Upper Canada Land Petition Thurlow Township 1824

Petition Regarding the Base Line of Thurlow

1824 Upper Canada Land Petition

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

The petitions below deal with fixing the base line in the back concessions of Thurlow Township, Hastings County in 1824.
Source: Upper Canada Land Petitions, Thurlow, 1824, bundle T14, #64, Archives of Ontario, Film C-2835
Randy Saylor,  transcribed 17 Apr 2008

To His Excellency Major General Sir Peregrine Maitland Knight Commander of the most Honorable Military Order of the Bath Knights of the Russian Order of St George and of Will? In the Netherlands &c &c &c in Council

We your Excellencys petitioners
humbly implore that this our petition may be granted which is that the base Line which has been run by His Majesty's Surveyor Mr Cuth?? may stand which has been sworn to or which may be seen by referring to the Clerk of the County where the Oath is deposited and We your Petitoners of the Township of Thurlow would sustain a great loss by having the Base line altered and we trust and confide that the goodness and clemency of your Excellency will not permit any other Base line to be run and We your Petitioners have settled according to the Old Survey of which the Base line was run by External and internal offsets where we your Petitioners being the oldest settlers have erected our buildings and made our improvements accordingly and your petitoners as in Duty bound will ever Pray
March 17th 1824

William Bell
Thomas Weston
Coonrad Frederick
George Redick
Frederick Post
William Post
John his X mark Post
Daniel Young  Lot no 31
John W Maybee of Thurlow Lot no 29
Wm McMullen   No 28
Caleb Palmer  no 31 first concession
Andrew Kennedy  [Rennedy??]
David Fairman
Thomas M Town
James Lindsey

Peter Vanlot
James his X mark McGrow
George Fairman ??
Stephen Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence
Peter Holmes
Daniel Lawrence junior
his X mark Palmer
Stephen F Bell
William B Bell
William Fairman Senr
Nathaniel Miller
Joseph P Huyck
his X mark Fairman

To His Excellency ???? ???? Lieut Govr of the Province of UC &c &c In Council

The Petition of sundry of the Inhabitants of the Township of Thurlow in the Midland District Humbly Representeth
That your Excellencys Petitioners having settled in the Eighth and Ninth concessions of said Township, now find ourselves subject to much inconvenience, arising from the impossibility of ascertaining the boundaries of our Lands, in consequence of the Lines never having been run between the Seventh and Eighth  and eighth and Ninth Concessions in thsi Township   We therefore humbly pray that your Excellency would be pleased to order these lines to be run, and stakes set up, and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray
April 2nd 1825

Thomas Dix
John Phillips
Jacob Dafoe
Jacob Young
Jacob Mitts
Thomas Halstead
William Emerson
H N Griffin??
Archibald Griffin??
Jacob Gardanier?

To His Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland Knight Commander of the most Honorable Military Order of the Bath Lieutenant Govenor of the Province of Upper Canada and major General Commanding His Majestys Forces therein  &c &c In Council

The Petition of sundry Inhabitants of the Township of Thurlow in the Midland District
Humbly Sheweth
That where the base line of the township of Thurlow has never been correctly run out divers disputes have arisen and are likely to arise respecting it.  Your petitioners humbly pray that your Excellency in Council may be pleased to order a Deputy Surveyor to survey and establish the same at the expense of your petitioners, who as in duty bound will ever pray

Jacob Katyebach [should be Jacob Ketchabaw - thanks to Bonny Campbell for this.]
John Roblin
David French
George Fairman
Wm McMullen
Wm McDonell
James Harris
John Taylor
George Bleecker
William Zwick
John Carscallen
Andrew Ransier
Thomas Weston
John Palmer
Wm Fairman
William Hall
Richard Dohkloom??
John Caniff

[Notes on the fold]
Petition of Inhabitants of Thurlow  No 64

Government House
3rd May 1825
Referred to the Surveyor General to report hereon for the information of His Excellency The Lieut Governor

It does not appear that any survey has ever been made of the 8th and 9th Concession lines in the Township of Thurlow, a Survey thereof may therefore be made at the expense of the petitioners, if it be your Excellency's pleasure
for the Lieut Gov
SGO 10th May 1825 ?? Ridout

In Council 11th May 1825
It appears by the report of the Surveyor General, that no actual survey has been made of the 8th and 9th Concessions of Thurlow, altho' the lots under grant are described by imaginary metes and bounds   The Committee - respectfully recommend that an actual survey be now made to correspond to the Titles , notwithstanding so long occupation and improvements, but to effect this safely, the Petitoners - proprietors should assent to such a measure  WDP

Sent a copy of the whole to the Surveyor generals
28 May 1825

Entered in land Book
M page 330
See T16, No 4

I assume David and George FAIRMAN are the sons of John FAIRMAN Sr. UE.  I am not sure who the John listed is as John Sr. died 1826 or 1827 so don't know how active he was just before that, and John Jr. was likely in Sophiasburgh Tp well before that. The William FAIRMAN is likely a different family. George FAIRMAN is buried at Vanderwater Cem in Sidney Tp, and David moved c1830 to Seymour Tp.  
Source: email Peter Johnson, Apr 24, 2008