William White, Philipstown, NY, 1780

White & Tompkins, Phillipse precinct

Dutchess County, NY, 1783 - 1805

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This is a working page to assist in organizing records. The question is; where in NY state did William White (1751 - 1810) and his wife Hannah Tompkins live before coming to Upper Canada around 1800?

Thanks to fellow researchers:
Thanks to Jon Acker, Jackie Crerar, Peter Johnson, Barb McGill, Jeanne Ross, Bonny Campbell, Linda Smith and Carol Collins.

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  2. Phillipse Precinct, Dutchess Deeds, 1774-1788, vol 7-9, copy
  3. More Records: Phillipse precinct
  4. 1790 Census - Phillipstown
  5. Tompkins - Westchester an Beekman
  6. Dutchess Deeds, 1786-1807, Volumes 10 through 19
  7. Church Records - Phillipstown and Rombout [Fishkill]
  8. Whites in Westchester Co, NY

To orient yourself, see these 3 excellent maps of Dutchess County.

We know that William White and Hannah Tompkins were both born in 1751, somewhere in the north eastern American colonies. We feel we have shown that they are in Philippse Precinct state by 1772, Dutchess County at the time (later Putnam County), and around 1800 they emigrate to Sidney Township, Upper Canada. Their 3 children, that we know for sure, were Cornelius, Reuben and Fanny.

Their oldest son, Cornelius White married Elizabeth Acker in Dutchess Co., NY around 1795 and their oldest children were born there. Elizabeth Acker was baptized in the Hopewell Dutch Reformed Church, Hopewell, Township of East Fishkill.

This research is active and changing often as the team discovers new bits. The Tompkins name is found in both Westchester and Dutchess Counties and we suspect the families are interconnected. It is assumed that Hannah is in this mix somewhere. Below is an argument placing a group of Tompkins and a William White in Philipse Precinct, Dutchess County as early as 1772. By 1790 there are Tompkins and Whites in Beekman Patent, Dutchess and there are records connecting the Tompkins of Beekman with those in Westchester. The hunt continues.

Phillipse Precinct
Cornelius Tompkins, Reuben Tompkins, Joshua Tompkins and William White with possible wife, Hannah Tompkins, all buy farms in the Phillipse Precinct right after the close of the American Revolution in 1783. See the chart below. These farms border on each other. It is very probable that the William White, landowner, in these records is the one who married Hannah Tompkins and named his two sons Cornelius and Reuben. Note in the chart below the other farmers are named as bordering as well - particularly Odell, Post and Conklin. In the 1790 NY Census of Phillipstown (Dutchess County at the time) these men are all named close to one another - except that William White is not named!! "Philipstown" is the name used for the whole precinct or patent - think like Philips township.

William may have moved to Beekman Patent and thus named in the 1790 NY Census for Beekman. Did he buy land in Beekman and rent out his Phillipstown land? When did he sell the Phillipstown land? No sale of the land has been found up to 1802.

Where are these farms located? Dutchess County included the Philipse Patent in the 1700's. This early map of Phillipse patent helps to get oriented. Note that two of the deeds below state that the farms extend to "the division line of Fredericksburgh and Phillipse precincts."  This series of maps gives a better idea of where this north-south division line is located. It is very possible that the farms were near what is today, Tompkins Corners. This 1854 map is worth a look. Zoom in to Tompkins Corners and note that farms are still in the hands of the Tompkins, Conklin, Odell and Post families - all named in the deeds below - and the area is very close to the border that probably is the same border as existed in the 1780's between Phillipse and Fredericksburgh. Peekskill Hollow Rd that follows Peekskill Creek was settled early.

The evidence that really confirms the above comes from the Philipstown records from 1772 to 1785 that is noted below. Cornelius Tompkins, William White, Reuben Tompkins, Joshua Tompkins and Nathaniel Tompkins are all named holding various duties in Peekskill Hollow as early as 1772. Probably they leased the land first from Beverley Robinson and a decade later, after the War, purchased the title.

Tompkins in Westchester and Beekman
In the 1790 NY census for Beekman there is a Cornelius Tompkins living beside a William White and the administration documents below connect a Cornelius Tompkins in Beekman to a Nathaniel Tompkins in North-Castle, Westchester Co. Probably Cornelius is the same man in both records. Are these Tompkins connected to those in Philipstown?

Where did William White, of Peekskill Hollow, Philipstown live in 1790? He is not in the 1790 Philipstown census. Was he the William White in Beekman? Where in Beekman did Cornelius Tompkins live?

2. PHILIPSE PRECINCT, DUTCHESS DEEDS, 1774 - 1788, Vol 7-9, copy
There are 2 versions of this film. The "copy" version is an easy to read transcription and the image number is in the chart below. The index link takes you to the first image of the index pages. Move through them if you wish to see other names.

FHL film numbers: 565021 (copy), 565013 (original).
Note: Dutchess Deeds, 1780-88, Vol 2 is a different volume but with the same deeds.

The records below come from the New York, Land Records, 1630-1975 at the Familysearch.org web site. Specifically the Dutchess County deeds. Links to the film images are provided and a short synopsis of what each record states is given.
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Volume Page / deed Image date Seller Buyer Details
7   276 Index 2pgs
8 61/264 341 20 Nov 1782 Bev Robinson Cornelius Tompkins Phillipe precinct, Dutchess, on map by Benjamin Morgan as farm no. 14, lot 4, 240 acres.
8 79 358 11 Apr 1783 Bev Robinson Reuben Tompkins Phillipe precinct, Dutchess, 217 1/2 acres
8 96 375 16 Nov 1783 Bevy Robinson Joshua Tompkins Phililipe precinct, Dutchess, starting north line of Abraham Posts land and SE corner Amos Odles [Odell] land, … in the division line of Fredericksburgh and Phillipse precincts, 112 acres.
8 103/396 382

388 in original
23 Oct 1783 Bevy Robinson William White Phillipe precinct, Dutchess, beginning SW corner Cornelius Tompkins land  … then along the lands of Jonathan Miller …. Then along the lands of Anthony Fields … then along the lands of Nathaniel Tompkins … , 179 1/2 acres, 26.18.6
8 106 385 25 Oct 1783 Bevy Robinson Nathaniel Tompkins Phillipe precinct, Dutchess, beginning at SW corner of Cornelius Tompkins farm, south … along lands of John Denny .. Then along lands of Mary Conklin .. Then along lands of Nathaniel Gager … then along the lands of William White , 219 acres.
8 127-8 406/7 10 Feb 1785 Bevy Robinson Joshua Tompkins Phililipe precinct, Dutchess,  … to the lands of Reuben Tompkins … to the Division line between Fredericksburgh and Phillipse precincts … at the NE corner of Oliver Odles land, 185 acres.
8   415 Index 4pgs
9 143-6 495/6 21 Feb 1785 Charles Christon, of Dutchess, yeoman William White of Phillipse precinct, Dutchess, yeoman for 15, beginning at upper swamp of Thomas Williams lands. Witnesses; Cornelius Tompkins Jur and Cornelius Tompkins.
9   657 Index      


Philipstown refers to the whole of Philipse Precinct, Dutchess County before the area became Putnam County in 1812. The three excerpts of transcriptions of early Philipse documents below are from chapter 10 of this book posted here.
  • Cornelius Tompkins, William White, Reuben Tompkins, Joshua Tompkins and Nathaniel Tompkins all are named in a list of names from the [Philipstown] records from 1772 to 1785.
  • "The northeastern part of the town is the north end of Lot No. 4 of Philipse Patent, and generally known as 'Beverly Robinson's Long Lot.' This portion of the town is mountainous, and thinly inhabited. The eastern part was annexed to the town of Kent some years ago."
  • "At a town meeting in Philipse Precinct, in Dutchess county, on the 5th day of April, 1772." [excerpts below]
    • Beverley Robinson, supervisor.
    • Cornelius Tompkins, Pound master for Peekskill Hollow
    • Wm. White, Highway master for the road from Wm. Dusenbury's, up Peekskill Hollow, to the bridge near Lewis Jones, which bridge he is to make with his hands and to continue up the Hollow to the line of Fredericksburg Precinct.
    • N. B. all the foregoing persons were chosen unanimously except Cornelius Tompkins Poor master, who was opposed by Uriah Drake, who demanded a poll at the close of which Cornelius Tompkins had 47 votes, Uriah Drake 35 do, 12 difference upon which Cor's Tompkins was declared poor master."
Source: Historical and Genealogical  Record Dutchess and Putnam Counties, New York, Press of the A. V. Haight Co., Poughkeepsie, New York, 1912; Chapter 10, pp. 211-240; Transcribed by Terri Griffiths.

"William White Highwaymaster for the Roade from William Dusenberrs up Peekskill Hollow to the Bridge near Lewis Jones which bridge he is to make with his hands & to continue up the Hollow to the Line of Fredericksburgh Precinct." [154]
William White appears on a list of names that appear on the town record from 1772 to 1782. [157]
Source: The History of Putnam County, WilliamJ. Blake, New York, 1849, on line at Internet Archive, pages 153-7.

1801 JUSTICE of the PEACE
Cornelius Tompkins of Philipstown, Dutchess County is appointed Justice of the Peace.
Source: Headline: The Centinel, Albany, August 25, 1801. Appointments, &C. by the Hon. Council of Appointment,  Albany 1791 LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION
[Note: This permission to administer the estate of Nathaniel Tompkins of North-Castle, Westchester Co, NY by Cornelius Tompkins of Beekman suggests a link to the Cornelius who is in the 1790 Census in Beekman.]

Cornelius Tompkins of Philips, Dutchess County is appointed Justice of the Peace.
Source: Headline: The following Commissions Have Been Received in the Clark's Office of Dutchess County;
Paper: Political Barometer; Date: 6 March 1811; Volume: IX; Issue: 41; Page: [3]; Location: Poughkeepsle, New York, Ancestry

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Note that William White is not recorded in Phillipstown for the 1790 census. He appears to be in Beekman Patent.

Joshua Tomkins - 2/2/4/./.
Joshua Tomkins Jr - 1/1/3/./.
James Tomkins - 1/3/2/././
Cornelius Tomkins - 1/3/3/./.
Amos Odell - 1/2/3/./.
Nathaniel Tomkins - 3/4/4/./.
Charles Curvie - 1/4/3/././
Stephen Tomkins - 1/3/2/././
Mary Conklin - 3/1/2/./.
Reuben Tomkins - 1/4/3/./.
James Tomkins - 1/1/3/./.

[Note: This permission to administer the estate of Nathaniel Tompkins of North-Castle, Westchester Co, NY by Cornelius Tompkins of Beekman suggests a link to the Cornelius who is in the 1790 Census in Beekman.]

12 Jan 1791, To Cornelius Tompkins of the town of Beekman n the County of Dutchess ... whereas Nathaniel Tompkins of of North Castle in the County of Westchester as is alleged, lately died intestate ... do grant unto you the said Cornelius Tompkins ... the power to administer and faithully dispose .....
Source 1:
New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971>Westchester>Letters of administration 1777-1818 vol A-C [Vol A page 81]  Image 48 of 540
Source 2: p. 81, Nathaniel Tompkins of North Castle, dec'd, int; Letters granted Cornelius Tompkins of Beekman, Dutchess Co., 12 Jan 1791. NYGBR, 1928

12 Jan 1791; Know all men by these presents that we Cornelius Tompkins of the Town of Beekman in the County of Dutchess, Lewis Jones of Brookhaven in Suffolk County, and Nathaniel Conklin of North Castle in Westchester County are bound ... for 300 ... . Inventory taken 15 Jan 1791 and filed 9 Nov 1791. List of people who received advances from the estate: Stephen Tompkins, Enoch Tompkins, Thomas Tompkins, Mary Conklin, Martha Jones, Hannah Jones, Sarah Rhodes, Elizabeth Jones, Amos Tompkins, Joshua Tompkins, Nathaniel Tompkins, Cornelius Tompkins, Richard Tompkins.
Estate Papers: New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971>Westchester>Estate papers 1775-1796 no 4 [1791 Item 11] Image 539 to 545 of 904

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6. DUTHCESS COUNTY DEEDS from 1786 to 1807

Dutchess Deeds, 1786 - 1794, Vol 10-12, copy, Film 565022 (copy) and 565014
Volume Page / deed Image date Seller Buyer Details
7 - 8 Index No Acker, Eckart, Tompkins, White
544-6 Index


Johnathan G Tompkins + wife Sarah, Scarsdale, Westchester


Thomas White of Washington.
452 491
John White

Not our family.
554-61 Index No Acker, Eckart, Tompkins, White

Dutchess Deeds, 1794 - 1797, Vol 13-14, copy, Film 565023 (copy) and 565015
Volume Page / deed Image date Seller Buyer Details
251 - 255 Index



Joseph Tompkins


Ichabod White, Charlotte, Great Nine Partners
259 - 263 Index No Acker, Eckart, Tompkins or White

Dutchess Deeds, 1797- 1799, Vol 15, copy, Film 565024 (copy) and 565016
Volume Page / deed Image date Seller Buyer Details
4 to 10 Index No Acker, Eckart or White
352 186?

John Tompkins Could not find the record.

Dutchess Deeds, 1799- 1802, Vol 16-17, copy, Film 565025 (copy) and 565017
VolumePage / deedImagedateSellerBuyerDetails
6 - 10 Index No Acker, Eckart or White
61 41
6 Apr 1799
Nehemiah Tompkins William Pollock, taylor
Nehemial Tompkins, of Fishkill, Margaret his wife, sells for 200 sells to Wm Pollock of the same place, lot of land on north side of road in Fishkill leading to the landing, adjoining land lateky owned by Obediah Cooper and now byThomas Fryers ... Thomas Payers ... Peter Clump ... Michael Frederick   ... ? Fantine
299 - 303 Index No Acker, Eckart, Tompkins or White

Dutchess Deeds, 1803-1807, Vol 18-19, Film 565026.
To be examined.

7. CHURCH RECORDS - Phillipstown and Rombout [Fishkill]
A great reference book is Dutchess County, NY Churches and their Records: An Historical Directory, Linda Koehler, Pub. Kinship, 1994. Copy at the UELAC Library, Toronto Branch, Scollard St, Toronto, F129 K44.

So far, the only church record we have to locate any of the White family is that of Elizabeth Acker who married Cornelius White. She was born  either 11 Jun 1772 according to John Stevenson Barker's records or 1 Jul 1772 according the Hopewell Reformed Church in East Fishkill below.

Child:   Elizabeth   Reference ID: 198
Birth Date:   1 Jul 1772
Bapt. Date:   15 Nov 1772
Parents:   Hannes Eckar; Christina Poull
Source:   Hopewell Dutch Reformed Church, Hopewell, Township of East Fishkill

The following church records are listed in order of establishment in the Phillipse Precinct north to Fishkill in Rombout and east to Beekman town in Beekman Patent.

  1. Oswego Friends Meeting, Union Vale, Beekman Precinct [1750]
  2. Baptist Church of Christ on Philips patent [1751]
    • No records have survived.
  3. Trinity Episcopal Church, Fishkill Village, Rombout Precinct [1756]
    • LDS films 0017636, 0017117 & 0017616 include 6 pages of parish register: members, births and some marraiges 1733-1808 with some baptisms 1797-1805 and gravestone inscriptions. LDS film 0860334 includes "Account of families in Trinity Church, Fishkill, NY" collected by a local DAR chapter.
  4. Reformed Dutch Church, Hopewell, town of East Fishkill, Rombout Precinct, [1757]
    • LDS films 0533470, 0930133, and 0017636 cover indexed original and transcribed records of: baptisms 1758-1880; marriages 1765-1788, 1805-1880; deaths 1857-1880; various membership lists 1765-1880 and biographies of pastors.
    • Marriages 1766-1788 and 1805-1829 are indexed in the IGI.
    • NYGBR (1947) 78:161-6 and (1948) 79:17-20 cover marriages 1766-1788 and 1805-1829.
    • NYGBR (1908) 39:242; inscriptions of 30 headstones from the church yard.
    • Hopewell Reformed Church Baptisms 1758-1891 - on line - no White or Tompkins
    • Hopewell Reformed Church Marriages 1766-1882 - on line - no White or Tompkins
  5. Reformed Dutch Church, New Hackensack, town of Wappingers Falls, Rombout Precinct [1758]
    • The Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Hackensack, V5, Dutchess Co. HS, 1932. This includes baptisms 1757-1906; marriages 1765-1906; members, officers from 1765.
    • LDS films 1206459 and 0017789 include indexed transcripts same as from the book.
    • Baptisms 1757-1875 and marriages 1765-1880 are indexed on the IGI.
  6. Episcopal Church, Beekman, Beekman Precinct [1767]
  7. Poughquag Friends Meeting, Beekman, Beekman Precicnt [1771]
  8. Kent & Fishkill Baptist Church, Farmers Mills, Phillips Precinct, later Putnam Co. [1782]
    • Today located in Carmel, NY.
    • Organized as a branch of the Pawling and Beekman churches.
    • No records before 1795.
  9. Baptist Church, Middlebush, town of Wappinger, Rombout Precinct [1782]
    • No records for our time period of interest.
  10. First Baptist Church, Fishkill Plains, Rombout Precinct [1782]
  11. Baptist Church, Oswego, Beekman Precinct [1790?]
  12. St Ann's Episcopal Church, Beekman, Beekman Precinct [1793]


This information below was collected by Jeanne Ross and is posted here with her permission. "There are dozens and dozens more Whites in the Grantor (seller) and Grantee (buyer) indexes but mostly after 1800, except there is a Daniel White buying land in 1776, a William White in 1785, and Ebenezer White in 1785 and 1786."


January 2, 1690/91

In Persuiant of and Order of the last Court of Session held at West Chester in the month of November last past concerning the settling of the Estate of Nathaniel White late of East Chester deceased, Mr. Justice Pell and Mr Justice Penton being appointed by said Court for to Settle the same Repairs to East Chester and appearing at the house of John Drake of the town aforesaid and hath ordered the same and hath also admitted the said John Drake to be Administrator of said Estate.

Isaak Taylor of the town aforsaid upon an Agreement made with the Administrator about Sarah White the daughter of the said Nathaniel White for the consideration for the bringing her up which is condes??? _ by the Administrator (Viz) that he shall have one Con and five pounds out of the moveables to bring the said Sarah up until she comes of age which is Accepted by the said Isaak Taylor before the Justices Aforesaid.

And William White the Sone of the said Nathaniel White is put in the care and tuiton of the Administrator John Drake which children are disposed of according to the desire of their father deceased.

An inventory of the estate follows  dated 15 November 1690

Signatures to the inventory are Thomas Pinkney, John Drake and Samuel Causton


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1684-1708 vol A-C, Image 518 of 572

[use same URL as above but select Deeds 1684-1708 vol A-C instead and enter 518 in the image box]

November 23, 1704

Sarah White, daughter and orphan of Nathaniel White late of the town of Eastchester . .  .  my uncle John Drake .  .  .

It goes on to say that she is satisfied that he has met his obligation to her.

Witnesses: Samuel Causten and Edward Collier


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F, Image 167 of 584

June 20, 1712

John Drake of Eastchester sells land "at a place called Nonesuch" in Eastchester near land owned by Joseph Drake to William White

Witnesses: Will. Anderton and Roger Barton


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F, Image 173 of 584

May 18, 1713

Joseph Drake Esq of Easchester sells land to William White adjacent to another piece of land belonging to William White

Witnesses: Moses Fowler and Roger Barton


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F, Image 234 of 584

April 4, 1714

John Drake Junr of Eastchester, Yoeman, sells land to William White of Eastchester, Yoeman, in a place called Nenesedge in Eastchester, adjacent to land owned by Nathaniel Tompkins, and another piece owned by William White

Witnesses: Isaac Lawrence and Moses Fowler


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F, Image 235 of 584

Feb. 9, 1714/15

John Yeates of Flushing, Queens, Nassau, cordwainer, sells land and buildings in Eastchester to William White of Eastchester, Yoeman, adjacent to lands owned by John Drake and Nathaniel Tompkins

Witnesses: Isaac Lawrence and Moses Fowler


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F, Image 343 of 584

July 20, 1719

John Vail [wife Dorcas] of Eastchester sells land to William White of Eastchester adjacent to Isaac Taylor's land and another piece of land owned by William White

Witnesses: Isaac Freeheel and J. Gifford


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1708-1730 vol D-F

Image 516 of 584

April 6, 1729

William White, Yoeman of Mamaroneck of Westchester sells a piece of land to Isaac Taylor of Eastchester.  The parcel is located in Eastchester and is adjacent to other property belonging to Isaac Taylor

Witnesses John Drake and John Oner


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1715-1786 vol G-H, Image 15 of 683

April 29, 1732

William White of Scarsdale, Westchester sells land located in the town of Eastchester to William Baker of Eastchester. One corner of the land is adjacent to a piece of land that William White recently sold to Rachel Taylor.

Witnesses: Edmund Ward, John Oner, Samuel Thorn


New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Westchester>Deeds 1715-1786 vol G-H, Image 226 of 683

[ I am unclear who is the previous owner of the land, but perhaps William White based on how it is listed in the Grantor Index I used to find these.]

July 17, 1732

Land laid out granted and allotted to William Pickney Sr . .  . lying in ye patent of East Chester .  .  . being adjoyning by William Pickney's land near Huchensons River .  .  . the road now runs by William Pickneys Junr house and from there .  .  . roade that goes to Nathaniel Tompkings junrs house to Nathaniel Tompkings Senr bounded corner

Signed by Nathaniel N Tompkings, Isaac Lawrence June, William Whit


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