Petition 1823, Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario

Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario

Petition 1823

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Boundary lines were a constant battle for the early settlers. In this case Lot 15, Con 2 was 60 acres instead of 200 acres so a solution amenable to all was needed. This petition asks for a new survey "for the whole of the line" between Concessions 1 and 2 in Sidney and to "plant the posts."
There are 35 signees supporting this petition.

Source: Petitions relating to land received by the Crown Lands Department , RG 1-54, The petitions comprising Sub-series RG 1-54-1, Boxes 1 to 6, and found on microfilm MS 691 reels 73 to 77, were removed from Series RG 1-58, Township Papers, when that series was being microfilmed and were then arranged alphabetically by applicant's name and placed in Sub-series RG 1-54-1 (formerly Series RG 1 C-I-I), there is no index, AO, MS 691, reel 76, John Rowe

Randy Saylor,  transcribed May 2011. I would like thank Guylaine Petrin for finding this petition and passing it on to me. Guylaine makes this comment about this Record Group, "This series of petitions is quite underused.  Many people don't realized it is there, even though many books mention it.  I have found some really useful material in them.  There is no index, but the petitions are arranged in Alpha order.  Problems - some petitions that are a list of names are sometimes arranged by the name of the first person such as Rowe, or by the name of the township, such as Sidney. There are quite a few petitions dealing with land grants because of the War of 1812, as well as some late UEL petitions."

3rd Jany 1823, Sidney
Copy. The petition of John Rowe and other land owners in the Townhsip of Sidney in the Midland District …
Humbly Sheweth That some of your petitioners being owners of land in the second concession of the said Township, and according to the late decision of Court of Kings Bench in a case between John Row plaintiff, and William Kelly defendant, with respect to the boundary of lot 15 in the second concession of the said Township which lot by the Kings deed, and also by a deed of conveyance from George Smith the original nominee, to the said John Rowe ought to contain 200 acres of land.
But by the decision of the said Court the said lot No 15 will only contain about 60 acres, and that by a former decision of the Court of Kings Bench with respect to the Boundary of the said lot between John Bonisteel plaintiff and John Smith defendant it was determined that said lot should contain its full compliment of land, agreeable to the original deed, made agreeable to the original survey, made by Mr McDonald Depty Surveyor – and that Petitioners have been informed that the original Posts in front of the second concession have been removed to the westward of where they originally planted.
By the direction of Mr Atkins Deputy Surveyor which information will be corroborated by affidavits hereunto annexed, and that according to Mr Atkins Survey Lot number one in the said concession will encroach on Lot Letter A about thirteen chains, and that the said John Rowe has lately employed Samuel M Benson Deputy Surveyor to chain the whole line between the first and second concession of the said Township, and that he has reported to us that there is land enough in the said Concession to give every person his full compliment of land, agreeable to their original grants from the Crown, except about 5 links to each lot, which will more fully appear by the Certificate of the said Samuel M Benson, herewith annexed.
Your petitioners therefore Humbly pray that your Excellency in Council may be pleased to direct a Surveyor to chain the whole of the line between the first and second concessions of the said Township, commencing at the western boundary of the same, and plant the posts, so that your petitioners may know where the permanent Boundaries are, which will prevent future Law suits with respect to the same. Your Petitioners are willing to pay the Surveyor for running the said line and planting the posts.
And your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray
(signed) John Row
Simon Ostrum Charles Simmons
John Brown Henry Ripson
George Westfall Jacob Smith
Peter W Meyers Henry Bargar
Peter Simmons Leonard W Meyers
James H Hinman Edward Cook
John Orr John Smith
Boltis his X mark Lott John his X mark Lott
Samuel Morse Henry Bonesteel
Philip his X mark Lott Jacob his X mark Bonesteel
Jacob A Rose Jacob B Row
Hugh his X mark Fletcher Daniel M Dean
Wm Ripson Tobias W Meyers
George McMullen Nathaniel Sharrard
George his X mark Smith Thomas Jones
Peter his X mark Lott John his X mark Maybee
Peter Stickle Charles Bonisteel