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South Carolina Militia Company of Peter B. Rogers

Pay roll of a company of militia commanded by Peter B. Rogers in the service of the state of South Carolina for 1 month from 10 Dec. 1813 to January 1814 amounting to $779.72 2/3 cents. Payroll was examined by P. Noble

Peter B. Rogers Captain
James C Watson Lieutenant
Paul Rogers Ensign
Elihu Brown Sergeant
John Beard Sergeant
John Belott Sergeant
Bartholomew Jordan Sergeant
James Cochran Corporal
Jacob Belott Corporal
James McGree Corporal
John Leroy Corporal
Robert Jennings Drummer
John Jennings Fifer
William Scott
Michael Medling
Glargo Strickland
Peter C Leroy
John Carroll
Lazarus Covin
Peter Covin
Benjamin Carroll
Leonard Carroll
James Carroll
James Struct
William Sutherland
James Ritchison
Clement Gibert
William Dulany
James R. Houston
Mack G. Williams
James Chumbey
Andrew Sutherland
John Larcmore
Jacob Dilleshaw
Phillip Leroy
James Hunter
Jeremiah Gardner
James Thompson
Redmon Brown
Michael R. Breazeal
James Sheppard
James Leany
Andrew McComb
Alexander R. Gray
John Morrow
William Weems
Robert C. Alexander
Robert Houston
John Gray
John Calhoun
Thomas Weems
Thomas Lowe
Aaron B. Watson
William McDonald
Andrew McGill
William McGree
Samuel Jordan
James Gray
Henry Wiley
Robert McCollum
Alexander Jordan
Richard Gibson
Alexander Lesly
Alexander Donald
John Jones
James McKinstry
William Stewart
Alexander D. Gray
David Wiley
Thomas McFerrin
Frederick Hart
Samuel Hite
Robert Keown
John Bouchillon
John L. Cooper
Samuel C Foster