Westerwald to America

Westerwald to America: some 18th C Immigrants

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Saylor et al, extracts from the following book.

Westerwald to America: Some 18th C Immigrants, Annette K Burgert, Henry Z Jones, Picton Press, 1989 [TRL 929.30893 B79.2]

The Westerwald is an area north east of Koblenz, Germany. Many left this area in 1709 and it has been shown that later emigrants were encouraged by good reports from those who settled in America. .

p. 85: Jonas Seiler, sp. 24 Ap 1746 at Langenbach.

p. 138: Johann Peter Leib m 1. Anna Margaretha Seyler 1780/1
                                            2. Barbara Seyler 24 Jul 1819
            Peter Jr buried Host Ch Cem, Tulpohocken, Pa
            See also Ancestors and Descendaants of a Tulpehocken Pioneer, Johann Peter Leiss, Annette Burgert,  
            in Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock, Vol XX, No 1 Nov 1988,  pub Tulpehocken Settlement Hist Soc.

p.  141:
Johannes Lindorff b 11 Apr 1756, sponsors JohannesBuchner Jr from Langenbach and Anna Elizabeth dau of Jonas Seiler from Langenbach. John Lindorff was confirmed Easter of 1772 at 1st Ref Ch, Lancsaster, Pa

p. 157: Catharina Elizabeth Seiler d/o Joh Christian Seiler born on ship Two Brothers; 1752, 1st Ref Ch, Philadelphia

p. 201/2

(Two Brothers,  1752)

This emigrant was found at 5439 Bad Marienberq (17 km. w. of Munchausen; Chbks. begin 1646, Ref.) and at 5239 Kirburg (22 km. s. of Oberfischbach; Chbks. are Ref.). Joh. Thonges Zeiler, aged 70, and single son HanB Gerhard, aged 19 yrs., were at Erbach in 1711 (Beilstein Lists). TheiB Seller, s/o Gerhard Seller of GroBeiffen, md. 2 Jan 1724 Kunigunda, d/o Johann Moritz Busch of Eichstruth; they had a son Johann Christ bpt. Dom. Sept.: 1725 - sp.: Frantz Muller at GroReiffen and wife Anna Gertraud, and Christ Klefer - miller at Fehl, and the boy was conf. in 1739 (Bad Marienberg Ref. Chbk.). Joh. Christ Seiler, s/o Joh. TheiS Seyler from Eichenstruth in the parish of Marienberg, md. 28 May 1752 Elisabeth Gertraud, d/o Joh. Thomas Schuhman of Langenbach (Kirburg Ref. Chbk.). "Johann Christ Seyler" was a passenger on the ship Two Brothers in 1752 (S-H, I, p. 478). The 1st Ref. Church of Philadelphia notes "John Christian Seiler and wife Elizab. Cath. Schuman from Marienberg, Nassau" in 1752; Christian Sehler and wife were sp. for a child of Peter LeiB {q.v.} in 1762 (Millbach Ref. Chbk., Lebanon Co., Pa.).. John Christian Seiler of Tulpehoccon Twp., Berks Co. was nat. in 1765 (Pa. Nats.). The ch. of Johann Christ Seiler and his wife (besides "Elisabeth Gertraud," she appears to have been called "Elizabetha Catharina" and "Anna Elisabetha" also, the latter name perhaps indicating a 2nd marriage for Christ) were:

1. Catharina Elisabeth, b. 2 Sept on the ship of Capt. Arnot (Two Brothers) and bpt. 6 Sept 1752 - sp.: John Gerlach Meyer {q.v.} and Anna Cath. Jacobs (Philadelphia 1st Ref. Chbk.). She was conf. at Host Church in Berks Co. in 1768.

2.    Anna Margaretha, conf. as d/o Johann Christ Seiler in 1768 (Host Ref. Chbk., Berks Co.).

3.    Philip (HJ/AKB), conf. in 1772 at Host Ref. Church, Berks Co., Pa.

4.    Valentin, b. 22 Sept and bpt. 7 Oct 1759 (Host Ref. Chbk., Berks Co., Pa.).

5.    Elisabetha, b. 27 March and bpt. 3 April 1768 and conf. in 1786 (Host Ref. Chbk., Berks Co., Pa.).

6.    Anna Barbara, b. 26 July and bpt. 16 Aug 1772 and conf.in 1786 (Host Ref. Chbk., Berks Co., Pa. ).