1825 Sidney magistrates

1825 Petition for Sidney Tp. Magistrates

25 signatures

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Records of the Bay or Quinte

This is a typical demand for services to be made available closer to home and to appoint people on the basis of merit instead of friends of the Family Compact. Rev'd Thos Campbell of St Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville delivers the petition giving luke warm support and states his preference for Mr. Ketcheson.

Source: Civil Secretary's Correspondence, Upper Canada Sundries, LAC, RG 5 A1, V 71, 37806-12, C-4614, on line at heritage canadiana, starts at image 1184

Randy Saylor, transcribed Mar 2016.

24 March 1825, Belleville
Dear Sir [Major Hillier]
I have been requested to enclose to you the accompanying petition from a number of freeholders of the Township of Sidney for the consideration of his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor. They seem anxious to have an addition made to the magistracy in their Township & it is to be regretted that persons cannot be found in places initially qualified for the office.

There are two respectable magistrates in Belleville which is contiguous with the Township of Sidney & in the same County, so that the inhabitants of Sidney can never suffer much inconvenience from a want of them.

Should however, His Excellency think proper & deem it expedient to create new Magistrates in the Township a better selection could not be made in it than those mentioned in the petition & of the three Mr Ketcheson is certainly the most prodicious [sic] & intelligent & he is a man of tried & unshaken loyalty & attachment to the present constitution of things.
I am Dear Sir your obdt Servt
[Revd] Thos Campbell

The Petition [abbreviated]
24 March 1825, Sidney
To his Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland .. Lt Governor ... Upper Canada ...
The petition of the undersigned inhabitant House Holders of the Township of Sidney ... subject to occasional inconveniences from the want of a sufficient number of Magistrates ... have heard with regret that Henry Jones has been recommended to your Excellency as a fit and proper person to be raised to an office in the Magistracy

Your petitioners without any malignity or ill will towards the said Henry Jones, beg leave ... they do not consider him qualified ... either by education, dignity of character or superior understanding, he is not even a freeholder in the county not having been qualified to give a vote at the last general election ...

Your petitioners ... submit ... that they consider Rheuben [Reuben] White M.P., William Ketcheson Junior and Henry Hagerman better adapted than any others in the Township ...

John Thompson Capt 1st Regt H[astings] Militia
Daniel Ostrom
James Ross
Ezekiel Lawrence
John McMaster
Richard Simmons
James McMaster
Jacob McMaster
George Finkle
Charles Simmons
Jacob A Rose
George Shery
George Smith
Henry Bonesteel
Peter Simmons [petition in his handwriting]
James Farley
John Roblin
Stephen Goldsmith
Caleb Gilbert
Stephen Gilbert
Joseph Merritt
John Barnum
John Dockstader
George Young
John C Lawrence