Philadelphia Ship lists 1727 - 1800

Ship lists of Emigrants who arrived in

Philadelphia from 1727 to 1800.

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Seiler / Saylor, etc who are named in the Ship lists of Philadelphia
The ship lists are a major resource in identifying German speaking emmigrants to America. Up till now the best transcriptions of those lists has been the excellent book, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Ralph Beaver Strassburger and edited by William John Hinke, 1934, 2 Vols, Reprinted Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1966 and 1975 [TRL 325.748 S76]. This book will be referred to as Strassburger and Hinke. The 1934 volume is available on line at this link.

Strassburger and Hinke describe three types of original sources of information involving the Philadelphia ship lists.
A list - "Captain's list", a passenger list prepared by the ships Captain.
B list - Oath of Allegiance to the King.
C list - Oath of Abjuration from the Pope.

The transcriptions below of Seiler/Sailor references come from Strassburger and Hinke. Up to three names are given, in the order of lists A, B and C. Note that the spelling of names can vary between the lists.  The word "none" means the list did not survive for that ship.

The original ship lists and microfilms are held at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, PA. See a description of series #26.36 on this web page - about 1/3 down the page. Series RG-26.36 is titled Ships' Lists of German Passengers, 1727-1808 and on films #4229-4231.

The famous book, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French And Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, Daniel I Rupp, published in 1876 has been superseded by the above work.

Seiler, etc as named on the ship lists of Philadelphia

Information below is from Strassburger and Hinke.

Initials and marks of persons who could not write have been enclosed in round brackets (  ), to distinguish them from the signature made by the clerk.
All entries, except the last 2 are from Volume 1.

List 8 A, B; p. 21-23
     11 Sep 1728, from Rotterdam on ship James Goodwill.
     Hans George Seyler, Hans Jerik (o) Seyler, none
     Hendrick Phillip Seller, Philips Henrich Soller, none

List 15 A, B, C; p. 42-47
10 Sep 1731, over age 16, on ship Pennsylvania Merchant from Rotterdam.
     Balser Seler, Baltzer Seyler, none
     Abraham Saler, Abraham Sahler, none
     Possibly settled Montgomery, Pa and used the names Sahler and Sailor.

List 21 A, B, C; p. 71-78
18 Sep, 1732, from the Palatine, in the ship Johnson Galley with children, under 14.
     Peter Seyler - over age 16, Peter Seyler, Peter Seyler
     [Wife and children below are on the ship list only.]
     Mateline Seyler - over 14 - first list only.
     Michael Seyler - under 16
     Valentine Seyler- under 16
     Matelina Seyler- under 14
     Martha Seyler- under 14

List 31 A, B, C; p. 116-121
28 Aug 1733, foreigners imported on the ship Hope from Rotterdam.
     Pitter Selar, Peter Sayler, Peter Sayler

List 41 A, B, C; p. 154-161
1 Sep 1736, Palatines from Rotterdam on the ship Harle. [see Transcribers Guild]
     Abraham Saaler, age 30, missing from second and third list.
     Adam Seyder, 38 ; Adam Seider, Adam Seider
     Catharina Elisabeth Seylerin, 18, missing from second and third list.

List 51 B, C; p. 197-198
27 June 1738, Palatines by way of London, arrived in Philadelphia, on the ship Catherine.
     none, Ulrick (xx) Seiler Senior, Ulrich (xx) Seiler
     none, Hans (++) Seiler, Hans (++) Seiler
     none, Ulerick (x) Seilor, Junior, Ulrich (x) Seiler Junr
     [The matching results of two Y DNA tests of descendants of Ulrich Seiler have been identified. See the web page on Peter Saylor and click on the DNA Saylor Project section for details. ]
List 57 A, B, C; p. 221-225
19 Sep 1738, Palatines from Rotterdam on ship Thistle.
     Elias Siler, Elias Zoller, none
List A, C; p. 274-276
23 Sept 1740, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes, on a list of Palatines and Swiss males over 16, on the ship Friendship.
       Hans Sailer, none, Johannes (S) Seiller,
[Note: Hans Seiler was manumitted in March 1740 with others on this ship.]

List 109 C; p. 358-359
22 Dec 1744, Foreigners from Rotterdam by way of Poole in Dorsetshire, on ship Muscliffe.
      none, none, Daniel Seiler
List 125 C; p. 391-393
30 Aug 1849, Foreigners from Rotterdam by way of Cowes on the ship Crown.
All these names are on the third list only:
       Henrich Seil
       Jacob Seiler
       Martin (x) Seyler
       Christoffel Seiller
       Matheas (x) Seyler
       Johannes Seiler
       30 Aug 1849, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes on the ship Crown.

List 133 C; p. 404-407
15 Sep 1749, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes, on ship Phoenix. From Zweybrech, Nassau, Wirtemburg, Palatinate. All these names are on the third list only:
      Jacob Seiler
      Felix (+) Sailor
      Matheas (m) Seygor

List 140 C; 417-418     
2 Oct 1749, from Rotterdam by way of Shield, England, on ship Jacob. From Swabia, Wirtemberg & Darmstadt.
     none, none, Peter Seyler

List 157 C, p. 444-446
29 Sept 1750, from Rotterdam and Cowes, on ship Osgood.
     Johannes Seyl

List 177 C; 478-479
Sept. 15, 1752 - Ship, Two Brothers
     none, none, Johann Christ Seyler

List 186 C; p. 491-492
Sept. 27, 1752 - Ship, Nancy
      none, none, Johan Ludwig Seiler

List 194 C; p. 506-507
8 Nov 1752, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes, on ship Snow Louisa.
     none, none, Johannes Geiler (some lists have Seiler)

List 201 A, B, C; p. 531-535
Sept. 17, 1753 - Ship, Richard and Mary
     Peter Seyl, Peter (x) Seyl, Peter (x) Saillor

List 265 C; p. 715-717
6 Oct 1767, from Rotterdam on the ship Hamilton.
Both of these names are on the third list only:
     Christoff Seiler     
     Henrich Seyler

List 324 C; p. 763
9 Oct 1775, ship King of Prussia
     Johannes Sähler

Volume 2 [ends 1807]
List 458; p. 116-117
5 Oct 1802, from Bremen, ship Bremen
Gottfried Sailor, cooper, 28

List 485, p. 162-169
August 26, 1805 - Ship, Margaret
Thomas Siler, age 24, Wurtemburg, farmer
      Barbara Siler, age 18, Wurtemburg, maid