William White Chloe Chard Sidney Township Hastings County

William White, 1779 - 1850

His wife Chloe Chard, Sidney and Rawdon Tp.

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William White and his wife Chloe Chard settled early in Sidney Townshp. He can be confused with the other William White who married Hannah Tompkins and also settled in Sidney. It appears the two families are not closely related. The information is posted here to guide WHITE researchers to separate the two families.

The lineage information below
came to me from Peter Johnson via other people and is from "The Mack & Sine Familes" by Harry and Edwin Mack. Peter writes that the date of publication is uncertain, but some research was done circa 1913, and this publication seems to date from the 1940s or 50s. I am concerned about copyright and hopefully someone close to the author can contact me about this material.

In my own research I have come across this record below for William and also his son Benoni first shows up in 1842 (p 91) in the Sidney Township Minute book under the 8th Concession, so he likely inherited the farm from his father.

1. Militia List - Sgt William White, age 39, Sidney, Lot 5, Conc 8, Sidney, dated 22 Apr 1815.
Source: Early Militia Lists of Hastings County, 1799-1826, Don Kellaway, OGS, 1994, TPL Can. Rm, p. 3
Note: In checking the Lot 15, Conc 8 there was no mention of Wm White as owner. The land was Clergy Reserve and may have been leased.

William White & Chloe Chard

Chloe Chard m March 29 1807 by Elder Turner Bap Min to William White. She was b Aug 9 1789 in Caughnawaga Township, Montgomery County, New York, d April 15 1872. He was b Middletown, Conn Nov 30 1779, d April 3, 1850 both buried Carmel Cemetery Rawdon Township, as are several of their children. They settled on the east bank of the Trent River, Concession 8 Sidney afterwards known as White's Eddy. He was the Gov't scaler and had control of all oak timber and staves exported from that area. He bought, in 1809, land in the 1st and 2nd concession ** land belonging to Joseph Rosebush Sr. He was in the Hastings County Militia War of 1812.  
** [Note: The above underlined statement is an error, as this land was sold to the 'other' William White and after his death it went to his son Reuben White. See the notes
at the bottom of this web page that support this correction.]
The following relates to his ancestry; note that the maiden name of his mother was Rachel White.
John White b Chelmsford, County Seat of Essex County England in 1595. Came with wife Mary and two children on Ship Lyon with Capt Pierce sailing in June arriving to America Sept 16 1632. Was one of the Elders in Rev. Hookers Baptist Congregation Assigned to town of Cambridge then Newport for settlement. John White’s Lot was on Cow Yard Row, not far from where Gere Hall the Harvard Univ. Library Bldgs now stand. He was admitted as a freeman on March 4 1633 & in Feb 1635 was elected as one of seven to do business for the town. In 1636 went with Rev Hooker to the new town at Hartford Conn. Was one of the original Proprietors & also one of the Selectmen. He died of age at Hartford·in 1684. Had 4 sons and two daughters. Capt Nathaniel White the eldest son of John b in England 1629 was one of the 1st settlers and proprietors of Middletown, Conn. Was a member of the Legislature & for 50 yrs was deputy for that town. Died Aug 11 1711 aged 82. By Will left ¼ of his lands to public schools probably the 1st legacy to the public schools in America. He had 5 sons and three daughters. Ensign Daniel White 3rd son of Nathaniel was b Middletown Feb 23,1661. Held various offices d Dec 18 1739, had 8 sons and three daughters. Hugh White 5th son of Daniel b Feb 15 1691 m Mary Stone of Guilford lived in Middletown, had 3 sons and 4 daughters.
Hon. Hugh White youngest son of Hugh b Middletown Conn Feb 5 1733 m Mary Clarke of Middletown had 5 sons and 3 daughters wife d in 1774, 2nd wife was Mrs Lois Davenport widow of Rev Ebenezer Davenport pastor of the Congregational Church.
In 1776 his eldest child Rachel born Middletown in 1757 m Chaucey White recently from Scotland and no relation. Chaucey died in 1780 leaving a dau 3 ½ yrs old and William above b Nov 30,1779. Rachel and children returned to her father's home. Hugh White served as Commissary in the Revolutionary War, soon after the War joined in the purchase of Sedan-Queda Patent with Zephaniah Platt, Ezra L'Hommedien & Melanchton Smith. He was a selectman in Middletown 1779-1783. In spring moved with his family to what was to be Whitesboro, arrived June 5 1784. It was the first white settlement west of the German settlements on the Mohawk. He divided his 1500 acres with his children. Soon thereafter William the son of Rachel became the PLEDGE to the Indians for three days altho the ANNALS of Oneida County relates that it was his sister. In 1784 the place was a part of Tryon County then changed to. Montgomery County. In 1788 the Town of Whitesboro was created.In 1791 Herkimer was created out of Montgomery, Whitesboro became the County Seat and Hugh White became the judge. He d April 13 1829. See Monument East of the center of the Park at Whitestown. See tablet in Cemetery on the Hill. The town was first called Sedauquate. Rachel moved with her father to Whitesboro, her dau died in 1788 buried Whitesboro.
Later Rachel m John Allen moving to near Stirling when the place was nearly all forest, Belleville called Meyers Creek, William of course coming with them. John &: Rachel had: Moses went to Michigan and was m there, John m Betsy Hoard, Aaron m Eliza Gould, Polly m Lewis Gould, Abigail m Cornelius Thrasher, Aurelia m Alonzo Bacon and Mary m J .Butler. Most of them moved to Michigan.
The 3rd husband of Rachel was a Johnson.
Chloe Chard and William White had eleven children.
(1) Philo b April 1 1809 d April 3 1891. He was a civil engineer writer & farmer a prominent Baptist of Rawdon, he donated land off of his farm for the Carmel Cemetery. On Aug 18 1835 Elder John Wilson Baptist Minister of Trenton m him to Nancy Thrasher b April 15 1810 she d July 25 1858. He m Fanny Monroe May 8, 1860 b Feb 3 1809 d Oct 2 1885. Fanny was a widow, a dau of Sam Rosebush ?, lst husband Monroe & Fanny had two children, it is said Elizabeth who m Tobias Rosebush and Mary Anne dec Feb 4 1905 who m Wm? Hinds.
Children Philo & Nancy: (A) Edwin b June 10 1836 d Dec 13 1861, (B) Charlotte b May 9 1837 d Jan 10 1856 (C) Lucinda Helen b June 27 1838 d Nov 30 1867 m William Weese see gen under Weese (D) William Harrison b Jan 29 1841 d May 18 1868, (E) Ray Hazeltone b Aug 1 1844 m Lucinda Sharp (F) Chaucey b Dec 8 1850 d Dec 1 1856 (G) Chloe b June 26 1854 d Nov 15 1856, (H) Azubah Ann b 1846 d May 21 1924 an invalid for 42 yrs m Allan Wescott Dec 29 1864 b Dec 27 1831 d April 24 1917 s of James & Huldah Wescott. They had one daughter Bertha Amelia b June 27 1880 d April 21 1929.
(2) Melanchton White b Feb 5 1811 d Mar 17 1891 m Phoebe Danford b 1827 May 8, 1848. Chn: Wi11iam b 185l, Allan, Elizer, Mary Melissa.
(3) Elam b Aug 8 1813 d April 29 1891 m Amelia Seeley b 1815, Dec 29,1834 children: Chloe Ann, Louisa, Mary Jane b 1841, Tryphena b l846, Charlotte b l849, Spencer b 1852 and Ezra b 1854.
(4) Benoni b Oct 23 1815 d Aug 10 1892 m Eunice b 1826 Jan 22, 1845 Children: Philip b 1848, Emma 1851, Amos 1853, Catherine 1855, Annie 1858, George 1860.
(5) Tryphena White b Jan 4 1818 d May 10 1894 m Joseph Ralph Oct 11 1848 son of John from Scotland, Joseph died in 1862 Children: John & Annie unm, James m Josephine Ashley 2nd Winnefred Black no issue.
(6) Samantha b March 24 1820 d May 24 1887 m Jacob Sharp Sept 17,1837 Chn: James William, Chloe, Aure1a, Henry, Jacob, Jane, Eliza, Albert, George, Gilbert Sanford and Violet.
(7) Lucinda White b May 16 1822 in John Brooks see Brooks Gen that follows.
(8) Catherine White b Oct 6, 1824 d Jan 1914 b Wood1awn Cem Syracuse,N.Y. She was the 2nd wife of Benjamin DeLong m Oct 12, 1850 he was b April 24,1814 d Nov 28, l893. They had two children William and Lucinda. William lived in New York had a son George who 1ived near Central Square, N.Y. , Lucinda was b 1851 d Nov 16, 1918, she m Alfred Hilton b 1850 d 1887 lived in Syracuse. Chn: Wil1iam P., Bessie Augusta and Benjamin DeLong.
(A)William P. Hilton, b Sept 12,1875 lives 534 Mass Ave Norfolk 8 VA m Ella Maude Baker b Aug 20,1874, June 24,1897 have 5 children.  
(B) Bessie Augusta Hilton m Louis Jacob Bangert no issue now a widow lives Alhambra, CA. She was a member of the D.A.R. as a descendent of Barce Chard, she gave her niece Marjorie her family History and Genealogy.
(C) Benjamin DeLong Hilton b Syracuse April 14, 1882 d Cortland N.Y. Nov 13,1947 m Dorothy E. Pomeroy Sept 10, 1907 they had four chn widow lives 62 Port Watson
St, Cortland, NY.
(9) Allen White b Jan 6,1828 d June 4, 1904 m Eliza Ann Rosebush dau Joseph b 1831, June 11, 1850. children: Aaron b 1851 said to have m an Anderson no issue, Barc Amelia Ann b 1853, Aurilla Jane b 1855 a spinster kept house for Joseph Rosebush son of Edward, Margaret, Tryphena b 1857 m a Reddick, had dau Florence, Mary Sophia b 1858 m a Smith, Henry Wilbert. 2nd wife of Allen was Sabra Sophia McKee and they had Sarah Elizabeth.
(10) Ambrose b Jan 11, 1831 d Jan 27, 1832.
(11) Henry B. the eleventh child of Chloe Chard and William White called Harry b Aug 24, 1833 d Sept 30,1915 m Abigail Emeline Lawrence June 5, 1860 a dau of James and Abigail (Rosebush) Lawrence. Had dau Florence Emeline. 2nd wife Lutia had Henry Arden and by 3rd wife Emma none. Henry moved to N.Y. and was 1n Whitestown in 1884 when they celebrated their Centennial. He lived in Syracuse wit his son later near Central Square, N.Y.
Lucinda White as above noted m John Brooks m Jan 28,1845. She d Jan 17, 1901 was b March 3, 1822 died Jan 12,1909. John was the only child of James Brooks Mary (Wright Searles) Brooks, Mary being the widow of Selah Sear1es. Lucinda and John had eight children. . ,
(A) Mary Auzilia b Aug 1,1846 d Sept 18, 1847.
(B) James William b April 20,1850 d June 19,1896 m Beatrice Lauder McMurchy 10, 1873 b May 10,1852 d July 29,1917 had seven children
(C) Catherine Cecelia b March 17, 1848 d Jan 2, 1934 m Feb 19,1873 George Thacker Iveson b Nov 20, 1846 d Sept 22, 1932
(D) Elam Winfield b Feb 7, 1853 d Feb 1917 m Ella Ashley Dec 3,1889 she d Jun 1894 2nd wife Catherine Embury m Feb 3,1897
(E) Henry Willington Brooks b Aug 20 1856 m Elizabeth Fiss May 11, 1888 b Aug 1865
(F) Samantha Jane Brooks b Nov 17, 1857 d 1938 m Feb 8, 1888 George Allen Winter b Dec 29, 1862
(G) Edwin Wilbert Brooks b July 23, 1861 d April 9,1862.
(H) Samuel Wright Brooks b Oct 16, 1866 d April 15, 1932 m Dec 14, 1892 Luella May Wager d June 1948 divorced m Aurelia Creghina Moresi b Dec 5, 1866 d 1929

Proof that William White (Chard) did not buy land in Concession 1 and 2 in Sidney.
The records below show the lots in question moving from the other William White to his son Reuben. Cornelius White is the oldest son of William White and the executor of the estate and sells the lot to his brother Reuben. This shows the statement above is an error.

On 28 June 1809, Joseph Rosebush, Sidney, sells to William White, Sidney, yeoman, Lot 13, E1/2, Conc 1, Sidney, 142 acres. Witnessed by Stephen White, and Stephen Tomkins, both of Sidney on 3 Apr 1810. Reg 3 May 1810.
Source: Hastings County Copybooks, Vol A-D, 1800-1821, AO, GS 4198, [GSU 197905 is unreadable], Vol A, #64

On 21 Mar 1809, Ann Simmons, now Ann Porter, Timothy Porter, Christeen Simmons, now Christeen Henesy and James Henesy husband of Christeen and Timothy Porter husband of Ann Porter, Murray and Ameliasburgh Townships sell to William White, Sidney, yeoman, 140 acres, E1/2, Lot 12, Conc 1, Sidney, witnessed by John Smith, Sidney; John Emons, Ameliasburgh; William Ondendyke, Sidney; Stephen White, Sidney; Henry Simmons, Murray and Jonas Lott. Registered 24 May 1820.
Source: Hastings County Copybooks, Vol A-D, 1800-1821, AO, GS 4198, [GSU 197905 is unreadable], Vol D, #553

On 11 Dec 1815, Cornelius White, Hallowell, sells to Reuben White, Sidney the E 1/2 of Lot 12 and all of Lot 13, Conc 1, Sidney for 600 pounds. Witnessed by John Dockstader and William Kelley both of Sidney. Signed 16 Dec 1815 and Reg 18 Dec 1815.
Source: Hastings County Copybooks, Vol A-D, 1800-1821, AO, GS 4198, [GSU 197905 is unreadable], Vol C, #325
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