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1999 Queries
  • BERRY - Keith L. Berry, 10/21/99
    Looking for any info concerning members of the Berry family:  John, German, David, Jemima, Blanche and Alice.  John, German, David and Jemima moved to MS about 1820 from Chesterfield County, SC.  Jemima married John Shivers.  Thanks.

  • BLACKWELL - Kitty Barfield Gagen, 3/06/99
    I would like to get some information on Blackwell's Mill.  I am trying to find where in South Carolina my Blackwell ancestor came from.  His name was Thomas Blackwell and his second wife was Mary Green?  I believe Thomas was born abt. 1792.  I hope that all the Blackwell named locations in Chesterfield Co. will provide some helpful information.  In any event I would like to find out the historical significance of Blackwell's Mill.  Thank you very  much.

  • BOATWRIGHT - Thomas J. Boatwright, Jr., 11/23/99
    Can anyone help me find information on George Boatwright who married Garphia Sweeney.  They had one son, Thomas Jackson Boatwright, Sr., born on October 9, 1916, died January 10, 1970, in Columbia, SC.  Thank you for any help you can give.

  • BREEDEN - Sue Breeden, 9/19/99
    I have received information that a James Breeden was listed on the Chesterfield County, SC census of 1779.  My husband's greatgrandfather was a James from SC who moved to Stewart County, TN, and is listed on that census in 1850 as being 52 years old.  I've hit the "brick wall".  Would appreciate any information.  Thanks.

  • BRIANT / BRYANT - Danny Bryant, 4/04/99
    I am inquiring about the Bryant/Briant surname in Chesterfield County, SC.  I have ancestry there since the 1800's.  My great grandfather was born there in 1900, and his parents, Georgianna and Lloyd Bryant supposedly lived there their entire lives.  Can you please provide some assistance with locating information on this family Name.  Thank you.

  • BROCK - Bevin J. Creel, 7/16/99
    My great great great grandfather, James Brock, was born in 1793, in Chesterfield County, SC.  I believe he was the son of one Valentine Brock, born about 1767, in the Chesterfield County, SC area.  James married Elizabeth Purvis, born 1806, in Chesterfield County, SC, the daughter of James Purvis Sr.  James and Elizabeth moved via Alabama to Pike County, MS, settling here in 1828.  James died here in 1876, having fathered nine children.  Would appreciate any information you can give on these people.  (I have info on descendants and would love to share).  Thank you.

  • BROADWAY - Murie Medlock, 6/17/99
    I am looking for anyone with any info on a Earnest Lee Broadway Sr.  He was born 9/16/05 and died 9/19/58.  He was born in SC and lived and died in Chesterfield, SC.  He was married to Carrie P. Broadway who was born 8/02/08 and died 7/87.  She was born in NC, lived and died in Chesterfield, SC.  They had 7 or 8 children.  Some of their names were Kelly Sellers, James D. Broadway, Harold Broadway, born 3/06/27, died in 1952 in SC, Earnest Lee Broadway Jr. born 6/26/36, died 4/6/77, born in SC and died in NC.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

  • BROWN - Barbara Ward, 10/21/99
    I am looking for information on a Libby Brown who resided in Chesterfield Co., SC and owned land on the east side of Lynches Creek near Massey Mill and the Holley's to the south.  His neighbor's in the 1810 census were Jordan, Horton, Smith, Kirkley, Rodes, Jackson, Lane, Scarborough, Reader and McDonald, plus another Brown, Alex and John.  These were on page 578.  Libby relocated to Perry County, Alabama by 1820.  I am looking for a land grant or deed for my Libby Brown; either him purchasing the land or possibly it being deeded to him from a relative.  I found this land information from a book I found at the South Carolina Archives; an atlas with counties that was surveyed by J. Boykin 1820 (Mills Atlas) 1825.  If you can help me in anyway, I would be so very grateful.  Thank you in advance.

  • CASSIDY - Betty L. Cassidy, 6/11/99
    Trying to find out about the Casiday family.  Several of the spellings are Casada/Cassady/Cassaday.  I was told that a William was born in 1796 in SC and later died in Georgia or Alabama.  He was married to a Amias Davis.  Thank you.

  • CHANCELLOR - Amma Crum, 10/17/99
    According to the Family Bible, my great grandmother, Elizabeth Chancellor, was born 20 December 1816 in Chesterfield County, SC.  Her parents were William Chancellor born between 1780-1790 and Mary (maiden name unknown). They were in Washinton County, GA in 1820 and in Monroe County, GA by 1824.  According to his will, there were six children (besides Elizabeth):  Marion; William Jr.; Harriett; Sarah; Nancy and Gilliam.  Can anyone help me with anything about this family?  Who were the parents of William Sr.? What was the maiden name of Mary?  Where in Chesterfield did they live?  Thanks.

  • CLARK - Kathleen Clark Sullivan, 5/30/99
    I am searching for the Charles Wesley Clark & Harriet Blakeney Evans family.  Charles Wesley Clark was born 1840 in VA, married Harriet B. Evans, abt. 1860 he served in the Civil War, he died in Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC on September 1, 1895.  Harriet was born Aug. 19, 1840, died June 30, 1904, both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Hwy 9, Pageland, SC.  They had nine children, all born and lived around the Pageland area:  (1) Benjamin Franklin Clark, born 1862 (2) Jo Ann Clark, born Feb. 14, 1868, married William John Blakeney (3) Frances Roxanne Clark, born 1864 (4) John W. Clark, born Nov. 30, 1865 (5) Alice Victoria Clark, born 1871 (6) Rufus M. Clark, born June 18, 1869, married Effie Blakeney (7) Columbus C. Clark, born Oct. 23, 1871 (8) Travis Alexander Clark, born 1873, married Hattie Virginia Blakeney (9) Effie Clark, born abt. 1876.  Some of the children were buried at Rose Hill Cemetery also.  Please, if anyone has any connection to the Clark family, please share it with me.  Thank you so much for any help.

  • COPELAND - Harold W. Cochran, 8/08/99
    The 1850 SC Census Index shows that in Chesterfield County, SC, there was a Copeland, Archibald, #105, T: No Twp listed, C145, and family research shows that Archibald Joshua Copeland married Delila Burgess October 10, 1858, by J.W. Jones.  Archibald Copeland had two small children by previous marriage, named Millie b. 1851, and Martha b. 1856- According to the 1880 Blount County, Alabama, U.S. Census - Blountsville Township 11 RN 1 East.  Copeland, Archibald age 68 born in SC:  According to the US Census, his father and mother both born in Maryland.  Archibald had wife, Delilah (Burgess) age 55.  Delilah was born in Georgia.  Her father was b. in TN, and her mother was b. NC.  In 1858 when Archibald Joshua Copeland married Delilah Burgess he was 46 years old and Delilah was 24.  If anyone has information, please contact me.  Thank you.

  • COPELAND - Jim Roberts, 9/19/99
    Seeking information on Aaron Copeland, a Rev. War Veteran.  I have his Rev. War service record and will exchange information.

  • DAVIS / SKINNER / ANDERSON - Linda Kanevsky, 4/24/99
    I am researching the surnames Davis, Skinner and Anderson in Cheraw, SC.  Benjamin Skinner had a 200 acres land grant in Sparrow Swamp, Cheraw, SC in 1785.  He married (unknown) and had about 10 children, including a son, Benjamin, who was born in the Pee Dee River area circa 1775.  Benjamin, the younger, was a farmer in the area and married Charity Davis on 20 May 1796 in Bertie Co., NC, but lived in Cheraw.  They had at least 6 children, probably all born in SC, as the oldest son was born there in 1805 and the youngest son in 1819.  The family moved around the 1820's to Edwards Co., IL.  Children born were:  John Davis Skinner, born 1805, (possibly named after his grandfather?), who married Barpha Anderson; Nancy Skinner. who married William Batson; Clarissa Skinner, who married James Huston; Chlorinda Skinner, who married a r. Carlton; another female child who married a Mr. Moss; and son Samuel, born 1819, who married Elizabeth Fortner.  The original Skinner family member was supposed to have come to America in 1642, but I don't know anything about him. Any information would be helpful.  Thanks.

  • DEES / DEASE/ PRICE - Rose M. Spencer, 5/29/99
    Seeking information on the parents of Richard Dees b. 22 Mar 1814 Chesterfield County, SC, and his wife Zelphia Price b. 27 Aug. 1811.  They both died in Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC.  Their children were: Docia Mae Dees, married Dorsey Pigg; Priscilla; Charlotte, married John A. Maples; Keziah; Zelphia A.; Winney and Martha Jane, married Stephen Decatur Moss.  Would like to contact anyone who knows anything about the children of any of the above.

  • DeLAINE / THOMPSON / BOSTON - Lenard Hudson, 10/17/99
    I am searchhing for Bettie DeLaine, probably born a slave; her husband, Burton Thompson and her daughter Sarah H., who later married Sumner Boston.  I am told they were "from" Chesterfield.  They later resided in Manning, SC, Clarendon County.  Thanks.

  • DIXON - Sheilia Dixon Waller, 10/17/99
    I am looking for any information I can get on Dixon's of Chesterfield County, SC.  Thank you.

  • FLOWERS - Carol Lyles Canady, 1/18/99
    I am looking for information on Everett Flowers.  My grandmother's maiden name was Flowers and Joel Flowers was her father and his father was Everett Flowers.  Thanks so much.

  • GARDNER - Charles Scott Lloyd, 3/06/99
    I am looking for information on the surname Gardner, in particular John Nelson Gardner, my great great grandfather.  He was a member of Kershaw's Brigade in the Civil War, and survived the war to reside in Chesterfield County.  Any information you could give me on him and any of the Gardner's that resided in Chesterfield County, would be extremely helpful in my search to learn more about my mother's side of the family.  Thank you for your help.

  • GARRISON / KING - Alta Claunch, 10/17/99
    Researching descendants of Enda C. King b. 1831 and d. 1897, married first Leonidas Parker, and married second Rev. James M. Garrison of Chesterfield County, SC.  Please e-mail me with any information.

  • GIBSON / IRBY - Kathy Blake, 10/17/99
    My great grandfather is Barnum Alexander Gibson, born March 02, 1875, in Chesterfield County, SC.  Per his social security number application his father was John Cloyd Gibson and his mother was Ardenia Irby (believed to have first been married to a T. Pigg).  Barnum married Upherseane Ferguson (she was first married to Jesse Baucom), daughter of James Ransom Ferguson and Martha Ellen Williams.  Barnum died in Mecklenburg County, NC, in July of 1943.  Any help at all would be appreciated.  I am at a loss on Barnum Gibson and his family.  Thank you.