillie Mae Willis Melton, both may have died in Chesterfield County, SC.  Any info on these people would be very helpful.  Thank you.

  • MELTON / HUGGINS - Shannon Watts, 5/25/01
    I am looking for any information on the following two people, Redmond Melton of Chesterfield County, born 1898, died 1954, married to Lizzie Elizabeth Huggins of Chesterfield County born 1904, died 1940.  They had the following children:  Edward, Calvin, Wilson, Richard, Dock, Louise, Hubert, and Barbara.  All are dead except for the last two.  Both Redmond and Lizzie are buried at Oakland Cemetery in Chesterfield.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  • MOSS / ROBBINS / ROLLINS - Rose Spencer, 2/06/02
    In 1860 Census Chesterfield Co there is a James Robbins age 48, wife Ann 37 with Robbins, children Benjamin 17, Thomas 16, Hugh 14, John 3 and Moss children Margaret 17, Stephen 14, Francis S 12, D. 4 and John 2.  Need given name of Ann's first husband Moss, and any information about the children.

  • MOSS / DEES - Rose Spencer, 5/29/01
    Seeking the parents of Stephen D. Moss b. 1845 in Chesterfield Co., SC. and his wife Martha Jane Dees.  Stephen's mother was Ann ? who married 2nd to James Robbins and they are found in 1860 Chesterfield County, SC Census with Moss children:  Margaret, Stephen D., Francis D., and John.  I believe the father of these Moss children could be the Stephen Moss born in CT, found in 1840 Chesterfield County, SC Census, near the above James Robbins.  Both were single, living alone.  If anyone is researching this Moss family, please contact me.  Thank you.

  • MOULTRIE - Roger Futrell, 10/09/02
    I am researching Joseph Moultrie (1746-1804) who resided at Chesterfield Court House.  I realize most early records burned and wondered if you could recommend which SC library, society, etc. would be best to do initial research at.  Have heard that the Darlington Historical Commission has some early Cheraw Equity Books that may cover Chesterfield.  Would appreciate direction.

  • MUZINGO / WALTERS - K. Huggins, 1/08/01
    I am looking for info on Edward Tolan Muzingo 1887-1964 and his wife Belvin Walters 1889-1966.  They had 7 children together.  They were married in 1904.  They are buried at Liberty Hill Church in Darlington County, but I think they may have been from Chesterfield County, but not real sure.  Their daughter, Ithane 1916-1976, was my grandmother.

  • MYERS - Shirley Baker, 10/27/01
    Seeking information on Myers/Miers in Chesterfield County, SC in 1800 census.  Samuel Myers was in Cheraw in 1790 as was Batson Morgan.  On 1800 census he is in Chesterfield along with William Myers and David Miers.  Are all these Miers/Myers related?  Did one of them have a son that married Batson Morgan's daughter Rachel Lacy?

  • NICHOLSON - D. Yates, 2/28/01
    I am searching for any information about the Nicholsons of Jefferson, SC, Chesterfield County, SC.  Peter A. and Mary Jordan Nicholson owned Nicholson's Department Store on Main Street in the early 1900's.  I've learned that they opened branches later in two other towns.  They had 10 boys and one girl, Lona Agnes Nicholson, who married Howard Laney of Pageland, SC.  They were reported to be prominent in social and business circles.  Ms. Nicholson died in 1945.  I would greatly appreciate any information anyone can give me.  Thanks.

  • NORTON - Ann Griggs, 1/04/01
    I am looking for any information on my g-grandfather Will D. Norton or possibly Isom Norton, his mother possibly had last name of Jenkins.  He had sisters named Annie Mae Norton (Joplin) who had son named Cort, another sister Dora, and Nealy, and a brother named Jessie.  I am told he came from Chesterfield, SC to Cochran, GA around 1905.  His date of birth was May 23, 1875, death date was November 17, 1943.  He was possibly married to someone in this area.

  • OAKLEY - (Clarence Oakley), 5/28/01
    I am in need of records for Clarence Oakley of place of birth and parents, as much as you have.  Thank you.

  • ODOM - Ed Hargis, 3/17/02
    John Wallace Odomm born 13 July 1859 in Chesterfield County, SC; died 26 April 1926 in Wadesboro, Anson County, NC; son of James and Margaret J. Odom; married 13 March 1884 to Agatha Nora "Aggie" Newton born 11 August 1863; died 30 Apr 1903/04.  I need any information that will help in research on John, James and Margaret Odom and the family of Aggie Newton Odom.  This is all I have and I keep hitting brick walls! Thanks.

  • OLIVER / DEAS - Dawn Engle, 4/05/01
    I am looking for information on William "Bill" Oliver (18 Sep 1849-4 Feb 1924).  He was married to Dollie Ann Deas/Deese (1845-2 Mar 1908).  They had sons W.P. (Bill), Zimmon Bradley, E.B. (Ben), Dunken A. and James Thomas (Tom), and daughter, Laney Oliver Catoe.  They lived around the area of Jefferson in Chesterfield County, SC.  Thanks.

  • OSBORNE - Suzi Risher, 6/21/01
    I am looking for information on the Alexander and Martha (Stack) Osborne family (son of William Stancil Osborne, son of John Osborn.  Am also looking for family of Groves Vinson that lived in Anson/Mecklenburg area prior to formation of Union County, NC.  Martha Stack was daughter of Tommie and Crissie Vinson Stack.  

  • PARKER - Annette Rawls, 3/12/01
    I am searching for the parent/siblings of Stephen H. Parker, age 49, as listed on the 1850 Chesterfield County, SC Census in the Cheraw area.  Does his middle initial possibly stand for Henry?  Also, was Parker's Ferry located on the PeeDee River at Cheraw?  Thanks.

  • PARKER - 3/10/02
    I am looking for information on the family of Hauley Parker.  She is listed in the 1880 federal Census of Chesterfield County as being 80 years old and living with her daughter Hauley Parker Lee and her husband James Crawford Lee.  In the 1850 Chesterfield County Federal Census she is widowed and the following children and ages are listed:
    Samuel - 24
    George - 21
    Jane - 18
    Badgegood - 15
    James M. - 12
    Hauley - 11
    Edward - 10
    William - 2
    Any information on any of them would be greatly appreciated.

  • PARR - Nancy Parr, 5/13/02
    I am seeking information on the parents of John Parr (1822-1852) of Chesterfield District, SC.  He appears on the 1850 Census for Chesterfield as does his wife, Nancy Ann Hewitt Parr, and three of their children.  John died in a fire in the jail at Chesterfield in 1852.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • PASLAY - M. Brown, 2/16/01
    I am interested in any information you may have on the Paslay family.  Robert Pasley fought for Marion (was a Captain) and m. a Sara ??? supposedly in Cheraw District.  He moved to Laurens Co. in the late 1700's.  Sara died and Robert married Elizabeth Crocker.  Do you have any information on this?

  • PEGUES - Pegues, 8/02/01
    Information from another web site mentioned Elizabeth Ward Pegues born 1789 District of Chesterfield, SC, died 2/17/1822 Wadesboro, NC, wife of William Dismukes.  Would anyone have info on the Pegues?

  • PIGG - Diane, 3/02/01
    Ella Pigg married J.P. Watts or Jerome Darrell Watts and their daughter Lela Blanche married Sam Hargett.  I am looking for any additional information on Ella or Ida Pigg.  Thanks.

  • PIGG / PACE - Suzy Bryant, 4/16/01
    I am looking for the family of Sarah Elizabeth Pigg born in the 1780's.  She married John Pace born 1786 in Surry Co., NC.  The Pace family stayed awhile in SC before moving on.  John  and Sarah Elizabeth stopped in Warren Co., TN and made that their home.  I believe the Pace family were in Chesterfield Co., SC when they stayed awhile.  Thank you.

  • POER - Gloria Allred, 12/13/01
    I am looking for information on the Poer family that were born here in Chesterfield, South Carolina, especially Margaret Poer who was born here on May 18, 1823 and married a W.J. Wardlow or Wordlaw in 1845.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • POSTON - Dale Lynn Iwancio, 3/20/01
    I am looking for any Postons in Angelus, McBee, and Chesterfield in Chesterfield County, SC.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  • POTTER / DRIGGERS - Tanya Herring, 6/23/01
    I am the great-granddaughter of Lawrence Elliot Potter who married Ruth Ellen Driggers in Chesterfield County, March 03, 1933.  Lawrence was killed shortly after the marriage.  One child, a girl Betty Rae Potter (my grandmother) was born July 17, 1933.  Ruth later remarried in 1937 to Ben Johnson.  They lived in the Wallace/Bennettsville area.  Anything on this is greatly appreciated.

  • POWE - Woody Farrar, 8/03/01
    I am seeking info on William Powe, from Cheraw, S.C.  Can you tell me if his home in South Carolina is still standing?  I own the land and home he built in Wayne County, MS.  Thanks.

  • PRICE - Doris Bradley, 3/28/01
    My grandfather was Acie Clation Price from Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC.  Is there anyone looking for this line?  Thanks.

  • PRICE - Rose Spencer, 12/12/01
    Looking for the parents of Zelphia Price born in 1811 who married Richard Dees.  They lived in Chesterfield County, SC and later in Union County, AR.

  • PURVIS - Charles Terry Purvis, 7/26/01
    Seeking help on info for John Purvis, b. abt 1730 Chesterfield Co., SC, married Sarah Johnston.  Children:  James Sr., Gilbert, Sally and James.  Any info concerning family, where from, who married, etc. all will be most appreciated.

  • PURVIS - Tom Purvis, 12/23/01
    Trying to find the father of Stephen D. Purvis born about 1841 in Chesterfield, South Carolina and died around 1888 in Chesterfield, SC.  Where did the father come to this country from?  Was Gilbert Purvis (who was in the Revolutionary War) Stephen's father?

  • QUICK - Dan Quick, Jr., 4/05/01
    I am researching my Quick history in NC/SC.  My ggg grandfather, Willis Quick, lived in Chesterfield County, SC in 1830.  He was born about 1785 in NC/SC.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • RAINWATER - Suzy Bryant, 4/13/01
    I am looking for the family of Elizabeth Rainwater.  She was born in 1783 and married Dempsey Pace in Chesterfield Co., SC 25th of February 1802.  I have no mother or father for her.  The name sounds Indian.  I would love to find her heritage.  Thank you.

  • REYNOLDS - Carole Irene Crimson Cook, 6/14/01
    The 1825 Mills' Atlas for South Carolina shows that in Chesterfield County there was a Reynolds living a little north of Griffin's Ford on the east side of Big Lynches Creek.  Reynold's neighbor to the north was Eubanks; his neighbor to the south was Brown.  Directly across Great Lynches Creek to the west from Reynolds, in Lancaster Co., is Hughbanks.  To the north of Hughbanks is Miller, to the south of Hughbanks is McLeod.  Does anyone know the first name of this Reynolds who lived near Griffin's Ford?  Thank you.

  • RIVERS - David Hogan, 9/23/02
    I am searching for any family relationships to a John Geoffrey Rivers and his wife Eliza Pearl Rivers (Douglas).  I know they had one daughter Dorothy John Rivers born January 1, 1912 in Chesterfield.  Thanks.

  • ROBINSON / THREATT - Peggy Robinson Matthews, 4/06/02
    My grandfather Otis Henry Robinson was born in Chesterfield County (b. May 6, 1894, d. July 11, 1991) to Amos Robinson (b. July 15, 1849, d. Nov 5, 1924) and Mary Threatt (b. March 17, 1866, d. July 5, 1918.  Mary Threatt was Amos' second wife, and my grandfather was one of five children.  I do not have a name for the first wife, they they had nine children.  Any information would be very much appreciated.

  • ROGERS - Barbara R. Bryant, 12/07/01
    I need any available information on Henry Rogers of Chesterfield County, South Carolina from around 1830.  Other family members were possibly Ahaz, John, Eli and Frederick Rogers.

  • ROSCOE - James R. Rasco, 3/29/01
    According to her death certificate as recorded in "Chesterfield County, South Carolina Death Certificates 1915-1920" compiled and published by James C. Pigg, Martha Polson of Cole Hill Township was born July 20, 1835 in Chesterfield County, SC, daughter of Dan Roscoe of Chesterfield County, SC, and Betsy Roscoe of Chesterfield County, SC.  She was married.  She died July 11, 1915 and was found dead on the public highway.  She was buried at the Polson Cemetery.  The informant was R.B. Polson.  I have been told that Martha was the wife of Evander Polson.  Can anyone tell me who Martha's parents, Dan Roscoe and Betsy Roscoe were and what became of them?  What, if any, was the relationship of Martha Roscoe Polson to Oliver Roscoe (1824-1901), William Riley Roscoe (1830-ca 1900), and Joseph Franklin Roscoe (1843-1917) or to any of the Roscoe families in Marlboro County during the same time frame?  Thanks.

  • SANDERS - Frank Sanders, 3/25/02
    My Great Grandparents (x3) were Jonathon A. and Margaret Buchanan Sanders who moved from Anson County, NC to Chesterfield County, SC sometime after 1872.  They lost a Plantation in Anson County due to a lien in the 1870's.  Among their children was James May Sanders who taught school and owned a Grist Mill in Chesterfield County.  His wife was Nancy Mangum, daughter of Fletcher Mangum.  I would like to know where Jonathon and Margaret are buried and anything that anyone knows about them.  I would also like to know where James and Nancy lived and where the mill was located (and if either structure still stands).  I have hit a wall as to Jonathon's parentage.  Margaret was a daughter of May and Mary May Buchanan (the daughter of Pleasant May, Jr., known as Major Pleasant May).  Thanks.

  • SELLERS - Martin Davis Graves, 6/10/02
    Looking for ancestor information about Cynthia or Syntha or Cintha Sellers, born about 1832.  Found in 1850 Chesterfield Co., SC census, living with the Loyd Jordan family, many guess that Mrs. Jordan (Rosanna) was her sister.  Cynthia married Benjamin Bennett Graves in Montgomery Co., NC.  She returned to Chesterfield Co. when he died during the Civil War.  She is found in the 1870 Chesterfield Co., SC census with the children.  Cynthia died 1915 in Chesterfield Co., SC, with her father listed as Joe Sellers on the death certificate.  Question:  I do not know anything about parents other than the bit about Joe Sellers. Any help on records that help with father or mother names would be appreciated.

  • SELLERS - Jeff Hawkins, 8/20/01
    Searching for information on this Sellers/Sellars family:  William Sellers, born about 1760, wife Betsy Prestwood born about 1766.  Their children:  George Sellers, Alexander Sellers, William Sellers, Milly Sellers, Mary Sellers married John Steen, Lydia Sellers born 1786 died 1860-1870 married John Hawkins in 1810 in Darlington County, SC.  Thank you.

  • SMITH - Eric Smith, 8/19/01
    The 1850 Census of Chesterfield County, SC shows a Wiley Smith. He had a son named William, (also listed), who was 12 years old.  Does anyone have any information on this family, William in particular?

  • SOON / BURNS / HUGHES - Ivory Soon, 3/11/01
    My father's name is Floyd Soon, born in Chesterfield County, SC, January 16, 1945.  My mother is Augustine Burns Soon, born December 17, 1947.  Hughes is my grandmother's maiden name.  All were born in the Cash Community outside Cheraw.  Any information would be appreciated.

  • STAFFORD - Julian Stewart, 3/21/02
    Searching for information on the John and Nezzie Teal Stafford family (Teal's Mill - Hunt's Mill community) of Chesterfield County, SC.

  • STEPHENS - Dot Prevatte, 6/28/01
    I don't know much about my paternal grandmother's family, but I do know her parents were John Stephens and Margaret Bounds.  Her name was Sarah Alice Stephens (born October 13, 1880) and she married John William McDaniel.  She had brothers named Jasper and S.P.  She had a sister named Maggie who was a twin to S.P., I believe.  There may have been more siblings.  I believe she was from the Chesterfield area.  If you have any information on this family, I would love to know more about them.

  • STOCKDALE - Patricia Stockdale-Tersi, 6/24/01
    I am researching the Stockdale family.  John Stockdale and his wife Ester and young son came from County Down, Oreland.  They first landed in Chester District in 1793.  They bought land there, later moved to Fairfield District where they acquired land.  I wish to know what ship they sailed on which landed in Charleston, so I can add it to my research.  Can anyone lend any suggestions to where I need to look?  Thank you.

  • STUCKEY - Virginia, 2/08/01
    Some of the Stuckey family, P.D. b. 1813 and Matthew b. ca. 1810 later moved to Alabama.  They state on the census they were born in SC, but are not sure what the parent's name was.

  • SULLIVAN - Janice Christian, 2/13/01
    I am looking for information on the slave, Kendrick Sullivan, 1824-1908.  His wife was Fillis, and his children were Benjamin, Margaret, William Lee, Caroline, Mary A. and Sarah.  His owner may have been either Joseph or Spiers Sullivan of Chesterfield County.  Thank you in advance for your help.

  • SWINNEY, DARBY - Katie Nola, 4/01/01
    I found my ancestor on the 1820 census of Chesterfield County.  He was also the census enumerator of his district and after his name there was also "Esquire" his name at the end of his enumeration of his district was Darby Swinney, Esq.  To have the Esquire after a persons name meant he was probably a Justice of the Peace.  Would there be a record of his being appointed a Justice be in the Archives of Chesterfield or in the Courthouse?  Thank you for any information anyone can provide.

  • TAYLOR -  John Taylor, 8/24/02
    My late father, John James Taylor (African American) was born in Chesterfield County about February 28, 1909 in town of Cheraw.  He died in Seattle, Washington in July 1969.  His father, Saul Taylor might have been born about 1881 and was married to Eliza Boady.  John J. Taylor lived in New York City, NY in the 1930's and had a female child by the name of Hattie Taylor born during that time.  I am looking for a birth record for my father and/or anyi nformation regarding his parents, siblings or my stepsister Hattie.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated; thank you very much for your time.

  • TAYLOR - Leila Taylor McAlister, 2/04/01
    I need any information on Theophilus Taylor.  He moved to Chesterfield after the Revolutionary War from N.C.  Then later moved to Habersham Co., GA.  I have five known children but there may have been others.  He married Virginia Clinkscales.  The boys were William, Jeremiah.  Does anyone know who the parents of Theophilus were?  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • THREATT - Keith Wade, 9/11/02
    I am looking for a Daniel Defoe Threatt born 1815 in SC.  He died in Barbour County, AL.  He may have been from the Chesterfield County area.  He married Martha Redman also from SC.  Her parents were Joel Redman and Sarah Frances Still.  Thanks.

  • THREATT - Carl Koch, 7/08/01
    My grandfather is Charles James Threatt born November 17, 1903.  He was born in Chesterfield County and had several brothers, Clyde Threatt (Kershaw now), Lee Threatt.  My grandmothers name was Mamie (Mary Ellen) Threatt.  I am starting to learn Threatt history some.  Thanks for any information.

  • THREATT - Jill Perry, 5/17/01
    I am looking for Chesterfield County Threatts 1700-1900.  Thank you.

  • THREATT - John Threatt, 3/16/01
    The 1850 SC census for Chesterfield County, SC shows the following Threat living in the household of Mark Deas, age 28, and Rebecca, age 48:  John A. Threat, 19, Pete S. Threat, 16, and Benjamin F. Threat, 4.  I am trying to find a connection between Deas and Threat.  I believe, because of age on this census, this may be John A. Threatt who later married Harriett Knight

    My speculation is that for the 1850 census, 3 Threatts were working for Room and Board and infant care on the widow Rebecca Deas farm, or Rebecca could have been a widow, Rebecca Threatt, after marriage to unknown Deas.  Any familiar with this family?  Any information appreciated.

    REPLY:  5/08/01 - Ben Knight - My gggrandmother was Mary Threatt born in Union County in 1843 daughter of Thomas Threatt born in Chesterfield County.  She married John Ervin Knight from Lancaster (Wild Cat Creek) and is buried in St. David's.  Her grandfather I think is Miles and gggrandfather Etheldred Threatt.  Does any have any information or documentation on them or know of a source for it?  Thanks.  (e-mail for John Threatt, above, did not go through)

    REPLY TO BEN KNIGHT:  5/31/01 - Jill Perry  - Subject:  Mary Threatt King - I am also a greatgrandchild of Mary Threatt and John E. Knight  and would like to exchange info.  Please forward my e-mail address to him if you can do so.  Try the website, lots of Threatts are searching.

  • THREATT / BURR - Carolyn Threatt, 2/07/01
    While visiting a cemetery in Chesterfield, SC in 1997, I copied down some names of some of those buried close to my husband's father, DeFonce Threatt 1894-1937.  The parents of DeFonce, Sr. were buried alongside his grave, Julius A. Threatt 1860-1929 and Emma S. White Threatt 1861-1944.

    Of those names, one listing was for John D. Burr 1849-1886 and it reminded me I had seen the name Walter Burr as half-brother in the obituary for DeFonce Threatt (There also other Burr interments.)

    The same day, my husband and I noticed some sidewalks in Chesterfield had names on them.  One name was Emma Burr Threatt and one was John D. Burr.

    Does anyone have information on this family of Emma Burr Threatt and John D. Burr I would be very happy to share information with anyone.  Thank you.

  • THREATT - Carolyn Threatt, 1/20/02
    Following is a Standard Death Certificate that I had difficulty deciphering the handwriting.  the Death Certificate is for John Wesley Threatt from the State of South Carolina.  If anyone readying this sees any errors, please let me know so I can post the corrections.  For a copy of the record, please e-mail me.
    Date of Birth:  August 10, 1869
    Birthplace:  Chesterfield County, South Carolina
    Wife:  Martha Jordan
    Father:  John W. Threatt, born Lancaster Co., SC
    Mother:  Name is illegible.  Born in Kershaw County, SC
    Date of Death:  May 25, 1933
    Place of Death:  County of Kershaw, Township of Buffalo
    Place of Burial: Buffalo Church, Kershaw

  • THREATT / PARKER / EASTERLING - Sharon Threatt, 1/19/02
    I am searching for information on my grandfather, George Edward Threatt born 1884 (who married three times), once to Anna Laura Parker in Chesterfield County and had a daughter Arie Edith in 1909 in Chesterfield and then left them.  He married a Nettie next who was said to have burned up in front of him in Arkansas in the Riley Creek area.  He then married my grandmother, Lillie Gertrude Talley in 1919 in Yell County Arkansas.  Who was George Edwards' father and upline?  George Edward is my grandfather, but I have been unable to trace his heritage beyond him.  Can anyone help?

  • TUCKER - Michael Tucker, 5/16/01
    I'm trying to find information on my GGG Grandfather, Nevil Tucker, born about 1822, his father is Daniel Tucker.  I believe he is from Daniels second marriage to Minta ?.  Nevil married Minta Coker and they had four children, George Tucker, Mary Tucker, Henry Patrick Tucker, and Robert Tucker.    Looking for any information on the Tucker's from Chesterfield County, SC.  Have them living in and around Cheraw, Chesterfield, Society Hill and Anson County, NC.  Hope you can help me.  Thanks.

  • TUCKER - Michael Tucker, 1/05/02
    I am researching my family, Tucker's, from Chesterfield County, SC.  Can you tell me where I might find information on my g-grandfather Henry Patrick Tucker.  It is said that he went to jail for killing a black man in the early 1920's, where can or is there a record of this?  Thanks.

  • VICK - Ellen Norris, 1/21/02
    I am looking for any information on the Vick family of Chesterfield County or Anson County.

  • WAITE - Debbie Locklear, 7/14/02
    Looking for any info on Tom and Mary? Waite from Chesterfield Co.  Children include but not limited to: James Waite b. 1/6/1913 d. 7/5/1959, (buried in McBee at family cemetary). Anne Waite Stephens, Nealy Waite, Jesse Kelly, Pearlie Kelly Wise.  I don't know if the Kelly's were actually blood, step or just raised by the Waite's. Any info apreciated.

  • WALLACE - Colette Spencer, 6/20/01
    I am looking for any information of William Jackson Wallace who was married to Mary Asbury Love.  They moved to Chesterfield County before my grandfather, Horace Wallace was born.  I would love to have any info on them, especially who William's parents were and where he was born.

  • WATTS / BLAKENEY / BYRD - Cynthia H. Porcher, 8/11/01
    In 1925 there was a Watts family reunion held in Taylorville, NC.  According to a clipping from the Pageland Journal, there were several Watts from Pageland (Chesterfield Co.) who attended.  Two people who were not Watts also attended.  They were Lonnie Blakeney and Drue Byrd.  I would like some help in identifying these 2 people.  I am sure they are connected to the Watts family or descend from female Watts.  According to the clipping, the reunion was held on an old Watts homeplace that was then reduced to a pasture.  By now it is probably a parking lot!  Does anyone know of the connection between the Chesterfield Co Watts family and Taylorville, NC?

  • WELCH - Larry Billings, 4/26/01
    I am interested in information concerning Welch family of 1800-1830 Chesterfield County.  Are they same Welch's that ended up in Lafayette County, Mississippi, William, Henry, George, Robert, Eli are some of the Mississippi Welch's, all born 1800-1820 SC.  Any help appreciated.

  • WILKES / STROUD - Ken Davis, 4/29/01
    I am researching the Wilkes family of Chesterfield County.  Josh ? Wilkes father of John Franklin Wilkes b. June 24, 1901, d. November 1981 married Bernice Stroud b. June 1, 1903, d. January 30, 1993.  Any info appreciated.  Thanks.

    RESPONSE TO WILKES/STROUD:  John Franklin Wilkes, Sr., b. June 21, 1901, in Chesterfield County, and d. Nov. 1, 1981 in Darlington County, SC and m. Bernice Stroud, daughter of Thomas Stroud and Susie Vaughn.  John Franklin's father was Elias McKinnin Wilkes, b. December 1859 in Chesterfield County, died October 1934 in Chesterfield County.  He married Elsie Jane Teal, b. Sept 27 1874 and d. August 2, 1905 in Chesterfield.  They were both buried at Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery in Chesterfield County. You may want to contact Curtis Wilkes,, who published a book "Some Descendants of Francis Wilkes 1700-1745."  You will find your ancestors there. - Gerry Johnson

  • WYNN - Shirley Wynn Parish, 3/03/01
    I am trying to gather more information on William J. Wynn, born 1826 in North Carolina, listed on the 1880 Census of Chesterfield County, SC District 009, page 040.  His son, Benjamin F., born 1877 on census was my grandfather.  Thank you.

  • YARBORO / PHILYAW - Ron Hamilton, 6/06/01
    I am researching William Yarboro and his family.  They were in the 1850 Chesterfield Co. Census.  Among William Yarboro's sons were Moses C., George H., and Solomon Yarboro.  All of these sons served in the Confederate Army with the 21st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, Company D, which was formed in Chesterfield County.  Thank you.

  • YORK / GOODWIN - Donna Goodwin, 4/21/01
    I am seeking information on the following family group listed on p. 151, residence 816, Chesterfield County, SC 1850 U.S. Census(Combination of York and Goodwin surnames. 
    York, James - 67  M - Farmer
    York, Mary - 56 F
    York, Edna - 20 F
    York, Linadow - 18 F
    York, William - 25 M
    York, James - 17 M
    Goodwin, Eliza - 35 F
    Goodwin, Ebenezer - 20 M - Farmer
    Goodwin, Clement - 19 M - Farmer
    Goodwin, Mary - 15 F
    I have information on Clement Goodwin (in Union Co., NC in 1860).  Everyone else seems to have just disappeared.  Any help appreciated.