George Smith, son of Jacob Smith, Sidney Township

George Smith, son of Jacob Smith

Sidney Township

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We are trying to identify the father of John Smith who married Margaret Meyers. She was the daughter of Leonard Meyers and a granddaughter of Capt. John W Meyers. There are so many "John Smiths" around that it is proving a challenge. The working hypothesis is that Jacob George Smith who was granted lot 15, concession 1 in Sidney is the father of George Smith and the grandfather of John Smith. I would like to thank Eric Bowler, Peter Johnson and Anne Redish for all their enthusiasm and help.

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  1. Overview
  2. First there was Jacob Smith in Fredericksburgh
  3. Then there was Jacob George Smith in Sidney
  4. George Smith, son of Jacob Smith
  5. Possible son: John Smith, b. abt 1793 and who married Margaret Meyers
  6. Mildred Sussell on John Smith and Margaret Meyers
  7. Probable son of George: Peter Smith, 1797 - 1861 m. Sarah
  8. Possible son of George: Philo Smith
  9. Henry Smiths of Marysburgh

Peter Johnson has proposed the following. That Jacob SMITH Sr. UE  1726-1790 is not on Executive Council List because of his early death date. He settled and died in Fredericksburg. Peter writes that, "Realistically I don't see that Jacob G. SMITH UE 1741 would be the son of Jacob SMITH Sr. 1726. Not enough of a spread. The date for Jacob Sr. is from Gavin Watt. I doubt this is the Jacob who married in 1788. Jacob 1726 died in 1790 and was listed as old or infirm before that." See page 3 and 15 of this pdf titled Romough Family. This chart shows an extensive lineage for this Smith/Schmidt family. Thanks to Virginia Hannay for finding this link.

Jacob George SMITH UE, 1741 - aft 1796, is granted Lot 15, Con 1, Sidney. He is the one who petitions in 1796 below and is listed as Jacob "Sr" on 
Executive Council List.

Peter writes that he has "no problem" identifying George SMITH, 1771 - 1847,  as the son of the above Jacob George SMITH and he takes over the farm on Lot 15, Con 1, Sidney and leaves a will. This is consistent with the 1810 declaration by Arra Rose. George names
9 children in his will and two of his sons are John and Peter. The 1792 marriage of George SMITH certainly seems to be 'our' George especially when you consider some of the names of the witnesses - esp. Johannes LOTT.

So far we hypothesize that John George SMITH  1794 - 1881/91 who married Marg't MEYERS is one of his sons. Also, Peter SMITH, 1797 - 1861 who settled on Lot 7, Con 4, Sidney is another son. Both are presented below.

Peter concludes by writing that, "I am having great difficulty settling on the earlier history of this Jacob G. Was he born 1741 as Gavin WATT indicates and was he the UE?   There was a George J in Fredericksburgh who petitioned apparently about 1833 (have not found the petition) as son of Jacob of Fredericksburgh. He could be the George who died in 1853 and was married to a LUCAS. Definitely not 'our' George."

Peter's big question is:  Is Jacob SMITH UE in the KRRNY the same person as Jacob G. who settled in Sidney?

This Jacob Schmitt is not on the UE list due to his early death. We feel that this Jacob Schmitt of Fredericksburg is NOT the father of Jacob George Smith who was granted lot 15, con 1, in Sidney in 1796. What record gives his birth as 1726?

3 Aug 1788, Jacob Schmitt, 3rd twp [Fredericksburg] & Elizabeth Frez, of same, Witnesses; Peter Bowen, Margaret Schmitt, Nicholas Schmitt
Source: Anglican Registers 1787-1814, Rev John Langhorn, Lorel and Mildred Wanamaker, OGS, Kingston Branch, 1980, 2

Jacob SCHMITT, Fredericksburg, 10 Sept 1790
Source: Anglican Registers 1787-1814, Rev John Langhorn, Lorel and Mildred Wanamaker, OGS, Kingston Branch, 1980, burials, 82

Also in Fredericksburg there are:
Nicholas Schmitt who dies in 1789.
Philip & Hannah Schmitt who have a dau Peggy Schmitt in 1788.
Margaret Schmitt m. William Rombough in 1789.
Philip & Hannah Schmitt who have a son Nicholas Schmitt in 1791.
Philip & Hannah Schmitt son Nicholas Schmitt buried in 1793.
Michael & Catrina Schmitt who have a son George, 1789.
Michael & Catrina Schmitt who have a son Jacob, 1791.
Johan George Schmitt & Susana Lucas m. 1795.
Source: Langhorn

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Jacob George Smith, commonly known as Jacob, was granted lot 15, con 1 and 2 in 1787 as part of the 450 acres that he was to receive. In 1796 Jacob George Smith and John Lott petitioned for the remaining 50 acres. Jacob said he had a wife and 6 children. In 1810 Arra Rose claims Jacob died about 20 years before - thus 1790 - but he petitioned in 1796 so it is possible he died shortly after 1796. Arra Rose below, firmly establishes that George Smith is the son of Jacob and lived on lot 15 till his death in 1847.

1796 PETITION - Jacob George Smith UE of Sidney
[44] 21 June 1796, Jacob George Smith and Johannes Lott each having recieved 400 [acres] each only of the annexed certificate for 450 acres of land - pray for 50 additional acres.
[fold 44a] No 769 Jacob Geo Smith and Johannes Lott. Recommened for 50 acres for each of the petitioners. Read 14 July. Entered in land Book B, page 126
[44b] 6 Sept 1787, Kingston. Jacob George Smith Loyst, wife and 6 children being entitled to 450 acres have drawn lot 15 in the first and second concessions consisting of four hundred acres in seigneurie No 8 [Sidney]. [signed] John Collins DSGl.
[44d] Identical printed form for Johannes Lott Loyst wife and Six Children ..... has drawn lot 10 in Concession 1 and 2.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V448a, S2/44, C-2806, pp 644-49

LAND GRANT Lot 21, Con 2, Sidney
Michael Smith, Jacob Smith, Richard Smith all receive 200 acres each, [lots 20, 21, Con 2 in Sydney and lot 1, Con 5 in Thurlow respectively].
Source: Land Books, Quebec Book, 20 Jan 1790, pp. 165 and 166, C-100. See also Index to Upper Canada Land Books, OGS, 2007, 2138/9

This lot was patented to Jacob Smith on 17 May 1802. The lot is sold by Jacob Smith Sr on 2 Feb 1818 and registered 6 Feb 1822 to John Row who sells to Daniel M Dean. In 1823, Dean sells 100 acres to Robert Smith, whose wife Agnes releases her dower as a widow in 1848. The lot appears to have ended up being settled by Frederick Fanning and then given to George Fanning - a possible son.
Source: Abstract Index to deeds, Sidney, GSU197974

6 June 1810, Arra Rose of the Township of Sydney, yeoman, maketh oath and saith that he was well acquainted with the late Jacob Smith of the Township of Sydney. That he believes the said Jacob Smith located lot number 15 in the first and second concessions of Sydney and resided upon lot number 15 in the 1st concession of Sydney until his death which is near Twenty years ago [ie: 1790]. That his eldest son George Smith has resided on the said premises ever since and this deponent believes that the said Jacob Smith died without making a Will as the deponent hath lived upon the west lot but one from the said George Smith ever since his fathers decease and is well acquainted with all the family and had there been any Will made the deponent believes he must have heard of it. Arra his x mark Rose
Allan MacLean, Commissioner

28 December 1809, Kingston, [a copy of a Notice of Claim placed in the Office of the Clerk of the Peace, Midland District for 30 days] I George Smith of Sidney, yeoman, will at or after the expiration of 30 days from the date thereof laying claim before the Commissioners .... lot 15, 1st and 2nd concession Sidney and the broken front .... as heir at law of the late Jacob G Smith of Sidney, yeoman, deceased who was the original nominee of the said land.

9 June 1810, A search of the Surveyor General's office states that "the name of Jacob George Smith is entered in the Quebec Plan of Sidney for lots 15 in the 1st and 2nd concessions together with the broken front ..."

[fold] Rec'd 9 June 1810, Claim allowed.
Source: Heir and Devisee Commission, RG40-5, AO, MS 657, reel 17, item 1, parcel 3:1810, 40-147
Note: A dau of John Smith & Margaret Meyers m. Aaron Rose, son of Arra Rose. Source: Peter Johnson

Mary, dau of Jacob & Elizabeth SCHMITT, Sidney, 15 Mar 1789
Source: Anglican Registers 1787-1814, Rev John Langhorn, Lorel and Mildred Wanamaker, OGS, Kingston Branch, 1980, baptism, 25

Jacob, son of Jacob & Elisabet SCHMITT, Fredericksburg, 12 Apr 1789
Source: Anglican Registers 1787-1814, Rev John Langhorn, Lorel and Mildred Wanamaker, OGS, Kingston Branch, 1980, baptism, 47

1. We went to Albany in the fall and got the birth record for Johannes Shmid, born 17 Jun 1785, child of Jacob Shmid and Eliesabeth, sponsors: Johannes Lott and Eva.
2. There is a ‘younger’ woman listed in Lutheran Records  (Anglican Diocese Kingston) as “et ux. Mar. Barbara” which may be Margaret Barbara Smith/Schmidt since she (too?) is later known as Peggy? on land records, listed as wife of John Lott, with Births of children Peter Lott in 1798 and Jacob Lott in 1801. Later children are in McDowell, John 1808, Andrew 1811, Charles 1814. There may be other children.
3. Land records indicate that Barbara is a daughter of Jacob Smith, and has a sister Mary (who married John N Stickle .. shown in McDowell.)  
4. I also have a Baptism directory from Schoharie that lists many Smith/ Schmitts and Jacobs.
Source: email from Anne Redish

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The abstract index for Sidney land records shows Lot 15 Con 1 and 2 being Patented to George Smith on 1 Sept 1815. We know from the Heir and Devisee record above that George took over the farm from his father, Jacob. The next entry for lot 15 in concession 1 is the will of George Smith being probated in 1848. Around 1800 there appears to be only one George Smith in the records of Sidney. So it is likely that the marriage below to Gerdraut Friend in 1792 and the 1796 petition by the 25 year old George Smith, are both about this George Smith, son of Jacob Smith on Lot 15, Con 1. If so we can say that George was born in 1771 (1796-25), first married Gerdaut Friend and later married a Margaret as named in his will. He died 6 Jan 1847 as per the probate record.

1792 MARRIAGE - this may be the marriage of this George Smith
Bann of marriage between George Schmidt of Sydney in the District of Mecklenburg and Gerdrant Friend of Ameliasburgh in the District aforesaid were published on 18 Dec 1791 and 4 Jan 1792 by me. John Langhorn, Episcopal Missionary
.... [they] were married in this church by Banns this 12th Feb 1792.
[signed] George Smith
Gerdrant her x mark Friend
This Marriage was solemnized in the presence of
Elisabet Smith
Barbary Smith
Johannes Lott
Henry Frint
Source: image of the Marriage Register of St John's Church, Ernestown, Anglican Diocese Archives, Kingston, No. 6, emailed Peter Johnson, June 2012
Source: Anglican Registers 1787-1814, Rev John Langhorn, Lorel and Mildred Wanamaker, OGS, Kingston Branch, 1980, 5

Judy Copeland sent me these two baptisms and wrote that, "There are two baptisms for children of George Schmith and his wife Gertrand on line at George Smith said in his will that Jacob was his oldest son and this birth is a year after his 12 February 1792 marriage to Gertrand/Gerdrant/Gerdraut.  Peter, born or baptized 15 January 1797 is probably the same Peter who is buried at White’s Cemetery.  As your site shows, his gravestone gives a calculated birth date of 16 January 1797."
Jacob                         George Schmith                  William Parroy
b. Feb.12, 1793         et ux. Gertrand                 Elizabeth Schmith.
Peter                       George Schmith                  Peter Lott
Jan.15, 1797            et Gertrand                     et Lena Schmith.
Source: Ontario Hist Soc, Paper and Records, V6, 1905, 136-167, from Ebenenzer Church register, Big Creek, Fredericksburgh, Lennox Co., On line at

Peter Johnson writes, "A little while ago I had some correspondence with a person in the States who was working for someone wishing to obtain a DAR Certificate. The FRASIERS of Murray Tp were among the families involved. She included a biography of John FRASIER who married Amarilla SMITH. She didn't write it, and I'm not sure who did. Here is a portion:
       ...Amarilla (SMITH) was born in Canada. She and John (FRASIER) were married in the summer of 1825...Amarilla's father was a ship's pilot on the St. Lawrence River. The family was quite musical and were entertainers on the ship. The Smiths apparently had a large family in which "every other child" was born in the U.S. and Canada. Amarilla was related to the Washburn-Crosby Flour Mill owners, which later became Crosby-Crosby, who had Gold Medal Flour Co. Amarilla's father, George Smith died Jan. 6, 1847 in Sidney Tp. ON. His will, dated Feb. 20, 1845, lists his wife as Peggy, and gives the names of his 8 children - the others were John, Philo, Peter  (born c1796, he married Sarah and lived in Sidney Tp. ON)...William, Jacob, Peggy (married a Bell), and Jane (married a Farrer). 

The 1787 Sidney Map has "Jacob George Smith" inserted on lot 15, con 1 and it looks like Jacob is crossed out.
Source: email Peter Johnson May 2012

1796 PETITION - is this the same man as above?
8 April 1796, Murray, The bearer Geo Smith 25 years of age Born in the State of New York, Possessing the Christian religion, having this day been examined by me and taken the Oaths prescribed by Law is recommended for a location of two hundred acres of land within this District - provided it does not appear from the surveyors books that he has any prior Grant of Lands in any District of this Province. [signed] John Blacker [Bleecker] JP
[fold] No 20, Recommended, rec'd 26 June 1797, aWt 4 July 97
[Note: I feel this is George Smith, son of Jacob Smith. His father is still alive and George petitions at Bleecker's house in Murray. It does not say where he lives. The land books need to be checked to see what land he got.]
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V450, S3/10, C-2807, on line image starting at 36

LAND BOOK [needs to be checked]
Index, George Smith, 12 July 1797, book C, V 21, p 136, C-101
Index, Jacob George Smith, 14 Jul 1796, book B, V20, p. 126, petition S44, C-101

1 Sep 1815, George Smith is patented Lot 15, Con 2, Sidney
This would be the same George Smith, son of Jacob.
Source: Sidney Abstract Book, AO, GSU 197974

Dated 20 Feb 1845 and proved 18 Jan 1847
I George Smith, being weak in body ......
I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Peggy Smith 125, two beds, 125 paid from the sale of my farm lot 15, concession 1 Sidney, also to retain possession from the same [farm] as she thinks fit in lieu of all dower ..
I will and bequeath to my oldest son Jacob 25
I will and bequeath to my son Philo Smith sum of 100
I will and bequeath to my my daughter Eliza Lawrence sum of 5
I will and bequeath that if there is any residue that it be equally divided between my sons John Smith, Peter Smith, William Smith, Jacob Smith and Philo Smith and my daughters Peggy Bell, Amarilla Fraser, ?? Jane Farrer.
Executors Chas Ransom Bonisteel and Peter Smith both of Sidney
Witnessed Robert Charles Archibald McLean Esquire of Tyendiaga and Frederick Hetwy of Ameliasburgh, laborer.
Peter Smith swears at Frankford that George Smith died on 6 Jan 1847.
Source: Surrogate Court Records, RG 22-340, 1840 - 1851, GS2, reel 59, A61
Source: Will also in AO under Hastings Co. Deeds GS4202, Vol R, item 488 - from Eric Bowler.

Jacob Smith
Philo Smith
Eliza Smith m. Lawrence
John Smith
Peter Smith, m. Sarah, lived Sidney - as per ACCOUNT above.
William Smith
Margaret (Peggy) Smith m. Bell
Amarilla Smith m. Fraser
Jane Smith m. Farrer

1797 and 1812 PETITIONS - a different George Smith
In 1797, George Smith, Loyalist, of Fredericksburg, has received an assignment of 100 acres which he is settled on, prays for further quantity ... and  then again in 1812 he petitions as a son of Michael Smith, UE of Fredericksburg and is granted 200 acres as SUE. This is a different man from George Smith of Sidney.
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V450, S3/36, C-2807, on line image starting at 118
Source: UCLP, RG1 L3, LAC, V456a, S10/118, C-2810, on line image starting at 1279

EBENEZER CEMETERY - this is not the George in question as he died 1853 and not 1847
Smith, George, d 20-6-1853 ae 82 Yrs 4 mo, 20 days, (b 28 – 2 – 1771)
Smith, Susannah, (Lucas) d 22-2-1859, ae 81 yrs (b 1778)
Source: email Anne Redish

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5. JOHN SMITH 1794 - aft. 1871, married MARGARET W MEYERS
The working hypothesis is that John Smith, the son of the above George Smith, married Margaret Meyers, dau of Leonard W Meyers. The census data below clearly identifies the family and the names of the children match those recorded in PLBQ.

Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte (PLBQ) names George, Peter, John, Russell, Jane, Amarilla and Augusta as the children of John Smith and Margaret Meyers [p. 28]. Margaret Meyers is the granddaughter of Capt. John W. Meyers and is named in the abstract index of Lot 1, Con 3, Sidney as a daughter of his son Leonard W Meyers and is named as margaret W Smith wife of John. Using the names above the census data for John Smith and Margaret Meyers is shown below. Note that in 1871 John's name has become John G Smith.

John    Smith    Male    58    abt 1794    Sidney, all Episcopal methodist
Margaret    Smith    Female    54    abt 1798    Sidney
Henry    Smith    Male    28    abt 1824    Sidney
John    Smith    Male    24    abt 1828    Sidney
Russel    Smith         18    abt 1834    Sidney
Amarilla    Smith         16    abt 1836    Sidney
Augusta    Smith    Male    12    abt 1840    Sidney

George    Smith    Male    34    abt 1818    Sidney
Margaret    Smith    Female    30    abt 1822    Sidney
Henry R    Smith    Male    5    abt 1847    Sidney
John    Smith    Male    4    abt 1848    Sidney
George    Smith    Male    2    abt 1850    Sidney
Alma M    Smith         1    abt 1851    Sidney

The census states that all of the above are living in a 1.5 story log house and are 1 family so George is the son with his wife and family.
Source: Year: 1851; Census Place: Sidney, Hastings County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: A; Roll: C_11727; Page: 58; Line: 37. Ancestry.

John    Smith    Male    67    1794    Canada West    Married
Margret    Smith    Female    65    1796    Canada West    Married
Henery    ?Mit?    Male    27    1834    Canada West     
Amarilla    Smith    Female    25    1836    Canada West     
Anna    ?Mith    Female    21    1840    Canada West     
El*Beth    *T    Female    4    1857    Canada West   
add    *Mit?    Male    11    1850    Canada West
Source Citation: Year: 1861; Census Place: Sidney, , Hastings, Canada West; Roll: C-1033; Page: 92.  Ancestry - very faint and hard to read.

All together in Dwelling 117 and family number 119.
Smith, John G    Male    77    abt 1794    Ontario    Married     German
Smith, Margret    Female    72    abt 1799    Ontario    Married     German
Smith, Henry F    Male    46    abt 1825    Ontario          German
Smith, Ida        Female    13    abt 1858    Ontario          German
Smith, George    Male    21    abt 1850    Ontario          German
Source: Year: 1871; Census Place: Sidney, Hastings West, Ontario; Roll: C-9991; Page: 30; Family No: 119., Ancestry

ROSE, Mary Jane SMITH. Wife of Aaron ROSE Died 9 Jan 1899 ae 79 Yrs 4 M
found in neither transcription, but her funeral card refers to "the Methodist Cemetery" - born c. Oct 1819 dau of John SMITH c. 1793 & Peggy MEYERS c. 1797, a desc of Capt John W MEYERS U.E. - wife of Aaron ROSE b 5 Sept 1812, death date not known at present, but could be buried here, son of Jacob ROSE -1838 and Elizabeth STICKLE, and grandson of Arra ROSE and Margaret SIMMONS D.U.E.
81. Mary & Aaron ROSE prts of George C cl840, Charles Henry 1842/43-1916 (Wooler R.C. Cem), Sarah M EVANS cl844/45, Jane A 1846/47, John G 3 Jan 1851/8 - Feb 1932 (Holy Trinity Cem, Frankford), Henry H 1854-1922 (Holy Trinity Cem), Mary A C1855, Emma PATRICK 1858-1941 (Holy Trinity Cem), Will 1859/61-1917 (Holy Trinity Cem)
82. ROSE, Thomas A. Died 10 Oct 1878 [W,T]ae24 Yrs 22 Dys [T]
Source: "Found this in the Frankford Wesley Methodist cememtery webpage", Virginia Hannay, Dec 2013
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6. CHILDREN of John Smith and Margaret Meyers as recorded by MILDRED SUSSELL (Chap. 5 of the Meyers work)
Margaret W. Meyers  b. ca. 1797: d. after 1871.  (1851-1871 census) m. ca.  181?  John Smith  b. ca. 1793; d. after 1871.  (1851-1871 census)  
They lived in Sidney,  Hasting Co., Ont., Can. - religion Meth . Episc .  
A.  George Smith  b. ca. 1817;  d .  (1851-61 Census) m. c a . 184?  Margaret  . . . b .  c a . 1821;  d .
      They lived in Sidney Twp. , Hastings Co .: religion- ?  
1. Henry  Smith  b. ca. 184 6;  d .  (185 1 - 6 1 census) m.  p e r h a p s  ca .  187? E l i z a .  . . . b. ca. 1852;  d .
Children :
a .  Frank  Smith  b. ca. 1875;  d .
b .  Russell  Smith  b. ca. 1877;  d .
c .  Murney? (male)  b. ca. 1879;  d .  
(They were in Sidney in 1881.)  
2 .  John Smith  b. ca. 1847;  d .     (1851-1861 census)
3 .  George Smith  b. ca. 1849;  d .  (1851-1871 census)
4 .  Elaine?  M. Smith  b. ca. 185 0;  d .  (1851-1861 census)
5.  Sarah Smith  b. ca. 185 3;  d .  (1861 census)
6 .  James Smith  b. ca. 185 4;  d .  (1861 census) m .  p e r h a p s  c a .  187? Nancy . . . b. ca. 186-; d .  
a .  Freddy  Smith  b. ca. 1877;  d .  
b .  Samuel  Smith  b. ca. 1879;  d .  
(James  was  a farmer  in  Sidney in 1881;  religion - Can. Meth.)
7.  Charles  Smith  b. ca. 185 7;  d .  (1861 census)
8 .  Ruby ( or July )  Smith  b. ca. 185 9;  d .  (1861  census)
BJane  Smith  b. ca.  1819 ?;  d .
C.  Peter  Smith  b .  ca. 1820;  d . (1851 - 61 Census) m .  ca.  184? Mary Ann .  . . b. ca. 1821;  d .  
     They lived in Sidney;  religion ?
1. William  Smith  b. ca. 184 7;  d .  (1851-1861 census)  
2.  John  Smith  b. ca.  184 8;  d . m.  p e r h a p s  Emma P .  . . . b. ca. 1850;  d.   Lived in Sidney;  religion- ?
3.  Fidelia  Smith  b. ca. 1853;  d .  (1861 Census)
4.  Christy  Smith  b .  ca. 1858;  d .  (1861 Census)
D.  Henry  Smith  b. ca. 1823;  d .  (1851-1871 census)
E.  William Smith  b. ca. 1826:  d .  (1851 , 18 - 1 - 8 1 census) m . perhaps  Melissa  J .  b. ca. 1839;  d (1871 - 81      Census)
1.  Margaret V. Smith b. ca. 1864; d.  (1871 census)
2.  George H. Smi t h  b. ca. 1855;  d.  (1871 - 81 census)
3.  Charles Smith  b. ca. 1869;  d.  (1871-81 Census)  I
4.  Mary Smith  b.  s a.  1871;  d.  (1871 - 81 census)
5.  Lewis  Smith  b.  ca.  1873;  d.  (1881 census)  
(I am not sure this is the correct family.)
F.  John Smith  b. ca. 1827; d.  (1861-71 Census)
G.  Russell  (called a female on the census ? ? )  Smith  b. ca. 1833;  d.
H.  Charles B Smith b. ca. 1834; d. ca. (1851 and 1871 census)
      Children - none before 1871
      He was a farmer in Sidney Twp., Hasting Co. ,  O n t. ,  C a n.;  religion- Meth.  Episc.  
I.   Amarilla Smith  b. ca.  1835;  d. (Called male on one census and female on the other – I believe female is correct)    (1851-61 census)  
J.    Augustus Smith  b.  ca.  1839;  d.  (1851-61 Census)

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7. PETER SMITH, 1797 - 1861, probable son of George; wife Sarah
Judy Copeland sent me this baptism and wrote that, "Peter, born or baptized 15 January 1797 is probably the same Peter who is buried at White’s Cemetery.  As your site shows, his gravestone gives a calculated birth date of 16 January 1797."

Peter                       George Schmith                  Peter Lott
Jan.15, 1797            et Gertrand                     et Lena Schmith.
Source: Ontario Hist Soc, Paper and Records, V6, 1905, 136-167, from Ebenenzer Church register, Big Creek, Fredericksburgh, Lennox Co., On line at

This Peter Smith left a detailed will naming his children and it is most probable that he is the son of George Smith who names son Peter Smith of Sidney as an executor in his will. Peter buys the west half of lot 7, con 4 in 1833. He is likely the son baptized in 1797 at Ebenezer Church and mentioned under George's section.

"A lady who was most helpful with old photos and info for the Meth. Graveyard in Frankford alerted me to a SMITH grave marker at a home southeast of Frankford.
Checked it out today.
"Peter SMITH 1797-1861 is of the same generation as the John SMITH who married Margaret MEYERS. I note that in the Will of George SMITH, died 1847 he has both a son John and a son Peter.  (The John who married Margaret also named a son Peter). As far as the current owner knows, he thinks the Patent was to Wm Dummer POWELL (Toronto big wig who no doubt never saw the land) and SMITHS bought it later. It is Lot 7 Con 4 Sidney. In 1878 the map shows a James SMITH on the property, likely a son of this Peter.

"The other question is the burial location of this Peter SMITH. Could be on the farm, but his BUSH neighbours are at the (Lost) Meth. Graveyard in Frankford, so I can't rule out the possibility that this marker came from there."

Source: Peter Johnson, email June 2012

17 July 1860, Last will and testament of Peter Smith, late of Township of Sidney, … my funeral expenses be paid out of the sale of my personal property, secondly to my beloved wife Sarah Smith, in lieu of dower, one third of west half, lot 7, [4th concession] whereon I now with my family reside, one cow and six sheep, and be paid yearly 2, 10 shillings … and support by my beloved son James Harvey Smith, beloved wife have the use of the premises so long as she remain unmarried, thirdly unto my beloved daughter Laura Finkle, the wife of Jacob Finkle, the sum of 50 paid by beloved son James Harvey [Smith], fourthly unto my beloved son Henry Ryerson Smith rents and profits from east half, lot 230 in the Village of Frankford as on the plan developed by Gilbert S Clapp DPS in 1837, to October 1862 and then to James Harvey Smith thence forward until my son George Albert Smith arrives at the age of majority and fifthly bestow on son James Harvey Smith the farm west half lot 7 con 4 … also to pay to his mother and younger brother George Albert to keep him in school …. Sixthly to George Albert Smith east half lot 230, village of Frankford. Executors to be son Harvey Ryerson Smith and William M Ripsom Esq, Sidney. Witnesses, Lyman Lee and William H Bonisteel, both of Sidney, yeomen. Registered, 9 May 1861
Source: Hastings Copybook C, Sidney Township, #280, GSU197980, transcription is condensed

Laura Smith m. Jacob Finkle
James Harvey Smith
Henry Ryerson Smith
George Albert Smith

Row 8: In memory of Peter Smith, died 10 Apr 1861 aged 64 y's 2 m's & 25 d's. [b. 16 Jan 1797]
Sarah Wife of Peter Smith died Sep 20 1894, aged 91 y's 7 m's & 15 d's. [b. 5 Feb 1803]
Source: Whites Cemetery Transcription, AO, MS451, reel 68, #95, p.7
Virginia Hannay identifies Sarah as Sarah Redner.
Source: email Virginia Hannay, July 2012, citation not given.

The notion that his wife Sarah was a REDNER may well be correct. Mildred & C. Loral R. WANAMAKER in their REDNER book have a Sarah REDNER b 5 Feb 1803  m in 1820 to Peter SMITH. She was the dau'r of Henry REDNER Jr. and Jemima OSTRANDER, so a granddaughter of Henry REDNER Sr. UE.
Source: email Peter Johnson, Aug 2012

8. PHILO SMITH, possible son of George Smith, married Mary Ann Simmons
"My g-g-g grandfather, Philo Smith, may be the Philo mentioned in the will of George Smith (d1847).  He is in the 1851-52 census as Phillip Smith labourer, age 40, born in Canada West, living in Sidney, Episcopal Methodist.  He died between the 1851-52 and 1861 censuses probably closer to 1855 because the last child was born about 1853.  Marriage and death records of his children give their father’s name as Philo or Filo.  He was married to Mary Ann Simmons (c1817-1885) probably 11 November 1843 Victoria District [See Victoria District marriages 1839-1845, AO MS 248, reel 4].  They were married by Rev. Thomas Webster.  The witnesses were Oliver J. and Belinda Rugg."
A Philo Smith was arrested in the 1837-38 rebellion. [The Rebels of Hastings, Betsy Boyce, 1992, 114, 183, 190].

A Philo Smith was convicted of riot and assault on 25 Apr 1834 as recorded in the British Whig newsppaper, Kingston. A Philo Smith sued for assault and found guilty and fines on 26 Apr 1834. See this page of Digital Kingston Historic newspapers.

A Filo Smith is mentioned in the Sidney Minute Book page 108.

"I am descended from Henry Albert (1845-1917) and his son Sidney Philo (1871-1943).  Henry died in Trenton and his funeral card, obituary and death record say he was buried at Front of Sidney cemetery.  However, his name is not on the cemetery transcription CD-ROM and  I haven’t been able to get any information about his burial from White’s Cemetery."
The Belden Atlas 1878 says that George Smith was the first person interred in the old front of Sidney burial ground, but it must mean Jacob George Smith who died about 1797.   They may all be buried at White’s Cemetery, Henry Albert, Philo, George and Jacob George.
Besides petitioning for land with Jacob George Smith it seems that Johannes Lott buried him on his property at Lot 10 Broken Front Sidney Township where White’s Cemetery is located.
Source: email Judith A. Copeland, Sept 2015

In Ontario History, Vol. 21, there is a short account of Henry Smith of Marysburgh, (who married Mary Benedict) written by his grandson Alexander (son of John) and there it says the name was formerly Smyth, "and doubtless Schmidt, before leaving his native country."

But, the great problem is that there were two U.E. Henry Smiths in Marysburgh.  I once came across info that said that Henrich Schmidt married twice.

(1). HENRY SMITH of Brunswick, Prussia and Marysburgh.
Married Mary Elizabeth Benedict. Children: Fredrica Helena Ernestine Smith m. Rev. Frederick Meyers of Marysburgh: Mary Ann Smith m. Andreas Hess in 1794 (Langhorn): Charles Smith; William Smith; Benjamin Smith m. Christine Oskokene: John J. Smith (1783-1875) m. Anna Susanna Barbara Kroekel: Ernest Smith; Barnard m. Lucinda ---. Refer Some Hessians of the U.E. Settlement in Marysburgh, Ontario History, vol. 21.

(2). HEINRICH 'HENRY' SMITH of Marysburgh.
Married Christina Maria Karshin and had known children: Eleanora Friederica Benedicta, 1782 and Anna Carolina, 1788-1836 who m. Samuel Blakely. Refer 'German Military Settlers in Canada' by Virginia Demarce. He is the Henry Smith who is mentioned in Reid's "The Loyalists In Ontario"

So you will have to do a bit of digging in early land records to find which Smith owned the land you now live on. And I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that Christine Oskokene applied to the Heir and Devisee Commission to get clear title to the farm.
Source: email Virginia Hannay, May 2013