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Pages up to 79 are now available. Pages are linked to the Everyname Index.

I am currently working on expanding the website and working on rebuilding my lost genealogy files. Please check my orphaned site for additional information I have online.

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Book jacket from The Sias Family in America

Inside front cover map from The Sias Family in America

This website is the result of an extraordinary bit of luck that brought me a copy of the book, The Sias Family in America, by Azariah Boody Sias, many hours of painstaking work, and a deep desire to contribute in some small way to the vision A. B. Sias had of sharing with all family members the story of the Sias families in America.
The story of the Sias families is very much the story of America. "They came to America during the latter half of the seventeenth century to gain both political and religious freedom, They were determined, hard working, patriotic citizens. They did their daily work well and minded their own business. They were, as a rule, quiet and unassuming; more anxious to get the job done than to get the credit for doing it. But if anyone started to interfere with their liberty, they were ready to fight. You will find them doing their duty to their chosen country from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 to World War II." (Introduction)
The purpose of this website is to make a place where researchers can find accurate, documented information. In this age of electronic information it is easy for misinformation to be perpetuated over and over, while true gems of information are kept quietly waiting to shine in a box of old letters and photographs. An electronic repository of work, living and growing, seems a natural continuation of Azariah Boody Sias' work. He himself saw his book as unfinished acknowledging that "Many names have been omitted and much valuable family history is lacking, not intentionally, but because the material could not be found. Many errors in spelling will be discovered, many dates will be wrong, family relationships and ancestral lines, in some cases, may be incorrect. . . .If you can report new names, whole families, or valuable history, please send the material immediately. Much valuable material is being lost to us every year because the older people who know, are leaving us. . . . The reason this incomplete work, with all its errors and omissions, is being rushed to the printer now, is that the compiler fears that even now something may happen before the material now available can be preserved in book form and sent to members of the family and to libraries for permanent record." (p. 647)

The Everyname Index contains every person listed in The Sias Family in America by Azariah Boody Sias (Vol. I) as well as individuals not listed in the book. Names with page numbers are from the book and may or may not be related. Some birth years, locations, and spouses are included in the index to make it easier to find your person. This index differs from the book index in that it lists each individual separately while the book lists each name separately with no indication there are 3 people with that name.

Some names are linked to family pages that include information about the individuals and their families. Pictures, additional information, census records, and corrections to information in The Sias Family in America (TSFIA) are included on the family page. Information that may pertain to individuals still living will not be put on the family pages.
I am not accepting contributions at this time unless you have additional information to add to an already created family page. If you are related to one of these families and have additional information, letters, photos, family stories or facts please consider sharing. Contributers are acknowledged next to the items they share unless they ask to remain anonymous. Please remember--no information about living individuals.

Corrections to any information I have posted are very welcome. Be prepared with primary or good secondary sources :)

Please send sources for all facts and family stories. Great-aunt Tillie's letter to Great-gram, and Uncle Harold's reminisces do count as sources, just let me know that is where you got your info.

If you have webpages you would like linked to this site I would be happy to link to them.

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